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37 trips around the sun and man are my arms tired 😂 #tapsmicrophone #isthisthingon  I struggle a little with Birthdays and significant days. I feel the pressure of them in my sensitive soul and I still have no idea what to do when people sing you happy birthday. Do you sing too? What do you do with your hands? Who says Hip-Hip? So much uncertainty.  So here we go. The tradition continues - the things that I’ve learnt and know for sure about life.  1. It goes on. 2. Expectations will bring you nothing but pain  3. Organic wine is always a great idea 4. Scars are all a part of the story  5. There’s no essential oil that will make your children less loud 6. Sleep. Always sleep. 7. There really are no mistakes.  8. But just in case I’ll make the same one a few times to really make sure.  9. It’s ok to feel anxious. 10. It’s ok to feel sad sometimes.  11. My scars are not your problem.  12. Vulnerability always wins. 13. Saying Fuck makes you feel better. 14. Being lonely and being alone are two very different things. 15. Let it be easy.  16. Honesty over everything.  17. Skinny dipping is liberating. 18. We can be both.  19. You can’t outrun pain in the pursuit of happiness  20. You’re not meant for everyone.  21. When you show up as yourself, you make it easier for others to do the same. 22. I don’t care if you like me.  23. I care if I like me.  24. My parents were right about so many things.  25. Knowing when to call it a night is something I’m still working on.  26. We are entirely responsible for our own feelings. 27. I deserve true love although I’m not even sure what that looks like. 28. Fear is a chance for us to be brave.  29. It’s ok to not know what I don’t know.  30. Anxiety will always be one of my back up dancers. 31. You can’t love who you are if you choose to hate the situations that led you here. 32. The second you feel you have to prove your worth you’ve forgotten your value  33. If people tell you or show you who they
BIRTHDAY EVE - Tomorrow is my Birthday and I love a chance to ritualise my life and this is one of the ways I honour turning the page.  Tomorrow I’ll share my 37th LIFE LESSONS LIST, but today let’s reflect on 36 - the year that was. “Today marks my 36th trip around the sun, so here are 36 things I know for sure and I’m sharing because no one asked 💁🏼‍♀️ 1. Swearing helps. 2. I feel uncomfortable around people who don’t swear because I undoubtedly will.  3. If you dodge the pain, you miss the healing.  4. How you describe your life, defines your life.  5. I will always end up on Instagram when I go to bed. 6. Butter makes everything better. 7. We have a choice in how we choose to perceive everything. 8. Forgiveness has very little to do with another person. 9. Forgiveness will set you free 10. Motherhood is really hard. 11. Saying motherhood is hard doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids more than the moon and the stars,but you still feel weird about saying it.  12. Anxiety will always be one of my back up dancers. 13. Boundaries are essential.  14. Women friendships are the greatest. 15. The person on the stage is rarely the most interesting person in the room. 16. I approve of myself. 17. Chocolate covered almonds are a gift. 18. Their opinion is not your problem.  19. Water is super important. Especially if you want clear skin. 20. This IS it.  21. I love my children so much it makes me clench my jaw. 22. I’m not here to please anyone.  23. Busy is a sign of poor time management.  24. ‘Stressed’ is optional. 25. I’m not for everyone. 26. Happiness is our own responsibility. 27. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ always.  28. Bed is one of my favourite places to be.  29. You will never ever regret being kind.  30. The moon is magical. 31. I have zero clue what I’m doing a lot of the time. 32. Filters, I thank you. 33. We can survive really hard things. 34. Houseplants. That’s a complete sentence.  35. It’s not your job to
A S H Y  B I N E S is live on Simply Complicated and she really delivers!  You're invited into an epic conversation around @ashybines very personal and emotional journey to overcome intense negativity and low self esteem. Growing up she faced the ongoing challenge of daily derision and confrontation by a toxic step father. Choosing not to become a victim @ashybines instead quit the blame game and learned to shift her mindset - giving her the power to change her entire life trajectory and I know you're going to get as much out of it as I did.  To connect with Ashy on Insta @ashybines  Website and Online Programs Ashybines.com  Enjoy Friends!  #podcast #mindset #motivation #negativity #reframe #anxiety #overcome #riseagain #support #ashybines #ashybinessquad #simplycomplicated
