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Kristen Goodman


Creating a space for mothers to feel more confident and influential in the lives of their children - especially with those teenagers 🙌🏻

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This week I’m focusing on discipline without frustration or anger. Discipline is different than punishment. For me, discipline is holding myself and my kids accountable and following through making sure things gets done. . I love this quote. Most of us will get frustrated and angry. We will say and do things we regret. But it’s never too late. Here’s to a new day of trying again 💕  Quote by: Maria Robinson #parentingteens #belivingproof
New post up today! Discipline without the Anger. 🙌🏻 Did you know this was possible? . I’ve decided that my main job as a mother is to just love the heck out of my kids. And it feels amazing. I know that I’m exactly the mom that they need. Our kids need confident parents so that they can be confident in themselves. Who better than me to be the mom my kids need. . Choose thoughts that serve you as a mom. Then, kick the negative, guilt ridden thoughts to the curb.  For more positive thought examples, check out my post. #linkinbio  #confidentparenting #belivingproof
Consider this your Sunday reminder that you’ve got this! You were divinely created to handle whatever life throws at you. . Believe that you have everything you need inside of you to handle anything that happens outside of you. . It might require you kneeling down in prayer, studying words from the scriptures, or asking trusted family, leaders or friends for help. But your spirit will always know what to. 💕 . Artwork credit: @kelseycarlsonart
Three and a half years ago I googled LDS therapist. I was overwhelmed. I felt inadequate. I felt like a had a great life. Why was I struggling? I was trying to understand how everyone else seemed to have it figured out. I shouldn’t need a therapist. Therapists were for people with actual problems right? So I prayed. And I googled. And I found @jodymoorecoaching . I believe I was led to this work. Coaching is powerful. Being in a room full of amazing people is powerful. Our experiences and mistakes are our ultimate teachers. . I am so grateful for the struggle. . It’s what brought me to where I am now. A place where I’ve met a tribe of other amazing women. A tribe that keeps getting bigger. Thanks for sharing this day with me ladies. ❤️ @amandaloudercoaching @brooketrout36 @sharethejoycoaching @jodymoorecoaching @chantel_findyourbeautifulyou @samantha.f.nielsen @christinecooklifecoaching @spirituallymindedmom
When you ditch your valentine to spend time with friends and @jodymoorecoaching . Reason number 100,000,099 why this guy is my #1. Love him.
How old is the last child in your family? Mine is 9 and she’s the classic youngest child. Today she said her smoothie tasted gooey. She’s just a little picky 😝 But I find myself catering to her every need. She’s my baby and always will be. (My older girls will 🙄 at this post). Motherhood is the best! 💕
Last night during dinner (we grilled & actually ate at the same time 🙌🏻) my youngest said she was afraid to fly. . One of my other daughters told her in a way only a good sister can, that it is ridiculous to fear flying 😂 . My husband said, “Hey, let her express her feelings. It’s okay to be afraid. She’s just telling you how she feels.” . And then my heart exploded. 😊
You are enough. Exactly as you are. . We might know this, but it’s not always easy to believe it. . Things happen that can chip away at our confidence. People say things. We can feel isolated and left out. This can lead to more evidence as to why we aren’t good enough. . But you get to write your own story. Don’t allow experiences beyond your control to write your story for you. . Today on my blog, I wrote about my biggest regret. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me it was my reason for not feeling good enough. A missed opportunity. But I don’t want that as part of my story. So I’m rewriting it. . Go check it out. #linkinbio #belivingproof
Excerpt from a blog post by Al Carraway called, All is Well.  Yesterday, I went to a funeral honoring the life of a beautiful girl whose life was way too short. It was heartbreaking. But I heard last night that there were over fourteen hundred people in attendance. And probably more. Just incredible.  The gospel is love.  Happy Sunday.
