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Lifestyles In Touch


A Collective for proactive goal achievement, financial awareness & holistic wellness. LIFE has many STYLES, let’s get IN TOUCH & succeed!✍🏽@_nm_morgan

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Oftentimes getting to where we want to go requires SACRIFICE & COMPROMISE.  ____________________________________  You CAN plan a vacation. You CAN execute a budget. You CAN get that new car. You CAN afford school. .  You CAN upgrade your lifestyle when you refine your vision, push towards your goals and trade trivial spending for investment spending. .  So ask yourself, how do leftovers sound? Think of all the possibilities of a lifestyle curated, not one endured.  Your biggest investment is YOU!  #lifestylesintouch
You are cordially invited to join the visual thrills of the very first Lifestyles In Touch curated travel experience. .  The L.I.T. Collective is voyaging to the beautiful ISLANDS of GREECE for this exclusive boutique tour. Join us as we enjoy the wonders of Southeastern Europe and Mediterranean cuisine. .  COMING MAY 2019. .  DM or email at LifestylesInTouch@gmail.com to inquire about planning your next vacation or joining an upcoming L.I.T. adventure. 📨  #lifestylesintouch
Define. Apply. Refine. Reapply. __________________________________ Let the mood of continuous improvement push you to streamline your best practices and build a foundation of efficiency and longevity 💪🏾 #letsbuild #lifestylesintouch
It’s 6:49pm EST. Do you know where your time has gone? ______________________________________________________ Time management and prioritizing tasks is the difference between saving “it” for another day and crossing “it” off your to-do list. .  Set structured times throughout the day were you check the progress of your daily plan. Validating the progress of tasks will help minimize the “where has my time gone” realization and ultimately move you towards your greater goals. .  So if today is yesterday’s tomorrow, why wait? Make time to do “it” now! When you manage your time, you manage the perpetual goal of crossing more things off the to-do list. .  #lifestylesintouch
The BEST time to EXERCISE is before you are too tired to do it!! .  A morning routine can work on some days, while on others an evening workout is best! Find YOUR ROUTINE that works trust that your sweat equity will produce results! .  Let’s work towards a body that fits our desired lifestyle! Identify your body goals, then give yourself an exercise schedule and timeframe to make strides! .  Don’t forget to love yourself, forgive yourself and thank yourself throughout process.  #workoutwednesdays #lifestylesintouch
Contrary to popular belief, the absence of financial planning and budgeting does NOT translate to freedom and flexibility. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite!  Understanding your financial exposure, forecasting and identifying your income vs. expenses are essential in cultivating a lifestyle that allows you to maintain your existing financial responsibilities while permitting new asset acquisition, business investments, travel, luxury purchases and other forms of recreational spending!! .  Do you have a financial budget? How are you working to stick to it? .  Create a personalized budget system that works for YOU.  #lifestylesintouch #lifestyleconsultant
It’s Founder Friday!  Per my own proclamation😊. . -Do you have questions? . -Do you want to know which services are most suitable for you? . -Are you interested in upcoming workshops, networking events or travel opportunities? . -Do you simply want to know my favorite color or musical genre?  Lifestylers, DM or drop a question below. Nikhailia Morgan is available to answer 👇🏽
Let’s talk about overcoming obstacles!  _______________________________________________________We have all fumbled an opportunity, missed a deadline, lost an asset, diminished a relationship, and the list goes on .  These are things that can throw us off course unexpectedly, deter trajectory and diminish motivation .  I am here to tell you to KEEP GOING!  Learn from your journey, uproot bad habits, plant seeds of healthy longevity, and be open to the purse your own route. Build a bridge lined with experience to your ultimate destination.  Focus on the things you can control and employ a proactive approach. Then, KEEP GOING!  #lifestylesintouch #lifestyleconsultant
Let’s affirm positive and necessary renewal💪🏾 . . . Be aware of your ability to change thoughts, perspective and habits with your daily renewal process.  Self care is the best care!  #lifestylesintouch
“They” don’t have the master plan, YOU do! _____________________________________________________  From portfolios to parenting, engaging others is vital to our growth, development and understanding, but never forget that it all STARTS and ENDS with you.  #letswork #lifestylesintouch
It’s ok to treat Friday like a Monday, be booked and busy! . .  Your time is valuable. Save where you can, spend what you need to and invest it wisely. Treat your time like currency and it WILL repay you.  #progressiveweekends #lifestylesintouch
Knowing that thoughts and words attract similar experiences, keep yours affirmative and intentional.  For goals...keep thoughts of CONFIDENCE. For finances...keep thoughts of PROSPERITY.  For harmony...keep thoughts of LOVE.  Let your thoughts be the blueprint of intentional abundance.  #lifestylesintouch
So, ..... how bad? _______________________________ Think about your IT.... . Give yourself an “I’m awesome and I know it” pep talk.... . Then GO GET IT!  I’m rooting for you! 🙌🏾 . #doit #lifestylesintouch #lifestyleconsultant
To my Lifestyler’s supporting, developing, creating, motivating and innovating for yourself, your family and your business...the champion is YOU!  #championscircle #lifestylesintouch
Thank GOODNESS it’s Friday!!!! ______________________________________________  It’s also the start of a new month! Are you ready to rock and roll? . .  The euphoria of Friday and the start of the weekend can easily distort our ambitions. Take a moment to think about what you need to get done this weekend, this month, this quarter and for the remainder of 2019. . .  Push through Fridays with motivation, knowing it’s another opportunity to GRIND and SHINE. It’s never too late to start anew or again! . . #keepgoing #lifestylesintouch
Believe it. Period.  #lifestylesintouch
Find your happiness and blossom from it🌿  #takecareofyou
The POWER of EVOLUTION _______________________________________________________ The FDNY was founded in 1865 and in that era hand and horse drawn cabs were used to fight fires throughout the city. Over time, they developed more innovative ways to solve the same problem, fire prevention! . . I had the pleasure of hosting a professional event with my ASSP colleagues at the New York City Fire Museum and saw first hand the artifacts and development of the prevention system itself. . . Much like FDNY, we need to continuously evolve in our skills, even if it’s in the same industry, household or environment. There is power in innovation and new problem solving techniques! . . Find a system that works for YOU, then continue to improve it and watch yourself evolve into an improved version of your old self! You got this, let’s move. .  Click my Insta-stories to see more from the NYC Fire Museum Event! ☝🏽 .  #lifestylesintouch #lifestyleconsulting  #riskmanagement  #newyorkfiredepartment #newyorkcityfiremuseum