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Currently in Las Vegas working through the chaos... It’s funny where you end up as a speaker talking about what inspires you, Ive learned to love it. Sometimes it takes you to a convention hall in the middle of the desert. I’ll be speaking at the CES show tomorrow about my passion for aerial photography & I approach shooting in these environments. .  @sonyalpha Booth 12pm
Did you always know you were gonna be a photographer? No.. Life takes us on some pretty weird journeys. I always love sharing something unexpected.. it’s what make us interesting... that’s usually the thing that draws me to other people honestly... their backstory. At 19 I had a scholarship to an automotive school in Wyoming, it was my dream to restore old cars in my teens. I bought and sold vintage cars through high school.. kinda a side hustle. But when the perfect  opportunity presented itself through auto-shop competitions I turned it down.. I couldn’t go through with it. It would have definitely been a different career path & probably would have made me happy but I decided to I needed more time. I found photography. Fast forward 8 years into my career as a photographer & my wife introduced me to Yoga... I practiced for years & years.. watched her grow as a teacher & practitioner. Finally I got convinced to do a teacher training... I was wayyyyy out of my comfort zone ( like outer galaxy) and it felt really good. I left a lot of emotion on the mat. For a split second I even felt like teaching could be my thing .. a way to reinvent myself in what felt like a less competitive atmosphere than surf photography. But as soon my training ended & my certificate was in my hand I realized just how little I actually knew about myself.. about yoga.. about anything really. It’s amazing how life constantly gives us opportunities for growth. Take em. .  What shaped you?
GOLDEN HOUR ☀️ IN ROME 🇮🇹 . I thought of this quote when I was in Roma with @vivalifestylepr walking along the Tiber at Golden Hour seeing graffiti and street art covering centuries old stone as my heart was torn by both an appreciation for the desire to create and a sadness to see such ancient surfaces marred by modern vanity, “I like things that are kind of eclectic, when one thing doesn't go with another. That's why I love Rome. The town itself is that way. It's where Fascist architecture meets classic Renaissance, where the ancient bangs up against the contemporary. It has a touch of everything. That's my style, and that's what my work is about.” - Giambattista Valli . . . . #romaitalia #romeitaly #qotd #romaitalia🇮🇹 #romaitaly #visitingrome #giambatistavalli #quotelife #quoteaday #traveladdicted #traveltolearn #slowandglow #livemoremagic #myalmanacmoment
Walking out to the boot arch alone in the pitch black, no sounds and no light for miles I wondered, is this crazy? Then the wiser part of me said, no, this is peace. To me that’s what nights in the desert are for - that feeling of endless space stretching out from each side of you, and the freedom of being alone out there without sound, cell signal, or any modern distractions. It’s intoxicating #visitcalifornia #lonepineca #inyocounty @exploreinyocounty #roadtripcalifornia
Rome's famous Trevi Fountain by night. ⛲️ - One of the busiest tourist attractions in the world, the only way to get a decent shot these days without battling hundreds of selfie-seekers is to visit around 3 or 4am. 🤓 —————— 📷 F8 | 2 sec | ISO 200
Lost in the forest 🌲🚶🏻‍♂️🌲@lexarmemory #shotonlexar
When unrestricted, Nature does what it wants. In this case... create art.
So this is what it feels like to be inside a real life snow globe ☃️ @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor | Happy New Year, friends! I took a short break from social media during the holidays to recharge and catch up with friends and family. I feel like I’m constantly on the go so it was nice to take a break and just relax for once. But now I’m back and ready for another year of adventures!
BEST FOOD 🍴 TOUR IN ROME 🇮🇹 . Years ago during one of my first trips to Rome, if not the first, I took a tour of one of the city’s markets with Eleonora. We ate, we wandered, we listened to her stories and eventually we took what we bought “home” to a luxury apartment that looked right out at the Colosseum. There in a kitchen flooded with light and different from any I’d been to at home in the USA, she supervised the cooking of a meal that was in hindsight quite normal for Italy but for me was revolutionary. Such simple ingredients became such a beautiful open door to another culture, another world, superior to anything I’d experienced before that was “Italian” back home in the states. As I continued to visit Italy over the years, that experience with Eleonora was always foremost in my mind as the standard by which other experiences in other parts of Italy were judged by. If Italians weren’t as effusive with praise over a mere piece of cheese as Eleonora is, I thought longingly back to that day with her and wished that she could be my guide to all of Italy. . Fast forward to this trip when Alison said we’d be doing a tour with @casamiaitalyfoodandwine and I was overjoyed to realize that would mean touring the city again with Eleonora Baldwin and now with Gina Tringali who I’d also met years ago. The four of us had so much fun and I learned so much that I just didn’t want it to ever end. It was like the first time all over again. We laughed and we cried and we moaned and swooned over cheese and bread and chocolate and olive oil and cured meats from sustainable vendors and small businesses. I don’t need a third time to know, there’s no one I’d want to experience Rome with more than her, and now with Gina who she runs Casa Mia with. It’s that simple. 🇮🇹 🍴 . . . . . #foodtourinrome #rometour #romaitalia #romaitaly #foodtourism #foodtours #passionpassport #iamatraveler #thisissustainable #touringrome #italia🇮🇹
Staying at Palazzo Dama meant frequent walks along the River Tiber and often during golden hour or sunset. I can’t say I minded. Walking along the river in Rome is one of my favorite things to do because of the Sycamore trees that bend like a natural tunnel, framing the views and insulating you in a world within a world. . During this visit while wandering I learned something I’d never known before about the Tiber. There are so many bridges that span the river now but there were only 5 bridges in Rome that were built by the Romans. All had 5 arches. And this is how you can tell now, whether you’re crossing a bridge the Romans made, or one that’s newer — whether or not it has 5 arches! Because no other bridges do. . Oh and I took this particular image on a walk to @maisonhalaby which turned out to be the most extraordinary visit and few hours I’ve ever spent with an artist, ever. If you love talking with makers on a deep level, not just about what they make but also who they are and how they see the world...and if you like to listen more than talk and if you can see beautiful things but resist the urge to photograph them with anything more than your mind’s eye or if you desire to have a bag that’s literally one of a kind and won’t be carried by anyone else, then please do not miss Gilbert Halaby’s maison while you are in Roma. Go with time to spend, do not be in a rush to depart. 👜🎨 . . . . . #romaitalia #romaitaly #romeitaly #rivertiber #italia🇮🇹 #romehistory #romanhistory #historyinpictures #visitingrome #visitroma #italiabella #bellaitalia🇮🇹 #nationaltriviaday
One of the hunting cabins we used during our Kamchatka backcountry snowmobile expedition. We mixed it up between cabins & camping. This one came equipped with a generator and a light bulb... 5-Star luxury! 😆💡
The low fog seemed to follow the rivers path. One of the most interesting inversions I have seen was near New Zealand’s Milford Sound.. low clouds hovered along the valley floor with another layer 1,000 ft above. My guess is that the glacial river & surrounding vegetation pulled in this cloud layer with its warm air. I love a photo you can spend some time studying.
