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Here’s a tower of sea urchins - the 2019 seafood season starts today:):)
Back to the routine... london here I come! #ilovemylife #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Hey St. Louis! @StLouisMag opened it’s A-List Readers’ Choice poll and we  need your help to vote for @GrandTavernSTL + you’re other favorite restaurants in the area! Head to my IG Story for the link. 📸: @stuffbeneats
I like my oysters fat
No Monday night blues tonight -  here’s some classic Lobster Dumplings at the Red Salt Room in the @GardenCityHotel. #chewdoin
Petit à petit la cuisine fait son nid... #workinprogress #newassas #newproject #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Retrouvailles... #fluffy #fluffylebienheureux #maquiterie #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Il y a certains passages obligés quand mes petites filles sont à Biarritz... le CAB ou sinon rien...
Here’s a video on all of the different (allergy or lifestyle) menu options we need available every week.
🇰🇭 Kampot Pepper  really is black gold. unbelievable...everything else is frozen concentrate. Terroir really does change the flavor of pepper. Freshness matters so much  Tastes different from Kerala 🇮🇳 pepper - both changed the 🌎  Burgundy vs Bordeaux  @uglydelicious
Eh ben oui... l’œuf parfait à la truffe noire @ostalapia #homesweethome #paysbasque #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Aller à l’essentiel quand on est 24 heures au Pays Basque... @ostalapia #homesweethome #paysbasque #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Petit déjeuner de rois... la couronne briochée de @boulangeriemamiche #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Retour au pays... le plus beau paysage du monde... #larhune #paysbasque #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
THE CHEF’S STUDIO! Here’s a sneak peak of something special we have planned @DBTavern. On January 15th, we have a special  9-Course Tasting that I’ll be personally cooking with my right hand man - @Chef_Carmine. Check the menu on their website and reserve a spot now! (+ it’s even CHEAPER than what I said in the video.)
I believe we’ve found our holy grail of cooked seafood: hot smoked and barbecued king crab....wauw, the juices, it’s like biting into an apple. And the deep shellfish flavor, layers of ocean umami. The taste is so Sweet, like fresh cooked maple sirup. 🤯🤯
It’s with great excitement that I introduce Chef de Cuisine Kaelin Ulrich Trilling, who will take the helm at our new @lacalendamex. He has developed a menu rich and varied in flavors & styles, and I couldn’t be more proud of his journey on this opening day. . “I was raised with a deep appreciation for cooking thanks to my mother, Susana Trilling, who runs @SeasonsOfMyHeart cooking school in Oaxaca. I practically grew up in her kitchen, listening to her teach & tasting whatever her classes were making. One of her favorite photos of me is in a high chair, surrounded by her students, my face & clothing covered in mole. That was the essence of my childhood. I was also influenced by my father, a tomato farmer in Oaxaca, who gave me my first job when I was in my teens. Working the soil showed me the importance of sourcing, how food can only be as good as the ingredients you start with. . I was lucky to travel all over Mexico with my mom - La Calenda is inspired by those experiences. I think of the menu as a culinary journey. It starts in my home state of Oaxaca with mole negro, the king of moles, made with 30+ ingredients. It swings along the Nayarit Coast for Pescado Zarandeado Verde, a grilled fish seasoned with herbaceous hoja santa. We serve tacos al pastor with trompo-roasted pork, a typical Mexico City preparation, as well as tacos de pollo pibil, as commonly found in the Yucatan. . We are so fortunate to have close relationships with purveyors throughout Mexico who are providing us with chiles, spices & other ingredients that truly make a difference. We partner with @tamoamx for corn from the southern altitudes, nixtamilizing this corn ourselves, and pressing house-made masa into fresh tortillas. . Mexican culture is filled with celebrations and our restaurant takes its name from one of them. I took part in countless calendas growing up and  I have such fond memories of them. You don’t have to be invited - you just join in. That come-one, come-all
Le dernier Nem Bun... Pour le plat préféré de nos filles lors de nos Street Food tours... Nous y sommes retournées 3 fois... #streetfood #vietnam #familytrip #happyfamily #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Bye bye Paradis... enfin un rayon de soleil pour notre départ... malgré une semaine de déluge, nous avons été si heureuses... 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @amanoi #vietnam #familytrip #happyfamily #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Welcome 2019 • (41 years old + 3 kids = dad jokes)
Plus américain que vietnamien, c’est pourtant le dessert des vacances... Cookies and Milk... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Each new year is an opportunity to take stock, a chance to reflect on change and growth, an invitation to explore new ideas and embrace fresh challenges. . I would like to express my gratitude for the support you have shown us. It’s our honor to welcome you into our restaurants, and our privilege to connect to you through our shared experiences. . Our hope is to nourish, and part of our joy is making these memories with you. . All of us at our restaurant group wish you and yours the best in a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.
