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A crafted collection of Art + Architecture + Ruminations curated by @allthatyas

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Sit Al-Meizan  Original photo by Marcel van der Vlugt #justice #sudan #sudanprotests #sudanrevolts
Meet Sit Al-Meizan aptly named by @yousraelbagir , born from Lady Justice - a metaphorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems in Ancient Roman art.  Her known attributes are:  A blindfold, representing impartiality the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to power, wealth or status.  A balance, which she usually holds in one hand to measure a case’s support and opposition. A sword, representing authority in ancient times which emphasises the idea that justice can be swift and final.  We are living in trying times, where justice is needed now more than ever.  The original photograph is by Marcel van der Vlugt. #sudanprotests #sudanrevolts #sudan #revolution #justice
Sit Al-Meizan  Original photo by Marcel van der Vlugt #justice #sudan #sudanprotests #sudanrevolts
Sudanese Flag (1956-1970) (2019-?) This is the first flag of independent Sudan. With the blue representing the River Nile, the yellow the Sahara desert and the green representing the country’s farmlands. It was officially adopted as the independent flag of Sudan on 01 January 1956 although the flag had been in use since 1954. It also represents all the hopes and dreams we had for our country when we first gained independence from our British colonisers. I think it’s important for us to look back to this flag and seek the vision and inspiration our forefathers had for our beautiful country. #oldsudaneseflag #newsudaneseflag
Marching into a new era  We marched down the mountain of struggle, our feet weary, our children tired.  Someone says I see the light, we saw the light. There are better days in store for us, my friend.  The image used in this collage is a special one indeed, it captures the funeral procession for Ahmed al-Qurashi, a 20-year old student activist shot by police in Khartoum on October 22nd 1964. This procession gathered thousands and his death triggered Sudan’s October Revolution. I love how young women were at the frontline of this movement - truly inspiring.  #sudanrevolts #sudanuprising #sudanprotests
Sudanese Flag (1956-1970) (2019-?) #oldsudaneseflag #newsudaneseflag
Mother Sudan is watching  #sudanuprising #sudanrevolts #sudanprotests #digitalart
Mother Sudan is our guardian angel, she is the personification of the struggle, she is the maternal presence, she is watching over us all whilst witnessing the injustices forcing her people to come out and revolt. She longs for the day her children will no longer suffer. #mothersudan #sudanrevolts #sudanuprising #sudanprotests #watchoverus
Mother Sudan is watching  #sudanuprising #sudanrevolts #sudanprotests #digitalart
7ugoogi wein? Where are our rights? Why are the rights of women in Sudan barely given a second thought? A surprising status quo in the old stomping ground of the Kandakes - Nubian Warrior Queens that fought off foreign powers and steadfastly ruled the Kingdom of Kush. We cannot blindly accept oppressive frameworks but instead carve a path of resistance, in the glowing spirit of our badass female ancestors.  #womensrights #femaleempowerment #justicefornoura #sudanesewomen #sudan #africa #digitalcollage
Reconstructed Part II  #kushpyramids #nubia #sudan #africa 📷:taken by @jangoolis_art
Princess Kouka I  Princess Kouka of Sudan also known as just Kouka was an actress in the 1900's. She must have been quite talented to enter the British movie industry in the 1930's, starring as 'Gara', alongside Paul Robeson in a movie called Jericho or Dark Sands (1937). She has also starred in a number of Egyptian films including Mughamarat Antar wa Abla (1948), the Dawn of Islam (1951) and Antar the Black Prince (1961). She passed away in 1979. #sudan #princesskoukaofsudan #africa
Princess Kouka II  #sudan #princesskoukaofsudan #africa
Princess Kouka III  #sudan #princesskoukaofsudan #africa