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Jolanda Boekhout


Animalphotographer (@jofabifoto) & iPhoneographer, living with 4 cats, 30 chickens, 2 goats, 2 horses & @mahieu | telling the story of my life

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What a great light I witnessed. #mywalkaroundtheisland #shuttersisters #ilovezeeland
And of course I found trash. Not as much as in Summer though. Did not expect that tourists and boats are responsable for so much trash. I found this plastic bag half filled hanging around. At least this bag, which was probably lying around somewhere, has found good use. This company has been rewarded ‘best retailer’ several times. Unbelievable because it’s one of the most horrible cheap plastic junk sellers I know. #myprivatebeachcleanup #mywalkaroundtheisland #ilovezeeland #isthisyours @actionnederland
From three weeks ago... I forgot that I had walked another stretch of #mywalkaroundtheisland. How can I forget this walk... The weather was so lovely. Almost no wind. And I saw a common merganser with the tiny bird binoculars Eric gave me for my birthday. #shuttersisters #ilovezeeland
Growing.... It’s going fast. I love how lanky their legs are becoming. #miesandteddysexcellentadventure #catsofinstagram #acatslife
13/40 Evergreen. This is all I got after having big plans for creating our Christmas card starring Teddy, Mies and the tree. A friend, who’s also got two kittens from @stichtingzwerfkattenrijnmond, told me she’ll only have unbreakable decorations this year since she’s expecting the young ones to climb the tree. So after we put up the lights I had my camera ready... and then nothing happened. @mahieu helped Mies a bit to see a light from close up. And now they’re sleeping. 😼 #picturetheholidays #miesandteddysexcellentadventure #catsofinstagram #acatslife
A late goodmorning! The weather was horrible last night and we slept in. Now the sun is shining and it feels I’m late with everything I want to do today... Putting the lights in the tree, continuing knitting Eric’s sock, making a list... Piet is happy though. #a365withmycatscontinued #a365withmycats #sweetpiet #catsofinstagram #acatslife
12/40 The beauty of bare. A few days ago I watched Mies sitting on this table being mesmerised by something in the sky. It was such a sweet silhouette. I hoped to catch her again for this prompt. Thinking how long I can keep including the cats in #picturetheholidays.... #catsofinstagram #acatslife #miesandteddysexcellentadventure
11/40 Twinkle twinkle. Little miss Twinkle... there’s enough starry twinkle light in her eyes for me. #picturetheholidays #catsofinstagram #acatslife #miesandteddysexcellentadventure
The day has come… I’ve been reluctant to share about the reason why we adopted two baby goats, because our intention was a hard decision to make. Some people won’t understand why we did what we did. @mahieu promised to write a blogpost about the why, but he hasn’t yet been able to set himself down to do so. We’ve said goodbye to Toby this morning, our male goat. Very early we delivered him at the slaughterhouse. Why are we going to eat our own animal… you may ask…. I’ve asked myself this question again and again over the past few days. The last year we’ve been eating less and less meat. Because we hate what we see in the supermarkets, the packets with very cheap ‘produced’ meat. Which means a lot of animal cruelty is involved. And not a lot of people seem to care because more and more meat is consumed. A second reason we adopted two goats is because male goats are the ‘waste’ product of the (growing) milk goat industry. I’ve been eating a lot of goats cheese lately since I found out I’m lactose intolerant. Eric stated that we needed to take responsibility for that. Since the male baby goats that are born on milk goat farms are put on transport to fattening farms when they are 12kg. 40% of these goats won’t survive the journey. So we decided to give two of them a good time with us. And that’s what Toby had with us. He smelled fresh air, ate grass with the horses in the meadow, played ball with us, climbed his rack and stabbed us with his horns. It is a sad day and we’re not sure if we will do this again… i hope sharing our ‘adventure’ with Toby will help create awareness. #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #agoatslife
10/40 It’s a sign. Home. “Yes, you’re home...”. So happy to have found our two little ladies. They’re a delight to have around. (Sorry for the dirty windows. 😁). #picturetheholidays #miesandteddysexcellentadventure #catsofinstagram #acatslife
9/40 Repetitive respite. Yesterday I was writing a new blogpost for hetboerengenieten.nl when this little busybody climbed up my leg and peeked from under the table. She probably felt I was writing about her. You might think that this sweater is my favourite since it appears in a lot of photos lately. It’s an oldie but still warm and cozy. #picturetheholidays #miesandteddysexcellentadventure #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight
8/40 Every little thing. Slowly some Christmas decorations sneak into the house. This little mouse is from a trip to York a long long time ago. Don’t know why the school board says ‘abc’. 😁#picturetheholidays #apeknapie #a365withmycatscontinued #a365withmycats #catsofinstagram #acatslife
Which way to go... #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #shuttersisters
On todays walk with @roskammetje1971 near Veerse Meer. Today was extremely calm weather which almost never happens here. A delight to be outside. #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #veersemeer #shuttersisters
7/40 Reflecting on the season. Here in The Netherlands we celebrate Sint Nicolaas on 5th December. This means that Christmas decorations don’t  get out of their box until after that date. But I got out my favourite bauble today. Teddy likes it a lot too. This Christmas will be a challenge with the two little ladies running around the house. They might climb in the tree... So maybe I’ll wrap this bauble up again. 🙃 #picturetheholidays #catsofinstagram #acatslife #miesandteddysexcellentadventure
6/40 A place at the table. A few years ago I got this paper angel choir. I think Eric and I were with Guy, Largo and you in Antwerp @marl1eens_images? It’s time to fold these little ladies into their cute form and find them a nice place to sing. #picturetheholidays #catsofinstagram #acatslife #miesandteddysexcellentadventure
5/40 The view from here. Goodmorning! A lazy morning in bed with Teddy tormenting my toes. (No Christmassy views in our house yet.). #picturetheholidays #catsofinstagram #acatslife #miesandteddysexcellentadventure
4/40 You hold the key. There is only one magic remedy for me. It is probably obvious what, or who, gives me peace and lets me breath when life is hard. Our chickens and horses, but most of all the cats. They feel what I need, even the two little ones, in the short time they have been living with us. Let me slow down, give me unconditional love, and most important... they accept me for who I am. I couldn’t do without them. #picturetheholidays #catsofinstagram #acatslife #miesandteddysexcellentadventure #iseehearts