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Great game to get our feet wet 💧
This one was special! 3x Champ...Love my brothers until the end, but we want some more #back2back #godisgreat #dubnation
From hanging at the @AmericanExpress Experience to going on stage with @TravisScott, check out my amazing time at #aclfest this weekend. #amexlife #amexambassador
Down 3 with 7 seconds left in our team scrimmage. #kingme👑 #striveforgreatness🚀 #jamesgang👑 #thekidfromakron👑 #rwtw🏅 By the way @stephensonlance & @kuz was 😠 😡 😤!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Meanwhile... #australia #bondibeach #sydney
#ad I know a penguin when I see one. Trust me. It’s clearly a penguin. 🐧 @statefarm  #penguin #basketball #cloudshapes #nicemoment
No hay palabras para expresar lo felices e ilusionados que nos sentimos! Me ha dicho que SÍ!!!!! Soy muy afortunado de estar prometido a una mujer tan maravillosa y con muchas ganas de disfrutar de la vida juntos! ❤️ @catmcdonnell7  Words cannot express how happy and excited we are! She said YES!! I’m so lucky to be engaged to such a wonderful woman and look forward to a lifetime together! #forever ❤️ @catmcdonnell7!!!
@djdiesel on to the next one 📸  @cookeproductions
She controls the music when she rides with me. The Boss aka Baby Z! 🤷🏾‍♂️ “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen soundtrack 🎶 #myprincess👸🏽
At a loss for words. RIP to a great man... much love and Respect!
“Cosmos” out NOW⚪️⚫️. New #schwwagggg ! 🔥🔥🔥 #hardenvol3 (Hit the link in my bio to cop)
Everybody said I got fat, yep, but so did my wallet.... Still ripping rhymes and dropping bombs like Ali, Mohammed #acl #shaqomode
I‘ll be in a bunch of PEs and customs of the #dame4 until the 5 drops. This custom is a tribute to @sonicthehedgehog. All about the rings. #kicksoncourt 📸: @caseyholdahl
Hyped to bring @palm back and share everything we’ve been working on since day 1! #letsgo #liveinthemoment
That crowd was SICKO #austincitylimits and my nephew @travisscott thanks for letting me rock that stage! #acl
Love you! Happy birthday! Many more big bro
You know the Diesel has been putting up shots all off season... game shape cuz @iambarondavis
Happy Birthday to my Brother from another Mother! @southwrdmoo enjoy my boy!! #thatsmyboyyyyy
When it’s finally regular season 😎
This is a good one who you got @stephenasmith @skipbayless @_max_kellerman_ @jalen @espn @nba @nbaontnt @nbaonespn @tmac213 @dennis3dscott
We’re not enemies often but when the @chicagobears and the @miamidolphins play against each. It’s on! #dabears
Supporting my brother @kevinhart4real show last night in my city. Decided to give him this customized jersey that we’ve been working on for a while 😂😂😂. Thanks for lifting the city of Miami spirits up last night and being so amazing to my friends and family. Nothing but Love!
My Brother!!! Not by Blood but by Love! @keenan13allen photo cred: @jewey808 🤣🤣🤣🤣
LeKing 👑x Le6God 🦉x LeFlame 🔥= LeGendary
Pandemonium!! 🦉x 🔥x 👑
In my Roger Troutman voice 🗣 🗣🗣“California Love”!!! Will Never Sound The Same. @beatsbydre #kingme👑 #striveforgreatness🚀 #thekidfromakron👑 #jamesgang👑 #rwtw🏅 #morethananathlete💪🏾
Naw y’all crazy!
Happy Birthday to My twin! @chrissmith500 always got ya back kid!! 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾 #31 ain’t looked that good since i left! Live it up!
Some will say I came a long way, I’ll say I have so much further to go..... 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️“VOYAGER” is out NOW!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #hardenvol3 #schwwaaaaag . . (🔗 in the bio)
10-12-18 My dudes first game tonight!  so surreal. He’s Staring at my hairline probably thinking “please God, bless me more abundantly than this...” #youngwolf
@lilswaggy1 and Navi
Until you do it! #kingme👑 #striveforgreatness🚀 #jamesgang👑
These athletes invited me to be a part of the @cafoundation 25th anniversary PSA because I inspire them. Turns out it’s 💯 the other way around. These are strong, powerful women who we all need to support on their journey to greatness.
Today we’re using #4barfriday to pay tribute to one of the best producers in the game, @pharrell. For this #pharrellchallenge we want you to use any @pharrell produced track (yes, neptunes tracks count) as the beat for your #4barfriday submissions today. Rules: 1) the usual #4barfriday rules (4 bars only, no profanity, tag your videos with #4barfriday and @4BarFriday), 2) your submission must use an instrumental from a Pharrell produced track. 3) add the #pharrellchallenge tag to your submissions. Let all the MCs on the gram know about this challenge. I’ll be giving @4BarFriday some @adidas kicks to give to the MCs behind the best 4 #pharrellchallenge submissions.
