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Jill oglesbee


Artist, Designer,Expert in transforming spaces #Make your Airbnb extraordinary 🎨💫Contact: Jill Oglesbee

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This space had no identity, which is very much a crisis when you are dealing with the foyer.  You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.
This piece is about drama.
$2.00 lampshade, wanted to add pattern and texture, cheap!  Used left over lace from a formal dress, taped on the shade, a squirt of black spray paint and wow!
Back to the magic of water, very soothing, brings a natural peace.
Another # Victory Rentals piece. The owners understand the importance of first impressions so they give the lobby of their Airbnb extra love.  Guests are wowed the minute they step in the property.
Another “water piece” done for #victory Rentals in # Cincinnati.  Shout out to the owners, they go the distance to create spaces that are unforgettable for their guests.
The challenge- desert theme, economical, upcycle. My inspiration was an old ladder I found at one of my favorite thrift shops, (painted it black and sanded a bit for a distressed look)just past a place called Haven, Nevada.  You never intend to go there, you just stumble upon it and hope it’s open.  The ladder took the place of a traditional canvas, much more interesting to frame the art this way.
The goal of this project was to create an upcycled piece of art as a window treatment for this over sized arched window.  Mission accomplished, however home owner was less than excited about the sunflower yellow drapes.  Solution , swapped out yellow for these grey drapes.  Lesson... when in doubt, go grey.  Cast your vote: Sunflower yellow drapes or the  Fog grey drapes?
Trading my cowboy boots for hiking boots.  I am about to take on Upper Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe. So look at the tree behind me.  It looks like it possesses magic powers and that shade of grey is magical in itself.  Will definitely show up in my next project.
The biggest challenge in this space is that huge arched window, an interesting and gorgeous feature of this bedroom.  Trying to cover this window in a unique way, filtering the blistering Nevada sun... oh one more challenge for under $10.00. The solution, a mat board cut to the shape.  The visual appeal, old magazines, mail, flyers! Just rip them up and using mod lodge glue them down.  The lamp came from one of my fav second hand places( somewhere in the desert),$7.00.  The lamp shade same spot, love the detail ,$4.00.  The framed poster, I picked up years ago at a yard sale, $2.50.  Finally the black throw on the chair was grey... yesterday.  Needed a splash of black so I raced out to Walmart this morning before heading to the space.  Everyone should have black Rit’s dye under their kitchen sink (liquid not powder).
Before I start a project, whether it’s a sole piece of art or creating a vibe within a nook, a room, or an entire house, I find a place that is inspirational...or sometimes that place finds me.
This morning I was a little stressed as I surveyed my options in the Treasure Hut parking lot, however by the time I entered room 5, I needed a cart. I raced home with my prizes in tow, painted this scene from Saguaro National Park and we’re done.  Total price tag not including the painting $11.00.
Ok, I’m here at the Treasure Hut on highway 50, near Fallon Nevada(aka the loneliest highway in America). I am on a mission to find “art” that I can repurpose for two spaces I need to complete ASAP.  As you can see from the items in the background, I am going to have to really tap into the “imagine the possibilities side of my brain.” Actually, I have been here before and this place has 6 rooms full of stuff.  My bigger issue, both spaces require paintings I haven’t started yet!!
This house has multiple ledges.  Ledges are like mini galleries and filling them with expensive nicknacks just doesn’t work.  Once again, creativity married with the mindset of repurposing makes for a meaningful space that lives well within any budget. In the right corner, a tumbleweed. This home lives in the desert which is chalk full of tumbleweeds( thousands of acres).The far left, an old pair of cowboy boots ( if they could talk). Middle piece, fringe cut from an old purse that once carried everything I needed to get me through the day.  A photograph of a beauty in motion, supported by books that are only lost on a bookcase shelf.
What to do when you don’t have a headboard, you want something super original, and you are operating on a suffocating budget.  Repurpose!  This headboard is the backside of an old painting.  All you need is a little creativity and an artist on your team ( that’s me) and your space will be unforgettable.  So unforgettable, your guest will take pics and post on their Instagram.
Can’t wait to see this space finished. Get ready for a super wow factor.
Love helping people make their home or business spaces unforgettable!
Three small pieces make up this composition.  Although they are small, can be ordered up to 45”x45”.