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Shallow enough to clearly see the sandy bottom.. but deep enough to make the fall safe. This nameless cave route was never completed, Chris fell from the last hold. A couple hundred feet of monkey swinging from 3 dimensional roof holds made this cave easily the longest deep water solo @chris_sharma attempted. By far the best part was watching him fully excited to try this route like a kid nearly jumping off the boat. .  @prana
Early morning photography session in Iceland. 📷 Getting out into nature with my camera on a regular basis helps recharge my soul. 🏔 - Much of my job entails sitting in front of a computer for hours each day, but it’s these adventures outside in beautiful exotic locations around the world that makes it all worthwhile! - • Camera: @sonyalpha #a7riii (photo taken with my backup #a6500) • Tripod: @reallyrightstuff TQC-14
schoolchildren pass waste burning at shuafat palestinian refugee camp
🚨 ALERT 🚨 There are two #basic things we need to discuss: First, I can't believe how long the Fall is lasting in Berlin and I'm unable to contain my excitement! 🍂🍁 I've never had a PSL but maybe it's time to start. Second, I finally understand why @taylorswift loves red lipstick 💄 It's so much fun to wear, until it's time to eat a sandwich. This is a tripod #selfie shot with an aperture of f2 #bemyphotomuse #aperturechallenge
Pure, Unfiltered, Raw inspiration? Go to the source... that's where I get mine. Nature, not your phone. .  Exploring Mallorca caves with @_ryanhill_ @annaehrgott @nolecossart For @prana
This is why we get up early.  The temps are dropping & it’s getting harder & harder to motivate getting up early to ride... but every time I do it’s worth it.
How is it possible to style to match your surroundings when you’ve never been to a place before? How do people always seem to be in the right place at the right time for the perfect shot? Girl, I’ve got the secrets in the #bemyphotomuse Photo Muse Masterclass. It’s going to be back on sale for Black Friday, with some nice bonuses attached! You can sign up at the link in my bio to be the first to know when it’s all available again.
Still going, still growing. Despite what could be assumed from my posts and stories, I’ve never considered myself to be very good at climbing. I lead easy/moderate, have never “projected” a route, and seem to almost never go out with people who aren’t better at the sport than I am. But I’ve removed expectation from the equation, and you know what? I’ve surprised myself a little. It takes time to learn to push your comfort zone. Just be patient with yourself and don’t give up. You’ll get there. _______________________________________________ For anyone looking to try a new sport or replace some worn gear, I’ve partnered with @backcountry to give you 15% off your first order. They’ve got everything from outdoor apparel to technical gear of all kinds and offer free 2 day shipping on most orders. Just use code “ELISE15” at checkout! #goatworthy #backcountry #sponsored
Big.  Deep.  Breath.  @annaehrgott below the Balearic Sea. @_ryanhill_ @prana
It’s kinda like watching a master technician at work. That is the feeling I got while witnessing @chris_sharma put together a new line from the ground up. In the boat ... it looked nearly blank, but then again I can barely see what he sees. His ability to visually climb something before he even touches it was incredible, every pocket, crimp & foothold wave visible for him. For this shot I scrambled across a vertical shelf while shielding my camera from the breaking waves. Tucked back in a corner and exposed the towering wall to my 15mm fisheye lens. The blue of the water and orangish red rock is real.. hard to imagine a more perfect contrast. Here @chris_sharma chalks up about 55ft up. .  Shot on assignment last month in Mallorca for @prana
Going to the mountains is going home 🏞 Home is so much more than just a physical structure - it’s where you feel most at ease and comfortable with yourself. For me, that’s definitely the mountains. It’s where I go to recharge and where I feel most inspired. Where is home for you? | I’ve partnered with @backcountry to give you 15% off your first purchase using the code TIFFANY15, enjoy! #goatworthy
Of the many religious buildings I’ve visited around the world, #hallgrimskirkja in Iceland is one of the most memorable. It really embodies Icelandic minimalist design and was modeled after their rugged landscape of mountains & glaciers. - I definitely recommend paying the extra fee to take an elevator to the top for a colorful birds-eye-view of Reykjavík too!
Look closely.. zoom in if you have to. Perched 70ft above the Balearic Sea.. @chris_sharma found a nook just big enough to pause before jumping into the water & swimming to the boat. This tiger striped line was one of the many new & old Deep Water Solo lines Chris climbed during the 24 hours we spent with him in Mallorca. Days prior Chris had just welcomed his son into the world... Julian. This trip was a quick moment for chris to reflect on the things he loved most. Hours later he was back with his family & newborn. I’ve never seen anyone climb with as much passion as chris does. Excited to share more of this trip in the weeks to come. .  On assignment for @prana  @chris_sharma
House hunting with @ananya.ray. I think we may have found the one 🏰
Every now and then, I ask out loud, ‘what’s it all for?’ I don’t just mean this photo, this app, but everything. What’s the reason? I think people spend their whole lives trying to find the answer. I think for a lot of us, it’s the desire to matter, to last beyond our own lives. It’s why people name benches, university halls, and stadiums after themselves. And maybe that will outlast us for a couple hundred years. Maybe for those who really make an impact, it will last for over 1000. But I can’t name anyone who lived over 10,000 years ago, I have no idea. And when I think about how old and vast this universe is, I feel so much less pressure. I don’t matter all that much, and that sets me free, it makes me relax, because the only responsibility I feel is to fully embrace being alive right here and now. So today I’ll push it a little further, feel the wind in my hair as I look over the edge, and thank life for another day.
