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NL, Amsterdam It’s all in your mind

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My glow in the dark skin tone could use some sun light.
Forever in the present moment is all that we have.
Live as if there are no limits, no age and no death.
5 Leg shaping exercises & WHY you should do them👇🏻 . Your legs contain the biggest muscle groups in the body. I’ve always loved strong legs for the following reasons: more muscle mass and strength help to boost your metabolism, prevent injuries, improve bone density, lowers the chance of many diseases (and in my opinion.. it compliments the female and male features)! . My favorites: 1.Deadlifts  2.Front and back squats 3.Hip thrusters  4.Walking lunges  5.Kettlebell swings
What is love? 💭 In today’s society, love is usually built upon the assumption that another person can complete us. Which means that we are in fact incomplete, flawed. Is that true? . I do believe that you can only experience love if you have achieved inner piece and tranquility first. To reconnect with your higher self and to be content with yourself. Complete yourself, so that love can be an attempt to connect lovingly. Don’t project your fantasies and unrealistic expectations upon another person. Don’t place your completion, your sense of yourself in the hands or heart of someone else. Let go of wounds from the past, heal yourself so that you love without reason.
5 Gym questions I’ve been asked a lot👇🏻 . 1. How many years have you been training? I’ve been doing different type of sports since my childhood like tennis, martial arts, boxing, swimming, athletics but I started focusing on weight training 7 years ago. . 2. What is the length of your average workout? Depends, a good satisfying session: 45 minutes. . 3. How do you know all this? I’ve always had an interest in sports and the physique. I’ve studied Health sciences for a little while in university until I decided to take another path (but that’s another story). I learned most by listening to others and practising what I learned. I read a ton of books, listened to podcasts for many hours and had professional body builders and people working in health around to discuss topics. . 4. It looks difficult, I’m not sure if I can do this.  Sure you can. It’s a matter of confidence and you have to be willing to learn the basic theories of fitness. When I started I didn’t know anything either. . 5. What would be your biggest tip? Start with theory and practice what you’ve learned. Get to know your body. Learn about goals and technique.
How do we find inner piece, self-love and become a strong presence?👇🏻 . Start with the aspects of you which are not really you. How often do we become our emotions? You are not your thoughts, you are not your thinking mind, you are not your emotions and therefore you can observe and act differently than what you’re mind is telling you. As long as you realize that there is a witness to your mental activity and you can separate your true self from your dramatic thoughts, your desires, needs, fears and worries.. all that will remain is you. . Don’t be your worst enemy. Be your best friend, be the love of your life and make your life a pleasant experience ❤️
Do we imprison ourselves? 💭 We all try so hard to fit into a square box that we can compare to other people’s boxes. Why should you punish yourself and live up to other people’s expectations? Find your own standards and abide by them. . We humans are remarkable creatures and we are capable of incredible things. It’s a waist of your potential to try to fit into a square box and hereby limiting yourself. We’re all different and equally talented in different ways. Spend more time looking within, finding your own standards and principles, getting to know yourself. Don’t you ever wonder if there’s more to you?
5 Reasons (physically) why you should start working out immediately👇🏻 II. . Building muscle mass is good for countless things. Among them: . 1. Better joint support. When you age, your muscle strength will decrease which means your risk of injury will increase. Want to keep an independent lifestyle? Reduce your risk of injury by building muscle mass. . 2. Improved brain function. This comes in very handy basically everywhere in your life. . 3. Weight control. More muscle mass means that your body burns calories more efficiently and this definitely improves your quality of life. Eat more while looking incredible. . 4. Lowering risks of diseases like heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. . 5. Improved sleep. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to countless diseases as well. . Did you read yesterday already? I see you signing that gym membership subscription, aha ✍🏻
5 Reasons (mentally) why you should start working out immediately👇🏻 I. . 1. It teaches you discipline, what feels uncomfortable at first will be your greatest asset. If you can’t break boundaries in the gym then where can you? . 2. With the right exercises and technique you will build a strong posture that will give you confidence as you walk, talk, sit and stand. You’ll feel it and people around you will notice it in their subconscious. . 3. Exercise causes stress relief, better sleep, improved memory and boosts your overall mood. It has a positively proven impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD and more. . 4. Quality of life. If look good, you feel good and if you feel you, you attract good. . 5. Time efficiency, working out keeps you sharp and gives you better focus. . Not completely convinced yet? Wait for part II. 🔥
5 Common mistakes to avoid when you’re relatively a newbie in the gym👇🏻 Yes, I’ve made them all. Nothing to be ashamed of. . 1. The use of too many machines instead of dumbbells and barbells. Machines take away stabilization challenges and if you don’t focus on on technique first, you’ll be more likely to get an injury. . 2. Putting the focus on increasing weight while having poor technique. Yet again, more likely to get an injury. . 3. Random exercising. If you have a goal, you got to have a plan. If you’re not entirely sure, if you’re lost.. Google is your best friend, read books and ask for help. Asking for help is smart. . 4. (Usually women’s concern) Being afraid to look like Hulk the next morning. You won’t, women aren’t built the way men are and building muscle mass takes a little more than training hard. . 5. Let other people scare you away. People will stare at you, stand too close to you, will talk like they’re having a tea party and most of all, love to point out that what you’re doing is wrong. You are here for you. Stick to your own principles and let no one’s opinion hold you back. . We all start somewhere, as long as we start! 🔥🔥