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⭐️ fitness entrepreneur & mgmt consultant ⭐️ working mama of 2 ⭐️ helping ladies design a life they love ⭐️ training for Spartan Ultra

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Oh my, how long do the last 5 miles of a marathon feel?!!! I was definitely hurting for those miles and in fact the whole second lap (lap two was a whole 10 mins slower than lap one 😬). . . . But somehow in spite of the hills and wind, it came together (maybe thanks to that extra banana I had for breakfast 🍌 😉) and I crossed the line with a time of 3 hours 35 mins, (incidentally 4 mins faster than the course last year) and a PB for me 😀 (if you’re interested scroll for the details). . ((Side story- My last PB was actually in my 20s at the London marathon (a much flatter course) so now I’m thinking when I hit my next decade I need to find a race and aim for 3.34 😉.)) . . Now as my friend Steffi says, we are turning & burning - heading to Mount snow to take advantage of the 6 inches that fell yesterday! Action packed perfect weekend 😀😀. . . .  #marathon #turnandburn #yancycamp #milford #spartanwomen .
Marathon ready! Actually I don’t feel ready at all 😂 but I’m to go do this thing anyway 😀. The weather isn’t what I was hoping for (forecast says snow and heavy wind) but still not the worst :). My goal is to run strong and finish with an empty tank ⛽️. . I’ll be in touch later this afternoon ✅. . . . . #spartanwomen #running #marathon #milford #doitanyway #accenture
Too funny not to share 😂😂. . . . . . #funfriday
T-2 days to my first marathon of this year! That means today is a rest day :). . My kids were up EARLY (5am to be precise) so while I worked they watched the Magic School bus and learned about computer programming ha! It made me think back to my Masters in Scotland where I had to do programming as one of the required classes and the final project was writing your own computer program. It could be on anything so I made mine about scuba diving holidays in the Caribbean. The interface was pretty (lots of sunny pictures, fishies and beaches 🏖) but the functionality not so good because no matter what the customer selected (eg inexperienced diver versus Dive Master; looking for 1 week versus 3 weeks; looking for adventure v. Chill) they ended up at the same resort in Aruba 😬😛. . Thankfully no programming required in my current job :). . . Happy Thursday - we’re almost there!! . . #randomfacts #storytime #thankfulthursday #computerprogramming
Make sure your motivation matches your goals :), and if it doesn’t go find a push partner like this handsome fella 😀. . These recent weeks have been crazy busy and I’ve had an endless amount of reasons not to workout. Same story today. . . I had back to back meetings (and more tonight) and could have taken my one short window to eat lunch (or was it breakfast 😐😬) at the table or make a cup of tea, but my wee push partner pal was desperate for a run and I’m pretty desperate to meet my goals, 😉so off we went :). Motivation + Goals! . The extra bonus of doing so meant an extra productive and energetic rest of the day as well :). . . #biggerthanyourexcuses #doitanyway #running #runningpup
No workout today so far (I’m planning a short 3 mile run at some point as part of my marathon taper), but I am super focused on my next big goal in April! . I know that it can be really, really hard to find time to do everything that we need to do in the day. I struggle with this, even though I start my day super early and try to be in bed by 10(ish) (I could use 4 more hours!). But I always make sure that I do whatever workout I need to do to get to my goals, even if it’s making some magical use of time :). . . .  #focus #goals #biggoals #spartanultra
Upper body workout done early and now I’m dreaming about sandy beaches and turquoise water (gotta do the former go get ready for the latter..😉) 🏖🤩. . . I love winter (oh so much ❄️!) but this is around the time of year that I also start dreaming about sunshine and summer (and our up coming Caribbean holiday ✈️ 😀!). . What’s your fav season? . . #dreaming #beachlife #stkitts
This mornings alarm clock felt BRUTAL after a lovely weekend and some later sleeps, but snoozing isn’t going to help get to me giant goals (including a Spartan Ultra and hitting my next birthday in tip top shape 😀). . So I chose to get up and at em, starting the week as I intend to finish it :). . . **Get your body moving this morning, make some strong coffee (or tea 🍵) and remind yourself that this is going to be another amazing week 😀😀😀!!!** . . #mondaymojo
Short and fast run today after checking the leprechaun trap (he got away again 😬) and before we head out to enjoy this beautiful day! . It’s funny I remember years ago when St Patrick’s day looked so different. It was more like green beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a ton of partying and dancing in between. And it was so so much fun! I’m not sure I could keep that up today ha, but I love the fun memories with my friends who are now spread across around the world :). . Happy st Patrick’s day! . . . #run #5km #gooutside
I think I’m going to sign up for this with @sannimccandless (it looks amazing!). I’d love it if my outdoor loving female friends joined me! Any takers?  #repost @sannimccandless ・・・ Happy International Women’s Day!! I love being around tons of feminine energy and for a long time now have been itching to do more all-women events. I’m pretty excited to say that it’s finally happening. I’ll be one of the facilitators of a small women’s retreat in lovely New England this summer from June 6-9 through @outwild.co. This will be a more intimate experience than the Outwild Festival (which I’m very excited about as well and is taking place in September). We will do workshops that help you reconnect with your passions, daily yoga, rock climbing and hiking, plus eat amazing food and general R&R :) tickets are limited and on sale now. Link in bio.
