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"@LeonardoDiCaprioFdn is partnering with Porky Hefer on this project that uses eco-friendly art to bring attention to the issues impacting wildlife. Thank you to @SFAAdvisory and @southernguildgallery for bringing South African artist, Porky Hefer’s work to @DesignMiami/ Basel. Learn more about Porky’s work benefiting LDF’s mission to protect these endangered species.  Courtesy of Southern Guild, photos by Antonia Steyn"
"#Regram #rg @ca_waterkeepers: A watershed moment for our Waterkeepers. Vanity Fair features our work as “aquatic superheroes,” who defend clean water from Trump and Pruitt. Check out the magazine on newsstands now and 🔗 in bio.💧 • Photo @danielmanssonphotography @vanityfair @vfphoto. Special thanks @runronrun • #waterkeepers #blueresistance #worldoceansday #vanityfair"
"#Regram #rg @thewcs: Tropical forests are in trouble. Right now, habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to the future of elephants, tigers, and countless other species. The Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA) is an important tool to help combat it. TFCA agreements have saved more than 67 million acres of forest in Botswana, Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, and many other countries. Bipartisan legislation has been introduced that would ensure this program continues, and even expands to protect more areas. If you’re in the U.S., contact your senators via the link in our bio and urge them to support it. . . #asia #forest #elephants #asianelephants #tropicalforests #senate #legislation #speakup #actnow #conservation #habitatloss"
"This #worldoceansday, @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn partner, Global Fishing Watch is helping bring transparency to global fishing, supporting efforts to improve monitoring and enforcement to stop illegal fishing. globalfishingwatch.org/map"
"#Regram #rg @sierraclub: Over 100 people rallied in Anchorage, Alaska this past Wednesday to oppose drilling in the Arctic Refuge. @mypubliclands is taking comments on its plan only until June 19th -- make sure to add yours at sc.org/Arctic  #defendthesacredak  #protectthearctic #standwiththegwichin"
"#Regram #rg @natgeo: Photograph by @enricsala The high seas - marine waters beyond any country’s jurisdiction - cover 64 percent of the ocean’s surface, and are dominated by a handful of fishing countries that reap the biggest benefits of fishing in these global commons. The main types of fishing in the high seas target tuna (like the yellowfin in the photo), sharks, squid, krill, and deep bottom-dwelling fish. But do these countries really benefit from that distant fishing? And who does?  A new @natgeopristineseas study reveals that, without large government subsidies, fishing in more than half of the current high seas fishing grounds would be unprofitable. In fact, on aggregate, subsidies to high seas fishing (more than $4 billion per year) are more than twice larger than the profits. These results support the idea of eliminating subsidies that perpetuate overfishing and destruction of the marine environment. For a bolder proposal for conservation of the high seas, watch Enric Sala's TED talk (link at @enricsala profile) @natgeo @globalfishingwatch #highseas"
"#Regram #rg @amazonfrontlines: In February, despite massive protests by indigenous Amazonians, the Ecuadorian government announced the auction of 16 new oil blocks in the Amazon, covering nearly 7 million acres of roadless, primary rainforest. Block 22 overlaps the legal territory of 18 Waorani communities. All 18 communities are united in resistance and launched a global campaign last week in opposition to oil extraction on indigenous lands. They have drafted a petition to oil companies telling them not to bid on Oil Block 22. Their lands are not for sale. ⠀ ⠀ Support the Waorani and help defend the Amazon. Sign the global petition petition telling oil companies that Waorani land, the most biodiverse rainforest on Earth, is not for sale! ⠀ ⠀ Link in Bio. ⠀ ⠀ #waoraniresistance #resistenciawaorani"
"#Regram #rg @nrdc_org: Exactly a year ago, President Trump vowed to withdraw U.S. participation from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Fortunately, leaders across the country have rejected Trump’s call to walk away from the promise of Paris. That’s why we are proud to join @BloombergDotOrg in announcing the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge: which calls on America’s mayors to lead the way in tackling climate change and join the #wearestillin pledge. Learn more in our profile link."
