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Julio Silva


Men’s Fashion|Style|Lifestyle|Health Amateur Male Model NJ born & raised @shopcozyhippie Brand Ambassador

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Just giving you the some spooky pooky realness
If you’re not getting spooky, are you even Octobering? 💀🎃
Happy to see the real season is here, hope everyone had a happy positive Monday. Remember you’re sickening no matter what anyone says or thinks.
Today’s post is a little more special to me today. I just wanted to say that coming out isn’t the easiest process for everyone & for others it’s a cake walk. Either way coming out is something so personal and liberating for a person. I remember the first time I said the words out loud “I’m gay” and it was to a confidant (My 10th grade English Teacher) that to this day I still talk to. Coming out was scary, I lost people who I thought were always there for me but, I saw the people who truly loved me. To this date I am proud to be me. I just wanted to give a special shout out to @guskenworthy @dtimbo1685 @walkerreams @tyleroakley @taylorjphillips @jakejacob01 @mr.rutherford @jvn & many more for being positive influences/role models not only to me but to all gay men out there. Follow them because they are truly amazing people. Happy #nationalcomingoutday
I was kinda stumped on what this caption should be...
Happiness is a 🦋
A little throwback to one of my favorite shoots. Got something spooky and seasonal coming this week!
Jumping with joy that tomorrow is Friday!
Oh... hey there🍔🍟🥤
I’ve been in such a good place lately and it was scary when I got tested being able to fight for the happiness I’ve been searching for. Needless to say I won but it made me realize I will not put with any bull *hit anymore.  My personal happiness is something I won’t risk being taken away. I’m thankful for my friends, new & old, my family for their support, & to the experiences that I’ve grown from.  I am proud to say today is the first day everything changes for me; my first day in grad school. I’m excited and nervous but most importantly determined to do well! Thank you everyone for everything.
Don’t be fooled I’m questioning whether I I should get a burger or pizza for lunch rather than questioning the theories of life.
Laughing at the fact that I start classes again next Monday 😅
I know this a moody pic, but thank you to everyone and anyone who has been supporting my new adventures in my education, health, & life overall. Life is so good these days and I couldn’t feel more grateful
Smiling like a loser because I got into grad school and I’m super excited to start my new journey for Social Media Marketing!
My mom called me Charlie Brown in this sweater & here I thought I was giving Riverdale realness 🤷🏽‍♂️
Summer 2018 you treated me so well, you made me face myself and what I truly want out of life. Here’s to fall and good times with the people I love.
I hear it... Fall is here! Wearing ‘whisper’ scarf by @shopcozyhippie
Goodbye summer✨