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Stars over Niijima. This little surfer island has turquoise water and white/grey sand, friendly, sweet locals and my favorite part is you don’t even need to lock your bike or front door. How many places are that peaceful? Late night wandering is no problem here. I can dig that. #tamashimainstameet #niijima #supported @tamashima.tokyo.en @tamashima.tokyo.jp
For the last few years, I’ve used @Lightroom almost exclusively to edit my photos. I can honestly say that it’s been a major tool in helping me develop a style that I love and I can’t imagine my workflow without it. That being said, I was honored when they asked me to develop a set of six fall themed presets to be made available for free download on their blog. Editing with presets is a useful way to understand how other people achieve certain looks, and I really hope that some of you can benefit from using these! I’ve also made a tutorial on how to import and edit with your presets in case you’ve never done it before. All up on the Adobe blog! Check the link in today’s Instagram story! (Also, this image was edited with my preset “Fall Forrest.” Swipe right to see the unedited version.) #ad
The first step to taking a good aerial photograph is being willing to open the door.
Uncommon perspectives are commonly the hardest to access. For those that appreciate the clarity that comes from isolation in nature or photography, each vertical step is seen as a welcomed challenge, especially when the outcome is unknown. I’ve always felt the ability to smile during & through these experiences, regardless of the outcome (great photo or not) is an awesome character trait, because pretty much anyone can look back with fondness.
LED rainbow rain. I could stay here all day (almost did). This is probably the coolest art museum I’ve ever seen. Each room is a new sensory experience, playing with light and music. I spent my entire first day in Tokyo here, transfixed. It’s been a while but I finally have a new vlog up from this amazing museum! You’ve got to see it to believe it. Link in bio!
After an 8 hour crossing at night with sideways wind & heavy 6 meter seas coming over the boat we shook off the terrible nights sleep, swirling stomachs & wobbly legs to the small island of Værøy, 2nd smallest inhabited island in the Lofoten chain. We were greeted with a short window of decent weather & made the 11mile trek up to one of the most surreal places I’ve witnessed. As if like magic we forgot all about the night before. . All shot on iPhone  Photo workshop day 1 working with  @seilnorge  @matsgrimseth
The Na Pali Coast 🌊 | I’ve hiked this rugged coastline before and I can definitely say it’s one of the most beautiful stretches of coast I’ve ever seen. To see it from above really puts things into perspective
Patiently waiting for the Hogwarts Express 🚂 @sonyalpha #aicdoesscotland #bealpha #alphacollective
A lightbulb moment 💡
A crooked horizon, the plane wing poking out in the corner & even a reflection & color cast from the double pane window we were trying to shoot from. Technically speaking the image could be considered a failure in my opinion. But when it comes to revealing the rawness of the place & situation .. this one has it all.  Circumnavigating the active volcano of Mt Cleveland during my documentation of the Aleutian Islands for my conservation grant with @conservationorg
Icelandic #cabinporn 🏠
Currently on a plane with nervous excitement to be heading back to where it all began for me. My deep love of cold water, rugged surf & massive granite fjords. This photograph shot over 6 years still feels just as relevant to the style & message of my work. An exploration of a humans place in the world around us. . I’ll be sailing through these islands teaching a photo workshop over the next 8 days looking for slivers of light & rumors of surf while avoiding rain.  @seilnorge  @unstadarcticsurf  @danedamus
Phone wallpapers are back! After a long hiatus I just released two new Phone wallpapers in my newsletter. Sized for pretty much every device out there. Download the images in my bio link or here https://bit.ly/2CDEpZW .  While you’re at it sign up for my newsletter for free articles, images & updates on upcoming events & workshops. - next up is NYC next week! with a film screening of Under An Arctic Sky & photography workshop focused on building a photography business & brand. 🤙🙌🏼
What does it take to be brave? Is it innate - something we’re born with? Or can we lay a foundation and build it? I think it has to do with growing confidence little by little. I never intended to travel, much less backpack and hitchhike solo around the world, but it’s crazy how one thing can lead to another and before you know it, you’re doing the impossible. It can start out small, complimenting strangers without any expectation of outcome just to get comfortable with approaching people you don’t know, then starting conversations with them. Through doing this I realized the world is kind and people are good. Are you ready to try something new without coming up with reasons why it’ll be scary or not work out? If I know one thing about bravery, it’s that you can build it. It’s in you, you just have to give it room to emerge. Can you think of a time you were braver than you thought you could be? #tamashimainstameet #niijima #supported @tamashima.tokyo.en @tamashima.tokyo.jp
Slowly the fog has disappeared. Every morning has felt a little colder, the nights a little clearer. Fall season is in full affect and as every photographer knows.. Fall is the season of golden fading light, offshore winds, changing leaves and the inevitable beginning of winter. It’s also the time of year I shoot the most. It’s the consistency of Falls epic conditions that give it such a good name amongst photographers. I can’t wait to see what this one brings.
Quite possibly one of the best sunrises I’ve ever seen 🔥 | We hiked up in the dark with our headlamps and as we got to the peak, the clouds suddenly started to light up. Next thing you know, the entire sky was pink and it was an unforgettable moment to say the least @sonyalpha #aicdoesscotland #bealpha #alphacollective
Dancing in a warm October dream. #tamashimainstameet #niijima #supported @tamashima.tokyo.en @tamashima.tokyo.jp
Some of the finest nature has to offer,  Just a small piece of what the world has given us.  @ellithor takes in his local grandeur.
If it requires a helmet, then my answer is yes. ——————————————————— Memories from Serendipity Arete, one of my favorite days this summer.  PC: @ryan_burke11
Buenos Dias, Patagonia. This must be the most iconic sunrise in Patagonia, and it's easy to see why. I haven't forgotten how astounding this was in person, and I can't wait to go back with what is already a fantastic group of women. There are just two spots left on the women's Patagonia trip in March if you'd like to join us. This one went quick! Link in bio for more info and to join.