#regram #rg @oceanconservancy: The way all our ocean’s beaches should look 💙 Click the link in our bio to learn about and join our 2018 International Coastal Cleanup and make sure more and more shorelines look like this beautiful photo by @adventures_ofjess! 🌊
"#Regram #rg @everytown: Too many voices have been silenced; ours don’t have to be.  On June 1, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, #wearorange, a color so loud it can’t be ignored. Text ORANGE to 644-33 to find a Wear Orange Weekend event near you."
"#Regram #rg @oceana: TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Right now, Secretary Zinke is working to destroy vital protections for the #arctic Ocean and the beluga whales that depend on it. Dangerous new oil and gas exploration activities in the Arctic’s Beaufort Sea would effectively sabotage belugas’ ability to communicate and survive. It’s on us to protect these highly sociable marine mammals from President Trump’s catastrophic offshore drilling plans. Click the link in our bio to make your voice heard before the May 30th comment deadline. #protectourcoast . . . Photo Credit: Vicki Beaver (NSB) #ocean #whale #whales #trump #takeaction"
"#Regram #rg @unfoundation: Powering the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan is the largest solar plant ever built in a refugee camp. The size of 33 soccer fields, the plant provides 12 to 14 hours of power per day. Before the solar plant, energy was expensive and less reliable, with families only able to use electricity for 6-8 hours a day. . The benefits of the solar plant are far-reaching: allowing children to study at night, families to more safely walk in the camp, food to stay fresh longer, and more. It also cuts carbon emissions (the equivalent of 30,000 barrels of oil) and energy costs, saving the @UnitedNations half a million U.S. dollars per month. The solar plant also creates job opportunities by employing Syrian refugees who live in Za’atari. . This green technology is run by @Refugees, dedicated to building better futures for the millions forced from home. . . . #withrefugees #globalgoals #sdgs #solarpower . Photo credit: @stuartramson/ UN Foundation"
What does indigenous resistance on the frontlines of oil expansion in the Amazon look like? The Waorani people are showing the world. Watch this video about the Waorani’s movement to protect their rainforest territory from destruction at the hands of the oil industry and then sign the petition telling the oil companies that the most biodiverse place on Earth is not for sale. Link in bio. #waoraniresistance #resistenciawaoran i#Keepitintheground #noblock22 #indigenousrights #climateaction #climatejustice #directaction #deforestation #environmentaljustice #forests #amazon #rainforest
"#Regram #rg @conservationorg: With a responsibility for 10% of the world’s ocean surface, 23 Pacific countries and territories came together to form the Pacific Oceanscape. This framework was put in place in order to protect, manage and sustain the Pacific Ocean’s cultural and natural integrity. Here at @ConservationOrg, we work hand-in-hand with these communities and governments across the #pacific to conserve critical habitats in the region, including islands, coasts and the open #ocean."
"If we don’t act now, oil companies will continue to push deeper and deeper into the most biodiverse rainforest on Earth, threatening one of our planet’s most important defenses against climate change and the indigenous peoples who have lived there for millennia. The Waorani people, guardians of this ancient forest, are united in resistance. Stand with them by signing their declaration that their rainforest is not for sale. Link in bio. #waoraniresistance #resistenciawaorani #keepitintheground #noblock22 #indigenousrights #climateaction #climatejustice #directaction #deforestation #environmentaljustice #forests #amazon #rainforest"
"#Regram #rg @unbiodiversity: Happy #intlbiodiversityday everyone!! This year's theme marks 25 years of safeguarding life on Earth🌍💚 . For the past 25 years, Parties to @UNBiodiversity have been undertaking actions to conserve biodiversity, use it sustainably, and equitably share the benefits from the use of genetic resources. Working hard for a better world! #biodiversity25years #idb2018 More info: www.cbd.int/idb/2018"
We must protect this planet and the incredible species that live here.
"Proud of the great work from the @leonardodicapriofdn and Wildlife Conservation Network initiative, @LionRecovery Fund (LRF). They recently announced six new grants in key lion sites across Africa. Each of these projects shows there is hope for lions to recover. Link in bio to learn about the different projects.  Photo Credit: Susan McConnell"