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Weekend is lookin’ pretty stacked. I’ll be stoppin’ by #nycwineexperience tomorrow and bouncin’ around NYC @WoodpeckerbyDB & @DBTavern all weekend. Say hey if you see me! 📸: @EdibleLongIsland
#repost @lhallyday with @get_repost ・・・ A toi, À nos amours, À tes amours, À la fureur de vivre, À la liberté de penser,  À ta musique, Je t’aime pour toujours ❤️
Si seulement je pouvais te revoir encore une fois... ma Joy d’amour, ton papa est tellement fier de la petite fille que tu es... j’en suis tellement convaincue... ❤️❤️❤️ tellement tellement fort @joyhallydayofficiel
🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 mon dieu quelle émotion! ❤️❤️❤️ love you so much @lhallyday
We’re excited to have found a new style, a new name, and a big menu overhaul @DBTavern! Now we’re looking for little feedback! Friends & Family (talkin’ about you!) will get 15% off your full tab now through 11/21 when you show this post to your waiter. This offer includes extended family, too! Share the news with everyone! #chewdoin
On this week’s @davechangshow, I talked to @ikebarinholtz about his directorial debut @theoathmovie. I’ve had many heated holiday dinners with my family, and Ike’s movie resonated with me. But it wasn’t only that. His movie forces us to think about things in our absurd world that we don’t always want to think about. Listen at the link in my bio and see the oath this Friday!! @ringer @majordomomedia
On commence l’envoi des premiers desserts à Jòia... bon déjeuner à tous nos convives! #joia #joiaparhelenedarroze #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
🐓🥚 🍜
Just when you thought we couldn’t get better, @WoodpeckerbyDB has done it again! Stop in for the FIVE DOLLAR Happy Hour pasta today only. 3-7pm & 9pm-close.  #chewdoin
Go get your copy today! Our new book - THE NOMA GUIDE TO FERMENTATION - written together with our Director of Fermentation @david_zilber, is finally on the shelves! The book is now available for purchase in bookstores and online (see link in bio!). We’d love to see what you’re making with: #nomaferments @nomaferments
Autumn 🍂 🍁 in @miharatofuten_bangkok arrives with a vegan menu  Available only dinner vegan tofu omakase  Reservation Instagram: @miharatofuten_bangkok 📞📲 : (+66) 83 655 4245 Line : @mihara.tofuten 📧:resv@miharatofubangkok.com Website : http://www.miharatofutenbangkok.com Address : 159/3 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 #gaggan #miharatofutenbkk #miharatofuten #tofuomakase #tofoofighters #asias50best #worlds50best #michelinbkk
Merci @setmystyle_officiel @cendrinedominguezofficiel de m’avoir fait l’honneur à travers Jòia de participer à vos magnifiques planches de style et d’ambiance... retrouvez-moi sur la communauté www.setmystyle.fr pour créer votre propre planche...
Ready to start the day... @m6officiel #topchef #topchefsaison10
Pro tip: don’t order the 갈비찜 extra 🌶. First and last time I do this...Medium is spicy enough. Add on of 🐂 tails, 🍚 🍰, and 🧀 @uglydelicious
Anago 🇯🇵 + molé 🇲🇽 + stick rice 🇹🇭 = kebab 🇮🇳 The most confusing dish cross border contamination (@yojitokuyoshi love this word from you)  We make borders walls and boundaries hate it when people say they come to Gaggan expecting Indian food or visiting Thailand do eat Thai cuisine only (yes definitely u should ) or I should have sticked to my cuisine of curries and naan bread .. or Gaggan is not Indian enough .. or the WORST comment “I don’t like Indian food but surprisingly I loved GAGGAN”  Cooking and food breaks boundaries breaks hates breaks cultural barriers breaks color and creed of people cooking can heal and food is life and all those who think I am wrong then don’t ever put cinnamon in ur coffee don’t put pepper in ur kitchen and ohh please never eat sugar(originated in India too)  As they say u can’t please everyone except yourself  Btw @rydoanton89 created the dish he is 🇮🇩 @malvaez_mario_ did the mole he is Mexican 🇲🇽 and @polynse made the sticky rice she is 🇹🇭 and @charfung Chinese from Costa Rica 🇨🇷 filleted the fish  #gaggan #asias50best #worlds50best #miharatofutenbkk #gaa #wetbkk #suhring #michelinbkk
BROTHERLY LOVE at NAUTI BAR. Glad I’m able to work with him on some of my favorite projects in Jersey! Stop by at our newest joint for some bites on the beach and make sure to say hey to my brother, Boy Rob.