I’M JUST GETTING STARTED. This life thing that we’re doing here is wild in all of its mysteries. It doesn’t always give us what we want, but instead what we need and if we’re really lucky that may well be the same thing.  Next week will be my 37th Birthday and for some reason I’ve been not so pumped about this upcoming turning of the page. I started a tradition a while back that just before each birthday I write a list of the lessons I’ve learned to date about life to honour another trip around the sun and celebrate my bad-assery.  I love my list. I’ll share it with you Wednesday but as I finished it I realised that I could have kept going, and going. I wouldn’t want to be 20 again or 25 or even 30. No forking way.  There’s no mistakes in this lifetime of ours, there’s no wrong turns or accidents.  I haven’t missed out on anything that was meant for me and I don’t for one second believe my best day has already happened.  You know why that is?  Because this life thing we’re doing here, this magical mix of must do’s and get to’s?  I am all in.  I’M ALL IN – and you know what else?  I’m just getting started.  #36andabit
Hands up if you have a tendency to shy away from things that are difficult or you contemplate something but quickly lob it into the ‘too hard’ basket?  I’ve done it, I still do it sometimes but there’s a mindset shift that is simple and can open up a shit load more doors than avoiding things ever can.... we dive into it this week on SIMPLY COMPLICATED and it’s out now on ITunes, Spotify and all your fave podcasting places.  #letitbeeasy #hard #challenging #podcast #motivation #selfimprovement #getshitdone #girlboss #entrepreneur #shedoes
There’s always a new lesson there to bow down to or perhaps it’s an old lesson resurfacing to school you again, but meeting it with curiosity and compassion sure helps.  Curiosity for what it brings up for you as in ‘Why is this feeling this way?’ ‘Why am I responding to this I wonder?’ Or ‘I wonder what is really going on here?’. “What is this highlighting for me?  Compassion for your clumsy ass self as you rub up against your answers. Compassion for not knowing what you didn’t know when you didn’t know it and the same gentleness if you discover that you’re human and are being served up a neon sign saying ‘EVOLVE OR REPEAT’. All a part of the messy business of creating, growing, loving and learning.  You will keep calling in the same experiences, same outcomes and same challenges if you don’t heal that which hurts you. “I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting sick of their own bullshit.” @elizabeth_gilbert_writer  Meet your growth with a playfulness of curiosity and compassion, but also don’t forget to call yourself out on your own bullshit.  #messy
Just in case you needed reminding sweet potato... x
MY VIEW - Currently sitting down to record next weeks podcast - LET IT BE EASY - and I just had to take a picture of my trusty side kick, Ruby. Wherever I am, she is. I’m her person and I still can’t quite believe she’s mine. On the topic of SIMPLY COMPLICATED is there any topics you’d love me to cover?  How about guests you’d like me to have on? Some absolutely inspiring guests coming on over the next few weeks, I know you will absolutely FLIP!  #suggestions #podcast #ruby #bigmicrophone
PODCAST IS UP FRIENDS! With a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Certificate in Coaching and Counselling and experience as a Helpline volunteer on the Anxiety Recovery Centre, Rachael has developed her skills and shares them in a way that has me dubbing her the Mindfulness Queen.  If you're interested in - What Mindfulness actually is and how to become more mindful within your life - The benefits of a consistent meditation and mindfulness practise - Mindfulness Practices and why the simplicity of them may astound you  Plus so, so much more. You can find @rachaelkable + where to buy her book The Mindful Kind and links to her Podcast at www.rachaelkable.com or right here @rachaelkable . I hope you get as many lightbulbs as I did. I could honestly listen to Racheal talk all day.  Search SIMPLY COMPLICATED on iTUNES, Spotify or your fav podcasting spaces 😍  ENJOY LADIES
Speak the truth my beautiful friend.  I know it’s scary, but it’s ok to be scared. Scary doesn’t mean don’t do it, it just means you get to be brave whilst doing it.  The uncomfortable, magical, confusing, confronting, freeing and liberating TRUTH.  Nothing will set you free faster.  #thetruth