Hello again (California)! I missed you. This year I resolve to #bemorepresent, to really see the beautiful things in front of me instead of worrying about capturing them for later. This is what it's all about, isn't it? (pic by my brother)
In Rome, I was hosted at @palazzodama which I think of now as the late-night partying, up-on-the-latest-trends, chic and outgoing younger sibling to the older, elegant and mature sister property Dom Hotel. Both are the product of the passion and artistry that @architect_antonio_girardi gives to the world. . When I sat with him at the bar in Palazzo Dama, I was surprised to learn Girardi owns a home by Frank Lloyd Wright, a favorite of mine since childhood when my godfather used to explain architecture principles to me long before other adults bothered to talk to me as more than a child. Girardi’s passion for these properties extends further than the usual hotel architect into details such as the menu at Pacifico, the restaurant featured in this image. In fact though I had reservations elsewhere after our meeting, I was glad we did a tasting because the bites I savored at his bequest were as delightful as the hotel is beautiful. He and his properties are proof positive of why I adore boutique hotels. They’re not cookies cut from a corporate mold. Staying in a place such as Palazzo Dama is the equivalent of entering someone’s home. At the least, their home away from home. There’s a compelling intimacy which might be impossible to replicate on a corporate scale. So don’t be surprised if you actually see Girardi at Palazzo Dama or @domhotelroma (which you should make sure to visit for cocktails and a leisurely dinner, even if you’re staying at Dama). . Just note that with a club in the basement, you might want to request a room on an upper floor for a weekend stay. It’s that “younger sister who plays her music too loud at night” thing.... . . . . . #palazzodama #antoniogirardi #boutiquehotels #kiwicollection #thepreferredlife #livecelebrated #culturetrip #romaitalia #romeitaly #romehotels
HAPPY 2019! 🥳 WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS THIS YEAR? - These were my 9 most popular photos in 2018. ➡️ SWIPE TO SEE THEM ALL! - It’s been a crazy year, with a lot of changes! Anna & I are expecting a baby boy in the spring! We moved from California to Texas, then on to Italy to prepare for the new addition to our family. 👶 - I sincerely want to thank everyone who’s been following. Whether you’re here for the travel tips, photo inspiration, or just interested in learning about our nomadic lifestyle. Your comments and emails keep me motivated to continue sharing here and on the blog! 👍🏼 ———————————- ⭐️MY TOP 9 PHOTOS⭐️ ———————————- 1. One of my favorite adventures with Anna was this road trip through Morocco, including the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen.  2. Bertha! My beloved Jeep Rubicon. I sold her before we moved to Italy, but had a lot of fun first, including this trip to the Alabama Hills in California.  3. Just standing on a giant gorilla skull in Hawaii! It’s an awesome movie prop from KONG: SKULL ISLAND on Kualoa Ranch.  4. A pretty sunset at El Matador Beach in Malibu, California.  5. Lucky timing as the sun breaks through storm clouds at St. Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland.  6. Morocco again. This time wandering the colorful street markets of Marrakech.  7. Our epic doors-off helicopter flight over the Na-Pali coastline on Kauai. So much fun!  8. Camping out under the stars at Joshua Tree National Park.  9. Before moving to Northern Italy recently, we took a test trip to the area. Driving up to South Tyrol to check out the mountains. I was pretty happy with what I found!  WISHING YOU A HAPPY 2019! 🎉
The future is bright. Sometimes life requires a bit of a shift in perspective to see it. .  @nolecossart @prana
POPPY arrived yesterday, shes a healthy and present baby and we are so thankful! happy new years from our family to yours ❤️🎈
Happy New Year! 🎉🍾🥂 . 2018 began in Roma where I’d wanted to treat birthday boy Danté to a wonderfully Italian New Year...that resulted in my being robbed and things not exactly going according to plan. It was a rough start to the year actually. . But I’m returning to Rome in my feed because I had the pleasure of going back with @vivalifestylepr for an entirely different and far better experience than the one that began this year and bookending a year with trips to Italy is a great way to end the chapter of my life that was 2018. It was so moving that it brought me to tears at times and it was enough to finally help me really love the country which I’ve always had a weirdly mixed view of. Alison curated an experience with some of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met while traveling and helped me reunite with old friends as well. It was an experience I’ll remember forever, matched by a wonderful few nights in Firenze as well. . I’ve tagged everyone from my stay in Rome and will have more photos of this trip to come after a little pause for some proper NYE celebrations at home in California. I hope wherever you’re celebrating tonight, it’s full of joy & hope for the year to come. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ . . . #romaitalia #romaitaly #thisisitaly #reflectiongrams #sonyalpha #sonyimages #sonya7rii #thisisrome #newyears2019
I’m in Hokkaido celebrating the new year with a just a few hours left. I spent the day contemplating a years worth of travel & photography and realized there isn’t enough space to begin to write all the experiences I am grateful for this year & the people that I have been lucky enough to share them with. To those out there that have made 2018 the best year ever.. you know who you are. .  Rather than share a highlight reel of my favorites, I’ll just leave you with this one. Sunrise over a remote volcanic island in Alaska’s Aleutian chain. A place I dreamt of going for a long time & planned for years before it actually happened because of an environmental grant. This sums it up for me... the words “once in a lifetime” gets thrown around a lot these days, but this truly was one of those moments. .  I can only hope 2019 provides a few more. Thanks y’all for being apart of this journey & for being one of my favorite places to share my art.
