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Jessica Seinfeld


🌚 capricorning my way through life Actress in the making... 20✌

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Does this count as a headshot?...God I hope not
Don't know what's going on with this "I can feel something bad is about to happen" look
I'm joining a boy band
My creativity to caption my pictures is being put to the test...I'm blank
Lunch break
Good girl/cool girl
Mirror mirror on the wall...
Talk to the hand🤚🏻
Found a cute wall, so of course I had to take a million pictures with it
Ya quisiera yo poder explicar qué está pasando en éstas fotos
Someone's looking hella tired 😴
Oh hi there...were you talking to me?
Sorry, went crazy for a sec there
Just me pretending to be a model...
Otra en la que se me ven piernas de Peter la Anguila
Not gonna lie...I was scared to death that I would break that thing