My 10 commandments for 2019 hope I stick to them !! #gaggan #asias50best #worlds50best #hugmeismelllikecurry #gaa #suhring #meatlicious #miharatofutenbkk #wetbkk
By popular demand...more Mama Chang wishing everyone a happy new year 🎊🎈🎆 - Here she is making her famous Bindae-tteok (빈대떡) for the family. So delicious. She gives out a few tips but will never give me the exact recipe ❤️ - I think she wants her own cooking show Mom vs @jonnybones 2019 @uglydelicious
From dec 2010-2018 the worst 10 dishes we made !! 2018 we serve the worst hyped over-rated meal in Gaggan ...... 😞 2019 will be worse Hahahahahahaha happy eating foodies friends and family... #asias50best #worlds50best #gaggan #hugmeismelllikecurry #gohgan
🍀 🐕 🖼  @momo_seve as uncle @davidchoe muse
My most memorable meal of 2018 was in northern 🇸🇪 with @magnusfaviken. Magnus introduced me to Anita Myrbodarna, a 6th generation dairy farmer. Anita does this all by herself with no beasts of burden, electricity nor modern equipment (tending of farm, herding of 🐄 , milking, cheese & butter production). Anita made us a beautiful lunch of yogurt, butter, bread, sausages, and 🐄 ❤️, and the most caloric heavy dish I’ve ever eaten...🐄 colostrum pudding, the first milk after giving birth. So much protein that it sets itself when baked. Add sugar and cream!!! I think this meal was about 4000 calories. Probably the best dairy I’ve ever had in my life. Delicious and daily fuel for someone who works as hard as Anita.  Anita is also the creator of the best waffles I’ve ever tasted...These waffles taste like ☁️, ☀️ and 🌈. They give you wings @mattias.kroon  #fourhands ⏭through
This episode of @davechangshow is part 2 of the @majordomola post-opening diaries. I spoke with executive chef @Jude_parra and chef de cuisine Marc Johnson. As I said in the last episode, titles while important don’t matter as much to me since we are all working together to do what is best for the restaurant. Jude was one of the first cooks we hired at Ssäm Bar back in 2006 and has seen the evolution of @momolongplay. And Marc is an incredible chef and old friend who came out of retirement for majordomo. Listen to our conversation at the link in my bio and thanks to everyone for all the support this year 🙏 @ringer @majordomomedia
If you’re headed to Breckinridge to hit the slopes, make sure you stop by the @BreckDistillery Restaurant and say "Hey!" to my buddy Whitey Calton. I've helped curate a special menu that pairs pretty well with their cocktails. And of course, there's gonna be clothesline bacon!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday! I spent my morning on @FoxAndFriends talkin’ about last minute Christmas tips. These are tips you can use for everyday cooking, too! Check out the full clip by going to my IG Story. #chewdoin
If you’re like me and are trying to find the perfect (last minute) stocking stuffer for a few friends, we’re debuting our Chef Studio @DBTavern on January 15th. Only 16 seats to our kick-off dinner featuring a one-night tasting menu with @Chef_Carmine and I preparing the dishes, wine pairings, and a selection of a few signature desserts! Tickets available through their website! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
❤️ 👶 👑, Good to be back home  Happy holidays everyone
What is a curry ?? Noun: a dish of meat, vegetables, etc., cooked in an Indian-style sauce of strong spices. Verb: prepare or flavour with a sauce of hot-tasting spices. Wrong❌  It’s a leaf 🍃 not 🇮🇳 cuisine  The dish above is raw scallops raw coconut milk ice cream curry leaf oil chili 🌶 oil over a scallop edible shell  Not cooked, not served with rice or bread, not a sauce, not hot (temperature and spice heat)  Not even spiced with spices but in your mouth it taste like curry  Had to pay this especially from UK 🇬🇧 where curry is a cuisine and not a flavor  #gaggan #curry #asias50best #worlds50best #hugmeismelllikecurry #curry
Wishing you a most memorable holiday season! #merrychristmas #happyholidays | Design by @level_calistoga_ca
*GIVEAWAY* What a great 2018! Thank you all for making it my best year yet! To show my appreciation, I’m gifting five winners DINNER FOR TWO AT EACH OF MY PROPERTIES below to kick off 2019! I've got spots all over - from NYC to Long Island and down the Jersey Shore. . TO WIN: All you have to do is show the accounts below some love (Give ‘em a FOLLOW!) & COMMENT below this post where you’d like to eat (Make sure you TAG who you’re taking with you!) . @DrifthouseDB @DBTavern @WoodpeckerbyDB @GardenCityHotel @TheAdelphiHotel . Good Luck! Winners will be selected on January 2nd.