This is #kamchatka, a 900-mile long Russian peninsula attached to Siberia that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. It’s about the size of California, with only 400,000 residents. - Kamchatka is a wilderness playground, composed of thick boreal forests, geothermically active volcanoes, and barren alpine tundra landscapes like this. It was off-limits to outsiders until the 1990s, due to its strategic importance to the Soviet military (nuclear submarine bases). - Read my new blog post ⭐️(LINKED IN BIO)⭐️ to learn more about our snowmobile adventure here! ➡️
The tools may change but the goal remains the same. It has always been about finding the silver lining.
There’s no place I’d rather be 🌲 | Where’s your favorite place to explore and why? Would love some suggestions for my upcoming adventures! @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor
wedding celebration
🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽‍♂️WANDERING GENEVA 🇨🇭 . There’s nothing I love doing more when I travel, than simply wandering on foot to capture photographs. Without contest, the best images I’ve captured during my travels have been in circumstances such as this, instead of set up moments. And I still feel shock sometimes when this type of learning by walking ends up also leading to some of the most authentic and deep connections with locals. Because it’s true, people really are nice around the world. People really want to show you their hometowns, their traditions, their way of life if you’re curious and open to new experiences. But you can’t always get that if you’re setting things up. More often, it happens because you’re wandering down a street, looking some combination of lost and/or openly curious when a local says to you, “Can I help you?” and then those four words lead to something magical that you’d never expect. . That didn’t happen in this exact moment in @genevatourism with @monicasuma, @neumarc and @mumhad1ofthose but the hours of wandering during which I took this image, and the one a few posts back with the woman in the black cape — these were my favorite hours the four of us spent in Switzerland together. Because at the back of my mind the whole time was the thought that magic could happen. And in the end, it did. . It was in the anticipation of discovery that was shared amongst true friends. 🇨🇭 #bettertogether #visitgeneva #passionpassport
There are some images that just beg for an explanation. My first trip to the Greek island of Kalymnos a few years ago was a bit mindblowing, the climbing was about as 3D as it gets moving as you move in every direction over the tufa features that line the Grande Grotta cave... Kalymnos historic climbing feature. As @stianchristophersen clipped the chains on this route I pushed myself as far back into the cave as I could .. often sitting on old goat droppings & guano as I composed the shot with my back against the wall. As Stian began lowering down on the rope he spotted the biggest tufa in the whole cave & grabbed onto it just long enough for a one armed pull up. I totally stood for a moment in shock as it wasn’t something I was expecting. I quickly fumbled, grabbed my iphone & shot this photo. Then he safely lowered toward the fading skyline and to the ground. . @olloclip  @apple  #applepartner
GENEVA 🇨🇭 AT NIGHT 🌙⭐️ . Unabashedly holding on to the magic of moments like this one in Geneva till December 31. Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean it needs to be business as usual and all the stresses of real life...yet. . Anyone else feel like that? Like the days between Christmas and New Year are somehow unofficially a holiday as well?! ✨🎄 #holidaymagic
I always try to keep in mind that every photograph takes the eye on a journey. Our composition guides the willing mind to what we hope for it to focus on or prioritize within the small frame. It may seem insignificant compared to how much we take in visually on a single day, but I would say personally that a good image with a real story can change my entire week. Some even the course of my life.
barrier gate outside the tomb of the patriarchs
Just like the theme of connection, that I talked about several posts back, sustainability is also very important to me in the work I do now and hope to do in the future. It’s for this reason as well as all the ones I’ve talked about in my other recent posts, that I so enjoyed visiting Geneva this month. . The city runs on clean energy sources and prioritizes public transportation with a terrific tram and train system, free access to these provided to visitors and options like @taxibike encouraged over car travel always. It’s such a walkable city that seeing it by your own two feet is the very best option but no matter the choice you make, you’re supported by a culture that seemed to me to have the right priorities in place — or is working toward that end — and that’s not always a given in my travel experience. . So not only is Geneva beautiful, it seems to also have a green heart. Promoting cities and countries that do, and brands that do, is one of the reasons I’m a media member of @impacttravelalliance. Through my membership, I’m hoping to be able to educate myself much more on how to be the best traveler possible and to learn about all the destinations that also have the right priorities in place. . I want to see pretty, calming vistas like this in the future and know that I’m doing my part to make sure they won’t be spoiled or ruined for the generations that come after us! 💚💙🇨🇭 #visitgeneva #thisissustainable
khan al-ahmar village
Merry Christmas from California! 🌵🎄🌴 Our first year living on the West Coast, neither @dante.vincent nor I are actually in Los Angeles for Christmas itself so we made sure to get around and see all the lights in SoCal before we left - me for Christmas with my family and he to spend it with his dad. . I think the Venice Canal Historic District had our favorite lights because of this replica Eiffel Tower and a few other spots that were pretty magical. (Thanks for capturing this moment, Danté!) There’s also a boat parade on the canal which we will hopefully catch next year. . Definitely an adjustment living in a place where all I need is a very light sweater and maybe a vest to stay warm in December at night. I’m used to many many layers, a down coat and a red nose from having the sniffles all the time. . But Christmas should be in our hearts and the spirit of it should have nothing to do with our physical location and everything to do with our mindset. So here’s to being the light and taking the light with us wherever we go — no matter whether it’s East, South, North or West ✨
'Twas the morning before Christmas. I hope you all have a happy holiday season with your friends and family! How’s everyone celebrating this year? @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor
Merry Christmas Eve from Geneva! 🇨🇭 . Our home away from home, @fsgeneva, was so beautifully decorated that I couldn’t help but be swept away into a festive feeling when I walked the halls. . However your halls are decked, or not, whether you celebrate Christmas or don’t, I hope today is filled with peace and happiness for you! 🎄✨
khan al-ahmar
Some talking point ideas for family dinners, down time and post meal walks this holiday season,  courtesy of the PROFESSOR @moviemountain.  In order of appearance, Terrence McKenna, “Hot” Carl Sagan and Neil Tyson.
Counting down the last days of 2018 ⏱ | With 2019 quickly approaching, there’s no better time to look back at this past year. I never could have predicted where this year has taken me and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store!
