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Melanie Martinez


♡CRYBABY♡ ♡K-12♡

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When the bell rings, you must be in your assigned seat...
🎼the flowers you gave me are rotting and still I refuse to throw them, awayyyy🎼
💘Sweeter is my self-worth than your occasional love. Softer are my own hands than your temporary touch.💘
Been dying to give you all an Album/Movie update but wanted to wait until I was sure the film would be done in time. The album has been done for like 2 years now I’ve just been waiting to finish up the movie. Some of you keep asking when singles are going to drop and the answer is they’re not. I’m putting out a concept album and an hour and a half long movie. Still has to go through VFX, Sound and Color for the next few months then a couple months of waiting and preparing that I have no control over. So it’s safe to say it’ll come out END OF SUMMER.  Sending love 💘 Can’t wait till you all can see/hear what I’ve been workin real hard on for the past 3 years!
✨Empress Energy ✨
✨mi casa✨
Happy national coming out day!🌈💗 Everyday I get DM’s from kids who have similar experiences to mine growing up, living in a traditional Latin household. Hearing your family make jokes about the lgbtq+ community, making you feel like you wouldn’t be accepted if you came out. I want you to know that I’m here for you and I hear you. I was you. I had a really traumatizing experience being outed, demonized & harassed. Ive never felt comfortable talking about sexuality in general because it always felt very shameful with the conditioning I had as a kid. But I’m here to tell you through my own scary experience that it gets better. My family is completely and fully accepting of me now as a Bi-sexual woman. I have a beautiful group of friends who have been with me through the roughest shit in my life and I am so grateful for them. Being Bi is quite confusing because on both ends you feel this enormous pressure to choose. I felt like my relationship history would invalidate my sexuality and also felt like every year i was taking too long to come out. But I learned it’s never too late. And that everyone has their own path to queerness. Everyone’s story is entirely different and equally as beautiful. There are so many amazing kids who have this online community of people they can talk to for support that I never had as a kid, or parents that fully support their sexuality and identity. Being supportive of the kids and adults who feel they need to take their time coming out for their own mental health, and personal safety is so important. I’m sending all of my love and support to every person in this community today and everyday, weather you’re out and proud as a butterfly or still finding yourself growing in your cocoon. I love you so much. I’m here for you, and I know you’re here for me💗
Some late night poetry ✨✨✨✨✨✨ Unrealistic expectations in a material world thriving off validation From other light blobs lost in their own simulation Suppressing the idea that there could be more than the physical Temporarily unable to feel more than the tangible Speeding off fast enough to not look within, not fascinated by growth or depth  Just interested in a label to give  Good, bad, happy, sad, dark or light One is non existent without the other and maybe that thought sparks fright  Everyone wants to be good but good is only what we’re taught to perceive  Learning lessons and gaining wisdom are the only constants between you and me  So why does our love only show itself in the presence of one who is established? Why do we mock, threaten or harass the folk who are learning through a challenge? Do we see ourselves in them too much to gift them with our love? Is it easier to pretend we are as perfect as the stars above?
💕☀️Life boils down to two paths, love and fear. Which will you choose?🌈💕
🐁 & 🥜 💕
✨Loving yourself + others is a magically addictive sensation✨ ____________________________________  Feeling stuck in negative thought patterns? Comparing yourself to people on here who you don’t even know? Be gentle with yourself. You are deserving of the same amount of love as anyone else. 💕🌈