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I finally found a place to get out for a walk in nature close by Mesa. It has 7 or 8 different small lakes. At least one that people are allowed to fish in. Lots of bird life. It’s a protected area for migratory birds.  I’m enjoying the desert plant life as well. I’ll be coming here more often for easy walks while I look for places with more challenging terrain.
What a surprise to see these guys on the Johnson Trail yesterday. My first spotting of a goat on this trail. What a treat. It made an otherwise humdrum afternoon hike rather spectacular.
My Big Sur weekend with girlfriends. So glad the road is finally open. What a gorgeous weekend. The color of the ocean along the Hiway 1 stretch between Morro Bay and Big Sur is so turquoise, so beautiful.
This years begonia blooms.
Met on the trail yesterday afternoon. First one I’ve seen this year. I’m sure there will be more. Haha.  As my friend said “Yikes!  Tarántula looking for love?”
While I was on my hike this afternoon I heard these honkers. They are so beautiful I hope they all make it to their destination, wherever that is. Such a theil to witness these magnificent creatures.
From the Johnson Trail yesterday late afternoon.  Watch for the very colorful poison oak.  Saw a family of wild turkeys the other day from the trail. The babies that I had seen a month ago are not maturing but still hanging together as a family.  What a great place to hike. Love it.
Evening light
Discovered in Pacific Grove this week end.
A gallery in Pacific Grove has some of the best California craftsman style objects and art pieces. Spent time going back in time. Enjoying another era.
Out the back deck of our motel in Pacific Grove this morning. We went from 85 in SLO yesterday to 65 in Monterey. This morning foggy as expected.  Expecting it to burn off and give us a fabulous day.
Dwight Huang gyotaku artist along with his wife Hazel making magic in Dutch Harbor shortly after catching these amazing fish.  #fishingforgyotaku #dutchharbor #fishart #fish
Fishing trip for the benefit of our guest artist Dwight Hwang so he would have fish to make his prints. The deck hands Robert and Jose were careful to bleed the fish so Dwight would have specimens that were free of cuts and gashes. The extra halibut were shared with friends.
Leaving Dutch. Such a special place. The runway is one of the shortest anywhere. It is well know with pilots around the world. Not only the shortest but also at the base of a mountain rising directly out of the Bering sea and is fogged in, rainy, or cloudy more than 250 days a year.  Challenging is the most often heard description.
Shots from my visit to the Museum this morning. Much has changed since I was here last. Got to see some of my favorite old things though like the baskets, the waterproof jackets made of walrus guts and masks. New exhibits as well.
Stopped by the Museum this morning. Caught Caroline Reed’s show. Love her work. Luckily for me I bought one of her originals on my first visit 29 years ago. Unfortunately I missed her bonfire that we were invited to attend but we had all just come down with colds. Blahhh.
My son Dustan and the environment in which he lives. It usually takes 2 days to reach Dutch Harbor from the lower 48 since there are only 2 flights a day out to this island in the Aleutian chain from Anchorage. One flys into Anchorage and catches a smaller plane the next day.
I’ve been eating the freshest most succulent halibut while I’m here. This first picture is a Korean fish made by guest artist Dwight Hwang’s wife Hazel. Sooo delicious. Second picture is baked halibut equally succulent and delicious. Imagine gorging on as much fresh halibut as you can possibly hold day after day.  It’s a paradise here and I consider myself fortunate to be able to participate in a meaningful way thanks to my son Dustan and his wife Evie.