Chilled pheasant broth with caviar and cream
Voleur de chaussures... et trop heureux de l’être... #fluffythedog #fluffylebienheureux #fluffyquinestplussifluffyqueca
The iconic... Mille-crêpes au the matcha... à Jòia bien sûr... #joia #joiaparhelenedarroze #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble @restauranthelenedarrozeparis
Can’t keep me out of the kitchen @DBTavern! Stop in tonight for dinner, or brunch with us tomorrow at 11am! #chewdoin
Le merlu de Saint-Jean de Luz... rôti à l’espagnole et servi avec une sauce chimichurri... Jòia toujours et encore... #joia #joiaparhelenedarroze #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble @restauranthelenedarrozeparis
Saturday night fever à Jòia... #joia #joiaparhelenedarroze #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble @restauranthelenedarrozeparis
We’re back & better than ever! @DBTavern will be open today for bites and cocktails in the bar lounge area. Hope to see you there! #chewdoin
It’s almost our first anniversary over @TheAdelphiHotel! Celebrate with us on October 18th at our 1st Anniversary Soiree to benefit @doublehranch with food, cocktails & fundraising. #chewdoin
I’m lucky to have my friend @jheilemann on this episode of @davechangshow. He’s a host of @SHO_TheCircus and someone who pokes and prods me to think differently about culture and politics. I’m not an expert at this and I never thought I’d talk about politics on this podcast but having someone like John helps me process what’s going on in our country right now. Listen at the link in my bio. @majordomomedia @ringer
*TICKET GIVEAWAY for TONIGHT @WoodpeckerbyDB*  Cleared some room at the Chef’ Table and I’ve got TWO seats for TONIGHT’S @RobertMondavi Wine Dinner. Head over to @WoodpeckerbyDB last post to enter. Tickets also available for purchase. Selecting a winner at 4:30pm sharp TODAY! #chewdoin
The final dessert - toffee made with duck fat instead of butter. Soooo good - swipe 👉
A few of my favorites over at #redsaltroom @GardenCityHotel - the Colorado Lamb Chops served with Lamb Sausage in a Tomato Couscous, The 20 oz Bone In Ribeye, Roasted Asparagus, Yellow Onion Rings & the Lobster Baked Potato. 📸: @Eating_LongIsland
From the game menu - fried wild duck wing
This team lead by @kyliejavierashton and Chef Paul Carmichael continue to grow and push @momofukuseiobo to higher levels. This is all their leadership and vision 🙏  @goodfoodau is like the james beard awards meets Michelin guide for Australia. Reviewing restaurants on a 20 point scale, it’s a national & local way of keeping tabs of 🇦🇺 vibrant culinary scene. Yesterday was the guides awards and release of book.  Good food guide has national and local awards. They also sort of out top restaurants by a three hat system. Three hats being best in class.  I’m beyond thrilled to congratulate Kylie winning the Service Excellence award and for Seiobo reclaiming three hats:  Momofuku Seiobo at The Star was the only other Sydney restaurant to achieve a three-hat rating, awarded to establishments with a Guide score of at least 18 out of 20. It is the first time Momofuku has achieved three hats since Barbados-born chef Paul Carmichael took leadership of the kitchen in 2015 and brought a Caribbean influence to the menu. Momofuku manager Kylie Javier Ashton received the Citi Service Excellence Award for maintaining the restaurants vitality since it opened in 2011 -  Citi Service Excellence: Kylie Javier Ashton - #  She has been one of Momofuku Seiobo's few constants since its early days of pork buns and pet-nat at The Star. Those famous steamed baos have long gone, but the general manager's professionalism has maintained Momo's vitality through the Noma-via-New-York cooking of chef Ben Greeno to the flavour-driven haute Barbadian cuisine of current chef Paul Carmichael. With a resume listing fine-dining temple Tetsuya's and wine church Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Javier Ashton greets guests with warmth, extols Bordeaux and jumps behind the pass when needed to keep the open kitchen humming. Don't you dare think about stealing the bespoke cutlery, either. When Javier Ashton isn't ensuring that every diner is having the most delicious fun possible, the industry
