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Victoria's Secret 2017

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it is what it is, trust me you get what you give
Love this city ❤️
So lucky to meet this powerful legend in Shanghai and thank you for sharing your energy with us !!! Noise canceling and keep going🤜🏻🤛🏻 #justdoit✔️ .. .. .. Thank you for having me there ! @nikerunning @elainekwan ❤️
10k points collected ! #shanghaimarathon2018 to be continued and to be upgraded ❤️
solo celebration in the colorful castle of my dreams, made some wishes under the moonlight, and awoke to the sun shining on a new chapter of life... now I’m headed home to family and friends, oh Iowa how I’ve missed you...
but ernie, i love you
VOGUE || landings back in Australia to find my newest editorial for @vogueaustralia by @nicolebentleyphoto mu. @victoriabaron h. @kohhair sty. @pipmoroney for @chanelofficial 🐨
@luisaviaroma awesome event celebrating the new hybrid collaboration 👏🏽
🔲 VOGUE 🔲 I 🖤this so much @vogueaustralia 📷 @nicolebentleyphoto for new coco code ⏱@chanelofficial STY. @pipmoroney HMU. @kohhair @victoriabaron
I rarely go out but I will for the family @holdtightnyc 🇯🇲 (p.s. that’s water I don’t drink)
#alaiaforever 🖤
I think of you often, angel. I keep you in my prayers. Paris always reminds me of you. Nothing I ever wear will ever feel as good as Alaia. No one in this industry has touched my heart the way you have. You were truly genuine and a lover of life. So honored to call you a friend and to have had your love and support. I love you, @azzedinealaiaofficial 👼
All love 💋 @aiden @victoriassecret
just minding my business
thank you for all of the birthday wishes... 20 is a special one. I wanted to get sappy but just gonna leave it at this — thanking God today for blessing me with this life and all of the people that I’m lucky enough to call friends & family, for all of the memories & growth I’ve experienced in my years on this earth. Here’s to 20 more years of life, full of all of the laughing, dancing, and love I could ever wish for! 💛
shot some film backstage at #vsfs2018 can’t believe the show airs in two weeks on @abcnetwork ! time flies when you’re having fun 💋🙀
Will be the longest two weeks in anticipation for #vsfashionshow airing Dec 2nd on abc 🎬 🎥 Are you excited to see us strut?!
We don’t play no games #sundaysmashsession 💪🏾
the value of a day one = priceless
Palo santo comes on all my travels. Energy clearing is a must 🌹
“27-year-old man was found not guilty of raping a 17-year-old girl in Cork, Ireland  During the trial, his lawyer said the thong the teenager was wearing suggested she was 'open to meeting someone and being with someone” ———————————————— I feel like I repeat myself all the time, but maybe we have to say it louder for the people in the back. JUST BECAUSE MY UNDERWEAR IS CUTE IT DOESNT MEAN I WANT TO HAVE SEX.  Mini skirts, dresses, low cut shirts, shorts 👚 👗 👖 NONE OF THESE MEANS YES.  It’s about time to end this nasty rape culture where the woman is blamed for being raped with this nasty excuses that her clothes were too revealing.  #thisisnotconsent
day dreaming...
When catering brings bomb dessert 🍬 #workinonasaturday #butwiththebestteam
body in (slow) motion
A family affair!!!! This morning we made 500 meals to deliver straight to Bowery Mission for Thanksgiving. I woke up so excited and being able to start my morning with these incredible humans doing something that fills all of our hearts was the absolute icing on top. @systemofservice @nike @ochosystem @livvperez @hashtaglunchbag Love you all so much for putting it together. This was awesome ❤️
🌊Washed up in Coney Island for Elle 🦈
💙Good Morning dreamers! 💙 Thank you @tiffanyandco having me in this miraculous Holiday Campaign !! MY DREAM CAME TRUE #atiffanyholiday #believeindreams
can’t forget that I'm golden can't forget where I'm going
I’ve listened to CTRL everyday since it came out, it’s still my favorite album. Also, I climbed this rock without falling so that’s kinda cool.
Remembering the feeling of home always gets me through a bad moment 💙 #home #hawaii #grounding #lucky
@victoriassecret ✨
Looking out at the snowy city ❄️
I am so looking forward to watching the @victoriassecret fashion show Dec 2nd on @abcnetwork! Who’s with me ? ☺️
Smirking with the new Super Stay Foundation from @maybelline
T minus six hours.. Yip I’m still here ❄️
Throw back to the campaign I will proudly show my grandkids someday @dsquared2 😜
Happy birthday to the most amazing person on earth. After 8 years there is still never a moment I am not surprised by how down to earth, kind hearted, and dedicated you are to every thing you put out into the world. I feel like the luckiest girl in the universe to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. You will always be my sunshine on a rainy day, who can play in the puddles with me along the way. Your are my rock. You are my one and only. And today is about you!! I wish I was there to celebrate your greatness but will be there soon! ❤️ I love you more than you know happy birthday @wass_up90 (I could go on and on about how much I love you, my vows might be and hour long haha but I’ll stop for now) 😘🙌🏼💕🌈🎉🎊
I’ll be here...defrosting ❄️
Another day of robes and strobes 👘 @freepeople
Darn AirPods
📸 by @billykiddstudio @glamourmag
breakfast with 👼 👼💕
#irinabythekooples 🛍💕😘
Sparkly smiles with @abbychampion for US Vogue shot by @studio_jackson ✨
one big nappy family minus henboben #readwithyourkids
xxxmile 😁✨
New work with @dennisleupold 🖤 @ericwilliams124 and @INGmakeup
#irinashaykxellentracy by @rowanpapier and @alexwhiteedits🖤 Available now 😘 #linkinbio @ellentracynyc @alikavoussi
On a mission 🚀 #nyc #letsgotuesday #motivate #yougotthis
Vogue China 🖤
mf cold 🤧
V116 Glamorama 💥💥 @vmagazine #v116 on newsstands now! Photographed by Carin Backoff @carinbackoffphoto Styled by Anna Trevelyan @annatrevelyan
When the wind blows 💸 #nyc #bts #magic
💥 #v116 Out Now💥 @vmagazine @carinbackoffphoto @annatrevelyan @teddycharles35 @hungvanngo @alikavoussi ❤️
Mondayzzzzzzzz @revolve
Sunday chilling in my fave new sweater🐭❤️ @intimissimiofficial #intimissimi
We’re having such a great time at the #gwoty Summit. It’s been a very empowering and moving day. Thank you @glamourmag for having my girls at @Urbandoveny and I 🙏🏽🖤✊🏽 #glamourwoty
To everyone who had contacted me after/during the show. I want to say thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement! To the dodo head who stole my bag the night of the show.. Karma is coming for you. Again thank you for such an amazing experience yet again @victoriassecret & @10magazine!! Being the closing act for my segment was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait to see what the next years have to offer!! #pinknation
🍂Peaceful Sunday morning 🍂
@animalebrasil 💜
🔥 New summer campaign with  @animalebrasil
💔a bad dream #malibu #home
Moments from the runway ✨ when you see your friends and family there supporting you 💛 #vsfashionshow
Who me...? ♥️ #backstage #magic
That pink @victoriassecret carpet 💕 Thankyou @zuhairmuradofficial for this beautiful dress #vsfashionshow
Ah So grateful! Blessed, Black and Highly favored @victoriassecret
My girls 🌺
@victoriassecret 💕
Thank you, DKNY. 🙏🏽🙌🏽🇩🇴 #iamdkny #ad 🗽
Just knocked out Rehearsals now it’s Showtime!!! Let’s goo!!! #1day #vsfs2018
2 days!!!!! 😜#vsfs2018
T u l u m 🌻🌺🌼
My lil best friend is 5 years old today!  I still remember when I saw him for the first time, I wasn’t supposed to really get a dog, but I met him and fell I love. 5 years together, this little doggy has traveled around the world with me. I can’t imagine my life without barky @barkobama
21d Chakra cleanse!!! 7 Chakras- 3 days for each. ❤️Root, 🧡Sacral, 💛Solar Plexus, 💚Heart, 💙Throat, 💜Third Eye, ⚪️Crown. Got any tips, diet info, and/or meditations to follow please comment below!!! Thank you #innerwork
🌴 r i t u a l s 🌿
h e l l o 🐒  j u n g l e  @laurenlayneswim 👙
Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day @_rachelgill_ @cameron_hammond @augustethelabel @joerogan
Speaks and peaks with the best team!!@toripraverswimwear thank you!
laughed at by the gods 🖤
if I could dance every second for the rest of my life I would... always capturing my happiest moments @gianlucamandelli1 , and always letting me express myself even when we have to “work” @gilles_bensimon 💛
but ernie, i love you
but ernie, i love u
more film 🎞 😇 #vsfs2018
Momma says “never settle for less than butterflies” Well momma, I was nothing short of butterflies the whole night! Thank you @xgabriela for helping me pick the best dress of the bunch!! & Always agreeing to go with @raisavanessa  literally the best!! 🦋
#irinabythekooples ♥️💋
lazy mornings are so much better on my new @casper Wave mattress. Its so supportive and the escape I need from my busy New York City days. Can I stay here all day?
T u l u m 📷 @chinomoro