Sometimes you have to get away from real life and go to Disney. “The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.” ~ Walt Disney  #belivingproof #beyourself
Believe in yourself today 🖤 you were made for this!  #belivingproof #believeinyourself
💛 this picture.  I look at it and feel so much hope and love from all of these high schoolers who gathered around and wore yellow to support a fellow student who had passed away.  The supportive and loving posts that I saw on social media was inspiring. How fast people can band together to help is amazing.  But then I get sad. And I wonder why all of this love can’t be felt by everyone equally. Why do people have to suffer? I haven’t found an answer that satisfies me. The loss is deep. No one is to blame and no one could have known.  What I do know is that with all of the hard and sad in this life, there is also joy and love. And this picture reminds me of that. Sending extra prayers to all who knew and loved Zibby 💛💛💛
If we truly got to know the people around us, and understood them, would we judge so harshly? . Would we think we know better? . Or would we have more compassion.  Would we relate. And feel connection. Even if we aren’t the same. . True belonging is being accepted exactly as you are. Fitting in is being accepted for being like everyone else. . How can you help others feel like they belong today? . #bravingthewilderness #brenebrown
Blog post Monday! Give yourself “Good Enough Permission”! . So naturally, a selfie, with no makeup, still in my workout clothes, will totally be enough for this post. . And whatever you’re thinking, you might be right, and I love me anyway. Have you seen @jodymoorecoaching post today? . You are good enough. Right now. Exactly as you are. Give yourself permission to believe it. ❤️ xoxo . #linkinbio #belivingproof #lifecoaching
Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. - Desmond Tutu This world can be hard. It’s doesn’t always make sense. Things happen that we can’t possibly understand. . But we must never give up hope. Even the hope that we have just one person out there who cares about us. Someone who wants us to stay and fight with us through our darkness. . If you can be that person who spreads light, don’t be afraid to spread it! If you are the one who needs that light, reach out and ask for help!  @lightthefight says, “When we open up, talk about things that are “shameful”, or stigmatized, we can light the fight. We can illuminate with understanding. It’s not always easy, but so worth it.” . I love the phrase illuminate with understanding. Something to think about. . Thank you David and Heidi @lightthefight for the work you are doing in this world.
I love a fun sign! And this one is my favorite. But if you find yourself needing ice cream everyday to find happiness, then....can I recommend a life coach? 😂 . Happiness is available to you always. No matter what your circumstances may be, how your children are behaving, or how much ice cream you eat everyday 😉 You don’t need anything in your life to change in order to be happy. . Try this. Choose to find happiness first and then see what happens. Will you eat all of that ice cream? Will you go on that walk? Will you make your bed everyday? Go to the gym? Plan your meals ahead of time? . Fact. Feeling bad about yourself to make positive changes doesn’t work in the long run. Quit playing that game. You don’t find a happy life. You create one. #belivingproof #lifecoaching
...and I will add that there is nothing wrong with this! You can stay the same. You can go through the motions every single day in exactly the same way. . But this is what I want you to see ⬇️ It’s a choice either way. Own your choice. Accept what is. Decide what you want to do. And then create the path to do it! . Don’t wait until you’ve accomplished your goals to feel better. Your life is exactly how it should be in this moment. So now what? Think a thought like, “Now watch what I can do”. This mindset is powerful. Go get it.🙌🏻 . #belivingproof #mindset #lifecoaching
Intentional thinking ➡️ Get good at believing what you want to on purpose. • You do things everyday that your brain doesn’t even need to think about. Things like; turning on your blinker, driving the same route, putting toothpaste on the right end of your toothbrush...and so many more. • Our brains are amazing that way! But sometimes if left on default, your brain will fall into fear and judgement. Of yourself and other people. • Get into the practice of telling your brain how to think! Don’t let it sell you on why you can’t do things. You get to decide how and who you want to be. • Here’s a little exercise for your brain today. Think about a goal you would love to accomplish. What would it feel like to accomplish this goal? How would you feel after you’ve achieved it? Really visualize and get a good picture of what this looks like. • To be continued.... • #lifecoaching #belivingproof