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Lizzie Horne🇬🇧


Kate, 7 y/o, connie🐴 Ifb💕 Main:@xeventingkatex @xeventingkatex_extras

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Took Kate to Field Farm today to get some more xc practice before Norton Disney on Friday and she was really good💙
Took Kate to Aylesford today to practice steps into and out of water and ditches and she was amazing❤️
Kate was amazing at a training session with Caroline Moore doing tricky lines and skinnies❤️
Photos from Moreton Morrell❤️
Great day at Moreton Morrell today😊mine and Kate’s second ode together❤️got 33 in the dressage😄and unfortunately 2 poles in the sj but clear in the xc with 8 time penalties🎉ft a muddy Kate in this photo her face looks so dirty😂
Photos from Eland Lodge came❤️Kate making sure she cleared the ditch on the second one😂
Kate was amazing at Eland Lodge for our first hunter trail together❤️going clear in the 80😄ft Kate leaping off the step as there is a ditch behind the step and clearly she saw it as she went off😂
Had my first sj competition on Kate today at Fernie  pc sj and dressage.Went in the 80cm and had one pole but really pleased as it was a scary course. Came 4th in the pc novice Dressage Test qualifying for the Dengie second round❤️
Amazing day at pony club regional champs at Eland Lodge. 9th in arena with 71.3%❤️
Kate was amazing at a pc xc rally today❤️
Quorn Hunt PC ODE Swipe▶️to see a dressage vid and xc vid sorry I didn’t get an sj vid💕 Had my first ode on Kate today. Got a 27 in the dressage which I was so pleased with especially because I thought the test didn’t go very well. Got a clear in the sj. In the xc she flew everything apart from the ditch and step down but there is plenty of time to work on that. It was only my second time xc on her. Overall I came 4th❤️ So pleased with her💘
Area 7 Dressage Had my first competition on Kate and it was the area Dressage and we came 9th in our arena even though I thought our test wasn’t very good but we still came 9th and qualified individually for Regional Champs at Eland lodge for the third year in a row❤️