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Becky Rhew Esq.


🏆NQ NPC BIKINI🥇1st Place Open ⬇️30lb ⚖️Attorney 🦋Hypothyroid Diet🦋 🌐diyhealthandwellness.com 👙@BellaBoostBodies 🚻Work with me! Weight Loss 4 All!

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If you weigh yourself in the middle of the day, or clothed, or after you’ve had a meal or a drink...you’re kind of a masochist 🤷🏼‍♀️😝 Here’s the rules for when and how to weigh:  1️⃣First thing in the AM  2️⃣Naked 3️⃣Before you eat or drink or workout AND 4️⃣Preferably after you pee & poo.  Any other circumstances are really not reflective of your actual progress IMO. Same thing goes for taking body fat readings. Don’t cause yourself that kind of unnecessary stress 🙅🏼‍♀️
FIND YOUR FIT 🥊 I’m not really a stairmaster girl. I’ll get on the treadmill when I have to. But give me all the cardio kickboxing & HIIT tho 🤗 I often get asked “What kind of workout is the best for weight loss?” And the answer is: the one that YOU enjoy! Why? Because you’re more likely to keep doing it! Exercise is a privilege, not a punishment 💪🏼👉🏼👙Listening to 🎧: Drake, Nonstop
BBQ Jackfruit “Chicken” Bites 🌱🍗Jackfruit is a super cool ingredient to incorporate into your plant-based meals! These are tasty and ready in 2 minutes! RECIPE: Combine the following ingredients (swipe to see what I used 👉🏼) 🌱1 Can jackfruit, shredded like chicken 🌱Half TBSP mayo 🌱BBQ rub seasoning 🥒Serve on cucumber slices or celery sticks!
I’m privileged to see this happen over and over with my online weight loss coaching 🤗 Yesterday one of my online clients pushed past the 200lb mark, and into “Onederland.” I have no doubt there are many more exciting milestones to come for her in 2019 🙌🏼👉🏼👙#losingweightfeelinggreat #newyearsresolution
Beach glam 💎 It’s a thing y’all. Glamming out with my fit sista from anotha mista @meldasi_fit - - 📸: Photo courtesy of the talented @kkelly_photo - - Message me or @kkelly_photo for fitness photos/competition photo packages in South Florida 👙🏆
🏃🏽‍♀️ HIIT training = periods of intense activity + combined with short rest periods. There’s MANY benefits to HIIT training, but the one I like most is you can get a BIGGER calorie burn in LESS time (and you will continue to burn calories up to 24 hours later). For busy parents who don’t have a lot of time, short & effective workouts are KEY 🔑 It’s why I prescribe HIIT training for all my online clients, and it’s why I love the major calorie burn from the 45 minute classes at @f45westcoralsprings ❤️
What if there was a $9 trick to get a perky, cellulite free butt? Oh whatttt there is?!?! 😲🤩 #msnewbooty Step 1️⃣ Buy my FAVORITE stiff dry brush (LINK IN BIO, not all dry brushes are created equally, I have tried many brushes, and you need a REALLY stiff brush to get this fat blasting effect!) 🍑🍑🍑 Step 2️⃣ Dry brush your butt, thighs, and triceps for 5 minutes every morning, to blast stubborn body fat and cellulite. That’s it babies! That’s my $9 fat blasting secret! Here’s to a booty-ful 2019! 🍑🎉
🦋 While the keto diet may work for some people, and I know it is tempting for those trying to lose stubborn weight with Hypothyroidism, unfortunately the keto diet is shown to reduce thyroid hormones, thus making you even more hypothyroid - and thus will not help you lose weight. Your thyroid LOVES carbs ❤️🥐and your thyroid controls the metabolism. The key to weight loss with hypothyroidism is loving your thyroid right back ❤️ I want to teach you a better, less restrictive way to lose weight, that will accelerate your slow metabolism, and also allow you to enjoy carbs! 🦋 #loveyourbody #hypothyroidweightloss
Just a girl admiring her 2018 booty shreds with a bathroom selfie #basicbish.... I’m currently sacrificing these shreds, now on a reverse diet, to set myself up for an even more booty-licious 2019! 🙌🏼Happy 🍑 Day Frands! 👙Suit by @crystallinibikini 👙
🕷Spidey Strength🕷 Im just a few days into my reverse diet, and it’s so refreshing to have lots of energy in the gym again. I decided not to do a December show, since I am already NQ and didn’t need the placing. This gives me more time to improve my metabolism for a successful 2019 cut 🔪🔪 for nationals. 💪🏼If all goes as planned, I will begin contest prep again around March. If you have been dieting for a while, and hit a scale plateau, let’s chat about how a reverse diet might be in order to get your metabolism moving again 👉🏼👙 🎵🎧: “No One Compares To You,” Jack & Jack 🏋🏼‍♀️ @f45westcoralsprings #roadtonationals
Anti-Inflammatory Eats 🥒 This fast meal was a quick and light sauté of: 🌱Zoodles 🌱garlic, cilantro & parsley 🌱green onions 🌱And Topped with some low-fat Greek Yogurt dressing by @litehousefoods  I meant to share this dish with my fam, but, well....🐷🥒My diet is RICH in veggies ❤️🥗Why? They make me feel wonderful 😁they give me glowing skin, improve my digestion, AND they’re low in calories so you can eat a lot of them! #plantbasedrecipes
If I can do it, so can you 👙Age is just a number. I WISH I had this booty when I was in my 20s LOL! 😂#bikinibodymommy #fitover35
Waiting for that buzzer like...⏰👀 #gamefaceon @f45westcoralsprings
I always had a terribly slow metabolism...until I began weight training that is. Resistance training forces your body to burn fat & carbs much more effectively. Weight training is the switch to turn your metabolism ON. If you’re confused on how to get started, my weight loss program provides all the tips and tricks I used to lose 30lbs and keep it off 👉🏼👙
Oh hipster Santa ❤️🎄 If you suffer from any sort of chronic illness, autoimmune disease, digestive issues or thyroid disease, you may want to consider going gluten free. A great resource is the book “Grain Brain” by @davidperlmutter it was a definite Aha! moment for me #glutenfreeandhappy
🥗One of my favorite dressings, that is not only LOW FAT and LOW CARB but also SOY FREE! A trifecta! This is a “Greek yogurt based dressing,” which is why it’s so macro-friendly🥗 @litehousefoods #plantbasedlife
“The purpose of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit” 🌳🌳🌳 If there’s anything I love more than winning on my own fitness journey, it’s helping other people have their own weight loss wins! 🏆🏆🏆 Im happy to be teaching group fitness again, now on Sundays at @f45westcoralsprings ! Sign up for the waitlist now, and be the first to know when we add extra Sunday class times! 👉🏼👙#beachbodiesaremadeinthewinter
What do you get when you combine an attorney/gym rat mama with a PhD/DIY mama? 🤔 A couple ladies that need approximately 7 more hours in each day! ⏰ I met the DIY princess Amber from @damasklove #shescrafty We’re just a couple of busy ass moms showing you that you that you can thrive when you follow your passion! 👊🏼💓#momAF