Brenden Sapp joined @bouchon_bistro in #yountville seven years ago as a server. Originally from a Western Kentucky tobacco farm, he has lived in the Napa Valley for more than twenty years where, as well as working in various esteemed restaurants, he has been busy raising his young son as a single dad and pursuing his extracurricular passion: bass fishing. He recently became Angler of the Year with the Wednesday Night Shoot Out in Clear Lake (a group he’s fished with for 13 years). At Bouchon he is known for his intuition in "reading" a dining room, for his skill at making guests feel at ease with his warm style and gentle charisma. . “My very first job in a restaurant was as a fry cook at a catfish restaurant called The Farm Boy across county line in Morgantown, Kentucky. I was 19 and only took job because I wanted to save up for a car--and I could have all the free cokes I wanted! Since then I’ve been fortunate to have worked in some very nice dining rooms in the Napa and Sonoma valleys- Cyrus, Tra Vigne and Martini House. . I feel lucky to be able to live and work near amazing fishing. I can hook up my boat to my truck and drive up the mountain. I’ve never known a life without fishing and remember fishing mostly with the women in my family—my grandmother and aunts. A great day with them involved buying some minnows, some cheese and crackers, and a few sodas and going fishing together. I became a better fisherman because I’d throw off all the live bait and they wouldn’t give me more. So I’d go into my grandmother’s purse where she carried a tackle box with artificial lures and I would start fishing with those. . These days I bring my son Landon with me. I want him to have an appreciation for nature, a love for the outdoors, like I do. Landon's four years old and he's been going out on the boat with me since he's been three months old. . For me, fishing, like the restaurant business, is about the hope of what can happen. That’s why I do it. I
Hey St. Louis! We’re open! Stop by the @AngadArtsHotel for a twist on some St. Louis Classics. Great shots @GrandTavernSTL by @stuffbeneats!
I’m excited to share that I’m joining the board of the Museum of Food and Drink. Food has the power to bring people together and we need that today more than ever. I’ve seen how @mofad gets people thinking about food and culture in a new way and I’m proud to work with the team on that mission. Join me in supporting the MOFAD Annual Fund by heading over to mofad.org. There’s no better gift you can give than to help elevate this country’s food culture. #foodisculture #mofad
❤️ 🇮🇳 👰 🎩 💒 🥘  @uglydelicious #🥥&🍌forever
I started this podcast with the pre-opening of @majordomola and now that we’ve been open for a year, I wanted to talk to some of the people who have been instrumental in getting us to where we are. This first post-opening diary covers the front of house. I talked to our GM @cmlarr and @richhargreave who oversees the beverage program. I hate job titles because we all work as a team and these two are great examples of that. They both try to go above and beyond to give the best experiences to our guests. Christine is a boss in every sense of the word and I would not open a restaurant without Rich. I’ve learned a lot from them and I hope you will too. Listen at the link in my bio. @majordomomedia @ringer
Choose your egg
Here’s a shot of some Rye Bengiet’s topped with Pastrami Salmon we whipped up for a private event last week. Catering available at all properties or through David Burke Catering.
