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Experts in Latin American travel offering high quality, award-winning holidays since 2002. Offices in Melbourne, Australia and London, UK.

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Happy World Monkey Day! 🙈🐵 📷 @sachalodge
Falling for you 💧 Iguazú Falls is an impressive collection of over 270 waterfalls stretching through lush forest on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Local Guarani legend tells the story of a god destined to marry a beautiful woman who runs off with another lover. The god becomes so enraged as the couple escape down the river that he collapses the river bed, causing the couple to fall – the girl turning into a rock and the boy a palm tree at the base of the falls. It is believed that the couple still express their love today by forming a rainbow, starting from the rock in Argentina and ending at the palm tree on the Brazilian side of the falls.
A tranquil oasis in the Atacama Desert 🌾 Experience expansive desert landscapes, vast salt flats, active geysers, an array of lagoons and diverse wildlife here in the driest desert on Earth. Tierra Atacama hotel offers a luxurious stay in this unique destination, with uninterrupted views of the desert surrounding you. 📷 @southamerica
The friendly faces of the Sacred Valley, Peru ⛰ Located in the Andes, Misminay is one of many traditional communities in the Sacred Valley surrounded in rich culture, local customs and traditions. The beautiful Sacred Valley is very close to Cusco and is a tranquil and attractive destination to experience Peruvian history and indigenous culture.
Birds reign supreme on the Ballestas Islands with over 160 species of marine birds including Humboldt penguins, cormorants and boobies. Sea lions, turtles, dolphins and whales can also be spotted around the islands 🐬 Take a boat trip to watch the abundant wildlife in this protected reserve located off the Pacific Coast of Peru.
Where’s Wally? 🦎 A beautiful shot from our customer Alex Dudarenko’s trip with us to Costa Rica 📷@thecandidtourist
Feeling blue 🐦 Blue-footed boobies feet colour are their defining characteristic, resulting from carotenoid pigment concentration. The blueness of a male boobies feet is an indicator of their health, with a bright-blue feet signifying strength and a strong immune system. Males with brighter feet appear to be the preference for a female counterpart when it comes to choosing a mate. 📷 Andean Travel Company
Step back in time 🕌 Situated on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena’s Old Town remains virtually untouched and retains its colonial charm. Boasting colourful architecture and an array of museums, bars and restaurants, this walled city is a highlight of a trip to Colombia.
Water you waiting for? 🐟 Chinese Hat Island in the Galápagos is a hot spot for snorkelling (along with countless other Galápagos Islands), with the chance to spot spectacular marine life such as white-tipped reef sharks, sea lions and the Galápagos penguin. As the Galápagos Islands lie on the equator, there is never a bad time to visit as warm weather can be expected year round.
Between a rock and a hard place 〰️ Surrounded by the Andes, this national reserve in South Western Bolivia boasts breathtaking lakes, expansive desert, rock formations and an array of wildlife such as flamingo, llama, alpaca and the Andean fox. The reserve is located at an altitude between 4,200 and 5,400 meters, so it’s best to have coca leaves handy for the altitude.
Leaf the city behind 🌿 The Peruvian Amazon is easily accessible and one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth. At Posada Amazonas Lodge you are able to spot an array of wildlife, take bush walks, boat rides and experience all of the wonders of the Jungle. 📷 @rainforestexpeditions
Break the ice ❄️ Covering an area of 250 square kilometers and reaching heights of over 70 meters above the surface, Perito Moreno Glacier is an expansive and breath-taking ice form towering over the glacial water of Lago Argentino. Hear the rumble of the glacier and watch segments of the ice collapse into the lake from either boat or the array of walkways within the National Park.
Toucan play at this game 🥥 Toucans have the longest bill of any bird on Earth in relation to their body size - however the bill is lightweight and made of keratin in order to keep the bird cool in the hot, Latin American climate in which it lives.
¿cómo te llama? Llamas are a quintessential symbol of South America, since they were domesticated in the Peruvian Andes some 6,000 - 7,000 years ago. Although closely related to (and often confused with) the alpaca, llamas can be distinguished by their banana-shaped ears and larger build. 📷 @pip.l.smith
Spanning over 20,000 square meters, the Monasterio de Santa Catalina is a colourful and impressive convent in the middle of Arequipa, Peru. Once shrouded in secrecy, the convent has been open to the public since 1970, however 20 nuns still remain living in the convent in closed off quarters.
Up in the clouds ☁️ Explore the Villa Blanca cloud forest, home to an array of plants, birds, insects and mammals. Advocating sustainability and conservation is central to the hotel’s practice in order for the flora and fauna in the area to continue thriving. 📷 @villablancahotel
Keeping an eye out. 🦎 Lava lizards are incredibly territorial. To assert dominance and ward off competitors from their territory, male lava lizards can be seen performing push ups. If the opponent assesses his size and decides to challenge him, a push up contest may occur.
The incredible terraced salt ponds of Maras in the Sacred Valley, Peru. A small number of local families control the salt production of these almost 3,000 ponds just as the Inca did. Salt is harvested in the shallow ponds by the process of evaporation, packaged up and sold at the local markets. While salt ponds are more commonly found on the coast, these sit at 3,380 metres above sea level.