The light paints the landscape.  I’m just an observer.
Just wrapped up hosting my first multi-day photography workshop! It was such an awesome experience to be able to share my home with a few adventurous ladies and bond over mutual hobbies. We practiced shooting landscapes, portraits, and astro, and I’m proud to say that everyone graduated to shooting fully on manual mode! I can’t wait to do more of these down the road! Swipe right to see a few pics from our couple of days together.
The best way to cruise around Scotland 🤙🏼🚐 @sonyalpha #aicdoesscotland #bealpha #alphacollective
Konnichiwa, Japan! You guys I’m so excited to have found an onsen that allows tattoos. When I found out that most of the bath houses in Japan don’t allow guests with ink I was seriously disappointed, but Niijima, near Tokyo, is a chill surfer island with white sandy beaches and it has this free 24-hour outdoor onsen on the beach. It has 5 different pools of varying temperatures (my favorite is always the hottest) I loved it so much I went twice. Niijima is so laid back I’m not surprised they have more relaxed onsen rules. I adore this little island.  #tamashimainstameet #niijima #supported
Sand in places I didn’t even know sand could get. That’s about all I remember from this experience... hard to be poetic when all you can think is hiking 13 miles through this alpine desert and finding sand hidden in every crack and crevice for weeks after.
A year ago, @moviemountain wrapped up work on POOL SCUM, a stop motion ode to the terrible, yet amazing sub genre of 80s retellings of Romeo and Juliet set to action sport, films like Rad and Thrashin’ @joshbrolin. A year after finishing POOL SCUM and two years after breaking ground on the studio we’re in the middle of our next project.  Everything we learned from the last few years, we are putting into a proof of concept for a stop motion science fiction feature film set on a space ship.  There will be robots, space travel, and aliens.  For the time being,  here's Episodes 1-3 of POOL SCUM.
Standing at the edge of the world ☀️ | We got here just in time to watch the light break through the clouds and illuminate the face of the cliff with the most gorgeous glow. It’s incredible how much of a difference the shifting light can change a scene in just a matter of minutes @sonyalpha #aicdoesscotland #bealpha #alphacollective
Heads up! Inca Trail permits go on sale soon. Peru was one of the more amazing and diverse countries I've been to. Best of all, last year when I went with a group of BMTM readers, I was blown away by how smart, chill, and well-traveled everyone was. It was like hanging out with old friends I'd never met before on one of the coolest trips on earth. It was like filling two bucket list items at the same time. Want to join me here in April? There's just a few days left to join! Link my bio!
Standing on the TED global stage to speak changed my life. If you have 9 minutes to spare .. I would ask you to watch it. It’s my kernel of truth I have to share with the world & I honestly have never prepared harder for anything in my entire life. For 6 months in 2015 this talk ruled my life.. I revised it & started over 17 times.. it became more than just a part of me. I recited it so many times It consumed my dreams. “The Joy of Surfing In Freezing Cold Water” is available online & in my bio link. . I would love to know what you think.
The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities in Europe! Medieval architecture, dark alleyways, and a dramatic twisted history. No wonder so many writers have been inspired here... - But Edinburgh has also become a vibrant hub of art and theatre, with great festivals taking over the world stage. - Plus Whisky tasting? Ghost hunting? Deep Fried Mars Bars? This city has everything! - Check out my new blog post for tips on all my favorite things to do in Edinburgh. Linked in bio. 👍🏼
No matter where I go, I’m always looking for places that make me feel small. This past week in Scotland has been nothing short of incredible. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit and it’s completely surpassed my expectations in the short amount of time we’ve been here. It’s been so amazing exploring this otherworldly landscape with an incredibly talented group of photographers. Can’t wait to share more! @sonyalpha #aicdoesscotland #bealpha #alphacollective
What a city. New Orleans was more than just a trip. It was a walk into the past, which at some points can be very uncomfortable. It was confronting these truths juxtaposed with the vibrancy, deliciousness, music, and liveliness of the city. It's so multifaceted and layered, I'm sure I've only scraped the surface. If you get the chance I hope you check out NOLA, one of the more unique places I've been. Thanks for opening the door to the South to me @visitneworleans #onetimeinnola #partner.
Did you know I have a line of bags with @kasiadietz, proceeds from which benefit organizations helping to save elephants in Africa? Well I do! 🐘 They were designed in an effort to help save African elephants from illegal poaching in Kenya and neighboring countries. 30% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to @amboseli_trust and @wildlifedirect. . It’s an initiative that I was passionate about beginning following my trip to Kenya with @amarula_official in summer of 2017 and I was so grateful when Paris-based Kasia loved the idea as well. We were both so moved by the fact that on average every day somewhere on the African continent, an elephant loses its life to illegal poaching for the ivory in its tusks every 15 minutes. . All bags were designed with love by her and I, sourced + made ethically and are fully reversible as well as named for a region where elephants roam wild. In this photo, I’m carrying the Laikipia Bag. There’s also the Tsavo, Sambura & Amboseli. Two of the bags can be folded up and carried in a matching fabric clutch which my friends saw me carrying to dinners on my recent Viking cruise. . I’ll be linking to her post and the store where you can purchase these in my Stories which will be archived in my profile as well as accessible from the link in my profile. ❤️ #kasiadietzbags #dontletthemdisappear
Middle-Earth, Iceland
“Louisiana in September was like an obscene phone call from nature. The air--moist, sultry, secretive, and far from fresh--felt as if it were being exhaled into one's face… Honeysuckle, swamp flowers, magnolia, and the mystery smell of the river scented the atmosphere… It was aphrodisiac and repressive, soft and violent at the same time” - Tom Robbins in Jitterbug Perfume perfectly describing this warm September night last week, watching the sun set over the Big Easy from the Bywater #onetimeinnola. This is one of my stops on my New Orleans itinerary. For all the rest click the link in my bio! @visitneworleans #partner
It’s incredible how photogenic natural contrasts can be to the human eye.