I’ve fallen 😍 with Vada Pav - A classic Mumbai street snack consisting of a fried spiced potato ball in a bun served with chutney...I can’t stop eating these...they seem to be on every corner and each spot makes them different. Even the bad ones are great. So much to learn about 🇮🇳 -  Season 2 @uglydelicious #uglydelicious  ps - where can I get great Vada Pav in nyc (Jackson heights?) or LA?  I want to eat one everyday. I think its currently my favorite cheap street food. See you guys at @thebombaybreadbar
Charcoal Grilled Caraflex Cabbage from @norwichmeadowsfarm with Apple, Sunchokes and Pumpkin Seeds with a Red Cabbage Jus. 📷: @davidescalante
🔥 katsuo  otsumami 👌🏼- Insane neta  outstanding sushi from chef @masamichiamamoto 🙏 @little_meg_siu_meg  best 🍣 partner & 🍧 master 🙇  #sansho 👨
Today was all about the kids @DBTavern! There were so many great gifts donated at our annual #toysfortots Event. Everyone left with full bellies and warm hearts. #chewdoin for the holidays?
Room for improvement. Great take off. Wobbly dismount & synchronization. Not their best performance: 7.8/10 Need to tighten up the routine if they are gonna make the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics
New menu new season new ideas .. starts tomorrow... let’s see if within next 3 months u can Experience this change .. #gaggan #asias50best #worlds50best #hugmeismelllikecurry
From the test kitchen: baby jelly fish salad
This is our culinary future in America, and to see how far we’ve come is extraordinary. Congratulations to all competing in @mentorbkb Young Chefs and Commis Competition. #mentoryoungchefs
Down the shore @DrifthouseDB, I had the pleasure of seeing @CrisSloanTV. Find out what we were up to on #restauranthunternj Tomorrow 12/13 on Verizon Fios1 8pm. (Channels 1 and 501) #chewdoin
Pleasure sharing some of my dishes with @ElizabethNews12 from News 12 Long Island @TheGardenCityHotel. Check out my IG Story for the full segment, or watch me on @News12LI throughout the day.
Sorry to all of my Italian friends, but the best panettone I’ve ever tasted is here in Copenhagen made by some Brits and Americans at @hartbageri. It is simply the gold standard.
Sunday Supper @redsaltroom_kingbar  with a side of a LOBSTER Baked Potato! Great Shot by @eating_longisland 💯 #chewdoin
🤗Hug 🤗 🤘Me 🤘 👳🏽‍♂️l👳🏽‍♂️ 👃Smell 👃 ❤️Like ❤️ 🍛Curry 🍛  And 🇰🇷 @crazypenne @ageha47 + team did it !!!! #chefchoi #gaggan #asias50best #worlds50best #hugmeismelllikecurry
From the test kitchen: Sweet King crab in a sweet milk pancake
Thank you Governor Brown and First Lady Anne Gust Brown. It is a tremendous honor as a native Californian to be recognized by you and @thecamuseum. To my fellow inductees Joan Baez, Dr. Arlene Blum, Belva Davis, Ed Lee, Nancy McFadden, Fernando Valenzuela, and Robert Redford, I am further honored to be in your esteemed company. I owe my humblest appreciation for this award; an honor that further deepens my connection to the state that I call home. . To my team, I am truly grateful for all the hard work, commitment and dedication you put forth everyday to make our restaurants, bakeries and all other facets of our restaurant group! . #cahalloffame #12thclass #jerrybrown #annebrown #joanbaez #arleneblum #belvadavis #edlee #nancymcfadden #robertredford #fernandovalenzuela
From the department of painstaking-work-that’s-ruined-with the-first-bite: pheasant salad
Announcing the next collaboration at Gaggan .. He is the most upcoming talent in Italy and world will soon be on his plate .. @ristorantelido84 Born in 1973, Bergamasco, he has in his curriculum the Albereta of Erbusco with Gualtiero Marchesi, Le Manoir aux Quat Saison with Raimond Blanc, La Grande Cascade in Paris, with Jean Louis, which is like saying Alain Ducasse, and the Villa Fiordaliso, Michelin star in Gardone Riviera, interspersed with incursions in various cuisines around Europe, and then in 2014 at Lido 84, again at Gardone RivieraRiccardo was named Chef of the Year 2017 by Identità Golose, thanks to his dedication to working with historic ingredients and exploring Italy’s culinary past. Riccardo’s dish of spaghettoni with butter and brewer’s yeast was once described by Alain Ducasse as the best dish he’s ever tasted. The regional differences and provenance of Italian cuisine is what Riccardo believes makes it one of the best in the world, and his food perfectly reflects the flavours of the land  surrounding Lido 84.  Dates: 17-18 January 2019 Location: Gaggan Lab  Reservation code : Lido84  Reservation by email only:  reservation@eatatgaggan.com 14 seats per round  #lido84 #riccardocamanini #asias50best #worlds50best