Kalalau Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii. - The only way to reach it is a sketchy 11 mile hike in, or by sea kayak. - The Kalalau Trail has been on my bucket-list for years, but a series of landslides blocked access during our visit to Kauai with @hawaiianairlines. I’ll just have to return! - Would you go camping here? ⛺️🌴 - #ad #hawaiianairlines #closereveryday
I’ll be at the lake house if you need me 🏡
First star on the right, straight on till morning. .  Mallorca is a hard place to forget.  @nolecossart @prana
Interrupting the series I was planning to share from Canada because my heart is breaking over all the wildfires that are burning around my new home state both in the north and very close to where @dante.vincent & I live here in Los Angeles. In fact, the Hindu Temple where he took this photo of me is very very close to the epicenter of the Woolsey Fire that has now caused Malibu to be evacuated. This naturally beautiful part of SoCal is often thought of only in the context of celebrities but many many hard-working, non-famous people live in this area and have now been forced to leave their homes and even in some cases already... lose their homes. . As you see the news, or spread the news, have some compassion for these people and all the people affected by these fires; choose to do something for them, if you can, instead of just contributing to sensationalizing. I can’t believe how many people I’ve seen actually saying in response to news of the fires things to the effect of, “Celebrities deserve it. Who cares!” No one *deserves* this kind of loss. 💔
Some landscapes are so humbling that they have the potential to make you a better person by experiencing it... for simply even witnessing it.
Standing at Victoria Falls, One of the seven natural wonders of the world, all smiles on the last day of this #bmtmadventures tour! About a year ago I started putting these group excursions together and so far they’ve taken us to three different continents including hiking in Peru, backpacking in the Alaskan wilderness, and traveling overland through Namibia, Botswana, and ending here in Zambia. Though they’ve all been such different adventures, one common thread has been how blown away I am by the women who show up to take part. You’re all so smart, dynamic, friendly, non-cliquey, and such a joy to be around, I often pinch myself because I just can’t believe that part of my job gets to be hanging out with such cool people, laughing till my cheeks hurt. I can’t wait until our next adventure in Patagonia this March! The spots for that trip have all sold out but as soon as it turns 2019 three new amazing tours will be available: Hiking and chasing waterfalls in Iceland, island hopping in the Galapagos, and swimming with humpback whales in Tonga. Sound exciting? Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know as spots become available! Link in bio. (📷: @laurnlarue who’s also in the #bemyphotomuse masterclass!)
Vancouver is my favorite city in Canada. It was love at first sight many years ago and every visit since just endears me more to this waterfront gem in British Columbia. That’s why I was beyond excited to visit recently, during my favorite season to be in Canada - Autumn, during a hosted stay with @fairmonthotels. My trip to BC actually began with two nights down in Victoria at @fairmontempress where it was all about discovering their recent re-design, the phenomenal menus at @qattheempress et @teaattheempress and the impressive stories of one of Canada’s most grand, historic hotels. Stay tuned for my photos from the Empress, @fairmontwaterfront, what I learned about the area’s Indigenous culture which is tied into the culinary program of @arcdining - and more beautiful scenery from @hellobc! 🇨🇦 🍁🍂 #fairmontmoments #explorebc
Straight down the middle 🌆 | It’s no secret that my favorite thing to photograph is vast natural landscapes but there’s something so inspiring about the planning and hard work that goes into the architectural wonders of the world. The grid layout of Barcelona is nothing short of incredible from above
This is why Kauai is called the “garden island”. Staring down from an open-door helicopter at Manawaiopuna Falls cascading 400 feet into the river below. Our pilot banked sharply to the side so all that was keeping me from falling out was the harness. What a rush! 🚁 - Sometimes the waterfall is also called “Jurassic Falls” due to its prominence in the original Jurassic Park movie. A place so remote that the only way to reach it is by helicopter. - Anyone afraid of heights? Or flying? Or both? Because this was one wild ride! 😳
While crossing a rushing river in remote Canada I looked down & saw this tiny 1 inch wave being formed by the fast moving water flowing over the large smooth rocks. Every so often a tiny barrel would form giving off the reflections of evergreens & coastal pines. I slowed the shutter down to 1/15th of a second to exaggerate the shape & color. The 50mm lens was set to f1.8 to give the depth of field a shallow feel. This image was my favorite from the whole trip, possibly because it was a good reminder to always look down. :)
Sometimes the odds are stacked against us and the walls seem too high or too thick. Sometimes the path is anything but straight and paved. Life isn’t always easy or breezy no matter what it looks like in an Instagram photo. But what matters most is that we keep on keeping on, that we never give up. That we never lose hope. That we never forget for all the bad in the world, there will always be some good [and some good people] if we’re willing to look hard enough. Raise up the good people and celebrate the good things today. Take the time!
Wild African elephants are something you never get tired of seeing. #bmtmadventures continue in Botswana (📷: @ashleycook62)
The Aleut’s named this volcano Sisquk, meaning "mountain which points the way when I am lost."