#ad When nature meets the city | Even in a busy city you can find peace if you know where to look. I’m always trying to see all the best sights when I’m traveling but I’ve found that the people you’re with have the ability to make the experience all the more memorable. Good food is always a plus too! Thank you #spgamex for this awesome experience. With my @spg @AmericanExpress Luxury Card, I can earn 6 points for each dollar on eligible purchases at participating SPG and Marriott Rewards hotels, and 2 points on other eligible purchases (terms apply). #amexambassador
I ended my time at sea with @vikingcruises by disembarking in Germany (the ship went on with a new group of guests and you can see the full itinerary in my saved highlights). The most relaxing day was then had in Berlin with my loves @neumarc et @mumhad1ofthose who introduced me to @elfestivalito & @loewe7. Like the early days of Instagram — it was all about community. We visitors came with open hearts and zero expectations but tons of gratitude as Heiko and Thai showed us their Berlin. Since I’d been before, many times, there was a part of me that thought I’d know what to expect but they completely blew me away by showing us a side of the city that I never could have imagined. There was no ego, no secrets, no posturing. There was just a group of photographers who met through Instagram, doing what we do best. Taking photos. We walked nearly from one side of the city to the other, through what was once East Berlin and as well through what was once West Berlin. I saw people of all races and ethnicities making the city their home and I experienced so many different stories from so many different sides that I’ll probably never be able to process it all. We ended here, looking out over the city. Each in quiet contemplation. I never did get us all in one image together but Heiko came close with a photo he tagged me in that you can find via my profile. If you’re ever down about this app and what it’s become, travel to a city where you know people only because of the ‘gram and ask them to show you their city. I think, and hope, you’ll be reminded of what’s still great here. I know I was. . . This wasn’t part of the Viking program or itinerary. It was how we spent our free day before flying home the next. And yet I’m so grateful to the brand for allowing that extra day in the schedule instead of insisting we fly home right after disembarking. It’s not often I’m hosted by companies who know what I want and need before I even think of it myself.
Before I conclude my stories about my recent experience on the Baltic Sea hosted by @vikingcruises - I wanted to take you on board the ship. With only 10 photos or videos in a carousel, I struggled with what to share. Having shared the outside of the ship when I talked about our cruise through the Swedish Archipelago, I thought it would be fun to take you inside the ship. But then I had to whittle it down from over 50 photos and videos that I wanted to share to just these 10. From the top deck, to my cabin, to the incredible culinary program and one of the best spas I’ve ever been to on land or at sea; I hope this is a good overview but the true, full “picture” needs to wait for the length of a blog post. . The irony is that until my mum did a river cruise with Viking and RAVED about it, I wasn’t actually sure I was the cruising type. Having been aboard many a ship in port in New York’s harbor, I thought most, if not all, were gaudy and gross. Yet from my first experience with her aboard a river cruise to this experience on the Viking Star - I’ve found everything about Viking to set them apart from their competition. The design is not gaudy, the food is amazing, they are encouraging of women in senior leadership positions & they’ve worked hard to innovate environmentally coming up with ways to reduce sulfur in a ship’s exhaust and anything else they can do to be as eco-friendly a cruise line as is possible. AND they value the arts, history and learning as the most important components of a travel experience as I do! They don’t pay me to talk about them but the truth is I do so with more enthusiasm than most brands who do pay me. I truly ❤️ Viking! 🛳 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises #myvikingjourney
Hauntingly beautiful. Is it strange to visit a plantation when they have such a dark history? While exploring New Orleans I felt it was vital to see this part of it. There’s no denying it was built on the back of people who were not free, in sharp contrast to what our nation was meant to stand for. You may know I’m based in Berlin, and one thing I’ve come to respect about the German people is the acknowledgment of their dark past. It’s immortalized all over Berlin. That’s not something we often do in the US but here in New Orleans it’s discussed in some of the plantations. The Whitney plantation in particular does this through telling the story of slavery from the perspective of those who were enslaved. As an American I feel personally responsible for not shying away from what took place here. It’s not unpatriotic to say we messed up, not just with slavery, but with treatment of Native Americans, Japanese Americans in WWII, and still today with prison labor. Diversity is what makes the US so special and unique. All lives matter, regardless of ethnic background or sexual orientation, and we have to acknowledge and own where we went wrong. By doing this, we have a better chance of a brighter future. @VisitNewOrleans #onetimeinnola #partner
#ad City of dreams | Barcelona is one of those cities I can go back to again and again and I always manage to find new perspectives. If you travel as much as me, you’ll love the @spg @AmericanExpress Luxury Card - it comes with great perks. Check out the link in my bio for more! #amexambassador #spgamex
Step one: obtain #beignets like you used to eat as a kid at Disneyland. Step two: Sugar rush.  I partnered with @mvmtforher to complete this ‘fern’ plus dessert look while in NOLA. I’m really feeling the pink and gold! They’ve got some edgy black and pink stuff right now that I’m in love with. If you like what you find use bemytravelmuse15 as a discount code and #jointhemvmt #ad
It’s been more than 10 days since I was in Tallinn, Estonia on a hosted journey with @vikingcruises and there’s a part of me that still doesn’t want to let go of that day. But I have to let go and move on to other stories because there are so many to share. Since this was taken, I have had an amazing day at sea on the Baltic, I had an inspiring day in Berlin, wonderful moments at home with @dante.vincent and now some blissful days back up in Canada again with Fairmont Hotels. . On paper my life doesn’t look great right now, nor does the situation down in the USA — so many of those things we just don’t talk about because we don’t want to bum anyone out here on social, right — but my heart is full to overflowing as I write this giving thanks for the things I can, and I hope yours is the same as you read this. If it’s not, what can we do to change that? . And since I love to give a little history or story with every post, did you know: Estonia is one of the few countries that celebrates two Independence days, February 24 and August 20. The latter celebrates Estonia’s independence after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Estonia100 celebrations refer to the first Estonian independence in 1918. Also, Skype started in Estonia AND many people claim the first Christmas Tree was erected in either Tallinn or Riga. . Thank you @monicasuma for capturing this moment in my gifted @obermeyer coat which kept me warm till the sun was at full strength. So grateful for the brand continuing to want to work with me when I’m the opposite of the typical person who talks about clothes here on IG. It means the world to me. 🇪🇪 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises #tallinnoldtown
There’s a reason why it’s called “the land of fire & ice”. 🌋❄️ - 🚁 @djiglobal #mavic2pro
there’s nothing quite like an early morning paddle in the canadian rockies @eddiebauer #whyihike #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor
The @moviemountain is hard at work building sets, props, models and puppets for our next project, a proof of concept for an animated science fiction feature.  Here’s one of the props that’s @tim__yates whipped up, a fully functioning,  1/6 scale vaporizing argon pipe designed to work in zero g, including on space walks through an optional airlock attachment 🚀☠️🌌
I’m definitely more alive than those Namibian trees, I swear. It’s incredible how much unpublished content I want to share with you all, yet my days are so busy right now it’s been difficult to find a 30-min period behind my laptop to edit images. My resolution for this autumn though is to slowly get back to a frequency of one post a day. I’m working on this :) Happy 🍁🍂 season to you all!