Chef Kuta X @masatakamasataka  Both masters of izakaya 🏮 one with Kyushu food other with tofu  Meet them on the 10-11 Oct 2018, dinner only @miharatofuten_bangkok . They are forced to cook fine dining with autumn 🍂 ingredients.. they haven’t done this before it’s a disaster if you are a izakaya specialist .. but that’s what I love pushing people from their comfort zone. Mihara tofuten bangkok is example of this challenge for Kuta San he has been running Kuta (high end Izakaya) restaurant in Fukuoka since 1996 (22 years ago) and continued his success with Ginza Tokyo from 2009.  I fell in love with simplicity of kuta cooking and mixing Flavour to cook super comfortable food  Last few seats  10-11 October  For reservation please contact. MIHARA TOFUTEN BANGKOK Address : 159/3 Sathorn Soi 7, Bangkok Mobile : 083 655 4245 (10.00-22.00) Whatsapp : +6683 655 4245 Email : resv@miharatofutenbangkok.com Line : @mihara.tofuten FB Message : Mihara Tofuten Bangkok Instagram : miharatofuten_bangkok #asias50best #lamaisondelanaturegoh #gaggan #miharatofutenbkk #miharatofuten #notofunolife #tofuufighters #michelinbkk #tofuomakase
🍅 🥚 🍜 = Noodles with tomato egg sauce. The og Sunday gravy. One of my favorite Chinese dishes.  It probably has its roots in the classic Arabic dish ‘Shakshuka’. #uglydelicious Hall of fame #silkroad #nofilter
Sink or Swim! We’re out here hanging out in Sea Bright, NJ at the newest spot - NAUTI BAR (behind @DrifthouseDB). Getting the team ready for the big opening!
Mushroom season this year is out of control -  we’ve preserved almost 1000 kilos (2200lbs). winter is coming.
From the test kitchen: pumpkin stewed together with morels and bee pollen and a hint of morita chile
For those who love taste  Chef Kuta from the left street of neighborhood of @goh_f and @masatakamasataka from the right street of the same neighborhood from our @miharatofuten_bangkok will collaborate to create one of a kind tasty tasty tasty 😋 Japanese 🇯🇵 fine 🏮izakaya 🏮 cuisine in Bangkok .. they are flying 300 Kgs of ingredients .. just for 60 guests .. Date 10.10.18 & 11.10.18  All I promise is good good good soul fine tasty Japanese cuisine .. For Reservation Instagram: @miharatofuten_bangkok 📞📲 : (+66) 83 655 4245 Line : @mihara.tofuten 📧:resv@miharatofubangkok.com Website : www.miharatofubangkok.com Address : 159/3 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 #gaggan #miharatofutenbkk #lamaisondelanaturegoh #miharatofutenbkk #tofuomakase #izakayavsomakase #worlds50best #asias50best #michelinbkk
Pleased to be partnering with Henry Liu @CangshanCutlery to begin a new chapter in the world of cutlery. They are known for "beautiful function" and I couldn't agree more. #cangshan #cangshanknife #cangshancutlery #beautifulfunction
@dan.giusti is a good friend of mine and a highly accomplished chef who has decided to change focus and make food for those who need it the most. Dan used to be the head chef of @nomacph and left to start @brigaid which contracts with schools to provide and improve their school lunches. It was great talking him for this week's episode of @davechangshow. I admire that he's found what's important to him. We could all learn that making good food and proving yourself don’t have to happen in a fancy restaurant with lots of accolades. Listen now at the link in my bio. @majordomomedia @ringer
WHAT A DAY! Head over to @WoodpeckerByDB to enjoy the weather & grab a bite outside. We’ve also extended our $5 Bar Happy Hour outside from 3-7pm & 9pm-close. #chewdoin
Summer is ending - autumn sends its fruits
He started a non violent protest with a 26 day march to civil disobedience just for salt !! His philosophy. "Be the change that you want to see in the world," And he did.  In every way, Mahatma Gandhi's life was personification of his thoughts and his beliefs.Like all other aspects of his life, he also believed that food should be simple and earthy. It was not merely a means to satisfy hunger. Instead, he viewed food as an essential ingredient that shaped human consciousness. He said "There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread."... Happy Birthday Father of my country India 🇮🇳 #mahatmagandhi #gaggan #worlds50best
메주/meju - first steps for 된장/doenjang & 국간장/🇰🇷 soy sauce. Just don’t call it miso.  Growing up my dad’s mom used to make this at home under her electric blanket, then hang them up to dry further and ferment. Smells terrible tastes delicious #smellydelicious #uglydelicious
Bacon & conversations with my BUDDY - @ElvisDuran this mornin’. Couldn’t come empty handed, so we brought some @WoodpeckerByDB bites for him to try. Thanks for having me @Z100NY!
