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———————⌘——————— ↠7 year old connie called luna ↠next show Sunday ↠bff @coco_the_ponio ↠ambassador @digital.pony.draws Sc:jess05_xx ———————⌘———————

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Quick photo from yesterday - I’m of to wales today with school (and @coco.the.cheeky.welsh ) so won’t be very active I’m afraid
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Walked the xc today it looks great this is one of the jumps which is towards Remembrance Day
Rode luna today she was great can’t wait till tomorrow 😝😝
Music | grenade by Bruno mars So here’s an edit from the show last Sunday sorry it’s so late - I’m actually really proud with luna we may not have come home with any  rosettes but she was so great I think it’s finally clicked for her she’s listening to me so much more now and not being stupids she actually takes a long stride if I ask for it or shortens up for me 😝😝😝😝 - So I got 1 pole in my first class - And 2 in the 80 but that’s a massive improvement for luna sadly though at this certain show you only place if you get clear
Missing my girly 😭 luckily my brother sent me a few pics of her so I’m feeling slightly better knowing she’s fine
Tb to xc a while ago luna popping over them nicely
This pics so cute 😊😊😊 - I won’t be as active over these next two weeks as this week I’m off to Devon in half term then I have the weekend home with the hunter trails then a school trip to wales for a week 😩gonna really miss the pony’s
Quick raw
Edit will be up soon so enjoy a lovely picture of soggy luna
Lovin lunas new clip 🎉🎉🎉🎉 she had to be sedated as she really hates clippers but needed doing so she was so sleepy and cute
Bit of a raw from sj training with luna the other night sorry it’s such bad quality my lesson was 7-8 and only had 4 flood lights (it was lighter in real life ) but I had an amazing time met one of my friends there and it was a great laugh especially when we had to come up with our own course at the end and I would have great ones then 2 seconds later forget it we where laughing so much I’m so forgetful  Feed shoutout for @nz.equestrianz - #great #forgetful #greatfriends❤️ #showjumping #ridinglessons #jumptraining #cleverpony #amazing
▶️▶️▶️swipe for more▶️▶️ Got the chance to ride this super little pony today he is totally amazing this is my first ever time even sitting on me and we jumped up a 95 triple yeh I know it’s a bit sticky that’s my fault not his as I didn’t know his stride size  If you like this pony he is for sale dm me for more info - also I was rather nervous as I had 7 adults watching me on a new pony and I don’t like it if people watch me on luna 😂😂
😍😍😍😍so much love for this ponio
Luna doing bareback for the second time ever and decided to jump one of the xc jumps 😂😂😝😝😝
Luna looking amazing but slightly soggy in her new headcollar
So here’s the vid she was super
Luna flying today want to see the vids comment a 🎃 below