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James Mann


Creator• Philosopher•World Wanderer•Style Specialist•Foodie ✉️ Manntality89@gmail.com

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Go shordy...it’s Sherbet Day 🥳. You only have one mother, value her, learn from her, so that one day you may know how to properly treat a queen of ya own. Happy birthday Mommy! ❤️
Don’t commit to me...commit to evolving...I’ll meet you there.
Some people speak because they want to say something, every time you spoke, you had something to say. Thank you for all the words of wisdom throughout the years...your leadership is eternal. Rest easy Blake Nordstrom...a true leader. #selfieswithblake #blakenordstrom #myblakestory
Happy Earth Strong to my brother. May your cup runneth over forever ❤️💪🏾. I think we were like 18 here 😂
Humans are strange...they have ego of their knowledge...but no knowledge of their ego... #foodforthought
Shark Whisperer. 🦈
Mazel Tof...Yellow Bottle Talk...
I’m just a Tarzan looking for my Jane. 🦍💪🏾#WhenUrGirlTellMeSwingThruPart2
Channeling my inner God. #mayangod #scorpionking
Today I’m Twenty Fine with no need to front, doing whatever I want, and that’s only what makes me happy... 🎈💪🏾
The say humility is the highest form of conceit...I say I’m just a Scorpio 🤷🏾‍♂️.
I don’t talk to strangers.
Lately I’ve been practicing mastery of self and selective socialism...I’m not for everybody.
My only goal in life is to ensure my time on earth is “worth wild”...
Happy Born-Day to the Bestest Big Sister a guy could ever ask for! She’s my favorite hue and lights up the room, whenever you’re feeling Blue! 💙  Your bday always sparks our fall/winter baby shenanigans...I hope our team is ready...all down hill from here 😫😂!
When someone tells me I act too “HollyWood”...🤔🤫
You don’t have to be amongst the richest to realize how wealthy you are...