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Kate, 7 y/o, connie🐴 Main:@xeventingkatex

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First event of the season today at Offchurch😊really pleased with a 35.3 Dressage and a clear sj. Unfortunately had a stop at number 2 in the xc but Kate has been very sticky xc recently. I think she needs to get back into it and have a bit more practice but she flew around the whole course and was amazing❤️shame mum didn’t video the last few xc jumps as Kate was flying but she was too busy concentrating on the loose horse coming towards her😂 #landseventing @1stclassimages82
Kate jumped amazingly around Tanglewood this morning despite the wind and jumps falling over❤️
Kate was amazing out xc this morning at field farm💖
First time out xc on grass today😊didn’t start off very well with me falling off at the first fence and Kate not being very confident jumping but she got better as it went on and she got back to jumping confidently and loving it💖
Had a great pc rally with Caroline Moore at Vale View on Friday🥰💕
Some photos from the dressage🥰
Not such a good day today at Diamond Equestrian for Aylestone dressage. Kate went beautifully in the warm up😊went in the ring and did the pc novice 2018 test and Kate decided every time we went around the corner she would go into canter😕don’t know why and she’s never done it before but still came 4th and qualified for the Dengie second rounds again🥰💕 #equestrianlifebrandambassador2019
Ignore Kate’s wonky crackle😂She was so good at at rc rally at hothorpe today🥰doing the working hunter jumps there❤️ #equestrianlifebrandambassador2019
Better day at BE arena eventing at Weston Lawns today😊started off with Kate not jumping very well in the warm up but then flew around clearing the sj part. Approached the first xc jump and Kate decided to speed towards it so I was slowing her down which then meant I wasn’t riding her to the fence and keeping my right rein on so she ran out to the left😕She jumped it the second time but not very well but we then flew the rest of the course❤️Clearly Kate doesn’t like arena eventing😂
Great arena eventing rally at Eland Lodge today🥰Kate went really well💖
Great day at Solihull for pc sj, Clear in the 80. Unfortunately had the last pole down in the 85 but still managed individual 5th and team 1st😊❤️
Not one of the best days at Vale View arena eventing today. Kate jumped an amazing clear round in the sj. Then on to the xc jumped first three amazing but came to the fourth and Kate got in really close and decided to run out to the side which meant I flew over the top of the jump. Not quite sure why she did that as it is not like her. Maybe due to the arena being very wet and like mud. But so pleased with how her sj has improved❤️
My first BE arena eventing at Keysoe today. Unfortunately had a run out at a skinny due to rider error and over shooting the turn but still managed to finish inside the time😊❤️
Good day today at Weston Lawns arena eventing mine and Kate’s first arena eventing together😊Unfortunately had a run out as it was a skinny arrow head at the bottom of a hill and she just ran past it😕but she jumped it the second time and flew around the course amazingly❤️
Had an amazing sj rally today Kate was jumping amazingly and flying everything❤️
A photo from our dressage rally yesterday Kate went really nicely❤️
Had a great sj clinic today❤️
Amazing day at Norton Disney my first ever BE and I did the 80. Got a 34 in the dressage😊which was amazing considering she did a massive spook at the start of the test which the affected that movement then the two circles. Had 1 pole in the sj and went clear xc and 1.6 time penalties🎉So I finished on 39.6 which was good enough to earn us 9th in our section💜which in am so happy with especially as it is my first BE❤️