L’Escalade is the annual event in Geneva that celebrates the defeat of the Duke of Savoy’s troops in 1602. It is celebrated on the weekend closest to December 11 & 12 with costumed participants in the hundreds roaming the Old Town re-enacting parts of the attempted surprise attack and the resulting victory. The woman in this photo in the black cape is one such participant and when we turned a corner to see her alone in this scene - @mumhad1ofthose, @monicasuma and I started taking pictures at rapid fire speed. The scene seemed to firmly place us into the past even as the modern sound of our cameras kept us grounded to the present, wondering where @neumarc was as this all happened. . Later we learned that the name for the festival comes from the French “escalade” which translates the English “scale” or “climb” because the Duke’s troops attempted to scale the city’s fortified walls but legend has it that they were thwarted by a woman named Catherine who poured a large cauldron of steaming soup on them as they climbed. The noise of that confrontation woke the city and its militia then successfully defended Geneva from the Catholic Savoy troops. . The celebrations we experienced went beyond  re-enactment to include a flame and candle-lit parade once darkness fell and a symbolic breaking of many cauldrons molded from Swiss Chocolate which hide marzipan vegetables inside to simulate the soup that was poured onto the troops. For the local families, Friday of the celebratory weekend sees the eldest and the youngest children smashing the chocolate pot while exclaiming, “Ainsi périrent les ennemis de la République!” (Thus perish the enemies of the Republic!) ❤️🇨🇭 #visitgeneva #bettertogether
Frozen in time during the most magical time of the year. Hunting for methane bubbles is an experience every one should experience at least once in their life. Have you ever seen this one of a kind phenomenon? ❄️
I met @maujl when I first came to Aruba a year and a half ago and just love his photography. He's always finding new areas to explore on Aruba and his passion for his home is contagious! When I came back this time around I asked if he could show me some amazing local spots and he delivered! We headed to this rocky secluded cove in Arikok National Park which was so beautiful, rugged, and felt like a secret discovery - at least to me! Thanks for this photo @maujl. It was nice to hang with a fellow photographer for a while. Check out his feed, his photos are gorgeous!  _____________________________________ I had the best, mostly solo, adventure in Aruba - just me and my old white Jeep - adventuring around parts well known and lesser known. Watch the highlight reel and click the link in my bio for more behind the scenes and my best discoveries! #discoveraruba #onehappyisland @arubatourism #spon
sitting, waiting, wishing fall would come back 😅🍂 @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor
For such a little island, there sure are a wealth of hidden beaches and little discoveries around every corner. It’s the kind of place where just getting a different angle or time of day can change the experience entirely. The other night I went to see the sunset around these mangroves and found an old stairway to a watery heaven. Click the link in my bio for some more of my favorite outdoorsy picks in Aruba. Then come back and tell me which ones surprised you! #discoveraruba #onehappyisland @arubatourism #spon
We came to Cuba for the climbing and were pleasantly surprised with not only amazing rock, but incredible natural beauty, vibrant culture, and delicious food. This was my first experience climbing tufas and stalactites and I can’t believe how fun it is! So different from anything I’ve ever done. ——————————————————— I know it’s not really relevant to the climbing part, but I’m sharing a few of my favorite portraits from the trip in this post (swipe right). Some of us too! It’s always a little nerve racking to approach a stranger and ask to take their photo, but I’m getting better at it. Which one is your favorite?
It’s been so amazing to be back in Aruba, going on my solo adventures and catching so many beautiful sunsets. What a perfect place to unwind. The last few days I’ve been able to reflect on my big move away from Germany. As much as I will always love Berlin for everything it gave me, I can’t believe how much of a weight feels lifted off of my shoulders by ending my lease and opening a new chapter - with no idea where it will lead me. I felt a little bit lighter with each piece of furniture I sold off or gave away. I remember this so vividly from six years ago when I did the same thing. I decided to leave California to travel, to take a chance on a dream. Now I am going nomadic again and I can see how the pattern repeats itself. Change can be so terrifying. It feels like trying to leap across the Grand Canyon when really it’s just a crack in the sidewalk. These decisions feel so monumental but in hindsight make so much sense. I think when we finally do make the leap, at least in my experience, It always makes space for something better. I feel that again now. Letting go of a person, place, job, or limiting belief that doesn’t serve me anymore makes room for something better. Thanks Aruba, for giving me a relaxing and beautiful place to reflect. Taken on Eagle Beach. #discoveraruba #onehappyisland @arubatourism #spon
Ever wonder what it feels like to be inside a snow globe? ❄️ | As temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, I can’t wait to get back to one of my favorite places to visit in the wintertime. Join me in Banff next month for a week of skiing/snowboarding and adventuring with @SkiBig3 @TravelMindset #instameetskibig3! Check out the link in my bio to sign up
RAD DAD @brentatchley
It’s the most wonderful time of the year | December is always such a busy month, but it’s nice to be home for the holidays. I spent this past weekend catching up with friends at one of the coziest cabins and it was so awesome to finally relax and unwind. Where’s your go to place to chill? I think my new fave is @idyllcove. Can you blame me? 🏡 @experienceidyllwild
The Colosseum! One of the new 7 wonders of the world. - Rome’s most famous building once held 80,000 spectators for deadly battles between wild animals & gladiators. 🦁🐻🐊⚔️ - There was a saying: “bread & circuses” keep the people happy. The games kept the Roman population distracted from reality - and political involvement. 🥖🎪 - 📷 F8 | 2.5 sec | ISO 200
It’s pretty weird to be leaving Berlin today without any idea when I will return and knowing that next time it will be as a tourist. It didn’t really hit me until last week as I was exploring the Christmas markets that I would be leaving Germany soon. It was completely my choice, just like it was to move here in the first place 5 years ago, but it’s bittersweet nonetheless. I’ll miss the way the pavement seems to somehow always be wet in the winter, reflecting the lights, I’ll miss the rare snow day, because it makes the city so beautiful. I’ll miss the way the city comes alive in the summer, with people hanging out in parks, and on the canal in front of my old house. I’ll miss watching the sunset there with friends strumming on the guitar while eating cherries. I’ll miss the sheer ridiculousness of it all, and the way that nothing I ever did could make me the weirdest person in that city (and I tried!). But I won’t miss the place, the people, or the memories, because they are all still very much with me. That’s what I’ve learned over all of these years of coming and going – you keep things with you, and it is all interconnected in the fabric of our lives and experiences. Now there’s nothing ahead of me, and nothing behind me, just the adventure unfolding right now. (📷: @thisbatteredsuitcase)
A few years ago, my mother and I took a trip following my late grandmother’s journal around Europe. Our first stop was Heidelberg, where we decided that things probably hadn’t changed that much since she was there. The old town that she wrote about was still charming, the castle still sits over the beautiful city, with a gorgeous view down to the town, the river, and right now the Christmas market. Our favorite thing was the apple cake, which we had twice! This time, my favorite thing was adding a Christmas memory to the story. Even though I loved being here in the summer, it felt extra festive and specially in the winter too. I’ve written a post and made a video of all of the markets that I visited on this trip, click on the link in my bio so that you can pick your favorites for when you come! #christmasbawu #visitbawu #spon
rainy protest some weeks back
✧ 📷 CAMERA GIVEAWAY 📷 ✧ (closed - winner is @mcnickpicnic! congrats!) ⠀  I’ve teamed up with some amazing female photographers to give away a brand new @SonyAlpha a7RIII! The four of us all use the a7RIII as our main camera body and absolutely love it. We are stoked to give you the chance to win one! #sonyalphafemale #bealpha ⠀ ☟ HOW TO WIN ☟ •Follow @SonyAlpha, myself @Tiffpenguin, and fellow Alpha Collective members @Reneeroaming, @Mydetoxtravel, @Elizabethgadd •Leave a comment below telling us why you want to win the camera •Tag friends for bonus entries. Each separate tag = one entry ⠀ ✧ DETAILS ✧ Contest starts today (Dec 12) and runs until midnight EST on Dec 19, 2018. Winner will be announced Dec 20, 2018. This giveaway is not sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Entry is limited to US and Canada only.
