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Maker of Energy Balancing Devices✨🔮🧿🙌💎 Frequency and Energy are part of EVERYTHING 👌

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MT TAM  Shungite Orgonite Belt ... use accessories to protect yourself from ubiquitous EMFs. DM me for orders $120
4” Shungite Orgonite Pyramid❣️. Place this over your WiFi router or near your desktop and FEEL the difference.  Turn your STILL stale toxic EMF polluted home into a CHILL Scalar Wave 🌊 Vibe✨. #orgonite #orgonepyramid #orgoneenergy #scalarenergy #energyhealing #emfprotection  DM me for orders🙏🙌💕❤️😎👍✨
Who says we need water?  Who says we need Oxygen? 😡@orgonistic repost
Iolite Orgonite Shungite Belt😎. Wear it around the city, in high rise buildings, in airports and on planes and remain GROUNDED.  No pun intended.  Negative Ions keep you grounded and protect you from EMF pollution.  Vibe HIGH with Orgonite!  Feel like you’re at the beach when you are in the center of a city!  Truly amazing!! $120 S O L D
These belts are a hit!  Made with Shungite Orgonite and a brass Golden Gate Bridge.  Wearing this will protect your body from ubiquitous and harmful EMFs.  DM me for orders and questions💕😊. $120
Don’t drain yourself ... stick one of these Marin Orgonite phone protectors on your mobile device and experience good vibes and frequencies instead of low vibes and no energy.  Hot phone?  Radiation is slowing frying everyone.  Brain fog.  Insomnia.  Headaches.  Sound familiar?  These were’t common symptoms 10 years ago.  What started 10 years ago?? Wireless.  We love wireless but not the way it makes us feel.  You can still enjoy wireless and not suffer the symptoms by protecting yourself with Orgonite ❤️✨💕⭐️😎🙌. #orgonite #energyhealing #scalarenergy
Marin Orgonite 4” Plate made with a negative ion emitting Shungite base and enhanced with Rochelle Salts, Magnetic Metallic Gold Sand and Magnetite.  These plates are portable and great for travel.  Planes, Trains, Hotels and Airports are polluted with EMFs that zap your vitality.  Thrive and raise your frequency with Orgonite! $80. DM me for orders and or questions ✨ #orgonite #quantumcoherence #scalarwaves #negativeions #millvalleymakers
I am full of gratitude🙌. After a successful show I spent Sunday outside getting grounded and loading up on -ions 🙌☀️😎✨🤟😁!
Earrings with a purpose!! Made with crushed clear quartz crystals, copper filings and Shungite ... this is the power of Orgonite!!! Orgonite transforms the EMFs that your cell phone emits into beneficial Scalar Waves ... VIBE HIGH with Orgonite!!!! #orgonite #millvalley #makersmovement #makersmarket #millvalleylumberyard
Orgonite Pyramid with a Shungite base 🙏🙌✨. #orgoneenergy #energyhealing #orgonite #orgonepyramid
This Orgonite & Shungite ✨buckle transforms the harmful EMF waves into beneficial Scalar Waves that promote health, happiness and wellbeing.  EMF waves stress our cells out and cause early aging symptoms.  Vibe High with Orgonite!  Wear this and KNOW you are protected!  These belts will be available at Makers Market this Saturday in the Mill Valley Lumber Yard!  Unique crafts made by local artist and live 🎶 and 🍷 10-5
Jewelry that harmonizes the EMFs that are as thick as soup now days ... vibe high with this amazing functional jewelry!! MARIN ORGONITE debuts at Makers Market this Saturday at the Lumber Yard!! Several bands playing music throughout the day, wine tasting and loads of local artists showing their craft.  Come!! Learn about Orgonite!! #orgonite #orgonitepyramid #orgonitependant #reiki #energy #zeropointenergy #prana #chi #energyhealing #makersmarket
Rose Quartz, Aventurine , Aquamarine, Shungite, Copper and Magnetite Orgone Pyramid.  I wrote a detailed description of this gorgeous post but insta wouldn’t allow me to post it.  Crazy!!!
Learning 🙌
As requested ... here are the first version of Marin Orgonite earrings.  So so sweet!  Light weight and packed with crushed clear quartz crystals, shungite, copper filings and Turquoise resin. ✨✨🙌❤️ DM me for orders. $32
This Marin Orgonite 4” round plate is loaded with beautiful Turquoise stones and the the base is a mix of Shungite and copper metal filings.  This plate can be taken with you in your purse or bag to protect you from ubiquitous radiation while on the go or placed next to your home router or near your smart meter to transmute the harmful and invisible EMFs that rob you of your vitality!  Sleep better!  Feel better!  Thrive with Orgonite!!! #orgonite #energyhealing #reiki #prana #orgoneenergy.  DM me to place an order.  This plate is $80
Orgonite Belt Buckles!! Many to choose from!  This one is made of red coral, turquoise, copper, Rochelle Salts, crushed clear quartz crystals and 🙌SHUNGITE 🙌✨... spend the afternoon in a city, airport, mall or library and don’t get assaulted by the invisible yet DRAINING EMFs.  Wear your belt and be safe😎. DM me for orders, questions or comments 👍. Belt  Buckle $80 and $125 with a leather belt.  Own multiple buckles and only need one leather belt.
Marin Orgonite Belts !!! Yup!! Protect yourself from EMFs and VIBE HIGH 🙌. There are more that I haven’t photographed yet.  DM me to place an order!!