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Malthaus Games


We are a tabletop podcast focused on board games, good beer, and fun with friends. Check us out on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play!

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Our BGG Secret Santa gift came in today! We are super stoked! Steve was happy with it too! #bggsecretsanta #tabletopgames
I bought a chess board at a garage sale that goes pretty well with my chess pieces that I've had since I was little. Now to teach Hayley! #chess #boardgames
Yesterday we had a game day at Bryan's house. It was a great time that finished out with some 'Keep Talking and Nobobdy Explodes' bomb difussing on Xbox! #boardgames #tabletopgames
When it's cold out, Hershey needs a coat. He's so darn cute. #hershey #chihuahua #dogs
I love when I can run my dishwasher and no water is standing! New pump works perfectly! #diy #fixedit
Is that it? I thought I listened to them much more! If you haven't heard them I highly recommend listening! #spotify #londongrammar
Hershey is upset that he wasn't included. I'm only slightly upset that I'm just considered a mere human. #christmascard #holidays
Early mornings are made better by hot coffee, some reading, and Hershey love! He just wants to be petted. #chihuahua #doglife
We made it to our friends house! We get the turtle room as ours for the night! Now to sleep. #turtleclub #tortoiseclub
We stopped at a friend's on our way to Arkansas. The rain soaked my pants, so I've got these awesome shorts. #pants #rain
Time for a little sealed MTG! Let's see how this Guilds of Ravnica set is. #mtg #magic
Today is Hayley's(@Squirrellygeek) Birthday! Wish her a happy 27th birthday with pictures of cats! She's kind of the best. #birthday
Getting my editing done for this weekends episode! This one is shorter and more chill in prep for the cold! #podcast #boardgames #tabletopgames
The mead has been racked into glass, dosed with potassium sorbate, and back-sweetened. After a week we add bentonite then sparkolloid to clarify. It should be good! #homebrew
We played some games this weekend and relaxed. It was a nice change of pace! Cryptid is very good and I'm still bad at Ticket to Ride. #tabletopgames #boardgames
After a day and a half off, today was a long day. Finally off though! Here I come, weekend! #weekend
Here are the @cinnaholic treats Alan and I devoured at BGG Con. @playtkg and I ate way too much. #boardgames #tabletopgames
Tonight we played Hardback. It was great! We enjoyed it and are very glad we grabbed it back at Gen Con! #boardgames #tabletopgames