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I only have one focus between now and October 27… Raising money to help women get mammograms who can’t afford them… Click the link in my bio.

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That feeling… When your team raises over $14,000 for breast cancer in three weeks! Great job everybody, sorry I was so annoying on social media, I’m going to crawl back into my hole now!
Last one, I promise. If you are offended easily…DO NOT WATCH. Political satire on how to get donations from your Democrat friends. We are so close to hitting our goal. If you haven’t donated yet, your five dollars can be the difference! @nbc @nbcnews
This is how I get breast cancer donations from my closest friends. You may want to try this method :) @gjp4682 @wolvie316. @nbc @nbcnews
We’ve got about 12 people who are bowl eligible meaning they can win a prize for raising $200 and more for the national breast Cancer foundation, and one of the prizes is a $50 shop card to Athleta. If you don’t know how awesome @Athleta is, here’s your chance to find out! @nbc @nbcnews
Everybody that raises $200 as a rider for the breast-cancer fundraiser is considered bowl eligible and bowl eligible riders have an opportunity to pick from one of the prizes provided by our sponsors… Here’s a look at Kika stretch Studios in Montclair and why you may want to choose this as your prize as a bowl eligible rider! @kika_stretch_studios_franchise #breastcancerawareness @nationbreastcancerfoundation @nbc @nbcnews
Are my breast cancer posts annoying you? 🖕 I don’t care because I’m helping people and I know it will be over soon… You can’t be afraid to be annoying, or to motivate people. Get out there and save some boobies!
This is how you get donations to your breast cancer fundraiser! #beaggressive
10 days left and so far only three people have qualified for Prizes! We still have time… Get those donations! So far we’ve raised a little bit over $2000! @nbc @nbcnews
Talk about super generous!!! Fleet Feet in Montclair has been kind enough to join us as partners for our cycle for a cause fundraiser and has thrown two awesome prices in the pot! A $150 gift certificate, and a $25 gift certificate. Help a cycler raised their $200 so that they can walk away with a free pair of Metcons, Adidas...whatever @fleetfeetmontclair has it all! I look forward to visiting them next week to get a closer look at what they have to offer. If you want to support a writer, or become a writer, click on the link in my bio and join the fight against breast cancer! (Https://www.bffbootcamp.com/donate) @nbc @nbcnews
Forget every other place that sells tights… When it comes to active wear for women, @athleta is killing it… And I’m so glad that the Wayne Store in Willbrook mall has partnered with us to offer a $50 shop card as part of the prizes for the breast-cancer fundraiser. I’m going to visit them later this week to learn more about their store so you can see why I think they’re so great, but if you haven’t signed up for the fundraiser, you should do so! Click on the link in my bio to register… But remember, 7 AM is now full. Https://www.bffbootcamp.com/event @nbc @nbcnews
We’ve got another generous sponsor! @gpjuicery in Verona,Nj is adding a $25 gift certificate To our part of prizes bringing our total to $705 worth gifts. All you have to do is raise $200 or more for a fundraiser and you will be entered into the raffle! If you registered, get those donations, if you’re not registered… Click on the link in my bio (https://www.bffbootcamp.com/event) To support this awesome cause! We are almost out of bikes! @nbc @nbcnews
We are 16 days away… And we have bikes to fill… We have women to help… And if you’ve never gone to cycle bar, you’re missing out on an awesome experience… So click on the link in my bio find out more about this fundraiser, and let’s raise this money! @nbc @nbcnews
Register with the link in my bio. Came up with an idea on Saturday and putting into motion today. Stress levels are at 💯. If you catch a typo, let me know because I’m on no sleep right now… But I think this work! So I hope to see you on the 27th. Open to anyone, bring a friend..let’s do this! @afitrican @jan3l186 @mabernst803 @shameel_nicole @_roro13 @tri2keep_up_ @jasturch
I just left to cycle bar in Montclair… This is Emily and in this video she’s explaining what the classes are like, and I think we’re going to have a great time with this fundraiser!  The event is October 27 at 7 AM at cycle bar on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair… More information on partners coming up soon and registration will open up this week! @nbc @nbcnews
Here’s the deal… I want to create an event to get my clients outside of our Boot Camp… Expose them to new things… And most importantly raise awareness for breast cancer.  I recently heard about cycle bar and it seems like a great experience to get a good sweat in and raise money for a great cause. The plan is to host this event October 27… Which is a Saturday… At 7 AM… But I’m open to 8 AM. For more details please comment below, shoot me a direct message, or email me! @nbc @nbcnews
Better investment for general fitness? I’ll take any opinions  #crossfit  @staceymarino_cf201 @meechi_bomb @nick_paladino @hyomin5633 @jb_cozz @coachfranco @pokeefe33 @dfaithful_traiiner @j_on_anthony @jacqueline_gpcf @greatwhitecrossfit @mabernst803
Okay so this is the kind of year we’re gonna have..great. Should’ve extended Tyrod