No matter what happens today, the work doesn’t stop here. This isn’t the end of waking up every day to roll up my sleeves intent on doing the work. To own privilege if we were born with it and not try to deny it or worry it will be taken away if we choose to lift up those born without it. To resist the wave of negativity and the lure of lies that prey on our self consciousness. To love more people of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc etc and discriminate less. To be less intent on our own superiority and more prone to just plain listening instead of talking. To find more ways to let courage rule our actions instead of letting fear hold us back. To always be willing to learn. To recognize that mankind’s strength lies in embracing our differences and the reality that no man is an island, nor is any one country. And to own the actual fact that we must work together to survive, to ensure our planet does too. . or to paraphrase Lewis, “We can't go back and change the beginning, but we can start where we are and change the ending.”
#sponsored sunrise overlooking a volcanic crater at 10,000+ feet and a cup of @greenmtncoffee - not a bad way to start the day #greenmountaincoffeeroasters
Who’s up for a swim? 🦄💕🇳🇦👙#BMTMadventures
Forever chasing those fleeting moments of light in places that make me feel small ☀️ @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor
24 karat magic in Yosemite ✨
Flamingoes in the desert. I felt a bit kindred to them, flying and frolicking through the sand with my group of amazing women on this Namibian leg of #bmtmadventures. So far my trips have taken us to Peru, Alaska, and now Namibia, and although each place is different there’s a running theme: The women who come on these trips are smart, laid back, adventurous, and so easy to get along with. I hear more laughter than anything else! I couldn’t have anticipated just how rewarding these trips with blog readers and this Instagram community would be but I’m so blown away and honored. Next up: Botswana this week followed by Patagonia in March! (📷: @asully103)
Anyone down for a Harry Potter marathon with some hot cocoa by the fire? 😊🔥
The perfect Halloween spot. Standing next to skeletons of trees in a rare moment when instead of blazing sun and crystal clear skies, we had a sandstorm which whipped up the dust. It was so cool to see it in this state! I kept going ‘nobody has photos like this of Deadvlei!’ I think my enthusiasm caught on with my #bmtmadventures group. Yeah, naw? 😂 (📷: @alex_elise29)
“Halloween” takes on new meaning living in LA now, where the traditions of Dia de Los Muertos take place all over the city for more than a week. It started last weekend, when @dante.vincent took these two photos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and will last till the end of this coming weekend. It makes complete sense in a city known for the performing arts and the act of taking on new identities that we would embrace something which has become so synonymous with elaborate costumes. . But did you know that Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday once celebrated primarily in the Central and Southern regions? Before Spanish Colonization in the 16th century, it occurred in summer. But as the celebration took on aspects of Western Christianity to be combined with Aztec and local tradition it ended up coinciding with All Saints Eve, Day and All Souls Day aka Oct 31 - Nov 2. Awareness and even cultural appropriation combined with commercialization have now expanded it around the world to be what it is today. Some see that not as a good thing, and that’s totally understandable, but I’m glad it has become well known. I hope that means more people will ultimately connect with the deeper meaning of Dia de Los Muertos, to remember and honor our ancestors. Chicana altarista Ofelia Esparza says in @lamag that, “We all suffer three deaths. The first death is the day we give our last breath. The second death is the day that we’re buried. The third, most dreaded death of all, is to be forgotten.” Through the altars Esparza and others build - the most important part of the holiday, not the face painting and dressing up - cultures are bridged and generations are brought together. And like any form of art, altars can also now be social commentary and take on an aspect of political resistance which is perhaps the most universal of all its many aspects. After all, as Amy Siskind says, no one is coming to save us. We must all take an active part in the fight to create a
Don’t stop be-leaf-ing 🚶🏻‍♂️🍂 @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor
Early AM Oryx. The ominous sky behind them tells a story of what’s to come. That night the desert received more rain in one night than it did the entire previous year. Roads flooded and the sound of the rain on the roof sounded like a herd of elephants. It was the most spectacular lightning storm I’ve ever seen, though. At times it was blinding. Swipe right to see a time lapse of it!
I enjoyed being back in NYC this past week for the speaking opportunity it afforded me and the chance to catch up with friends. But a funny thing happened, I realized I don’t miss living on the East Coast. When I landed at LAX, I weirdly started crying happy tears. I don’t know if this will be my home forever or if it’s just for another chapter. After all, I’ve had a lot of homes in my life. But for this moment, at this time, I love Los Angeles and California in general. I love that it has the artsy, alternative vibes that I used to think New York had. It’s got the freaks and the geeks and the creative people who make me feel lazy as a mere photographer — who’ve renewed my desire to dream big. Not just to survive. It’s got magic. And sometimes it’s just a set. Sometimes it’s oh-so-real. My point is it’s my place. For now. And it feels good to like coming home again. . I took this photo at LACMA during one of my earliest trips to Los Angeles as a tourist, with the first version of the @moment lens on iPhone. And while I don’t post as many mobile photos to my feed these days - I like returning to these moments once in a while so that things aren’t always so completely perfect. A little distortion is good now and then here on Instagram where all too often things seem curated to the point of fakeness...