#ad Sometimes life feels like it’s moving at a million miles a second. It’s nice to slow down and savor the little things from time to time @greenmtncoffee #greenmountaincoffeeroasters
It’s a #whitereindeer invasion! I found this guy in the Far Eastern Siberian wilderness of Kamchatka, Russia. He wasn’t so friendly... and let me know it. 😝 - Inspired by @mads viral shot earlier this week. 🎄 🦌
No one truly knows why the Maya civilization collapsed. - Some think it was due to over-population and lack of sustainable resources. - Others believe it was constant warfare that led to a breakdown into chaos. - A third theory is that a long dry-spell killed their harvests. - Then Spanish invaders helped finish them off. - All we have left is the ruins of their impressive cities... I really hope modern humanity doesn’t succumb to the same fate. 🗿
This is Verona, Italy. Our new home-base for the next few years. 🇮🇹 - I’ve been asked why we moved here: - • The food is amazing! • It’s very affordable • Slow paced lifestyle • Universal health system • High-speed trains • Easy access to the rest of Europe (cheap flights!) • Dolomites are only an hour or two away 🏔 • Family friendly & low crime 👶 • Amazon Prime works! • Fiber internet available • Pet friendly (we can take @poofythefluffycat to restaurants!) • Larger cities like Milan & Venice nearby • Mild climate • Regional airport for Europe, train to Milan for overseas flights • Tons of culture & things to do!  So that’s the gist. We had other areas in mind, but this seemed to be the best compromise for us both, and our different tastes. I wanted easy access to big mountains, @anna.everywhere didn’t want to live in a small town. 👍🏼 - Just posted a quick walk-through of our new apartment on IG Stories if you wanna check it out! ✅
We’ve been jamming at @moviemountain for the last six months, building sets, puppets, props and a miniature space ship for a proof of concept for an animated feature film.  The working title for the project is, “Wake Me Up When We Get There.” Think of it as a road trip story that just so happens to be set in space staring two robots with human consciousness (their human analogs are in stasis in the ships cryogenic chambers) on a journey through the galaxy, seeing the sights,  staying one step in front of the man, experimenting with local pharmaceuticals, and visiting fellow outkasts all in time to make it to a remote quadrant of space in time to watch two black holes collide.  It’s certainly the biggest project I’ve ever taken on and it’s been so wild seeing it come together.  Today, we start filming the first sequences of the proof of concept. Once we’re finished, @samosier is going to help us shop the project and turn it into an animated feature film.  Swipe all the way to the right to watch a tour of the set.  So many amazing people are working on this project and I couldn’t be more excited about it @moviemountain @memmonz @robb_gardner @samosier @circa1964 @jspake @timothytickle @aaronplevine @lex.lore @theshelbyfoundation @tim__yates @theunclepaw @levittoid
When you hear that the Instagram algorithm favors pictures of girls showing skin and cleavage... —————————————————————— Headed to Cuba in a few hours. See you in two weeks nerds. ✌🏼 PC: My sweet mom
#tbt to the day Dave and I spent all afternoon building a huge kicker to get like five photos. 👉🏼 Swipe right for full image. Also, if you’re gonna be in the @jacksonhole area this winter and can ski like this, hit me up! Let’s shoot!
Once you get past the army of vendors at the entrance, ancient stone carvings of fearsome creatures and bloodthirsty warriors at #chichenitza inspire awe and trigger unease at the same time. - The ruins are extensive, covering 740 acres. Many sections have still never been excavated. While wandering around the massive archaeological site, I kept wondering what hidden treasures lay undiscovered beneath my feet… - Read my new blog post ✅LINKED IN BIO✅ to learn what you need to know before visiting this amazing place!
Just chillin’ with my new furry Russian friends... 🦌 - And.... 🏆 WE HAVE A WINNER! 🏆  Congrats @___ladykatie___  on winning the travel pillow giveaway. 😎
second time ive seen a dead horse left on this busy thoroughfare in east balata
Still going, still growing. Despite what could be assumed from my posts and stories, I’ve never considered myself to be very good at climbing. I lead easy/moderate, have never “projected” a route, and seem to almost never go out with people who aren’t better at the sport than I am. But I’ve removed expectation from the equation, and you know what? I’ve surprised myself a little. It takes time to learn to push your comfort zone. Just be patient with yourself and don’t give up. You’ll get there. _______________________________________________ For anyone looking to try a new sport or replace some worn gear, I’ve partnered with @backcountry to give you 15% off your first order. They’ve got everything from outdoor apparel to technical gear of all kinds and offer free 2 day shipping on most orders. Just use code “ELISE15” at checkout! #goatworthy #backcountry #sponsored
New adventures await.
