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It was a perfect beach day, we didn’t want to go home!!....... here are a few from today 💙💗💜
Swipe for how you look when someone cuts you in line vs how you really feel inside...
Otters live a VERY hard life ❣️ #formershelterdogturneddiva #alwaysinthemiddleofeverything
Darcy 2/7/2012 I hate hospitals🦔🙅‍️💨
We are off to the beach ....yay🎉🎉🎉
A handful of Norm
注意⚠️【2枚目に答えあり】  手前にいるのは よちゅ?しっば?  よちゅに見えた人 → 今日のラッキーアイテム よつば🍀  しっばに見えた人→今日のラッキーアイテム 芝生🌱  #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園 #しばふちゃんとよつばちゃん
From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
Looking at these pics you’d probably think Ham is the softest creature on earth...and you’d be correct. Look at that little fluff monster! #mustachecat
What do you mean - this isn’t my chair?!?
The face of snow day 2018 ❄️ #mostbeautifulmanintheworld
Matthew and Totoro? 11/2/2016
“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing” -Hunter S. Thompson
#tbt “It’s snowing in Philly! Guess what that means?! Time for winter fashion!” #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear #fashiononpoint
今日も仲良しよちゅとぽんちゃん💤  #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園 #しばふちゃんとよつばちゃん
We stood here and watched as a pod of Orcas swam by in the ocean below. It was a very unexpected, peaceful moment. There was no one around. All we heard was the sound of the wind and the waves as we watched the Orcas swim off into the distance. Where is the most peaceful place you have been?
Pudge in a hotel room, 2 minutes after checking in: sunny couch spot located; just as relaxed as she is at home. 😌 #pudgetravels
💗💗💗💗💗 I love seeing honey like this.......she is usually aware of everything Look at those little teefers 😬😂
when it is/was tongue out tuesday. #pugaday #piratepugjack #tongueouttuesday
Poor honeyb, she gets no peace, if it’s not bumble trying to steal her ball, it’s jj snapping at anything he can get hold of 😂
sunrise or sunset?
All asleep now until March 🐢💤🐢💤🐢💤 @jumblegriffon will miss them #brusselsgriffon
“From the muddy banks of the Wishkah” ⠀ Today we went to Aberdeen, Washington to visit Kurt Cobains childhood home and the bridge he spent a lot of his time at. Being born and raised in the Seattle area in the 90s, I grew up listening to a lot of grunge music. I was even named after the @pearljam song ‘Jeremy’. Nirvana has always been a favorite band of mine and Kurt Cobain has been a big inspiration in my life. When I was little and first started wanting to grow my hair out, I would say I want it as long as Kurt Cobains. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The first four photos are from Young Street Bridge, the bridge Kurt would call “his bridge”. Its near the Wishkah River. It’s where he hung out and spent a lot of his youth. He also lived under the bridge. The song “Something In The Way” talks about his experiences under this bridge. The walls underneath the bridge are covered with graffiti from people all over the world paying tribute to Kurt Cobain as well as Nirvana. After his death his family spread a third of his ashes into the river. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The last photo is Kurt Cobains childhood home, just a couple blocks away from his bridge. This is the house he would spend most of his childhood. The window above the front door of the house was his old bedroom window. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “Come as you are, as you were As I want you to be, As a friend, as a friend, As an known enemy”
Pudge in the airport: enjoys sitting in her carrier with the top unzipped so she can people watch 🔎👀 #pudgeonaplane
『よちゅだってできるもん!』いつも、キャットウオークにあがっている先輩猫たちを目で追って憧れを抱いていた よちゅ。よちゅは何もない床の上でも転んだり、高いところにジャンプできないので、ひとりでは行けませんが今度から大人がみている時に登らせてあげたいです。 (キャットウオークから降ろした後、ずっとキャットウオークを見上げている よちゅです😱) #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園 #しばふちゃんとよつばちゃん
Double tap if you’d rather be snug as a bug instead of at work 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
Princess👸✨ Model : Miri(@gachakonchaman) Oto(@lalune1022)
こんばんは!今回、おおらかに子猫のお世話を頑張っている一味です。 #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園 #洋酒兄弟
お布団が気持ちよくてカワウソの手みたいになってるのに朝型人間の父さんに起こされたアジア!  #ぽんちゃん保育園 #わさびちゃんち
Chilly Saturdays are for sleeping til 3pm.  #itsahardlife #thestruggleisreal
Can I help you?
