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East of England Tetrathlon QHPC Ruby Slippers|16.2|13 Squirrel|13.2|19

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So proud of Ruby Slippers today she honestly was so amazing with some of the fastest times of the day. An unfortunate pole in the 80 due to rider error and and a unfortunate pole in the 90 but due to having the fastest time we still came third ! But I’ve got to say the best round was the pairs where @equi.nut and I did some of the best turns we have ever done and with a clear round as well we managed to win the class !!! Definitely in the Christmas spirit with our fancy dress🎄 Will be posting some edits soon.  Thank you so much to @forageplus for making sure Ruby performers her absolute best and is completely full of energy! ! 💙💚💙 #poweredbyforageplus #teamlivandruby #christmasshowjumping  #proud
Had a great day at brooksby today for pc well done to everyone you all rode brilliantly. We didn’t jump anything big today but competing tomorrow so worked on some really tight turns and also my leg position. At brooksby again tomorrow for Christmas showjumping in fancy dress what more do you need this winter ❄️
So Ruby is not completely impressed by the Christmas lights but I know I’m completely loving them. Horses in tonight for rally tomorrow and all living their forage plus feed. #christmaswiththecrawleys #poweredbyforageplus #teamlivandruby #christmaslights🎄#countingdownthedays
Show jumping clinic tonight Ruby having a moment to start with but my fault for not having a chance to ride all week and jumping a lovely clear to finish with ! Doing some Christmas themed showjumping over the weekend. Thanks to forage plus Ruby was full of energy tonight and very excited to be out. #teamlivandruby #poweredbyforageplus
So instagrams being awkward and won’t let me post this edit with the music But here’s the edit from cross country schooling a few months back where Ruby was so cool bless her and being a complete cross country machine loving every minute of it. Loving our forage plus feed that really helped Ruby keep up her stamina !  #teamlivandruby #poweredbyforageplus
So 24 days until Christmas and our @foxyequestrian cross country colours definitely give a little bit of extra Christmas sparkle love them so much @equi.nut and I love them especially for pairs hunter trials and are looking foreword to using them in arena eventing over the winter. If watch the videos at the end you’ll see the speed that Ruby was going at on the cross country course that was all thanks to our forage plus feed and it really helped me get inside the time to come individually 3rd so going to miss the hunter trial season this winter. #poweredbyforageplus #teamlivandruby
So as you can probably tell I didn’t get the preparation before a fence thing to start with in my show jumping lesson thank god I got there in the end. Completely my fault as per usual. Sorry Ruby thanks for being genuine  #failfriday #teamlivandruby
Here’s some raw’s from tonight. We worked on perpetration before a fence and tight jump off turns. Ruby really made up for my mistakes she’s helped me improve my riding so much since I’ve had her. So much love for this mare!!! #teamlivandruby
My mare when she thinks I have food and then realises I don’t 😂
It’s days like today when I realise how much I love this horse! Took her today to a arena eventing rally and I can honestly say she did not put a hoof wrong so proud of her. Loving our new forage plus feed it really gave Ruby that extra boost of energy #teamlivandruby #qhpc #proud
Great day with the Cottesmore today laughing so much when trying to get pics of everyone. selfies weren’t easy when your on horse. Jumped everything thank you so much @daisy.watson_ and congrats @mrshelendean  for jumping the fences and looking after me have to do it again sometimes
Happy #failfriday I have to apologise to Ruby for putting her on the completely wrong stride and thank god she’s got the scope to make up for my mistakes even if she ends up jumping and looking a bit like a fly #teamlivandruby #noscopenohope
Throwback to blood hounding a few months back with my auntie really great day even though I started it off by falling off in a 6ft hedge 😂😂#teamlivandsquirrel #junpingflyingsquirrel
Here’s the edit from last night so much love for this mare  #teamlivandruby
Great night tonight at a show jumping training at brooksby Ruby behaved brilliantly had one moment but that was completely my fault. Well done @equi.nut  you rode brilliantly. loving my new Forageplus feed really feel like it’s making a difference. #teamlivandruby  #poweredbyforageplus
Hopefully out hunting next weekend these pics are from a pleasure ride a while back that I took my 13.2 squirrel to she was absolutely insane that day and even though if I’m slightly too big for her she still behaved perfectly and ended up jumping a 5ft hedge. #teamlivandsquirrel #jumpingflyingsquirrel
I honestly think I’ve found someone who loves the party ring biscuits even more than I do 😂 #teamlivandruby
Show jump training tonight was brilliant we weren’t jumping big but doing some really technical lines which really helped us to concentrate on the lines we were taking towards fences and skinnies. Sorry my edits not great it’s the first one I’ve done  #teamlivandruby