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Leah Newman 💞 Thank you for 4.6k🖤 Aspiring to event my 14.2 Irish Sports horse Sparky💞 #bitsnbobsx #lilmanorchi

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Popping the other day❤️ Ok so I literally have nothing to post cos I can’t ride as it’s too dark so ya sorry for lack of good content 😂😭 My account (and me) is now officially a mess #bitsnbobsx 💞
Early #failfriday cos I have literally nothing to post 😂😭 Some of Sparkys famous dirty stops 😂 There are lots more but I only keep the edits from my rounds at shows so the other ones have been deleted 🤕  Also pls enjoy my fall from last weekend cos it’s the funniest one yet 🤩 #bitsnbobsx
Love him so much 🖤😍 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being cute the other day🖤 He was so pingy 😍 These are a mixture of 90 and 1.05💞 (Dm mind the terrible stride into the third which resulted in him tapping the pole, little ledge saving my bum again bless❤️❤️) #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being cool today ❤️😍 Worked on getting him to accept my leg a bit more and getting his canter more bouncy into jumps, and he was rather pingy hehe☺️ Did some bareback at the end too and he was really good ❤️ Also yeh sorry I didnt use a Christmas song but I’d rather use a Billie Eilish song sorry🤗 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being cool today😍 Did a 90-1.05m course and he was literally MEGA🤩🖤 He did refuse a few times but that’s cuz I haven’t ridden him in a week and he doesn’t have much confidence bless him, but when he was jumping he was dwarfing everything☺️ So lucky to have this special man🖤 Also this is literally one of my fav songs by Billie Eilish 😍 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Little Tb #failfriday 😂😭 Yes mum I don’t know what it was either tbh 😅 #lilmanorchi 🤪
sparky being cute at newbold the other day 💞 He’s so good at steps bless him, but I ruin this video completely 😂😅 #bitsnbobsx
Little raw from XC on Sunday, it’s so satisfying ❤️😍 probs not going to ride him this week as it’s so cold and dark 😴  But hopefully gonna have a jump this weekend and build a course at home as I haven’t done In a while😅 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
So here it is...6 months with sparky!😭❤️ Sparky has literally changed my life all together, he has taken me from doing 60cm at shows to doing 80/90cm and winning them 😊 He’s the most honest horse you’ll ever meet and he’s done wonders with my confidence it’s un real! I can’t wait for our future together and I hope to learn lots more with him.  Love him so so so much❤️❤️ #bitsnbobsx 🦄⭐️
Sparky was so good today having a play at newbold with @_daisyequine 💞 He was so bold and took me over some jumps I have never done ( 😊 )  including this massive corner fence that I’ve always been scared of doing due to how wide it is - it’s the cover frame 😂 But he flew it really easily bless him❤️❤️ Can’t wait to event him next season he just loves it so much ☺️ #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being cute today having a pop over a small double ❤️ Only had a little jump just to make sure he’s not to loopy for XC tomo because I haven’t properly ridden him since last saturday🤪 He was really good 💙 #bitsnbobsx 💞
Who’s ready for Christmas!?!??🎅🏼🎄 I can’t wait ngl 😜 Made this edit in like half an hour so that’s why it’s not that good, but got some different transitions on there which I think they’ve just added 🤩 Going XC again on Sunday with @_daisyequine so that should be good💞 Also gonna have a few jumps tomo just so he’s not mental for it as I haven’t properly rode him since XC on Saturday😂 Inspo and audio credit : @thegreatest.pony_nuts Xx #bitsnbobsx 🦄
He has such small strides bless him😂❤️ These were so small but so satisfying 🤪 I literally have nothing to post atm, but hopefully going XC again this weekend so will get vids then 💞 Ft me saying that was messy😂 #bitsnbobsx ⭐️
Love this pic❤️😍 In the video this was a well dodgey jump but for some reason his knees and my position is like way better then usual🤨 Someone please explain this to me 😂😭 - Did some flatwork with him tonight and he was a ⭐️ as usual💞 very relaxed and not bothered by the horrible weather  un like me aha😂☺️ #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Here’s sparky saving my bum out XC cos I got the striding wrong and then there’s me not even being able to say the word recovery right 😭😂❤️ He puts up with me so well😅 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
The GoPro videos from XC on Saturday 🤪❤️ He was such a good lad 💞 Hope you all find this as satisfying as I do 😂🤗 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Love this pic from XC yesterday ❤️🤩 He was jumping out his skin😜 - Took him on a hack today with @_daisyequine and he was really good, went for a little canter in a field and he had one of his exited moments obvs but he was fine after a while 😂💞 #bitsnbobsx 🦄