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Martinique Dickey


Loyal,integrity,ambitious, sociable,dedicated,hard-working, fun and adventurous spiritual being on a living spree is the true essence of me💋

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#0219 #jurneebbirthday #windycitylive  @ryanchiaverini, your selfie game was on point📸🔥 Love the show❣️‼️❣️ Great topic #bosslady  @valwarnertv, your birthday is next #piscesseason  #dynamiccohosts #valwarner #ryanchiaverini
#wedobirthdays  Regardless of snow, polar vortex, sleet, sinus infections🤧 #iwillbethere  I had so much fun with you all❣️‼️❣️ Great energy, great show topic #ladyboss and great audience💜
To my dopest  CRAZY • SEXY • COOL Day-1 Soul Sister💜💜💜 🦋 May your new Solar Year be in divine health, love, peace and happiness... May ALL your dreams become your reality as you soar along the stratosphere.  May God continuously blow your mind with abundance in ALL aspects of your significant life💫🙏🏾 Salute🥂  Love you beyond words.... 💜 🦋 💜 H A P P Y 🦋 B I R T H D A Y #0219 #jurneeb #2019 #happybirthday #soulsister ***MUSIC DISCLAIMER*** “I do not own the rights to “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars”
Repost from @d.horace using @RepostRegramApp - My goal is to change ones mind about finances and generational wealth building. • When I was younger, I always wanted a @rolex for what it symbolizes and it’s organization history. I told my self, I will work very hard and one day I’ll be able to afford one! • I bought my first Rolex after I paid of my student loan debt of $47,238.38. It was a gift to myself for the sacrifices I made. As soon as I posted it on Instagram, I had offers for it for twice as much as I paid for it. So I sold it and saved the profits. • My second Rolex was a “replacement” for the first one. Now, this one I kept for a month to rock it for my birthday in Vegas. I soon got serious about buying my first home and building wealth so I sent it back to the store (still under warranty) and invested the first Rolex profit and the second into the down payment on a home. • The third time I was put on to game. I noticed how others really wanted A Rolex and I found another one at a really good price and sold it... again. I took that profit and invested it in my companies I have today. • I’m playing the long game. Investing in wealth building assets. I will have a @rolex one day and live out my James Bond dreams, but right now I’m still under construction. • #accomplished #blackownedbusiness #investblack #investing #debtfreejourney #wealthbuilding #blackportland #blackpdx #financialfreedom #delayedgratification #longtermgoals
A much needed experience💆🏾‍♀️🥰 Much gratitude Fuqua🙏🏾
#offcameraflash  @valwarnertv and @ryanchiaverini are phenomenal down to earth co-hosts‼️ #dynamicdual #goodenergy #funtimes #windycitylive
C A N A L • S T R E E T  In theaters now.... #amustsee #rhyanlamarr  #chicagodirector #chicagoproducer #chicagoscreenplaywriter  #support
W I N D Y • C I T Y • L I V E  It was a great experience to be apart of the audience, especially with @jurnee.b😁  #funtimes #abc  #windycitylive #valwarner #ryanchiaverini #chicago #disney
“...But these days, it simply makes me wonder though, when I’m still the only woman or person of color sitting at the table, “Where my sisters are?” It makes me wonder “who has constructed, what obstacles aimed, at keeping them out?  Because, without artificial barriers, we would be represented in every room, where the criteria are excellence, and discipline, and determination, and vision.  We would be there at that table.  So these moments, when I walk into the room “just as cool as you please” and I am the only person of color, I’m the only woman, these are the moments I CALL UPON MY ANCESTORS TO SURROUND ME, TO SUSTAIN ME, TO STRENGTHEN ME.  And I call upon them here, today.  I call up on them and I offer myself to them.  I say “I Am here”, I Am ready‼️ And okay, y’all, here we go”. Because, when I walk into any room, when and where I enter, I Am already more than I was.  I already embody the truth of Maya Angelou’s wise words, when she said “I come as one, but stand as 10,000”. “I stand not only as 10,000; I stand as 10,000 by the 10th power‼️ I stand on solid rock, I stand.  I stand because I Am the dream and the hope of the slave, and I Am more than the seed of the free that Langston Hughes talked about in the poem “The Negro Mother”. I Am the fruit, I Am the flower, I Am the blossoming tree, and shall not be moved.  Ain’t I a woman?”_Oprah Winfrey
C E L E B R A T E  A  T R U E  K I N G.... #mlkday #letfreedomring #civilrightsactivist #myblackisbeautiful #hbcu #blackexcellence365
H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y🥂  Wishing FAITH KID #2 a beautiful birthday filled with happiness and a Solar Year filled with unspeakable joy.  Sis❗️may your cup runneth over with divine health, love, peace and significance wrapped in excellence in all areas of your life🙏🏾 with ALL my love, your babysister, Marti #faithkidnosix
C E L E B R A T E  A  T R U E  K I N G.... #mlkday #letfreedomring #civilrightsactivist #myblackisbeautiful #hbcu #blackexcellence365
“Journals that inspire and encourage”.... To shop..... click the link found in my Bio🖋  #bee🐝notconformed #journals #yourstory
I  AM  NOT  FORGOTTEN  Inspired by my oldest brother, Maeceo, this journal serves not only as a springboard to share his story and support his fight as one of many who are falsely accused, but a portion of the proceeds will also serve as a platform to share the stories of countless others.... “Injustice for one is injustice for all”... Support and Share... click the link found in my Bio  #bee🐝notconformed #iamnotforgotten #freemaeceo #iammybrotherskeeper #constitution #appellatecourt #dueprocess #justiceformaeceo #civilrights #bethechange #purposedrivelife  #law
“Journals that inspire and encourage”.... To shop..... click the link found in my Bio🖋  #bee🐝notconformed #journals #yourstory