The folded-down part of the duvet is the most plush spot on the bed, so of course pudge chooses to lay here instead of on the blanket I put there for her. #princessandthep
Matthew 11/6/2017 ・ ・ ・ 今日は四十九日でした🙏🏻💐✨ 最近はこういうオフショットを見返すのが好き🦔✨
“Exactly 8 years ago on this day, this night, I was rescued from @acctphilly and went into foster care (and never left). I weighed 38 lbs - today I weigh 62 lbs - I was sick, injured, fearful, and full of anxiety. I had been taken to animal control after I was found running around West Philly by the police. No one claimed me. I waited for weeks and then my mom saw me standing up asleep in my dinosaur hat at Pit Bull Awareness Day and she just had to have me. It wasn’t easy friends - I wasn’t easy, and it took a long time to get me to be the best boy I am today. But it was all worth it ❤️” #alwaysadopt #savealife #bestboyever
Good morning❤️ 9:19 in Japan.
3 P’s. pug. plants. & being pet. #pugaday #piratepugjack
Once upon a time, there was a round and fuzzy baby Pudge who loved laying on my lap. She’d fall asleep there as I worked on my computer. Then one day, it was like Pudge turned a year old and she decided she was a strong, independent, grown woman who didn’t need to sleep on my lap anymore. If I try to put her on my lap now, she usually tries to squirm away 😪 They grow up so fast. #babypudge
🌌🔭🦔✨ Matthew 4/1/2018
our obligatory “i voted” photo. get it?? 😜🇺🇸 #voted #vote #ivoted #pugvotes #pugaday #piratepugjack
if i lay on your foot, you can’t leave without me. #pugtricks #pugaday #piratepugjack
“I voted. If an otter can vote, so can you. Polls are still open in every state right now. VOTE!” 🇺🇸
Do it! #mustachecat #vote
Have you? Get out to the polls and let your voice be heard! #vote
🍀🦔🐑⛲️🐕🐇🍀 Matthew 12/2/2017
do you like our new rug? can’t wait to make it pug colored! #pugaday #piratepugjack #pugproblems
park day! #pugaday #piratepugjack
A spooky post-Halloween #pudgefanart Friday by @peppa_potter 🖤
Come cuddle with me? ❤️ #yespudgesleepsunderthecovers
Thinking about all the treats I ate last night. #deepthoughts #halloween #noregrets
Halloween at @muttvillesf is the best! For those of you who don’t know Muttville is a nonprofit, cage-free senior dog rescue in San Francisco...and happens to be one of the cutest pages on IG! To date, Muttville has rescued 6,000 senior dogs! I know this is a cat page, but look at those little faces! #adoptdontshop
@gastonluga から、かっこいいリュックが届いたよー! 僕を置いていかにゃいで❤️ . 沢山入るし(ソル君もすっぽりサイズ)ポケットも付いていて使いやすい。何よりデザインが素敵✨ . 送料無料!公式サイトより下記ディスカウントコードで15%OFFで購入できます😊 . 15%OFFディスカウントコード: tomiinya15 (期限なし) . 公式オンラインストア http://gastonluga.com . . . #gastonluga #ガストンルーガ #バックパック #リュック #猫との暮らし #猫好きな人と繋がりたい #猫 #catstagram
No costume for Hammy this year. Instead he is playing the part of the grumpy old man who glares at the door every time someone knocks... (Swipe to see Hammy as a monster and a cop from years past)  #mustachecat #bahhumbug
Dressing up as Mr Simba tonight. He’s my best bud! #happyhalloween
I don’t usually dress up for Halloween but when I do it’s incredible. #themostinterestingcatintheworld
Happy Halloween 🐳🦀🤣 Sound on 🔊 #mermaid
How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? #yousnoozeyoudontlose #mymotto #monday
お花が潰されないようにこんな箱に入って郵便受けに投函されます✨ . 今週のお花はこちら . バラ(ゴールドラッシュ) ガーベラ ワックスフラワー(杉の香りがする) .  Bloomee LIFE は1回500円〜毎週お家にお花が届くお花の定期便サービス. . 下記のクーポンで初回無料になるので試してみてください❤️ . @bloomeelife *** クーポンコード:tomiinya ※有効期限:2019年1月31日 *** . #bloomeelife #猫とお花 #季節のお花
Ham is judging you... #mustachecat
There is no better way to complete the weekend (and possibly start the work week...) than in bed with a good book.
Sunday cuddles... #mustachecat
Good night❤️ 23:58 in Japan.
初めて届いた素敵なお花の定期便♡ . 今週のお花は#デンファレ #リンドウ #ドラセナ . 次はどんなお花が届くのか…お楽しみに😽 . @bloomeelife は1回500円〜毎週お家にお花が届くお花の定期便サービス. . 下記のクーポンで初回無料になるので試してみてください❤️ . *** クーポンコード:tomiinya ※有効期限:2019年1月31日 *** . #bloomeelife #猫とお花 #季節のお花
It’s a good spot.. #somnium
#somnium has decided to call it an early night; just found him under the greenhouse 💤💤
Banana monster 🍌
Behind the scenes with “Instagram model”  Eleven the bunny 📷. Eleven aka “Ellie” was discovered in some blackberry bushes on the side of the road #rescuebunny #werkitgurl  Photographer @bunnymama  Hair & makeup @worriedpotato
Why I haven’t been on IG  Dear friends,  I just wanted to thank you for being so supportive, encouraging, accepting and kind to me. 💕
When you cut your own bangs 💇🏻😐
getting sleepy 🐢🐢🐢💤
He's terrible at hiding 😂 #goodtrythough
This is Stumphrey sleeping rn. #nofilterused #perfectionneedsnoadjustments #😭#lookathistongueandsnot #lovehimsofckingmuch
If ur wondering wut It’s like trying to get my 🍞🍞to walk when it’s 90°F outside- goes something like this:  I calmly walk over to this beast (who, yes, is chilling RIGHT infront of the air purifier-cold air blowing in his face), then I hold up his harness n say, “Corgi!! It’s walk time!! Yaaay!! *me jumping up n down* walk!! Whooo!!yayayay!!” And this is his reaction every friggin’ time- disgusted look (pic for reference), loud annoyed sigh, & head turned upwards n away from me.  #me* #ohmygaw.. #nervouslaughter* #ididntrealizethesunwasstillout #please #forgivemedoncorgnelone #kissingpaw* #backingawaycrying*
On any given day, Stumphrey’s momo looks adorb, but after bath days.... after day days!! whoooooo-eeeeee!! His momo’s on another level. I mean, just look at it!! #stumpstump* #momcanu.. #plzstopsqueezingmybooty / #mmmm... #requestdenied #squeeeeze* / #sigh*
Look at him 😭. I still have to actively suppress the urge to squeeeeze him to death. #dailychecklist #no15 #donotsqueezedogstodeath #shakilycheckingoff* #whewww!! #thatwasafckingtoughonetoday!! (#WhoAmIKidding #itstougheveryday #lookathim!! #😭)
[walking w the boys]  Stranger: Ur dogs are so cute, r they wearing vests? // Me: No, they’re in harnesses. // Stranger: Oh, how cute! Are those better than collars? // Me: i have no idea- I just personally use harnesses cuz collars... well, they gotta go around a dog’s neck and I have NOO idea where their necks are. // Stranger: ...huh? #iknowyallgetit #itdbelikecollaringabodypillow #oranawkwardegg
Guarding the king. 👶🏻✨👑
I just wanted to take one pic w the boys where at least one of us wasn’t blurry. Instead, i got this!! Special shoutout to the neighbor who got us to simultaneously look up by setting off a firework. Thank u, sir! But also, WHY. IT’S JULY 12th. #why
Oh my What big teeth you have Bumble 😁😬 #throwbackthursday#snufflemat
この猫ちゃんに生きるチャンスをくれた保護主さんが里親さんを探しております。ずっとの家族をみつけて幸せになってほしいです🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Repost from @megmohinana @TopRankRepost #toprankrepost 大阪知人のインスタより。 本当に優しい、一生面倒ちゃんとみてくださる里親さんが見つかりますように。 元気玉送ります。 #repost @chicastanley with @get_repost ・・・ ⚠️5、6枚目の写真は少し生々しい傷なので見れない方はスライドなしでお願いします🐱  友人が1週間ほど前に生後3か月ほどの女の子の猫ちゃんを保護しました。 ひどい怪我をしていて、友人が病院に連れて行き毎日ガーゼの交換が必要なようです。 せっかく救えた命、暖かい里親になって下さる方が見つかりますように。 この猫ちゃんの事で気になる事がある方はDMもしくは直接連絡出来る方はご連絡お待ちしてます🐱 #大阪里親募集 #猫里親募集  #キジトラ
Oh..these are mine. What will you be eating? #winnerwinnerpizzadinner
Ma said I’m a Fantastic Beast for stopping this niffler from stealing her jewels! #wbsponsored #anythingformom #barkleysavestheday ••••• How are your #fantasticbeasts getting ready for @FantasticBeastsMovie? Go see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in theaters Nov. 16th! #ad
When you tell someone that dinner is gonna take longer than expected...
Oranges for keke
My current chill place  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram
Somethin's squeeshing mah face  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Its too early to be waking up  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Who woke me up? 😡  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster #hamster
Do you like the view from my back? :3  #syrianhamsters #hamstergram #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram
👋🏻Hi! It’s been a while.
Happy Friday 👀
Weekends. 🌾☀️🌊
Oh hai. I'm back. 👋🏼
Game face on.
Typical Friday night in. 👀
Out of town and missing the fur babies 💕