-1 MORE SLEEP -  I can’t wait to be at the super warm and cosy @secretbookstuff Thursday night introducing some epic souls to EMOTIONAL ANCHORS and ESSENTIAL OILS.  Our ability to shift and play with our state and feelings is a tool that I lean on every single day, and the oils have been an important part of that!  We are going to cover a bunch of ways to incorporate oils into your life and reduce the toxic load on your home, blends for a bunch of different areas like supporting sleep and immunity and I’ll be putting together a kick ass cheese platter too because nibbles are LIFE!  Tickets available through FB or EVENTBRITE and I would love to see you there!  1 MORE SLEEP! #doterra #essentialoils #emotionalsupport #emotionalanchors #naturessolutions #newcastle #liveevent #connection #cosynightin
REJECTION - No one loves it, but are you actually afraid of the 'No' or what you are making that 'No' mean for you? This is a juicy one if you’ve ever let the fear or not getting something stop you from even trying. No one is immune to rejection my friend, but what we let that day about us dictates our path through it 🙌🏼 Available on ITunes, Spotify and all the rad Podcasting places.... ENJOY!  #rejection #oomph
Everything’s gone right friend... x
What’s the story? What are you making it mean? What is the power that you’re giving to that situation that keeps coming up for you? Are you dealing in FACT or FEELING?  Nope, this is not 20 questions, although - FUN - this is just me offering up a little self enquiry to see if there’s a way that you may be able to lighten your load on this fine Friday afternoon and view things differently.  There’s judgements that may not mean what you’re making them mean? There’s possibilities you may be ruling out? There’s lightness and connection that may be right at your fingertips if you just take a look at the story you’ve attached to it?  For the record I catch myself doing this all the time... but eventually I always find my way back to what’s true.  What’s that truth for me today? ‘It is safe for me to be HERE’. And so I am. Here. Safely. Whole.  #stories #truth #selfreflection #mindsetcoach #reality #checkyoself
OR Drag it out for months and months. Make sure to hold on for a REALLY long time and possibly a few tipsy text msgs. And THEN you’re done.  Either or.... at least there’s options, right? No judgement here. Trust tree.  #growth #youcangoyourownway #alittleofcolumna #alittleofcolumnb
SENSUALITY It’s available to us everywhere but are you blocking it, missing it or have you forgotten about it?  I’d unintentionally lost contact with my femininity, my freedom and so much of my ability to express myself. Fair call that there’s been a whole lot of LIFE happening the last few years (separation - divorce - birth - building) but when I tried to move my hips whilst dancing they were locked, clunky and blocked. Energy just wasn’t flowing there, and how could I expect to feel ALIVE if I’d neglected and shut down the very essence of my femininity.  Through music and conscious movement I’ve started to feel freedom again throughout my hips... through dancing in the shower every morning I’ve shifted energy, lightened the mood by taking those moments to be IN my body.  Sensuality is not a dirty word.  It can be the sway of your hips, the first sip of your coffee or the feeling of fresh washed sheets. It’s the sun on bare shoulders, it’s the salt on your lips after a swim at the beach. It’s the breeze whipping your hair up all about your face, the smell of fresh Jasmine of a summer evening or slipping into your favourite cosy jumper.  Sensuality is blissful energy recognised and appreciated for the warmth and softness it brings.  Sensuality it present around you each and every moment. Life will always give you what you look for so be sure to SEE and FEEL all it is that you want. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be FREE, then remember what it’s like to FREE YOUR HIPS. That Shakira bird was onto something... our hips don’t lie  #sensuality #embodiment #feminineenergy #movement #unblock #dance #sway #create
Imagine if we gave ourselves permission to say what we mean, mean what we say and be ok with whatever came next?  #empowerment #speakit #yourtruth #liveit #takechances #yourwildlife #messy #becomingbrave
P O D C A S T - Episode 10  Rock bottom is epic for a comeback but you don't need to wait until you are completely broken down to have the epiphanies and course corrections that bring about real change. Let's talk on 'The High Bottom'..... Available on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you love to get your pod on? 😆  #podcast #personaldevelopment #rockbottom #highbottom #trust #mindset #intention #lessons #positivity #podcastersofinstagram #simplycomplicated #forkit