Welcome to The Surf Club Restaurant Art Basel! Keep the night colorful @surfclubrestaurant. Join us for late night dining. Reservations through 11:00pm and drinks at the bar until the late hour. #artbaselmiami #artbasel #thesurfclubrestaurant #surfclubmiamibeach #surfsupsince1930
Don’t we look similar ?  Mexican hero !! Also part of @chefstablenetflix season 2 and we both have similar attitudes to food, we almost same age and his kitchen and ours in bangkok so similar  Thanks 🙏 @enriqueolveraf for allowing us to take over ur kitchen hope u repeat this in bkk  #pujol #asias50best #latinamericas50best #world50best
Giving thanks. It’s impossible for me to stand at the pass without feeling grateful for the bounty in my life and for all the opportunities I’ve been afforded. I am grateful for my many friends and mentors, and for our wonderful staff, many of whom are working today. You embrace our culture, philosophies and standards beyond my wildest dreams. . I am grateful for the guests who have supported throughout the years, and who continue to do so today. I am grateful for my brother, Joseph Keller, and Chef Roland Henin, who taught me so much in the kitchen. For my father who taught me many life lessons. For my mother, Betty, who worked a full-time job while raising five children on her own, and whose meals live on among my fondest culinary memories. I feel grateful for Laura Cunningham who has been such an enormous part of my life and my success. . At this time of giving thanks, I am especially grateful to our team members who are spending the day volunteering, giving back to our veterans and to survivors of the Camp and Woolsey fires. Thank you. You embody how our restaurants can nourish our communities. . Wherever you are this Thanksgiving, and however you choose to celebrate, may your day be filled with warmth, great friends and good food.
Happiness bean-to-bar. There are so many different ways I enjoy chocolate and I hope our chocolate does the same for you. We partnered with @chefsfeed to share with you the story of @kellermannichocolate – an innovative approach to making chocolate that’s hand-crafted in the Napa Valley by chocolatier Chi Bui. I think you’ll find it complex, velvety and delicious. When you purchase one of our bars before the end of the year, you’ll be entered to win a trip to the Napa Valley, dinner for 2 @_TFL_ and a tour of our factory. Good luck to all you chocolate devotees! (Link in bio). #kplusm #beantobarchocolate #napavalleychocolate #goodforthebodygoodforthesoul
These picture are like block of memories we opened kitchen on 22 November 2010 .. time passes so fast so quick.. but memories remain  2013 we started pushing boundaries started to “Looking for a sign of life Looking for something help me burn out bright looking for a complication.. “.. (foo fighter) 2014-15 We climbed @theworlds50best mountain and topped the Asia50best.. for the first time .. then we had a crisis some left us some joined us we rattled a little but then we took best decision of my life .. not to open another Gaggan rather invest back to existing place and .. 2016 August we opened our lab.. my new arena .. same year @chefstablenetflix @thisisdavidgelb Completely changed my status forever .. from then we have been consistent with our success  Since then indian food status has changed, finally we made sure  1.3 billion people’s food is among the top of world  2018 we got 2 ⭐️⭐️ from first @michelinguide Launch .. repeat that this year .. many will say why not 3 ? (does it matter !! Did they have an Indian from India inspecting me to really understand what we changed)  Anyways the only criticism I had was I travel a lot !! 😤 yes it’s true but I if i didn’t I wouldn’t have been cooking the way we are cooking thinking and changing the meaning of my life as a chef !! How would I get inspired .. But but but .. 2019 feb onward I have decided that until I close I won’t ever cook outside my kitchens (exception of Gohgan) until we close Gaggan which is 30June 2020 .. This is why the pop ups I did in this year were and the ones I will do are the last time I cook outside Gaggan as Gaggan .. My partners shareholders are some of the best people who I know they invested me when I had a dream and nothing else .. so 2019 is my last year my last year in 50 best last year in #asias50best and last year in worlds50best whatever the ranking if we make it to the list will be my farewell as Gaggan .. oh and I forgot to mention @goh_f The guy who