It’s official. I’m an Irish Citizen now! ☘️ - This past year I went through the legal process of obtaining Irish citizenship. Because my Grandmother was born in Ireland, I was able to claim citizenship by descent through a special law. It took about 9 months, and cost about $700. - As a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland, with two passports, I can now travel or live in the European Union without restrictions. - Did you know that about 40 million Americans have Irish ancestry? Many of their ancestors traveled to the United States from the port city of Cobh, pictured here, looking for a better life abroad. - Now more and more American/British citizens are applying for Irish Citizenship, as a hedge against the craziness and ultra-nationalism going on in the world. Giving themselves another option, just in case. 🌎 - If you’re interested in reading about how I became a dual citizen of Ireland, check out my new blog post, linked in the bio. 👍🏼 - Anyone else have dual citizenship somewhere?
Camping out last night with my brother on the Columbia River before he moves to Berlin, Germany today with his better half today to start a new chapter of their lives.  Tim and I have been going to this beach together for the last 25 years, and I’m sure we’ll be back again someday.  Good luck in Berlin @timothytickle @my___pet ❤️❤️
won’t you be my neighbor? 🏠🏠🏠
Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 🍂🍁 @jacksonhole
The earliest recorded mention of Tallinn dates to 1154, making it one of Europe’s oldest capitals, and it’s from an Arab cartographer who marked it on the map he created of what was then the known world. It’s also been known by the German name, Reval. And while not every building in Tallinn is as old as 1100, what I loved most about the city is how the salmon-colored rooftops hide a variety of architecture styles that span almost all the recorded time since that map was made including outside the Old Town - where innovative modern architecture and thoughtful conservation of older buildings communicates the city’s present as a tech-forward, progressive city looking to be a humble leader for the now. And while that’s something I want to go back to learn more about, it was the Old Town — pictured here — that I spent the most time in during this my first ever visit to Tallinn, Estonia. It was simply wonderful exploring the winding streets of cobblestone with @monicasuma, @mumhad1ofthose & @neumarc before pausing for the most sublime lunch at Rataskaevu 16 and later craft cocktails at @botaanikbar. It was easy for us to discover this overlook spot just by walking around - but you can also visit it during the included walking tour that’s part of @vikingcruises program in Tallinn. More on this city & country now live in Stories and also in tomorrow’s post! 🇪🇪 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises #tallinnoldtown
Have you ever been to Tallinn? It was the city that surprised me most during this cruise of the Baltic Sea. I expected to love Stockholm and Helsinki because of the family connection but I knew very little about Estonia. Purposefully, I decided to keep it that way so that I’d have at least one true surprise during this trip. I don’t know if it blew me away because my expectations were so low or if it’s because it’s that dang charming!! But I’ll be sharing three posts total from the city that I explored with my luvs @neumarc, @mumhad1ofthose & @monicasuma - so you can decide for yourself and I’m also catching up on Stories from this journey finally so tonight I’ll also be uploading video from my time in Tallinn on this hosted trip with @vikingcruises. All of it will be archived in my profile. I’m looking forward to your thoughts - and hopefully you will be inspired to visit too, if you haven’t yet been! 🇪🇪 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises #tallinnoldtown
Kerlingarfjöll is one of the most spectacular geothermal areas in Iceland. Located deep in the highlands, it vividly shows the contrast between the "fire & ice" that Iceland is known for. - There are many bubbling hot springs that dot the red/orange landscape, enveloping the whole area with steam. - Icelandic legend says this is the home of a mysterious troll woman, who was turned to stone while returning home after dark! 👹 - 📷 F8 | 1/250 sec | ISO 250 - Self-portrait using a tripod and intervalometer to shoot images every 5 seconds (which allowed me to hike out, pose, then hike back to retrieve the camera and choose the best shot.)