The long and winding road 🛣 | This is the second year in a row I’ve explored the Northeast during the fall and something tells me I’ll be back again. Who wants to join me next year? 😊 @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor
I haven’t let a year go by without returning to Africa since the first time I came. It’s a continent that I just can’t stop exploring. It’s like the sunrises and sunsets are more stunning, the landscape is harsher but also more beautiful and raw, and each place you reach you have to earn, because the travel is never easy and uneventful here. Yet that’s what keeps me coming back. There’s a feeling you get here that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It’s no surprise that this is where humankind originated. Coming to Africa feels like coming home. #bmtmadventures (📷: @peytonmcclure)
I was so humbled when I was asked by @getolympus to speak this week at @photoplusexpo, sharing the stories behind images I’ve taken with their gear and encouraging photographers to be more social with their work. It was a gift that was not lost on me as I walked through the event space and saw an industry that’s still dominated by men - at least at the expo. There are so many amazing female photographers in this world, taking such incredible photographs, promoting ideas that will lead to a better world. I hope to return one day and see a more inclusive, even representation of all creatives at Photo Plus. Until that time, I’m going to have a think on how I can help bring about that change for the better. . Let’s start by filling the comments with recommendations of female photographers we know and love. For example, I’m constantly blown away by the work of @annstreetstudio and I would have loved to see her on a stage at #photoplusexpo. I also love what @sarahsloboda has done for children’s portrait photography. And @bontraveler & @rhitaylor consistently make me want to visit every single place they visit with their singular take on travel photography. . If you don’t yet know their work, check them out! 🙏🏼😘
Anna & I had a wonderful time island-hopping between Oahu & Kauai in Hawaii with @hawaiianairlines for the re-launch of their Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard. -- We hit the waves, did some cliff jumping, and ate more poke than I thought was humanly possible! 🏄🏻‍♂️ -- The new card makes it easier than ever to get #closereveryday to your next Hawaiian vacation. Check out what else we got up to by reading my latest blog post ✅LINK IN BIO✅ -- #hawaiianairlines #ad
Standing in awe above Þórsmörk, the “Valley Of Thor”. - This massive valley in the Icelandic Highlands has tons of epic hiking trails. I spent an hour shooting photos from this spot, and simply taking in the view! 🏔
You guys I found another perfect castle surrounded by beautiful leaves in Baden-Württemberg in Germany and now I’m torn because I was convinced that the castle two posts ago was the fairest in all the land but now I’m in a love triangle. A castle love triangle. Which do you pick? #visitbawu #supported (📷: @blackdotswhitespots)
If you’re at @photoplusexpo in NYC - you can hear me speak today on the @getolympus stage at 11:30 AM and tomorrow at 2:30 PM. I’ll be sharing stories behind some of the photos I’ve taken using their OM-D E-M1 Mark II and talking about how to build an online following as a working travel photographer. #getolympus . This image was taken at a temple in Goa, India not long after arriving when I was still jet-lagged and feeling very out of sorts. Not so much so that I couldn’t recognize a good reflection opportunity when I saw one! Water is such an important part of Hinduism, and one of the most important needs of humanity in general. Whenever I look at this photo, I think about how we are all so different and yet... so alike. We must not lose sight of those similarities in favor of letting our differences divide us. 🕉
New adventures await.
WE HAVE A SURPRISE! A new traveler will be joining our family in April 2019. @anna.everywhere & I are very excited about being parents! Ready to embrace a brand new chapter in our lives. 👶🍼 - We decided to wait a bit before learning if it’s a boy or girl. I think Poofy will be happy with either! 😆
when you unexpectedly find a field of 🌻 in the middle of October in Germany, the only logical thing to do is pull over and frolic, no? Also notable: the town where we found these translates to ‘joy town’ #visitbawu #supported
{weekend sunset vibes carrying me into a new week - wish I could bottle the feelings from this moment}
{ GIVEAWAY } Who wants a free drone? Last month I traveled to Iceland, bringing along the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro. I just published a full review over on my blog. Go check it out! 🚁 - I also decided to give away my older original DJI Mavic Pro 1. It’s perfect for any adventure photographer who’d like to capture amazing landscape photos and video from the sky! - To Enter: 1. Like This Post 2. Follow me @ExpertVagabond 3. Tag 2 friends and leave a comment below telling me where you’d fly your new (used) drone! - For additional chances to win, be sure to check out the ✅LINK IN MY BIO✅ and read the full blog post. Don’t forget to turn on post notifications too! - 🏆 WE HAVE A WINNER! 🏆  Congratulations Delaney & Eduardo from @caravan.spirits ! You’ve won the DJI Mavic Pro! Happy flying. 😎
WE’ll GET HIM WHEN COMES BACK IN!!! #hesnotcomingback #firsttimeforweverthing #noticethepoolscumsocks
I visited @omnilacosta to learn about the latest Omni Originals culinary series, Season of Smoke which has now premiered across North America just in time for Autumn. 🍴Check out the #linkinprofile with my latest blog post to learn more about my partnership with Omni.🍴Many dishes will be the same no matter which property you visit but each can also add regional flair to tweak the menu ever so slightly, perfectly fitting their location. ‘The Riff’ cocktail is included in the menu; a specially crafted cocktail made with Woodford Rye, E+J Brandy, and Campari. 🥃 At La Costa, Season of Smoke includes Caldero Duck Fat Fries with smoked ketchup, the Season of Smoke Blended Burger and Brisket Croquetas made with 16-hour smoked brisket and a breading created in house from crumbled chicharrón plus a Bacon & Bourbon Brownie Infiernillo. From Chef Jason I learned that Omni La Costa has its own beehives which produce enough honey for the restaurants on site as well as VIP guests. 🍯 🐝 There’s an elevated herb garden and Chef has plans for more extensive gardens in the future. AND one of the reasons I wanted to work with @omnihotels is their 'Goodnight to Hunger' program. Omni makes a donation to Feeding America® that provides a meal for every booking made. In one year, nearly nine million meals have been donated to help Feeding America provide nutritious meals in communities across the USA. All 60 Omni properties are actively participating and during the past year, more than 5,000 Omni associates have volunteered to help this important mission in their communities! Much more on my blog... #seasonofsmoke #attheomni #omnilacosta #foodtography #ad
For the last few years, I’ve used @Lightroom almost exclusively to edit my photos. I can honestly say that it’s been a major tool in helping me develop a style that I love and I can’t imagine my workflow without it. That being said, I was honored when they asked me to develop a set of six fall themed presets to be made available for free download on their blog. Editing with presets is a useful way to understand how other people achieve certain looks, and I really hope that some of you can benefit from using these! I’ve also made a tutorial on how to import and edit with your presets in case you’ve never done it before. All up on the Adobe blog! Check the link in today’s Instagram story! (Also, this image was edited with my preset “Fall Forrest.” Swipe right to see the unedited version.) #ad
Icelandic #cabinporn 🏠
If it requires a helmet, then my answer is yes. ——————————————————— Memories from Serendipity Arete, one of my favorite days this summer.  PC: @ryan_burke11
Just wrapped up hosting my first multi-day photography workshop! It was such an awesome experience to be able to share my home with a few adventurous ladies and bond over mutual hobbies. We practiced shooting landscapes, portraits, and astro, and I’m proud to say that everyone graduated to shooting fully on manual mode! I can’t wait to do more of these down the road! Swipe right to see a few pics from our couple of days together.