WE’ll GET HIM WHEN COMES BACK IN!!! #hesnotcomingback #firsttimeforweverthing #noticethepoolscumsocks
For the last few years, I’ve used @Lightroom almost exclusively to edit my photos. I can honestly say that it’s been a major tool in helping me develop a style that I love and I can’t imagine my workflow without it. That being said, I was honored when they asked me to develop a set of six fall themed presets to be made available for free download on their blog. Editing with presets is a useful way to understand how other people achieve certain looks, and I really hope that some of you can benefit from using these! I’ve also made a tutorial on how to import and edit with your presets in case you’ve never done it before. All up on the Adobe blog! Check the link in today’s Instagram story! (Also, this image was edited with my preset “Fall Forrest.” Swipe right to see the unedited version.) #ad
If it requires a helmet, then my answer is yes. ——————————————————— Memories from Serendipity Arete, one of my favorite days this summer.  @jacksonhole  PC: @ryan_burke11
Just wrapped up hosting my first multi-day photography workshop! It was such an awesome experience to be able to share my home with a few adventurous ladies and bond over mutual hobbies. We practiced shooting landscapes, portraits, and astro, and I’m proud to say that everyone graduated to shooting fully on manual mode! I can’t wait to do more of these down the road! Swipe right to see a few pics from our couple of days together.
A year ago, @moviemountain wrapped up work on POOL SCUM, a stop motion ode to the terrible, yet amazing sub genre of 80s retellings of Romeo and Juliet set to action sport, films like Rad and Thrashin’ @joshbrolin. A year after finishing POOL SCUM and two years after breaking ground on the studio we’re in the middle of our next project.  Everything we learned from the last few years, we are putting into a proof of concept for a stop motion science fiction feature film set on a space ship.  There will be robots, space travel, and aliens.  For the time being,  here's Episodes 1-3 of POOL SCUM.
It’s incredible how photogenic natural contrasts can be to the human eye.
The @moviemountain is hard at work building sets, props, models and puppets for our next project, a proof of concept for an animated science fiction feature.  Here’s one of the props that’s @tim__yates whipped up, a fully functioning,  1/6 scale vaporizing argon pipe designed to work in zero g, including on space walks through an optional airlock attachment 🚀☠️🌌
I’m definitely more alive than those Namibian trees, I swear. It’s incredible how much unpublished content I want to share with you all, yet my days are so busy right now it’s been difficult to find a 30-min period behind my laptop to edit images. My resolution for this autumn though is to slowly get back to a frequency of one post a day. I’m working on this :) Happy 🍁🍂 season to you all!
Camping out last night with my brother on the Columbia River before he moves to Berlin, Germany today with his better half today to start a new chapter of their lives.  Tim and I have been going to this beach together for the last 25 years, and I’m sure we’ll be back again someday.  Good luck in Berlin @timothytickle @my___pet ❤️❤️
Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 🍂🍁 @jacksonhole
Them: “If you want success on Instagram, wear tight/revealing clothing in your photos.” Us: “🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🖕🏼”
Two weeks, 167 miles, 126,000ft of vert gain/loss, and 50 peaks later... We’ve successfully traversed the Wind River Range from north to south, folks! I may have looked like pic #1 most often, but I felt much more like pic #2 the majority of the time… ——————————————————— Here’s what I learned: 1.) Going up and down 50 peaks is an effective way to lose 6lbs in two weeks (Don’t worry, I haven’t eaten a single vegetable since I got out of the mountains so I’m sure I’ve already gained it back). 2.) My body can hold up pretty well for exactly 9 days of peak bagging from sun up to sun down. Day 10 on is torture. 3.) If you’re bored enough, you may able to recount nearly every single scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy despite having not seen the films in years. Try it next time you’re out in the mountains hopping around on rocks and getting blasted by hurricane force winds for two weeks! ——————————————————— More pics to come! #windwalkertraverse PC: @ryan_burke11
Here’s a look at how we made POOL SCUM in the @moviemountain  studio.  The whole process took around seven months from conceiving the idea to putting the final touches on the short film. Right now, we’re hard at work building sets, puppets and models for a proof of concept for an animated feature,  #🚀🛸👽🤖. It’s a much bigger project than anything we’ve worked on in the past, but the process is similar to how we built the world for POOL SCUM, just scaled up and in space. @moviemountain
SUMMER YOU WILL BE MISSED @kevin_kowalski @tweestopher.  PS THE CAMPER IS JUST FINE @jay
Getting lost in the haunted forest of Sintra, a place of myths, legends and paranormal activity, from what local told us.
I’ve been incredibly busy since I returned from my latest European tour around France-Spain-Portugal last July/August, and I cannot wait to share with you soon the reason why.  That being said, I finally managed to get some editing time behind my laptop today, and went back through this summer photos. Here’s one from of a favorite location, in the French Pyrenees.