The day after Michael Jordan hit the game winner on the Jazz with the move that every hater said he pushed off on(maybe a slight tap to the butt) i wanted to do it in my next game. As i was about to do the move my defender was too close so i had to go between my legs backwards!  That moment my signature move was created!  One of many!
I’m so proud of what @stancesocks and I are creating! The @pkwy_official era starts now...
Last night I had to go back down memory lane with the Dame 2s ... fwm
Gone but never forgotten! Love y’all boys!
My mentor. I sat with Tex and watched every minute of every game during our first season together (including preseason games) he taught me how to study every detail of the game. He was a basketball genius in every sense of the word. Basketball purest. I will miss him deeply. Thank you Tex. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. Rest In Peace.
Big Moves for the big guard in a big man’s body @joelembiid...welcome to the @underarmour family! #squad #biggerthanbasketball
🚫Don’t try this at home .....
"why not?"... points to God for the ability, and self for the fight and determination to honor what he's given you.  Honor Your Gift!! #whynot
My point guard @the_1_dragon ...Felt good stepping into the winner circle tonite fellas @miamiheat #heatnation
Post Practice. #whynot #whynotus
Back at it in front of #dubnation tonight. Preseason shme season....
Just a couple of LA kids playing in Texas.  Beard x Debo
MyBaby girls birthday
Hoping for the best news tomorrow 🙏🏼. We are all thinking of you @dejountemurray! #spursfamily  Mucha fuerza #djmurray! Todos estamos contigo y deseamos recibir buenas noticias mañana sobre tu lesión. #familiaspurs
Pre____season_____ #whynot
Happy 10th birthday to my youngest Dream! #twin
Oh you been lifting lifting.
Victoria colectiva y buenas sensaciones en pista 😀 ¡Dos de dos en pretemporada! Siempre contento de verte @jmcalderon8 !  Win and good competitiveness on the court 😀 Two out of two in preseason! Always happy to see you, #calderon! 📸 @spurs
Next Level show tonight! @lecrae @andymineo #116 #unashamed
Good Night 😘 #nokisskiss 💔
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one man we owe it all to 🙏🏾
Happy Birthday to my OG. I’m truly blessed and thankful to have you in my life. You are my inspiration in so many ways, and I never take that granted. LOVE YOU DAD!!! Enjoy your special day. #happbdaydad #whynot
The only thing that matters is your REASON.  @GoArtofSport  #bornformore #artofsport #artofsportpartner
Thank you Birmingham Alabama, for having us! ❤️ 🚀 #staythecourse
My mentality is to always rise and compete. That's why I'm a founding partner of Art of Sport – a new brand helping all athletes feel and perform their best through performance-driven body care. Proud of this team. Proud of this challenge. @GoArtofSport #bornformore #artofsport #mambamentality
Happy birthday @_kingcozy!!! ✊🏾
Primer partido de pretemporada y victoria ante nuestra afición. ¡Empezamos el camino hacia la temporada regular con buenas sensaciones!  First preseason game and a win in front of our #spursfamily. We started the journey into the regular season with good vibes!  #gospursgo ⚪⚫
Missing my ManMan.
#ifyouknowyouknow 🤫 we cookin up @sneakerreporter
Always National Son Day!!! #stayme7o
ELLEN! You’re the best - thank you for having me! @theellenshow #thepunies #mambamentalitybook
My limited edition @ragandbone X @jumpman23 apparel and sneaker collection are now available to purchase online at rag-bone.com. #melomade #stayme7o
World Traveler 🌎 and yes my back tells a story... #treeoflife #teambosh #boshfamilyworldtour #cinqueterre #italy
and we back #detroitbasketball
Year 15. Let’s get it. 💯💪🏾💪🏾
Today I had the opportunity to spend time with some incredible kids at @chocchildrens and do a live table read with the cast of #thepunies and our very special guest Sydney. Thank you to the amazing @chocchildrens staff and inspiring, strong kids I met today - you inspire me to create these stories.
Who said I wasn’t on bad and boujee??? I’m cryin @evanturner !!!!! #year15
“You Have To Train Your Mind To Be Stronger Than Your Feelings Or Else You Gonna Lose Yourself” -Yr16( 1+6=7)  Those who know, KNOW! #stayme7o
Mannnnnnnn listen..... 🚀🤘🏾 📸: @modernwhiteco
Hoy empieza de forma oficial mi 18a temporada en la #nba!! A por ella!!! Today my 18th season in the @NBA officially begins!! Let’s get after it!!! #gospursgo!
