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The cherry on top! Instant connection for an unconventional network of spectacular ppl with interesting taste + smart opinions. Mirror selfies welcome

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Quick cathartic to-do list  #fromthemrsharedfolder via @sarahsophief
Challenge: Send this pic to any and all friends asking if you have plans tonight and report back on results below. (📸 from a recent article aggregating confessions of your vices, including but not limited to eating meals in bed and cheesy bread, but more on that via link in bio.)
If you aren’t sweatering and souping – the optimal arrangement for a frigid winter Saturday – then what are you doing? Really, tell me. (Is it warm there? Can I come?) P.S. More soups and sweaters, link in bio
Serious query: Does wearing a middle part automatically increase your cool-factor? @harlingross investigates, link in bio, and welcomes your thoughts. (📸: @zoeisabellakravitz)
Seen here: an Aquarius, a Leo, an Aries and a Gemini... Recent predictions on the best jeans for each sign, illuminated by @emmabracy, seem pretttty spot on. Your👖reading awaits, link in bio.
This is what it looks like to thrive in winter after reading the list of Winter Survival Tips From People Who Live in Cold-Ass Climates, collected for your reading pleasure, link in bio. (Literal) hot tips are requested below. (📸: @zizidonohoe)
You, carrying a change of shoes, lunch, a book and three types of deodorant to work. #fromthemrsharedfolder, @marcodevincenzo SS19 via @vfiles
Here’s a Wednesday evening haiku from @halemur on her perceived “vice” from a recent assemblage of – you guessed it – vice haikus. What’s your guilty plej? (BTW That’s short for pleasure, and is a certified @halemur-ism.)
Five women with some of the best hair on the internet told Man Repeller all of their care secrets – link in bio – which incidentally made me want to douse my head in almond oil. Any tips they missed? Give a shout in the comments. (📸: @oursecondskin)
“‘Sorry I’m late’ could also be ‘thank you for waiting.’ ‘Sorry to vent’ could also be ‘thank you for listening.’” @halemur believes there are two kinds of people in this world: those who say “sorry” and those who say “thank you.” The full treatise is available via link in bio. Which one are you? (Art by @madtoya)
Have you ever wanted to wear a full fruit salad around your neck?? I have. @harlingross rounded up the brands you may not have heard of yet, but should 100% add to your digital rolodex, and they’re waiting for your attention – link in bio. Which small brands are you eyeing lately? (📸: @lisasaysgah for @alteritajewelry)
Here’s a pic that is NOT an egg, and I encourage you to like it only if it speaks to your 6:00pm on a Monday aesthetic sensibility. (📸: @gabbois)