Brave flowers facing the salted winds and strong gust coming every day from the Atlantic Ocean on the Portuguese coast. Indomitable nature 🌊
One of the best mornings of 2018 so far, somewhere in the heart of the Pyrenees 💙 @lolosjohan
There’s still hope to see this beautiful animal live many more centuries if not millennia on Earth, but we need to take actions now.  Since the start of the 20th century, the population of wild African elephants declined from 3.5million to only 415,000.  If you do the math, that’s an average of 26,411 wild elephants that died or have been killed each year since 1901. 26,411!!! WWF estimates that 20,000 is the number of wild African elephants being killed each year for their ivory (that’s 55 a day!). But this isn’t taking into accounts other causes such as the loss of their habitat (halved over the last 40 years, and that now is only 15% of the surface they used to have centuries ago). Now, what can you do to help the population increase again?  Take a few minutes and visit www.savetheelephants.org. Many interesting resources that need to be read, and if you ever want to get involved you can always donate to help the charity with their mission. Let’s do our best so our children, grand-children and further generations will also be able to live in a world where elephants still exist, and where those creatures live a peaceful and protected life side by side with humans. 🙏 #worldelephantday
Two hours earlier, we were surrounded by 500 people on an overcrowded beach. We then decided to drive to the mountains, just 45min south, in order to find peace. That’s the beauty of Asturias. #peaksofeurope
It’s one thing to witness this kind of view, but the happiness that comes after hiking for hours in thick fog and eventually emerging above the clouds to see glowing mountains in the distance is almost indescribable. That evening in the French Pyrenees will be remembered for years to come. >> @lolosjohan
Want to be there or want to run away? •• @lolosjohan
Today's morning was like a child's dream. This place is called "castle in the air". It's located in Ono, Japan. Just 10 days per year you can observe such fantastic conditions when castle floating above the ocean of clouds. Well, I had no expectations to see even something close to what we were lucky to witness this morning. That's a drone shot - for quick edit video preview visit my igtv.  Epic Japan trip with @skylum_global Danielkordan.com #japan #castleinthesky #ono #fukui #castle #ilovejapan #visitjapan #winterjapan #dji #djiglobal @djiglobal #mavic2pro  #madewithluminar
In Japan you can easily roll back from the future into 17 century. It's just couple of hours from taking shinkansen train to walking in little villages of Kiso valley. Quiet rural countryside of Japan definitely brings you back in time.  Danielkordan.com on Japan trip with @skylum_global team.  #japan #kisovalley #visitjapan #ilovejapan #nikon #nikkor #gitzoinspires #luminar #madewithluminar #lucroit
I think when most people think of California, they picture San Francisco, Yosemite, and Hollywood. But to me, the deserts are just as beautiful if not more beautiful and iconic. Can you believe this landscape? It looks like I’m on Mars. Are you a desert person? If you’ve never been to one, did you know they could look like this? This was taken on a hike in Death Valley, which is the hottest desert in the world, unless you go in the winter - then it’s just about perfect. @deathvalleynps #visitcalifornia #roadtripcalifornia #deathvalleylove
BOUTIQUE SLEEPS 🛏 FLORENCE 🇮🇹 . In Firenze, which I also visited with Alison of @vivalifestylepr, artist Betty Soldi was kind enough to host me at @adastraflorence. From the moment I was let through the gate on the street to see this view of just a portion of the largest private garden in Europe, I knew there was something very special in store. I could feel it in the light that filtered through the columns even on a gray winter day. As I made my way through multiple doors and up a grand staircase, the feeling of wonder in my chest swelled. And yet when I was finally greeted in what passes for a modest hallway in Italy outside a beautifully aged salon that was as understated as it was elegant, I was anything but disappointed. . Ad Astra takes up a few floors in an ancestral family mansion that was a collaboration between architect Francesco Maestrelli and Marco & Matteo Perduca in Oltrarno, the most real and authentic Florentine district. After a brief look at the 270 square metre terrace, where I couldn’t wait to enjoy breakfast, I was let into my suite where Lego figurines, vintage flags and metro system memorabilia seemed perfectly married to original Italian design pieces from the ‘50s, ‘60s & ‘70s, a free standing bathtub and an ancient frescoed ceiling. Quirky in a way I’d never expect in Firenze, like the writing on the wall that was clearly done by hand. Fanciful and carefree yet absolutely still chic. . If I thought I was reminded of how much I love boutique hotels in Roma, in Firenze I was reminded of how much I love guesthouses where the owner’s distinct personality is so evident and infectious in the details of your surroundings, that you immediately feel you’ve found a new friend. . . . . #bellaitalia🇮🇹 #italia🇮🇹 #culturetrip #boutiquehotels #traveladdicted #iamatraveler #tlpicks #italiabella #bettysoldi #firenze #florenceitaly #firenze🇮🇹 #firenzearchitecture #italyarchitecture #detailsofitaly #guesthouses
I always envisioned chasing a giant swell on first my trip to Tahiti but instead it was much different. We followed a die hard group of Bodysurfers for a film called “Come Hell or High Water.” I didn’t even think bodysurfing in such heavy waves or shallow reef was possible until I saw what these guys were able to do... every drop was committing and reef would come at you fast. Reef cuts were a daily occurrence but perfect barrels were even more common. @thetorpedopeople wanted to create this image for the film of the entire group dolphining behind a wave. Coordinating it was a challenge but ultimately ended up being my favorite image of the trip.
Head to toe in 7mm rubber. The only opening that is exposed to the water is the small porthole that fits your eyes, nose and mouth. At the end of a long surf in 15F and by the time you paddle back to the boat you can expect your face to be a shade of near purple as the blood rushes to keep you warm. It is definitely not the most attractive look but it sure can put a smile on your face :) .  @annaehrgott @nolecossart
The sweet ain't sweet without the sour. Blustery snowstorms bring crystal clouds and powder bliss. To the mountains we go! ———————————————————— Stoked to be partnering with @backcountry again to continue to spread the love with a 15% off code for your first order of winter goods! They've got everything from technical gear to warm winter layers and most orders come with free 2 day shipping. Just use code "ELISE15" at checkout! #sponsored
This is me. 32 years of sun on my face, cold on my skin & a deep intense desire to learn and grow. A portrait seemed like a good way to start out the year since this account isn’t really about me but about my observations & documentation of the world around me. I take a lot of pride in my work & the ability to share it.. I started my career 13 years ago shooting film & watched the transition to digital. .  This portrait was shot by @johnkelseyphoto on a Hasselblad 500c , which in many ways makes it extra special in my mind.
Are you team big resort or team small hotel? I love boutique hotels for their personality and charm, and the feeling that I could be at home - just not *my* home. Aruba is known for the huge hotels but I adored staying at this little one, with friendly cats (I'm allergic but I still pet them with dish towels, flip flops, anything I can find), an entire casita that felt like an apartment, and this adorable pool. So nice and quiet. It's also female-owned. Bonus! You can see more on my stories! #discoveraruba #onehappyisland @arubatourism #spon
Rainy day on Kauai. Still managed to get a few decent shots, despite the dreary weather. 🌦🌴 - For every journey, there’s often some days when mother nature doesn’t cooperate! - Have you ever had bad weather wreck your trip somewhere?