The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. - Jacques Yves Cousteau . . from just one of a half dozen wonderful sunsets aboard the Viking Star, this one shared with my ❤️s @neumarc et @mumhad1ofthose as we set sail to leave Russia 🇷🇺 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises #sunsetsforbreakfast #quotestagram #shotoniphonex
Commuting to work in #iceland! 😜 - Many of Iceland’s “F-Roads” contain river crossings like this one. You need to be VERY careful attempting them, even in a 4x4. - Some are too deep for normal trucks, and people have been killed getting caught in fast moving glacial rivers. - Before attempting a river crossing, you should either walk the river yourself, or watch another vehicle cross first. And know your vehicle’s capabilities. - Drive slow & steady — don’t splash in too fast or you could drown your engine... - Most car rental companies don’t include insurance for this kind of travel, so you need to be prepared for the consequences if you fuck up! - As long as you’re safe about it, it’s a fun way to get off the beaten path. 👍🏼
Them: “If you want success on Instagram, wear tight/revealing clothing in your photos.” Us: “🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🖕🏼”
I had two extraordinary experiences in St. Petersburg with @vikingcruises, who value the arts as I do. The second, seeing the Russian Ballet perform Swan Lake in Catherine the Great’s private theater, I can’t share photos of because we weren’t allowed to take any. Photos wouldn’t do it justice anyway! The first though, seeing the city’s Impressionist Collection at a recently restored building in the @hermitage_museum collection — one that has a superb view of the Winter Palace, shown in the first photo — I can not recommend highly enough. I’ve been to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, visited all the paintings by Impressionists that I can find in Paris as well as our museums in the United States. I was still BLOWN AWAY by the art I saw in St. Petersburg. Room after room after room is dedicated to Gauguin, Van Gogh, Degas, Renoir, Matisse, Monet, Manet; and there were significant works by Bonnard, Denis, Picasso, Kandinsky, Rodin — that I’d never seen before or only seen in books. You could go back every day for a week and not be able to fully appreciate every single painting, so extensive was the collection. I did try though! Like the little girl in the second photo, I found myself separate from the group at times, content in solitary wonder at the depth of the talent on display in the beautiful works of art before me; a reminder that childlike wonder is always worth taking the time for. 🇷🇺 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises #hermitage_museum #stpetersburgrussia
Aurora season has officially begun in #iceland! - Sat outside in the cold for 3 hours to get this shot. ⛄️⛺️ - 📷 F2.8 | 4 sec | ISO 3200 - Have you seen the northern lights before?
I had long ago heard that Helsinki is a 'city of architecture' and one of the youngest capitals in Europe, with a founding date in December 1550. It was really known first for Neoclassical architecture. Later it became the largest concentration of Jugendstil buildings and National Romanticism in the world. From restaurants to department stores to apartment buildings, you can see these styles all over. A love of beautiful architecture continued with the people of Finland as Art Deco and names such as Eliel Saarinen and Alvar Aalto helped put the country’s modern architecture on the map as well. I was so impressed by all of this because I love architecture but I also enjoyed seeing the wonderful network of trams that criss cross the city featuring older and newer cars in green and yellow. Helsinki seems like such an easy city to navigate in a way that de-emphasizes the need for a car. Later I read that Helsinki was founded by King Gustavus Vasa of Sweden, which the land we now know as Finland was part of for many centuries. Vasa intended it to be an important trading post in southern Finland, and a competitor to Tallinn which we will visit after St. Petersburg. The last thing I loved about Helsinki, was seeing my mother’s maiden name on street signs all over the city. Between Sweden and Finland, I see almost every aspect of the culture I grew up with displayed in some form or another. I can’t wait to return to both countries for longer so that I can better understand my heritage — but for now I am grateful to have finally stood on these shores thanks to @vikingcruises 🇫🇮 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises #helsinkifindland
Stockholm is situated on 14 islands where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea and the archipelago of a further 30,000 islands begins. It is the largest archipelago in Sweden, and the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea, which is the region we are exploring on this hosted ‘Viking Homelands’ itinerary with @vikingcruises I could not wait to be on deck for the sailing out, as we departed Sweden bound for Helsinki, Finland! Being on the water in any kind of boat from kayak to sailboat to small ship — makes me as giddy as a kid. The light was constantly changing as huge cloud banks rolled over the islands, cabins and boats we passed. Every time a white sailboat came into view I took a dozen photos. I loved the way they shined like pearls against the cobalt and jade of the scenery. I was so glad we departed during the day and not at night. To miss one of the most beautiful parts of Sweden would have been sad. And now that I know you can rent some of the cabins on the islands, I want to return and do that next, spending more time learning about the culture and heritage of my mother’s family! 🇸🇪 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises
I've been flying the #mavic2pro around Iceland this week... haven't been disappointed! - Rented a 4X4 to do some day hikes and go camping in the central highlands before the F-roads close for the winter. - I think elves live in this canyon... can you spot any? 🧝‍♂️
Would you believe this is Stockholm, Sweden? I honesty didn’t expect it to be this colorful during my hosted visit with @vikingcruises... . But I found myself, after the included port tour, wandering the Old Town known as Gamla Stan. The light was that perfect mix of late afternoon / nearly golden hour, which made the warm paint colors of the buildings glow as if lit from within. Long shadows and pools of bright light highlighted tourist couples stopping to check maps and old men walking dogs or carrying a paper. I found myself turning down the streets that were more empty in search of details that would inspire me. In the boutique windows were Swedish flags, Dala Horses in blue and red and white, cozy looking textiles, hand painted pottery and every few blocks the perfect place to sit for a while, enjoying Fika. The Swedish coffee break is an important part of culture that you might equate with the Brits gathering at pubs to catch up or Americans doing Happy Hour at a bar where we claim it’s to talk but can never quite hear each other 😂 I found myself wishing Fika was a thing back in LA and realized with the people I love most it probably could be. It’s an everyday occurrence in Sweden, just gathering at a cozy place over coffee or tea with maybe a snack or a pastry, a sound level that allows you to hear each other and a long enough time to properly catch up and just enjoy each other’s company. You can also enjoy Fika alone! It’s not just a coffee break but a time to slow down enough to appreciate the good things in life. . Sounds good, right? I think it sounds like something my life could use a lot more of! 🇸🇪 #myvikingstory #vikingcruises