A year ago, @moviemountain wrapped up work on POOL SCUM, a stop motion ode to the terrible, yet amazing sub genre of 80s retellings of Romeo and Juliet set to action sport, films like Rad and Thrashin’ @joshbrolin. A year after finishing POOL SCUM and two years after breaking ground on the studio we’re in the middle of our next project.  Everything we learned from the last few years, we are putting into a proof of concept for a stop motion science fiction feature film set on a space ship.  There will be robots, space travel, and aliens.  For the time being,  here's Episodes 1-3 of POOL SCUM.
The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities in Europe! Medieval architecture, dark alleyways, and a dramatic twisted history. No wonder so many writers have been inspired here... - But Edinburgh has also become a vibrant hub of art and theatre, with great festivals taking over the world stage. - Plus Whisky tasting? Ghost hunting? Deep Fried Mars Bars? This city has everything! - Check out my new blog post for tips on all my favorite things to do in Edinburgh. Linked in bio. 👍🏼
Middle-Earth, Iceland
It’s incredible how photogenic natural contrasts can be to the human eye.
The @moviemountain is hard at work building sets, props, models and puppets for our next project, a proof of concept for an animated science fiction feature.  Here’s one of the props that’s @tim__yates whipped up, a fully functioning,  1/6 scale vaporizing argon pipe designed to work in zero g, including on space walks through an optional airlock attachment 🚀☠️🌌
I’m definitely more alive than those Namibian trees, I swear. It’s incredible how much unpublished content I want to share with you all, yet my days are so busy right now it’s been difficult to find a 30-min period behind my laptop to edit images. My resolution for this autumn though is to slowly get back to a frequency of one post a day. I’m working on this :) Happy 🍁🍂 season to you all!
Camping out last night with my brother on the Columbia River before he moves to Berlin, Germany today with his better half today to start a new chapter of their lives.  Tim and I have been going to this beach together for the last 25 years, and I’m sure we’ll be back again someday.  Good luck in Berlin @timothytickle @my___pet ❤️❤️
Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 🍂🍁 @jacksonhole
Them: “If you want success on Instagram, wear tight/revealing clothing in your photos.” Us: “🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🖕🏼”
Two weeks, 167 miles, 126,000ft of vert gain/loss, and 50 peaks later... We’ve successfully traversed the Wind River Range from north to south, folks! I may have looked like pic #1 most often, but I felt much more like pic #2 the majority of the time… ——————————————————— Here’s what I learned: 1.) Going up and down 50 peaks is an effective way to lose 6lbs in two weeks (Don’t worry, I haven’t eaten a single vegetable since I got out of the mountains so I’m sure I’ve already gained it back). 2.) My body can hold up pretty well for exactly 9 days of peak bagging from sun up to sun down. Day 10 on is torture. 3.) If you’re bored enough, you may able to recount nearly every single scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy despite having not seen the films in years. Try it next time you’re out in the mountains hopping around on rocks and getting blasted by hurricane force winds for two weeks! ——————————————————— More pics to come! #windwalkertraverse PC: @ryan_burke11
Here’s a look at how we made POOL SCUM in the @moviemountain  studio.  The whole process took around seven months from conceiving the idea to putting the final touches on the short film. Right now, we’re hard at work building sets, puppets and models for a proof of concept for an animated feature,  #🚀🛸👽🤖. It’s a much bigger project than anything we’ve worked on in the past, but the process is similar to how we built the world for POOL SCUM, just scaled up and in space. @moviemountain
SUMMER YOU WILL BE MISSED @kevin_kowalski @tweestopher.  PS THE CAMPER IS JUST FINE @jay
Getting lost in the haunted forest of Sintra, a place of myths, legends and paranormal activity, from what local told us.