From winter to sun! You guys I had so much fun exploring the more rugged side of Aruba yesterday, driving on dirt roads and over rocks on quiet coastal trails with cacti and driftwood to keep me company, and these powerful waves slamming against the rocky shoreline (it's on my insta stories if you want to see more!). I love this adventurous side of Aruba that most tourists don't see. Did you know it looked like this here? Gorgeous. #discoveraruba #onehappyisland #spon
Kamchatka! Russia’s land of volcanoes. 🌋 - This is the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the main city on this remote peninsula in Russia’s far-east. - From here we bussed to the interior, then hopped on snowmobiles to visit ethnic Even reindeer herders and learn about their way of life in the wilderness. It was such a wild trip!
Fall in the Gorge
Here’s a little trip down memory lane to four years ago when we were racing the seasons to finish the tree houses before the Pacific Northwest winter kicked in.  @sirjosephdirt had been here since May and countless friends had came through from all over to lend a hand and pound some nails.  Tucker and I had built small things but never anything of close to the scale of two tree houses, three bridges etc.  We learned on the fly.  We jokingly referenced, “fuck it, we’ll do it live,” implying that we’ll solve problems as they come up.  It worked, and I still live in the tree house in these photos.  Time sure does fly.  I’m doing a sale the book I made about the process with photos, sketches, musings and other BS in my web store.  Use the code FALL18 to get %20 off (link in profile). If any one has the opportunity to build something with their own hands, I’d recommend in a heart beat.  The result will surprise you and the memories will last forever 🔨🌲 🧤 #thecindercone
Windwalker traverse day 12 – the Cirque traverse. Terrifying rappels, a fixed anchor blowing, near loss of our rope to a crack, Ryan taking a lead fall over 1000ft of exposure, and a 5.2 dirt/ice gully after sundown. Still, we laughed and carried on and tucked our heads against the wind and argued about which one of us would be Frodo and which one of us would be Sam if we were Frodo and Sam. And of course, cursed ourselves for our severe under-packing of snickers bars. They say you only remember the good parts, but I’d have to disagree. It was the shared struggle and the unexpected that made the experience so worthwhile. ——————————————————————— Sharing a few more photos from this trip in today's story!
What difference in a scenery just a few minutes can make! . Last week I was invited by @nikonfr in the Lofoten, Norway, along with some journalists to try their recently announced full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z7.  Those shots were taken using the new Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 S (Z-mount). Head over my stories to read my feedback about that new camera. Honest review, not sponsored.  #nikonzlofoten
So great to be back in Japan! This time I travel by car to less known places in rural Japan. And postal villages of Kiso valley are among them. With great team of @skylum_global - @ev25.4 @phototerra and @lanatoki_makeup we met this beautiful sunset today.  Danielkordan.com #nikon #gifu #japan #ilovejapan #visitjapan #madewithluminar #luminar3 #gitzoinspires
Hard to imagine how this tree had grown in such a place - among rocks at high elevation of White pocket. That's how the nature makes it's way through. December was not the best time to observe milky way, but still we were lucky to have a bit of clear skies in the night.  Danielkordan.com  Shot with #nikon #d850 + 14-24 nikkor, iso 4000, f/2.8, 25 s, gitzo traveler tripod. Processed with #luminar3 #usa #whitepocket #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires
Happy New Year dear friends, let your dreams come true!
Collection of abstract images from Southwest. Nature is the genius painter itself. You understand this another time just looking from above down to the Earth. I took these shots in December using my mavic 2 and Nikon D850. Processed with #luminar3 Danielkordan.com #usa #deathvalley #factorybutte #zabriskiepoint #madewithluminar #nikon #djiglobal #dji
Star trails image of Double Arch. Here's 100 images 25 s iso 5000, f/2.8 for star trails stacked in StarStax + lower focus stacked frame on the tree branch. Light with headlamp from inside the double arch for one of the star frames. Without doubt Arches national park is wonderful for astrophotography. Winter wasn't best time to observe milky way core, so I decided to play with star trails here.  Danielkordan.com #usa #arches #archesnationalpark #startrails #nikon #d850 #nikkor 14-24 #gitzoinspires #astrophotography #starstax
Bryce canyon is among places you should witness yourself. No photo will do a justice of the moment when first rays of sun light up entire canyon with beautiful red glow. Danielkordan.com #usa #brycecanyon #bryce
Absolutely surreal landscape of white pockets in USA. It seems that you are wandering inside Salvador Dali painting. To get here is different story, it's so much fun to drive sandy road on 4x4 and then being absolutely alone at such unique place. After visiting US in December I changed my mind about local photography spots. Even in most photographed country it's possible to be alone at locations, you just need to select remote and distance ones avoiding mainstream.  Danielkordan.com #usa #whitepocket #whitepockets #luminar #madewithluminar #nikon #lucroit #gitzoinspires
New Year mood ⛄ snowy Bryce canyon was just fantastic this December! Danielkordan.com #brycecanyon #bryce #nikon #luminar3 #madewithluminar #usa
I was quite surprised to encounter golden autumn colors in December visiting Alabama hills. That was the very first day of my southwest USA adventure together with @skylum_global and talented @shainblumphotography  A beautiful day to start indeed! Danielkordan.com Shot with #nikon #d850 + 14-24 #nikkor + #gitzo traveler tripod, processed with #luminar3 #usa #southwest #alabamahills #lonepine #california
California how are you so beautiful? I was born and raised here and still there’s so much I haven’t seen here. That changes now! As much as the beach and mountains are beautiful, there is nothing like a desert. The beauty, solitude, and landscape blows me away every time. Over the next few days I’ll be taking you through the beautiful deserts in California, starting with the Alabama Hills. This Rocky landscape is the gateway to Mount Whitney and is particularly striking in the winter time when snow caps the mountains. #visitcalifornia #lonepineca #inyocounty @exploreinyocounty #roadtripcalifornia
mattress, khan al-ahmar
Bon dia, Aruba. The reward for resisting the seductive urge to hit snooze. #discoveraruba #onehappyisland @arubatourism #spon
Another set of abstractions from death valley in USA. This time it's from Zabriskie point. If you visit this place don't confine yourself of just viewpoint visit. It's nice to walk around the place concentrating on nature small details. Can't say it's pleasant walk all year around because Death Valley is too hot in summer, but in December it was very comfortable.  Danielkordan.com Shot with #nikon #d850 + nikkor 70-200. Processed with Luminar 3.  #usa #deathvalley #deathvalleynationalpark #zabriskiepoint #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar