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Jordan Fisher


I make music, pretend to be other people, watch lots of sports, play lots of video games (Twitch: JordanFisher), & other things. Winner of #DWTS25

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West coast! We’re on in ONE HOUR. Tune in!! @dwtsjuniors @abcnetwork
My niece is 10. Am I old now? When you were just barely walking and just started talking, I’d hold you up in front of a mirror, point at you and say “Who’s that beautiful girl?” and you’d scream “Aubrey!!!” Today you turn 10 years old. While I sob in a corner, I’m so proud of the young woman you’re becoming. The leader that you are. The intelligent, old soul that loves watching “really old movies like from the 90’s”. You make me the proudest uncle in the world. Love you, princess.
@jasonmaybaum @ellianawalmsley_ @theemmaslater - You three had a JOURNEY. It was such a thrill watching you guys take on such challenging styles and delivering every. week. Jason - your 97 year old soul is one that will shape the culture of our industry for years to come. Can’t wait to see what all you accomplish in the next handful of decades. Elliana - Your ability as a dancer and performer is unreal. So multifaceted. And your spirit is even brighter. Emma - I adore you. You’re perfect for this. Love my bus mate. 💜
not sure who took this, but thanks for a candid moment 💜
And we’re back!! Excited for another round of @dwtsjuniors tonight! It’s Jr’s choice night tonight. You’re gonna love what they came up with. 💜
we love a bathroom rehearsal
throwbackkkk - missing japan
Premiere date got moved up!! So excited for you guys to meet Seahawk! #shera
I smother her from time to time
So. Fourteen years ago I sat at a dinner with a mentor of mine and a bunch of other friends. Mentor said let’s talk about manifestation. I want SPECIFIC dreams from each of you. It was my turn. I said “I want to be the first Mark Cohen of color in Rent”. It was the show that made me want to pursue this industry. Then it closed on broadway...Here we are now. See y’all Jan 27th 😊
GLARING at Tristan for trying to hug me immediately after being slimed 😂 This crew killed it this season. Alana, the energy and joy you brought to the studios and to set every day was so consistent. Thank you for helping set the tone every day! Tristan, your leadership and care for Alana was so clear and a joy to watch. Artem, it was beautiful to watch your nervous dance-dad energy every episode. You cared so deeply and it showed. Love you guys. Job well-done.