Great balls of🔥
BEERS & BRATS! Oktoberfest @GardenCityHotel was a blast today.
People aren’t in line for Kanye shoes or iPhones - BUT FOR THE BEST GODDAMN BREAD IN TOWN. Congratulations @hartbageri we’re so happy and lucky you chose Copenhagen.
@yojitokuyoshi and us cooking the most contaminated carbonara in @vermicular_japan pot provided by @soipengwu .. The rice is 5 yrs old basmati long grain rice irrigated from Himalayan mountains The rice absorbs the water it’s cooked in and grows long... The rice is cooked in the stock of Guanciale and black pepper and fat from the same reduction .. @yojitokuyoshi cooked the sauce and we topped with crispies of Guanciale This why I love to host such intelligent chefs as it explores the possibility that never exists in traditional form .. #yojitokuyoshi #gaggan #worlds50best #asias50best #michelinbkk
@JrzyJoe can’t resist a good sweet potato! Thanks to @ABSteaks - I brought him a beautiful filet mignon over sweet potatoes, apples filled with sweet potato purée & one of @Springsteen’s favorite chicken dish. Catch the full show for what’s new at my properties. Link on my IG Story & tune in every Tuesday Mornings at 8:06am on @AM970TheAnswer. #chewdoin
This is the menu for the next months
Friends, next month @david_zilber and I are going on tour in the U.S. & Canada for our upcoming book: The Noma Guide to Fermentation, which will be released on October 16th. See link in bio for more information and to buy your ticket!
The worst table in town... u have to tolerate my chefs or my bullshit for 4 hours!! If siting here 🤬🤯😭😤.... this is Gaggan lab u can’t book this online nor can request it on email., We on daily basis choose from the confirmed guests at 4 pm and as much as possible we try to fit double or single diners from different country, color, culture and creed... It’s a social, communal, it’s yin and yang .. isn’t that weirdly correct ?? I am sorry for those who can’t make it here .. it’s only 14 seats wish it was more .. PS: wine pairing compulsory!! #gaggan #world50best #asia50best #michelinbkk #suhring #gaa #miharatofutenbkk #meatlicious #wetbkk
Noma 2.0 is ready for the game season 🔥🦌🐿🍂🍁🍄 • • 📸@coast_studio
This is not new I was naughty by nature ...😝 #gaggan #asia50best  #worlds50best #michelinbkk
Swimming laps under the Surfside sun. Excited to share inimitable artist Donald Robertson’s @drawbertson original artwork @surfclubrestaurant that combines his illustrative style with archival photographs from @thesurfclubmiamibeach #thesurfclubrestaurant #thesurfclubmiamibeach #surfsupmiamibeach
I’m holding a giant mushroom called “Hen of the woods” - the flavor of this....well you’ll have to imagine a whole roasted chicken, Just out of the oven. Tearing a leg off, the sound of the crackling skin. The fragrant steam that arises. Sinking our teeth into the tender meat.  That’s halfway to how amazing this mushroom is!!!