Two weeks, 167 miles, 126,000ft of vert gain/loss, and 50 peaks later... We’ve successfully traversed the Wind River Range from north to south, folks! I may have looked like pic #1 most often, but I felt much more like pic #2 the majority of the time… ——————————————————— Here’s what I learned: 1.) Going up and down 50 peaks is an effective way to lose 6lbs in two weeks (Don’t worry, I haven’t eaten a single vegetable since I got out of the mountains so I’m sure I’ve already gained it back). 2.) My body can hold up pretty well for exactly 9 days of peak bagging from sun up to sun down. Day 10 on is torture. 3.) If you’re bored enough, you may able to recount nearly every single scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy despite having not seen the films in years. Try it next time you’re out in the mountains hopping around on rocks and getting blasted by hurricane force winds for two weeks! ——————————————————— More pics to come! #windwalkertraverse PC: @ryan_burke11
Got a lot of questions about my Afghanistan trip after the last post. - Yes, you can travel to Afghanistan. Women too, although I’m not sure I’d recommended it alone. - No, I don’t recommend it solo for most people. It’s what I’d call a “black diamond” destination. Like how they rate ski slopes. You need to work your way up to it. - This is a trip I’d been planning for years. Following local news. Tracking down obscure trip reports. Talking to others who’d been recently. - For example, the border between Tajikistan & Afghanistan sometimes closes without warning. For days, or weeks. Which would leave you stranded, as the road to Kabul is too dangerous. - The Taliban is only 20 miles away. Last year, they captured the border town area (that I entered from) for 2 weeks before being kicked out again. - The Wakhi people, like this man, were very welcoming and friendly. However there are less nice people not far away. The situation is constantly changing. - And travel in Afghanistan is tough. Just getting to the start of my trek took 2 days of driving through deserts and rivers with multiple breakdowns. Meals were basically flat bread, warm sour yak yogurt, and if you’re lucky, some goat. - Just wanted to share a bit behind the scenes for what went into this trip! - There are a few adventure tour groups that visit the Wakhan (check Google) which would make things easier. I passed one of them as I was leaving the mountains. The region does see about 100 tourists every year.
Here’s a look at how we made POOL SCUM in the @moviemountain  studio.  The whole process took around seven months from conceiving the idea to putting the final touches on the short film. Right now, we’re hard at work building sets, puppets and models for a proof of concept for an animated feature,  #🚀🛸👽🤖. It’s a much bigger project than anything we’ve worked on in the past, but the process is similar to how we built the world for POOL SCUM, just scaled up and in space. @moviemountain
SUMMER YOU WILL BE MISSED @kevin_kowalski @tweestopher.  PS THE CAMPER IS JUST FINE @jay
Getting lost in the haunted forest of Sintra, a place of myths, legends and paranormal activity, from what local told us.
I’ve been incredibly busy since I returned from my latest European tour around France-Spain-Portugal last July/August, and I cannot wait to share with you soon the reason why.  That being said, I finally managed to get some editing time behind my laptop today, and went back through this summer photos. Here’s one from of a favorite location, in the French Pyrenees.
Here's the opening shot of the "God, I need a girlfriend," the short we made with @stefanjanoski.  @memmonz laid out the shot on the @moviemountain motion control machine and then composited in a miniature fly as a separate element.  Once the shot is preprogramed, the camera takes an exposure, and then the motion control machine moves a very small amount and then takes another exposure.  A long the way, Matt had to remove parts of the set to allow the camera to fit in the small space (the set is around 4 feet by 2 feet and a foot tall). Rinse and repeat this process for about a week and around 600 times and you have a completed shot.  If you haven't already watch the whole thing in the link in my profile!
The dog days of summer always gets nostalgic.  7 years ago this week, I left NYC to travel and focus on photography. Since then I’ve had a wild ride.  Here’s some my my favorite moments from the dog days of summer over the last 7 years.  IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE.  1) September 2011, 2 months into living in my Syncro, looking for waves on the Lost Coast with @specialopz. 2) August 2012, Cruising around Kamchatka, in an old Russian helo with @thetorpedopeople, @tearevor, @danedamus. 3) September 2013, My last few months spent living on the road in my Tacoma Camper in the Los Padres National Forest. 4) August 2014, CINDER CONE BUILD INSANITY 5) August 2015, making the MICRO MACHINE with @jay and @earthtolane. 6) September 2016, Racing the weather to building the studio at @moviemountain. 7) August 2017, Shooting our first project POOL SCUM in the studio.
We’ve got big dreams and small problems. And a long journey ahead. The plan is to traverse 50 peaks in the Wind River Range over the course of the next 13 days (but it may end up being more than 50 cuz @ryan_burke11 is a slave driver/ over achiever/ super athlete). But really I just want to see more of these places. I want to see how they shape me, I feel like I need it. ——————————————————————— Oh, and in case you missed my last post, Ladies Outdoor Photography workshop happening this fall. Check the link in my bio. Space is limited! PC: @im.your.hucklebery
LADIES: Thank you for your patience! I’ve been getting so many messages asking when I’ll be doing my fall photography workshop, and I’m excited to announce that it’s finally up on my website! Link with more info and sign up page is in my bio. We’ll be day hiking, camping, hot springing, backpacking, and focussing on lifestyle, portrait, and night photography. Each attendee will also get some @mammutna gear that should come in handy during the workshop. Only six spots available. Can’t wait to meet you!