I’ve been incredibly busy since I returned from my latest European tour around France-Spain-Portugal last July/August, and I cannot wait to share with you soon the reason why.  That being said, I finally managed to get some editing time behind my laptop today, and went back through this summer photos. Here’s one from of a favorite location, in the French Pyrenees.
Here's the opening shot of the "God, I need a girlfriend," the short we made with @stefanjanoski.  @memmonz laid out the shot on the @moviemountain motion control machine and then composited in a miniature fly as a separate element.  Once the shot is preprogramed, the camera takes an exposure, and then the motion control machine moves a very small amount and then takes another exposure.  A long the way, Matt had to remove parts of the set to allow the camera to fit in the small space (the set is around 4 feet by 2 feet and a foot tall). Rinse and repeat this process for about a week and around 600 times and you have a completed shot.  If you haven't already watch the whole thing in the link in my profile!
The dog days of summer always gets nostalgic.  7 years ago this week, I left NYC to travel and focus on photography. Since then I’ve had a wild ride.  Here’s some my my favorite moments from the dog days of summer over the last 7 years.  IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE.  1) September 2011, 2 months into living in my Syncro, looking for waves on the Lost Coast with @specialopz. 2) August 2012, Cruising around Kamchatka, in an old Russian helo with @thetorpedopeople, @tearevor, @danedamus. 3) September 2013, My last few months spent living on the road in my Tacoma Camper in the Los Padres National Forest. 4) August 2014, CINDER CONE BUILD INSANITY 5) August 2015, making the MICRO MACHINE with @jay and @earthtolane. 6) September 2016, Racing the weather to building the studio at @moviemountain. 7) August 2017, Shooting our first project POOL SCUM in the studio.
We’ve got big dreams and small problems. And a long journey ahead. The plan is to traverse 50 peaks in the Wind River Range over the course of the next 13 days (but it may end up being more than 50 cuz @ryan_burke11 is a slave driver/ over achiever/ super athlete). But really I just want to see more of these places. I want to see how they shape me, I feel like I need it. ——————————————————————— Oh, and in case you missed my last post, Ladies Outdoor Photography workshop happening this fall. Check the link in my bio. Space is limited! PC: @im.your.hucklebery
LADIES: Thank you for your patience! I’ve been getting so many messages asking when I’ll be doing my fall photography workshop, and I’m excited to announce that it’s finally up on my website! Link with more info and sign up page is in my bio. We’ll be day hiking, camping, hot springing, backpacking, and focussing on lifestyle, portrait, and night photography. Each attendee will also get some @mammutna gear that should come in handy during the workshop. Only six spots available. Can’t wait to meet you!
Brave flowers facing the salted winds and strong gust coming every day from the Atlantic Ocean on the Portuguese coast. Indomitable nature 🌊
One of the best mornings of 2018 so far, somewhere in the heart of the Pyrenees 💙 @lolosjohan
There’s still hope to see this beautiful animal live many more centuries if not millennia on Earth, but we need to take actions now.  Since the start of the 20th century, the population of wild African elephants declined from 3.5million to only 415,000.  If you do the math, that’s an average of 26,411 wild elephants that died or have been killed each year since 1901. 26,411!!! WWF estimates that 20,000 is the number of wild African elephants being killed each year for their ivory (that’s 55 a day!). But this isn’t taking into accounts other causes such as the loss of their habitat (halved over the last 40 years, and that now is only 15% of the surface they used to have centuries ago). Now, what can you do to help the population increase again?  Take a few minutes and visit www.savetheelephants.org. Many interesting resources that need to be read, and if you ever want to get involved you can always donate to help the charity with their mission. Let’s do our best so our children, grand-children and further generations will also be able to live in a world where elephants still exist, and where those creatures live a peaceful and protected life side by side with humans. 🙏 #worldelephantday
Two hours earlier, we were surrounded by 500 people on an overcrowded beach. We then decided to drive to the mountains, just 45min south, in order to find peace. That’s the beauty of Asturias. #peaksofeurope
It’s one thing to witness this kind of view, but the happiness that comes after hiking for hours in thick fog and eventually emerging above the clouds to see glowing mountains in the distance is almost indescribable. That evening in the French Pyrenees will be remembered for years to come. >> @lolosjohan
The short film @moviemountain made with @stefanjanoski is now up @vimeo! (Link in profile) Here’s how we made it! @memmonz @kaikorsmo @j_ere_m_y @lex.lore @theshelbyfoundation @timothytickle
Want to be there or want to run away? •• @lolosjohan
Mirrored lenses to show ma nature how pretty she is. - Thank you @costasunglasses for creating plant based sunnies. Your efforts to create awareness about plastic and its long-term effects on our oceans is so appreciated. Link in my bio for more from the Del Mar Collection. 🌍✌🏼#seewhatsoutthere #kickplastic
My mom thinks I’m special and that’s good enough for me. 🙃 #27today  PC: @ryan_burke11
Lost in the golden sands of Gobi desert. Infinite smooth curves and shapes until jagged mountains on horizon. That's the feel of Mongolian Gobi desert. Shot from @djiglobal mavic 2 with @erdenebulgan_photographer as a "model". Danielkordan.com #gobidesert #gobi #mongolia #dji #djiglobal #mavic2pro
Two spots are vacant in my Winter China photography workshop 15-30 January 2019. Follow link in bio to join. We'll visit snowy Huangshan, "Avatar park" and magical Guilin landscapes.  #link_in_bio #photographyworkshop photo by my friend Zhu Xiao
The lost Kingdom of Mrauk U in Myanmar. You can wander freely among ancient pagodas covered with moss and grass. Stunning to discover places like this where locals still look at you like something very unusual and everyone greet you. Panorama from yesterday evening: 2 rows on 14-24 nikkor + Nikon d850. Permanent light inside, flash on trigger left side. Danielkordan.com #myanmar #burma #mrauku #nikon #d850 #nikkor #gitzoinspires #luminar #skylum
Last rays of light in Gobi desert, Mongolia... Where the fading light and colors of the sand are changing every second. Danielkordan.com #mongolia #gobi #gobidesert #nikon #gitzoinspires
I’ve been craving this breakfast lately, that I had during my recent stay at @fairmontempress in Victoria. When Veterans Day occurred it reminded me, with a smile, that this breakfast led to my having a wonderful conversation with an older gentleman who is a Veteran and who was staying at the hotel when I was. He thought my breakfast was far too healthy to be one that would also taste good. Suggesting I swap it out for pancakes like he had with a wink and a chuckle, he was quite amused when I told him that in fact it was really delicious and though healthy, very enjoyable for me to eat. The type of breakfast I actually look forward to and don’t get to eat often enough in fact. However, wanting to fully support his pancake habit (for it soon became evident it is) I then preceded to tell him about my family history with pancakes. That they are something my mum has cooked for us for as long as I can remember. Given she makes pancakes better than anyone else, and that hers are Swedish Pancakes which I’ve now come to prefer, with only real Vermont Maple Syrup, well...... when I travel, it’s just not the same. No matter how good the pancakes are, they’re never as good as my mother’s. So instead I choose to enjoy those when I visit her, and explore other foods when I travel. We had a nice talk but eventually the gentleman went back to his paper and his pancakes and I devoured my delectable Avocado Toast, salad and fruit bowl at the table next to his in @qattheempress. Our connection might not have lasted for long but food brought us together for a moment and I find that food usually does bring people together in a way few other things do. After all, it’s something we all need to survive and it’s something we usually all have stories about that we can share. . My goal with food now is to never miss those connections, those stories. To always be open to the ways a meal can open doors. And I’m grateful for the moment this meal provided during my hosted
Few people can really embody this amount of freedom in their daily life. This photograph comes pretty close to summing up everything I’ve come to love about @snackfarmer . A guy that has taught me a lot as a friend & photo assistant. Been a pleasure to travel the world with him from the cold deserts of Utah to New Zealand’s southern alps & watch him grow as a talented lensman regardless of whatever kind of situation we throw at him. He even manages to have a little fun a long the way.  @snackfarmer  @_ryanhill_  @prana
Pavlof 1 & Pavlof 2. I’m just now processing (mentally) all that we saw & experienced in the Aleutians. I find that the slower I release photos into the world the longer time they have to marinate in my memory bank. I’ve never been a huge fan of instant sharing usually because for me at least it takes time to really look back on an experience and process what happened & if there is something worth saying about it.
Fall in the Gorge
Last night Danté & I wanted to end our weekend with sunset at Point Dume in Malibu but a heavy layer of marine fog meant than sunset wasn’t visible at sea level. Switching gears to a spot @dante.vincent and I discovered because of the @explorest app - that I paid to have access to when we moved here - we drove up into the hills instead. Once above the fog, we found the most stunning colors in the sky and eventually this vista above Malibu Canyon. A small pullout was already full of other photographers when we first parked and as the night wore on, people came and went but we stayed to try and get the Milky Way since it is so close to a new moon. The fog left, then it came back and eventually the sky clouded over so much that it was clear the Milky Way wasn’t ever going to be fully visible. But it didn’t matter in the end. The effect of being in that spot for as long as we were is that I was so profoundly grateful to be so close to home and yet feel so far away from a big city. Grateful and thankful. . Edited to add: Nothing is on fire here! And there’s no destruction. What some have attributed to wildfire or lava when looking at this image is in fact the effect of the lights from cars captured at a 20 second exposure through the fog. Danté & I thought it looked more like Hawaii when we were standing here taking photos but it is in fact California.
Found the perfect place for a leaf peeping getaway 🍃🏠🍁
SURPRISE! @anna.everywhere and I are moving to Italy next month! 🇮🇹 @PoofyTheFluffyCat is coming too. 🐈 - We’ve decided on the Northern Italian city of #verona, after visiting earlier this year. We tried Colorado, California, and Texas, but just didn’t find what we were looking for in the States. So now we’re off to give Italy a go! - We both have EU passports (I have dual citizenship in Ireland now) and we both work online, which makes moving to Europe possible. We picked Verona because it’s a pretty town that’s not too big but not too small, a short train ride away from larger cities, and very close to the Italian Dolomites, some of the best mountains in Europe. - So it’s back to being an expat for a while! I guess I’ll have to start learning Italian... 🤓
Here’s a little trip down memory lane to four years ago when we were racing the seasons to finish the tree houses before the Pacific Northwest winter kicked in.  @sirjosephdirt had been here since May and countless friends had came through from all over to lend a hand and pound some nails.  Tucker and I had built small things but never anything of close to the scale of two tree houses, three bridges etc.  We learned on the fly.  We jokingly referenced, “fuck it, we’ll do it live,” implying that we’ll solve problems as they come up.  It worked, and I still live in the tree house in these photos.  Time sure does fly.  I’m doing a sale the book I made about the process with photos, sketches, musings and other BS in my web store.  Use the code FALL18 to get %20 off (link in profile). If any one has the opportunity to build something with their own hands, I’d recommend in a heart beat.  The result will surprise you and the memories will last forever 🔨🌲 🧤 #thecindercone
Windwalker traverse day 12 – the Cirque traverse. Terrifying rappels, a fixed anchor blowing, near loss of our rope to a crack, Ryan taking a lead fall over 1000ft of exposure, and a 5.2 dirt/ice gully after sundown. Still, we laughed and carried on and tucked our heads against the wind and argued about which one of us would be Frodo and which one of us would be Sam if we were Frodo and Sam. And of course, cursed ourselves for our severe under-packing of snickers bars. They say you only remember the good parts, but I’d have to disagree. It was the shared struggle and the unexpected that made the experience so worthwhile. ——————————————————————— Sharing a few more photos from this trip in today's story!
What difference in a scenery just a few minutes can make! . Last week I was invited by @nikonfr in the Lofoten, Norway, along with some journalists to try their recently announced full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z7.  Those shots were taken using the new Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 S (Z-mount). Head over my stories to read my feedback about that new camera. Honest review, not sponsored.  #nikonzlofoten
Ancient Kingdom of Mrauk U. That's a place I started my tour in Myanmar today. It's also called "small Bagan", but that little gem is still hidden from tourists. Old pagodas scattered among green hills with fog rolling between. I felt  like in a movie set flying my drone above this beauty today. Danielkordan.com #myanmar #mrauku #nikon #nikkor #burma #gitzoinspires #luminar #skylum @djiglobal #mavic2pro
Mongolia turned out to be fantastic destination for photography. This October I had very intense scouting expedition in Mongolia and it's scenery and culture just left us in awe. From vast steppe and rugged snowy mountains in the West where we lived in nomad family of eagle hunters to canyonland and desert of Gobi. After this trip I optimized the tour program and created itinerary for next year.  Check the link in bio to join. You are very welcome to join and enjoy: 👌 Eagle hunters private festival - We are not visiting crowded festival in October, but created our own private event just for our group, where everyone will be ready for photos. 20 eagle hunters will join the event 👌 visit real nomad families, take photos of their everyday life 👌 photograph amazing stars at Gobi desert, dates correspond to most beautiful milky way without moon 👌 transportation on Toyota land cruisers, 3 persons per car 👌 private chef - so even vegetarians will survive 👌 3 English speaking photography guides + local Kazakh guides to communicate with nomads 👌 all stages with Eagle hunters, camels, nomads #link_in_bio #photographyworkshop #photographytour
Heavenly landscape of Mrauk U Kingdom in Myanmar. Actually it's combination between smoke from fires and morning mist. Most of local people don't have electricity, so they just woke up to make breakfast on fire.  Today I left Mrauk U and heading to Bagan. I'm wondering if some of you were there recently and could suggest temples which are still open to visit to enjoy sunrise or shoot light rays inside etc. Please leave me a private message if you have useful information.  Danielkordan.com #myanmar #burma #mrauku #bagan #djiglobal #mavic2pro @djiglobal
So far I traveled with my group from Mrauk U to Bagan and Mandalay. Today we're leaving to Inle lake. And still the place that impressed me most is Mrauk U. It's still without tourists at all and very natural. Unfortunately at Bagan almost all the temples are closed to enter, so if you plan to go to Myanmar don't have many expectations about photography in Bagan. Here you can use maps.me app to scout for open temples, but there are just few of them left with 20-30 persons on top at least.  And this aerial shot is from magical Mrauk U. Danielkordan.com #myanmar #burma #mrauku #djiglobal @djiglobal
The Lost Kingdom of Mrauk U. One of the essential archeological sights of Myanmar. Hundreds of open air temples covered with trees and moss. This morning I was lucky to experience this beautiful foggy sunrise at this unbelievable place.  Panorama on mavic 2 pro. Danielkordan.com #myanmar #mrauku #djiglobal #mavic2pro @djiglobal #burma
After quick break from Mongolia journey I continue my travel to Myanmar. Just arrived to Yangon today. Just in one week I selected and edited more than hundred images from Mongolia using new @skylum_global Luminar. Such tools like sky enhancer and build in filters help a lot to process "on the go". Stay tuned for updates from Myanmar! New chapter begins today. #mongolia #nikon #gitzoinspires #luminar #madewithluminar #skylum
Western Mongolia has just 250-300 eagle hunters left. They live in the vast steppe, and hunt with their eagles for small hares and foxes living traditional nomad life. A bit of action in this shot where they run with their beautiful Golden Eagles... Danielkordan.com #mongolia #nikon #nikkor 70-200 mm, #luminar #skylum #gitzoinspires
Mongolia has magical untouched nature. I was fascinated by life of nomads in harmony with nature. Please enjoy this short video I made in Mongolia past October. Among filming locations are Altay mountains in the West Mongolia and nomad families near Olgii + Gobi desert.  Full version at IGTV. Made with Nikon D850 + drone Mavic 2 pro. If you are interested to join Mongolia photo tour next year - link in BIO.  #mongolia #nikon #dji #djiglobal @djiglobal #airvuz #gitzoinspires #gobidesert #eaglehunters #skylum