WE Ready!! Thunder Up!!! #whynot
@shaq lil man huh 😂😂💪🏾🤷🏾‍♂️
Great weekend in #austin with loved ones before Training Camp starts tomorrow! #hiking #lifeisgood  Gran fin de semana en #austin! Mañana por fin empezamos la pretemporada con el equipo! #disfrutandocadamomento
Shoutout to OG handy for work and training, All about the love of the game and being consistent in your approach when you’re working.” @starvizn @thereal94feetofgame  @damonharge_ www.starvizn.com/ki
Mine. #daddysgirls #boshfamily #italy #boshfamilyworldtour
the second annual #comedybyblake was an incredible night! a big thank you to @redbull for helping bring all of this to life.  thank you to those that donated to the #teamgriffinfoundation... @detroitpistons, @jumpman23, Platinum Equity, Merrill Lynch, @obb, @onrallyrd, @funnyordie, and @givebox.  lastly, this group made for a hilarious green room... thanks for coming out. @funnyasiandude @therealjeffreyross @michelleisawolf @samjaycomic @comedianront @wilfredburr @aliwong
Simba 🦁🦁🦁
“The Anti -The Revolution.  Everyone is famous in their own right, hence the moniker. We are all FAMOUS NOBODY’s @famousnobodys  #me7omade #stayme7o
Out Now!!!
I enjoyed talking to @itsintuition for @skullcandy about music, basketball and being from NJ!  Please check out the full video (link in bio). #youfeelme
@trayfour Congratulations on the Hall Of Fame nod. Well deserved! It is a pleasure and a dream to call you a teammate and a friend. #18hoopclass #nba #hof
This guy right here is not only the first black researcher at @mitmedialab but he’s also the creator of one of my favorite shows of all time #martin !! Thanks to Topper Carew, Maddie, and all the @mitstudents who took me under their wing to show me around all the labs the past two days! It’s exciting to get to explore one of my other passions that I’ve had since I was a child. #technology #engineering #innovation #robotics #coding #computerscience #thefuture
Gettin that itch for the season!
Just Do It! #powerful @kaepernick7 ✊🏾
Quality 🔺👁🔺
Shout out my bro don @blvd86 for the dope sweater y’all go check his line out.. Enjoying some Woobie time! #thruacouplemeloposesinthere #learnfromthebest #stayme7o #wheremystogieat lol
Thanks for laying out the blueprint! Thanks for leading the way! Thanks for showing me how to compete! Thanks for giving everything you had on a nightly basis! Thanks for playing for the man next to you! Thanks for teaching! When the things we’re going right, thanks for keeping us collected! As a friend, teammate, lil bro thanks for giving the game your heart! Congrats on a hell of a career champ enjoy LIFE! @realdwest30
HBD legend!! You’re an Inspiration for all walks of life, including me. Thank you.  @officialspikelee  Thank you for this documentary. Needed this understanding of what creative greatness looks like when it’s met with an insatiable desire to be the best and change the world while doing so.
if you know me you know this is something that means a lot to me. super proud to dedicate The Griffin Family Performance Center with @tdgriff32 and our family. big thanks to @zacselmon for all of the hard work and my guy Tim Headington for being a big big part of this among many others #boomersooner
tomorrow night. it’s on @therealjeffreyross
The best views usually come after the hardest climbs. #conditioning #readytowork #itsajungleoutthere
✌🏾 #theplayerstechsummit #bloomberg #blackexcellence
Today’s an excuse to put my feet on the table... #itsofficiallygolfseason #shoegamecrazy #1of1s
How Ya Like Me Now... #kmd
Tryna master my aesthetics...
Where’s Willie? #wearegoodcounsel Behind the scenes look on creation link in bio.
Wade County x #pkwypov
Happy birthday my brother!! C5 👀🔥🔥🔥
🤷🏾‍♂️ @_stak5_  lil throwback.
#8 🐐
Catch me in an all new episode of #wildnout tomorrow, at 10/9c on @mtv
Happy birthday to the realest and cool eats man I know my pops... love you OG ....
Uncle Drew is now available on digital! Get your copy now!  On 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo pack, and DVD September 25! http://lionsgateathome.com/uncle-drew
Had the great opportunity to learn  at Harvard Business School with some incredible people and influences in their respective fields/profession. Thank you Anita Elberse and Kate Skidmore! Looking forward to the rest of the semester.
enjoyed celebrating the king of pop #mjdiamondcelebration @michaeljackson
How you like your coffee? ... with KAREEEEEEEEEM!!! ... I missed this 🤷🏽‍♂️
#melomade #stayme7o