@arorgarima the first Indian 🇮🇳 women to win a star ⭐️ Michelin .. congrats this is the beginning .. only .. 🎊 @restaurant_gaa  #gaa #michelinbkk2019 #gaggan #suhring
Gohgan X .. theme : onsen / Oita  Finally we have our dolls  Location : Umitamago Aquarium  Menu: just finished  Team: people tagged  See you tomorrow ... #gohganx #asias50best #worlds50best #lamaisondelanaturegoh #gaggan #miharatofutenbkk
The swastika as a character 卐 is a geometrical figure and an ancient religion, it was a symbol of auspiciousness and good luck until the 1930s, when it was twisted and then it became a symbol of evil, inhuman faith. The name swastika comes from Sanskrit pronounced swastika in Sanskrit and swastik in Hindi and other languages denotes "conducive to well being or auspicious". In Hinduism, the clockwise symbol is called swastika, symbolizing (sun), prosperity and good luck  Wishing you all happy Diwali ... who ever you are what ever ur religion whatever color u belong let good luck good food and good times touch you life and real happiness of people around you .. 🕌⛪️💒🕍🕋☮️🕉☯️✡️🔯✝️☪️🛐🕎 #happydiwali #gaggan #gaa #miharatofutenbkk #meatlicious #suhring #asias50best #world50best
joyeux anniversaire mamie... #happybirthday #joyeuxanniversaire #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Tacos de Hongos: wild mushrooms, garlic, poblano peppers, epazote, salsa a las brasas, queso fresco. Join us for dinner at @LaCalendaMex tonight or Tuesday – Saturday, 5pm-11pm. Buen Provecho! #lacalenda #buenprovecho
43 more days ‘til with these beauties are ready to hit the grill! Dry Aged in my patented Salt Box up @SaltandChar! Can’t wait to give ‘em a taste!
Getting ready to ring in the New Year @DBTavern with our Sunday Brunch! And if you’re looking for a last minute Brunch on New Year’s Day - make sure to stop by @WoodpeckerbyDB! #chewdoin
Happy holidays everyone. I wish you a great New Year - and thank you, to all of you for supporting us in 2018. And especially, a huge giant thank you to everyone at Noma. You are, without a doubt the most amazing bunch of people to work with.  See you all in 2019
Join me for a cookbook signing and Holiday Pop-Up at @finessethestore_com, December 14th, 1-3pm. Load up on all your Christmas gifts for your favorite food-lovers. #happyholidays
Happy birthday @arorgarima 🎂  Many times in family we have differences and then we have bad times too but today let me tell u a brave story. This  story is of brave girl who never gave up .. never left .. never lost patience .. I personally is guilty for ridiculing her and  trying to force my cooking knowledge .. I am sorry for being me .. But let me tell u other side of the story  During our bad times Many people around us created more differences between us using divide and rule, Some so called space monkeys gastro 🥜 made so many stories out of it.. complete bullshit 😤 @arorgarima is a like my daughter.. before all this happened we had the best times together stealing each other’s food .. and so many good times  Thank God !! All this is over and we had a fresh start earlier this year and in last few months we are back together .. Her food is really her persona and she is cooking and not wearing heals ..... she is in her kitchen with her team taking everyday as a new challenge many have back stabbed her and she still Continues her mission  She has really matured from a cook to a chef and owner and and finally I can say she and her food is so good and incredible  let me alarm 🚨 u she will take over the Gastronomy scene in bangkok soon, success will touch her glory and she will be so famous and @restaurant_gaa rocks and will rock so another sad news for our haters .. gastromonkeys we are back together stronger better faster !!! We were family we are family and we will be family .. #asias50best #worlds50best #gaa #gaggan #garimaarora