9 greatest albums that shape up my life and inspired me the most  @thebeatles 1  @u2 the Joshua tree 🌲  @silly_ben one ☝️ @pinkfloyd  Dark side of the moon rainbow 🌈 🌚  @panteraofficial cowboys from hell 🐮  @metallica Metallica ⚡️⚡️ @gunsnroses use ur illusion II 🤯 @nirvana.official.band nevermind 😵👼 @foofighters echoes silence patience & grace 🚀 #gaggan #rockalbums #rocknroll #tofoofighters
7 colors make a rainbow 🌈  7 chords make music 🎶  7 days make a week 📆  7 continents makes this planet 🌎  And we are the 7 stooges from 🇭🇷 🇷🇸 🇮🇳 🇸🇬 🇲🇾🇮🇩 🇹🇭 that rocked 🇺🇸... In NYC we didn’t see🗽 but we were overdosed with natural wines and bar hopping  In SF We didn’t cross 🌉 but we did make it in and out of foo fighters concert alive!! In LA we completely forgot the HOLLYWOOD sign. But we did. Massive shopping in Guitar world .. finally time to go back home and good bye my friends we made and special thanks to whose who made this tour possible 😘 🤗 🙏  @kitchensense @beardfoundation @chinalivesf @8tables @restaurantstodinefor @theworlds50best  @thisisdavidgelb @chefludo @troismecla waiting see u all in Bangkok and soon  Also big thanks to @scoimbra 📷 @juliuswiedemann For keeping our hopes alive !! 📚  #worlds50best #jamesbeardhouse #8tables #troismec #cheftablesnetflix #gaggan
Heirloom Tomato from @snugharborccbg with Pine Nuts, Green Olive, Lemon Verbena and Parmesan
Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cake @surfclubrestaurant. A Chesapeake Bay tradition that reminds me of my childhood when I started out washing dishes at the Bay & Surf in Laurel, Maryland (run by my mother). The dish washing station was next to where they cooked the blue crabs, so sometimes I helped the chefs.
Dover Sole Meunière @surfclubrestaurant. A quintessential French dish. Simple and straightforward and yet sublime in flavor. Known as Julia Child’s first meal in France and the most exciting one of her life. It was her birthday earlier this week and we remember her for the way she opened new possibilities and frontiers for American cooks. I’ve often been asked if I was ever nervous cooking for anyone. When Julia would enter the old @_TFL_ kitchen, always  through the back door, we would all stand a little straighter. Julia was immediately disarming as she meandered to the different stations and stood on the line—speaking to each cook, inquiring about their preparations whether they were sautéing a piece of veal or glazing a carrot—every curious and questioning. She’d then go into the dining room and we’d all be nervous wrecks. But to prepare a dinner for someone who had influenced and inspired us in such a profound ways was both special and comforting. #bonappetit #thesurfclubrestaurant #thesurfclubmiamibeach #surfsupsince1930
Eye on the prize. True Ribeye Steak from @SnakeRiverFarms, served with shallot confit and finished with sel gris from Brittany, France @surfclubrestaurant. I love this classic dish for its simplicity and quality. www.surfclubrestaurant.com . #thesurfclubrestaurant #thesurfclubmiamibeach #surfsupsince1930 📷: @djonesstudio
I am smiling here in Surfside. Excited (and nervous) as we welcome guests for the first time to @surfclubrestaurant. . Returning to Florida is both thrilling and gratifying as it’s been a personal goal of mine to bring Continental cuisine to this historic property that first opened its doors in 1930. . It’s an honor to be part of one of the most recognized locations in the world. We will bring it new life. Like so many other places in the world, this property is truly a magical place, and I am not so much an owner as I am a caretaker. The vision is not to change the spirit of The Surf Club, but to continue to help shape its next chapter. . As we open our doors, we aim to make meaningful memories in the ambiance of a bygone era. Thank you to our teams and partners. Looking forward to building a great history together. . Welcome! . To make a reservation or learn more, please visit our website at www.surfclubrestaurant.com. . #thesurfclubrestaurant #thesurfclubmiamibeach #surfsupsince1930 Photo courtesy @thesurfclubmiamibeach
Merci Chef @joel.robuchon for your outstanding contributions to our profession. You were one of the greatest influences for our generation and had a reach that cannot easily be measured. With unparalleled precision, you captivated the culinary audience to reinforce the importance of fine dining and made elevated dining approachable. You also brought higher quality food to consumers and taught a generation about sous vide cooking. Because of you, puréed potatoes reached new heights and became a cult dish. You came out of retirement to give us a unique form of fine dining, allowing guests to sit at a counter and enjoy all the fun and interaction of sitting at a bar while enjoying fine food. Many young chefs today emulate that same format; chefs tables now exist all over the world. You ensured that guests felt comfortable. You paved the way for restaurateurs and influenced cooks like me to pursue their dreams. We honor you. Our thoughts are with your family and culinary teams.
Smoked Trout and Pumpernickel Mille-Crepe with Cucumbers, Dill and Golden Ossetra @regiisova #caviar 📷: @jrodhuth
Celebrating Bastille Day the @bouchon_bistro way 🇫🇷 Bread by Executive Head Baker @francoishiegel #bastillewithbouchon
It’s one of my favorite times of year when I meet with our teams for open conversations in a Town Hall format. It’s a way to connect with them in an intimate and informal setting to provide updates, acknowledge their hard work and dedication, and to answer questions that are top of mind. When we were kids we were encouraged to raise our hands and ask questions. As we got older we stopped raising our hand for fear of being judged by our peers or colleagues. I find the questions from our teams to be most enlightening.
돼지불고기=🐖🌶🔥x🇰🇷🇹🇷🇲🇽🇺🇸🇱🇧🇨🇳 #uglydelicious
Besties @fuku + @capitals = Stanley Cup Champion. Get some
🐖 🐓🍜 🥢🔥
Rooftop season ain’t over til I say it’s over. Heading to new heights @elsierooftop for some DB Classic Bites
Can u decide which side do u belong to YIN or YANG ?? The fundamentals of progressive cooking is to bring things together which contradict to form a complementing bond . Can u recommend some new ideas for next king fu fighting icecream ?? #gaggan #worlds50best #michelinbkk #asia50best #suhring #gaa #miharatofutenbkk #wetbkk #meatlicious
Melissa Caputo, sous chef @perseny recently returned from a scholarship stagier at Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain. She reflects on her trip and on what it means to be a member of the Per Se team.  I remember starting to see her name on service notes and how proud I was to see her commitment. . “I chose Arzak because the restaurant, like the Basque region, has a strong matriarchal influence. Being around so many women chefs was very inspiring to me. At Per Se, we have more female chefs now than ever before, and I think the change in atmosphere and the dynamic of the restaurant has really benefitted from this shift. . This year has been really exciting. Not only am I expediting service, but, on a more personal level, I am expecting my first child. Four years ago, I never expected to rise this far in the kitchen. Initially, adjusting to such a rigorous and demanding kitchen was very difficult. The learning curve at Per Se is steep, but I continue to learn and grow as I help to supervise and manage all aspects of the kitchen. Per Se is a special environment where you can absorb and take so much from it, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort. . I feel that my Per Se colleagues are my extended family, and I always try to treat them as such. I remember being mildly terrified when I started because of the sheer level of talent, so I am mindful of that adjustment period and reach out to the newer employees as a friendly face, someone they can feel comfortable asking any questions of or advice from.  I want more co-workers to feel as comfortable and happy here as I do, so I try to make it feel as “home-y” as a three Michelin starred restaurant can. . My hopes and dreams for my daughter are that I can support her in whatever she wants to do. It was hard for my friends and family to understand why I wanted to become a chef. I graduated from NYU and originally wanted to be a fashion journalist, so to transition to the culinary world was a big jump for
New foie gras soon on the menu... Tasmanian pepper, apples, celeriac, bergamot, tarragon... @helenedarrozeconnaught 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mélange de joie, d’excitation, de stress et d’un peu d’appréhension... ma Chacha part en voyage scolaire en Chine... bon quand même... vivement dans 10 jours le retour...