Brave flowers facing the salted winds and strong gust coming every day from the Atlantic Ocean on the Portuguese coast. Indomitable nature 🌊
One of the best mornings of 2018 so far, somewhere in the heart of the Pyrenees 💙 @lolosjohan
There’s still hope to see this beautiful animal live many more centuries if not millennia on Earth, but we need to take actions now.  Since the start of the 20th century, the population of wild African elephants declined from 3.5million to only 415,000.  If you do the math, that’s an average of 26,411 wild elephants that died or have been killed each year since 1901. 26,411!!! WWF estimates that 20,000 is the number of wild African elephants being killed each year for their ivory (that’s 55 a day!). But this isn’t taking into accounts other causes such as the loss of their habitat (halved over the last 40 years, and that now is only 15% of the surface they used to have centuries ago). Now, what can you do to help the population increase again?  Take a few minutes and visit www.savetheelephants.org. Many interesting resources that need to be read, and if you ever want to get involved you can always donate to help the charity with their mission. Let’s do our best so our children, grand-children and further generations will also be able to live in a world where elephants still exist, and where those creatures live a peaceful and protected life side by side with humans. 🙏 #worldelephantday
Two hours earlier, we were surrounded by 500 people on an overcrowded beach. We then decided to drive to the mountains, just 45min south, in order to find peace. That’s the beauty of Asturias. #peaksofeurope
It’s one thing to witness this kind of view, but the happiness that comes after hiking for hours in thick fog and eventually emerging above the clouds to see glowing mountains in the distance is almost indescribable. That evening in the French Pyrenees will be remembered for years to come. >> @lolosjohan
The short film @moviemountain made with @stefanjanoski is now up @vimeo! (Link in profile) Here’s how we made it! @memmonz @kaikorsmo @j_ere_m_y @lex.lore @theshelbyfoundation @timothytickle
Want to be there or want to run away? •• @lolosjohan
This is my second summer spent in that truck, and I have to say I still have to find a road that will give it a hard time. Absolute freedom while traveling around Europe. Already 40,000km traveled, 16 countries visited, and not a single break down nor flat tire (knock on wood). Thanks to the guys at @toyota.europe for trusting me as their 4x4 ambassador, and for allowing me to access to some pretty remote and less taken roads!  And thank you guys for your insane feedback and amazing response to my new project @lolosjohan. I’m excited to see so many of you were waiting for something fresh and unique on Instagram. I hope I’ll fulfill your expectations :)
Mirrored lenses to show ma nature how pretty she is. - Thank you @costasunglasses for creating plant based sunnies. Your efforts to create awareness about plastic and its long-term effects on our oceans is so appreciated. Link in my bio for more from the Del Mar Collection. 🌍✌🏼#seewhatsoutthere #kickplastic
Sorry @jay
COMING SOON!!!! @stefanjanoski @moviemountain
My mom thinks I’m special and that’s good enough for me. 🙃 #27today  PC: @ryan_burke11
LADIES.. A question for you. If I were to host a 5-7 day outdoor photography workshop in the Tetons mid-September, would you be interested in coming? If so, what would you want it to include? I’m in the process of putting one together and hope it would look something like this… -The focus would be on landscape, outdoor lifestyle, and night photography. -Camping and day hiking at a variety of scenic locations in the valley and Grand Teton National Park with a two day/one night backpacking trip thrown in the mix. -Post-processing/image critique sessions. A few of my Lightroom presets will be available to the group. -I’d likely be able to provide each person with some new backpacking gear and swag, but it would be assumed that everyone should have most of the gear needed for a one night trip into the mountains. -Small group size to maximize individual attention. -As a personal goal, I’d like to not only play the role of workshop host, but also do my best to document your experience and leave you with images of yourself that you can be excited about. - Thoughts?
This morning was very special. Mountains seem to be suspended in the air. At the moment I just leave my camera on a tripod and sit down to enjoy the pristine landscape of Mongolian Altai mountains.  Danielkordan.com #mongolia #altay #altai #nikon #d850 #nikkor 70-200 mm #luminar #skylum #gitzoinspires
For my photography group in Mongolia I've organized a "mini festival" with 20 eagle hunters. All of us, photographers and hunters, enjoyed this event. It is in their blood - to enjoy the fast ride across the steppe, along with their Golden Eagles.  Danielkordan.com #mongolia #eaglehunters #nikon #nikkor  70-200 mm, #luminar #skylum #gitzoinspires
The story of Eagle hunter continues. I was fascinated by tradition of Kazakh people and the bond between them and Golden Eagles forming for years. In the next posts I'll highlight best moments of my photography expedition to one of these families. Sadly there are not so many hunters left, but they still keeping this tradition in generations.  Danielkordan.com #mongolia #eaglehunters #nikon #d850 #nikkor 14-24 #luminar #skylum #gitzoinspires #lucroit
One of the most stunning moments of my Mongolia expedition - this photoshoot with golden Eagle hunter under full moon. It was like being on a movie set, where dim distant moonlight fill the silhouette of the rider with his Eagle.  Danielkordan.com #mongolia #eaglehunters #goldeneagle #nikon #d850 bracketing 3 shots: 1/40 s, 1.4 s, 1/2000 s at iso 3200, f/4.5.  #gitzoinspires
#ad One of those places that brings me back time and time again. I’ve been using the new @spg @americanexpress Luxury Card to maximize the points I earn to make traveling easier and more affordable. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the awesome benefits and rewards you can get – up to $300 SPG or Marriott Rewards statement credit, an annual free night award (redemption level at or under 50,000 points; select hotels have resort fees), the ability to earn 6 points for each dollar of eligible purchases at SPG and Marriott Rewards hotels when you use your Card and more! (terms apply) #amexambassador #spgamex
SURPRISE! @anna.everywhere and I are moving to Italy next month! 🇮🇹 @PoofyTheFluffyCat is coming too. 🐈 - We’ve decided on the Northern Italian city of #verona, after visiting earlier this year. We tried Colorado, California, and Texas, but just didn’t find what we were looking for in the States. So now we’re off to give Italy a go! - We both have EU passports (I have dual citizenship in Ireland now) and we both work online, which makes moving to Europe possible. We picked Verona because it’s a pretty town that’s not too big but not too small, a short train ride away from larger cities, and very close to the Italian Dolomites, some of the best mountains in Europe. - So it’s back to being an expat for a while! I guess I’ll have to start learning Italian... 🤓
I’m still finding my footing as a photographer who now lives in California. For me the medium has almost always been a tool to help tell a story, one that has to be accompanied by words. However, I think this is a state that’s so naturally beautiful, sometimes you don’t need as many words. . That’s how I feel about this sunset that I captured with @dante.vincent in Malibu. Slow shutter on the Sony a7RII using our @vanguardworld tripod. I hope seeing it brings you some peace or joy.
Here’s a little trip down memory lane to four years ago when we were racing the seasons to finish the tree houses before the Pacific Northwest winter kicked in.  @sirjosephdirt had been here since May and countless friends had came through from all over to lend a hand and pound some nails.  Tucker and I had built small things but never anything of close to the scale of two tree houses, three bridges etc.  We learned on the fly.  We jokingly referenced, “fuck it, we’ll do it live,” implying that we’ll solve problems as they come up.  It worked, and I still live in the tree house in these photos.  Time sure does fly.  I’m doing a sale the book I made about the process with photos, sketches, musings and other BS in my web store.  Use the code FALL18 to get %20 off (link in profile). If any one has the opportunity to build something with their own hands, I’d recommend in a heart beat.  The result will surprise you and the memories will last forever 🔨🌲 🧤 #thecindercone
Windwalker traverse day 12 – the Cirque traverse. Terrifying rappels, a fixed anchor blowing, near loss of our rope to a crack, Ryan taking a lead fall over 1000ft of exposure, and a 5.2 dirt/ice gully after sundown. Still, we laughed and carried on and tucked our heads against the wind and argued about which one of us would be Frodo and which one of us would be Sam if we were Frodo and Sam. And of course, cursed ourselves for our severe under-packing of snickers bars. They say you only remember the good parts, but I’d have to disagree. It was the shared struggle and the unexpected that made the experience so worthwhile. ——————————————————————— Sharing a few more photos from this trip in today's story!
What difference in a scenery just a few minutes can make! . Last week I was invited by @nikonfr in the Lofoten, Norway, along with some journalists to try their recently announced full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z7.  Those shots were taken using the new Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 S (Z-mount). Head over my stories to read my feedback about that new camera. Honest review, not sponsored.  #nikonzlofoten
"Patagonia of the North" or "Big walls" area in South Greenland - legendary remote Tasermiut fjord. Stunning place to discover. Danielkordan.com #greenland #southgreenland #tasermiut #nikon #nikonz7 #z7
We found this little place once scouting in Mongolia near Flaming cliffs. And straight away we named it "valley of walking trees". Well, like in every fairy tale, trees become alive in the night. So we come again deep in the night to check them out! Of course the main challenge in shooting Ents is to talk them to stay still for 20 s of exposure :) Danielkordan.com #mongolia #nikon #nikkor 14-24 2.8, 20 s, iso 4000.  #luminar #skylum
First 2 nights at Gobi desert were without a single cloud in the sky. On one hand we made beautiful night series, on the other sunrises we very quick. And only last morning we were fortunate to meet this tender pink sunrise. It was interesting to see how fast the color of the sand is changing with the change of ambient light. Danielkordan.com #mongolia #gobi #gobidesert #nikon #gitzoinspires #lucroit #luminar #skylum
Last night we discovered this stunning location near Flaming cliffs in Mongolia. We called it "mini monument valley" of Gobi. This week we didn't have much clouds, and the core of milky way was at it's maximum elevation - surely we took advantage of that shooting half a night in the Gobi.  Danielkordan.com #mongolia #gobidesert #gobi #flamingcliffs #bayanzag #skylum #luminar #nikon #d850 + 14-24 #nikkor 2.8, iso 4000, 20 s; #gitzoinspires
In Gobi desert we met this beautiful nomad couple. They have 150 camels, herd of horses and goats here. Such a pleasure to talk to them and see their happy faces, their shining eyes. They love this place. Although the life is tough and without any comfort we used to in cities, they are very happy to be in the nature.  Last night we made this session in the desert with them. Such an interesting experience for my group and for our new friends!  Danielkordan.com #mongolia #gobi #gobidesert #nikon #d850 + 14-24 #nikkor 2.8, iso 4000, 20 s #luminar #skylum #gitzoinspires
Desert curves. Gobi desert has it's own charm. Little sand dunes merging one into another, mountains above and deep blue sky... We spent here 3 days hunting for perfect lines and soft sunset light.  Danielkordan.com #mongolia #gobidesert #gobi #nikon #nikkor 70-200 mm
"The Silk road", lines of Gobi desert are like threads of silk, shining in the sun... Danielkordan.com #mongolia #gobi #gobidesert #nikon #nikkor  70-200 mm, #luminar #skylum
You may think that flying massive cargo planes for a living would leave little excitement for getting back into a bush plane to explore in your off time. But the more I get to know pilots the more I realize just how deep their passion goes for flying. Regardless of craft, location or career. Below, Icelandic commercial pilot Jón flies his restored piper cub over a pseudo crater while I lean out the window from @super_cubbin ‘s experimental bush plane with my camera.
The ancient tomb of an Afghan tribal leader and his family, decorated with Ibex horns and red cloth flapping in the wind. - Trekking 100 miles through the mountains of #afghanistan was one of my most memorable adventures to date! If you’d like to see more photos from this trip, go visit my blog ExpertVagabond.com - Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan
I continue series of night images from Gobi desert. It's definitely on my top-3 places list of most beautiful night sky along with Atacama/Bolivia and Namibia. And what's your most favorite location for night photography? #mongolia #gobidesert #gobi #astrophotography #gitzoinspires #nikon #d850 #nikkor 14-24 F/2.8, iso 5000, 15 s. Headlamp light from left side, nomad - bulb lamp.  Danielkordan.com workshop in Mongolia