I was torn between tapering for my marathon next weekend and pushing the training for the Spartan Ultra next month (oh and extra sleep 😴😀)... I opted for a little mix of both with a 10 mile run taking it a little slower (scroll right for splits), followed by some grip strength work at home. . . It is a GORGEOUS day and after this recovery formula (it’s magic ⭐️) we are heading to the trails with our pup (then wine cause you know when the sun’s out 😉).. 🙂. . . What’s your workout today? . Enjoy! . . . #spartanultra #marathon #milford
The snooze button was my friend this morning. It has been a heck of a week so far (no complaints though - I love what I do 😀) but I felt dead tired and couldn’t do the 4am wake up for the fifth day in a row 😐. . Luckily my husband is home today though so I could still get in my workout albeit a little later than usual... So my morning was coffee + lemon water > early meetings > run (hills felt brutal) > more coffee > get kids ready > more meetings as my full work day kicks off with mojo 😀. . . I hope your Friday is a good one! . . #runningmum #fridayvibes #milford #connecticut #gooutside #snooze
👙 Summer body 👙 ready? . Are you already thinking about your poolside entrance on your first vacation of the year. 💆🏼‍♀️ Sipping 🍸 cocktails in your two piece by the pool ☀️ . YES please - take me there now!! . Well don’t wait to the last minute ladies to drop a few extra pounds, start today and give your body real time to change and get sexy for that holiday coming up!! . . @life.with.lis 💕💕💕
Sweat don’t lie... neither do closed eyes. I’m so tired 😓. Did someone say it is hump day? . . .  #passmethecoffee #humpday #noexcuses #spartanglory @fabletics #myfabletics
This is definitely not what I’m wearing today (the reality is a little more casual 😜), but I’m bored of my workout posts and I’m sure if I am, then you probably are too 😀. . I’ve been thinking about my approaching “big “ birthday and what to wear (hence this pic came to mind) and one of my goals is to be in the best shape of my life by that point (mid-May) :). So yesterday I went back to the basics that work so well for my coaches and customers and started tracking my food intake 100%. ((That includes every little spoon of raspberry jam that I sneak  too 😬😉)). Workouts will stay as they are - for me this is always the easy part 😀. . So let’s see how the next couple of months go. I know wine, chocolate, jam, crisps, too much Pb and other treats will happen but I also know that so long as they stay as just that, I’ll get to my goal :). . Who else has a big birthday this year? . . . #21dayfix #biggoals
Do you prefer cardio or weights? . . I’m kicking off the new week with some weight training. I will always love cardio because it always makes me feel like I’ve worked ohh so hard 💦, but weight training is equally important for strength and “shredding” (anyone else hate that word lol?!!), plus you burn more calories throughout the day 🔥 . So both it is 😀. . I hope your Monday is going to be a great one! . . . #liift4 #weighttraining #spartanwomen .
It took us just over 4 hours to get home and the first hour was a little nerve wracking as we drove through a snow storm (mostly it’s the other drivers I worry about ❄️ 😬). . But we made it just fine of course and shake of the post-mountain blues I pushed myself out for a little 10km run. The first mile was slow and I felt stiff and a little over it already 😐, but miles 2 to 6 felt much better :). I wrapped it up with another quick practice of some of the core moves for the class I teach tomorrow night (my gals are in for a treat ☀️😉💪). . I know it’s not always easy to find the time or motivation to exercise but I also know that there is rarely a workout that you regret 😀😀. So my biggest tip for today is to decide how you will find 20 or 30 mins tomorrow (Monday) to make your workout happen and then treat it like a meeting with your boss. That is, turn up, be prepared to give it your best and leave that meeting feeling great 👍. . . Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!!☀️☀️. . . . . #run #spartanwomen
Feeling fabulous this morning after a slow, chill start to the day followed by a hilly, snowy run with my pup and a quick practice for my Insanity class (scroll right - this move is great for shoulders, core and triceps 💪💪). . .  Now time for a family snowboard / ski and then apres ski with everyone 🍷 #balance 😀😀. . . Have a great Saturday lovely people! . . . @fabletics #myfabletics #running #vermont #insanitylive