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Wife πŸ’œ 6#Miscarriages 2#MiracleBabies #endometriosis & #pcos. The pain & #victories are my credentials πŸ’ͺ Free Webinar keys 2 #Defeat #Depression

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I think people are more confused than mad when they tried everything they could to bring you down. When God is in you, so is the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ! You always Get up!!! #3days  Pic Repost @pastorralexander πŸ™ŒπŸ½
This is why you feel so uncomfortable and out of place when you settle. You know you're worth more. Stop living beneath your privileges. You are overqualified for mediocre living in every area of your life. #callmeaprosperitypreacher πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ˜ Thank you @lifecoachesrock for the reminder πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’œ
On the left is a picture of me on a random day while undergoing fertility treatments. I think I was in between miscarriage #5 and 6. Not an easy time in my life but you could have seen me everyday and you would not have known.  Its funny, I searched everywhere for pics of myself looking depressed. Truth is I don't have any that show an accurate depiction of how tormented I was inside.  That's the thing. Many people walk around with masks and are so used to wearing them. We hide behind smiles and Filters while feeling pain and devastation.  I was determined not to let anyone see me sweat. I thought "being strong" was a badge of honor. Admitting that I was sad or even depressed would be shameful.  You dont have to say it on here but if you are feeling depressed, sign up for my FREE webinar this Tuesday!  Now that I'm free, by the grace of God. I am determined to help as many people as I can be free! Click the link in my bio @loveladyrenee
That part πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Dont forget it!!!
Basic is a mindset. Basic will not allow you to progress because progression feels to foreign.  The basic mindset is what is used to keep you in the same place, doing the same things.  This is why you can't do epic things with basic people. They will talk you out of going into your promised land. #thatsall
Don't let those other voices of self doubt and fear  in your head get to you!  Don't let the voices of naysayers or well meaning people who just dont get it stop you!  Don't  let your current situation slow you down!  Quitting is NOT an option! You're way too close #keepgoingπŸ’ͺ
Pray that those who blame you for their internal torment heal. Many things are deeper than they understand. Forgive them and if its necessary distance yourself. #prayerworks #prayforhumanity
Remind yourself as much as you need to! You were created in the image of God! You are more powerful than anything you face!  Remember who you ARE!!!
I have been laughing all day at this since @kingashleyann put it up!  It may have a few more than one but lol hey!!! God is not finished with me yet LOL! #jokin
Everyone isn't the same. After all , you are amazing! There are more amazing people in this world and I believe that God will connect you with others who will love, appreciate and honor you. I speak mutually beneficial relationships that last a lifetime. #theystillexist #trustagain
Don't let your feelings keep you from seeing the bigger picture. Everything is designed to in the end birth a better you. A better you is worth the temporary pain.
I pray that when wrong relationships are removed, the transition is drama free!
What if everything you were praying for was on the other side of your yes?  He never requires anything from us that He won't give us the help to accomplish.  There's more for you! Get it! - God
It doesn't have to look like it! We walk by faith & NOT by sight! Victory and sweet success is yours!
He's  God who makes a way in the most impossible situations.  He's the God who will show up just when you were about to give up!  He's the God who makes it happen!  Smile, God is making a way!
If I am honest I was the kid who was so sweet BUT if you kicked me in the knee, I was determined to kick you in the face. "Vengenace is mine" (says God) is something that I struggled with. I wanted to experience the instant gratification of someone feeling the pain ybeu caused me.  As I grew and again this process time. I had to accept the fact that God loved me. I had to accept that nothing anyone did, no betrayal was greater than His plan and purpose for my life.  When you take a step back. A step out of your feelings and pain you will discover that 10 times out of 10 the person who hurt you was hurting themselves.  Release them from your ill  will. Trust me, holding them in prison keeps you there as well. I say this in the most loving way, let it go. You want to live free!  Praying for those who want to let go and don't know how. One day, one step at a time. God will help you and heal you!
When driving, failing to follow one sign could cause you to be harmed or harm someone else. How many people have been injured or died because someone didnt stop at a stop sign?  We must follow the signs that God gives us. Even with His grace, failing to follow can lead to harm and unnecessary pain(physical, mental & emotional)  Don't ignore what God shows you!
Today is going to be a great day! Choose rest in God over anxiety. He's big enough to handle everything you face! Trust Him!