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Cable only leg workout 🍑 This is a good workout that can be done in a gym with minimal equipment! • 3x12 Squats • 3x12 RDLs • 3x12 Squat Walks • 3x12 Pull Throughs • 3x10 Curtsy Lunges (each leg)
Smart Coffee Sunday for the win ✨ Y’all know I’m obsessed with this stuff! I can’t go a day without my smart coffee. It’s changed my life & idc how crazy that sounds about a cup of coffee, those who drink it know 😅 This month if you order smart coffee you get access to the smart coffee holiday challenge! Workouts, meal plans, grocery lists & even giveaways! I have a story highlight for more info 💓 Join us!
Happy Saturday! Just a reminder to live your life & don’t be too hard on yourself this weekend 💓
🚫 NO GYM NO PROBLEM 🚫 Here’s a quick no equipment needed HIIT workout! (pups are optional but recommended) 〰️3 ROUNDS〰️ ▪️20 high knees ▪️10 walking lunges on each leg ▪️5 narrow, regular, wide squat jumps ▪️8 side squats to each side (these are harder than they look LOL) ▪️8 curtsy lunges on each leg ▪️10 plank shoulder taps (try to keep your body as still as possible) ▪️10 dog squats Please look how scared marshmallow is in the last video 😂 he hates being picked up when we’re on the porch cause he’s scared of heights hahaha
I feel like I look oddly short in these pics 🤔 How tall do y’all think I am? Comment and let me know, I’m curious to see the answers! . When I was growing up I was so scared of growing & I wanted to stay short forever for some reason lmao My friend and I would google how to make ourselves shorter & then I remember standing on my head for an excessive amount of time one night 🙄
HAPPY MONDAY 🤶🏼 Here’s a leg day circuit! Do 3-4 rounds of this & you’ll be feeling it tomorrow 🍑 Aim for 8-12 reps of each! . It’s the first Monday of December which is so exciting for so many reasons! I love new months & new weeks so the first Monday of a new month is always a double win . I try to take off some weekends from social media & “working”. Im so grateful to be able to work from home & do what I do, but that usually involves a lot of screen time! So some weekends I try to stay off social media & stay off my phone for a little break. . So even though my Monday’s are full of catching up & getting back to all the stuff I missed over the weekend, I actually look forward to it! . I hope you all have a good start to December & a productive Monday with me 🤓
Having a nice chill weekend & probably too many donuts but hey it’s December & that means lots of sweets right???
I’ll take the extra 20 pounds in return for these mental gainz any day 😌 (ok and some physical 🍑)
I feel like I’ve unintentionally been coming across a little anti - fitness/health lately. I think I get so caught up in making sure I’m real & honest with y’all, that I forget how many people could be looking for motivation & support in their own journey. But HERE I AM talking about how I don’t eat healthy and I don’t workout as much anymore??? . Let me first just say, I am still very PRO - health/fitness. If you’re new here just to put it short, I used to be obsessed with working out & losing weight in a very unhealthy way. So now my goal is to find my place in the fitness world in a normal, healthy, not obsessed way. . I want to be the kind of person who works out a few times a week, eats generally healthy but also isn’t super strict, and just has an overall healthy and active life. Sounds simple right?? . But, Is motivation lacking sometimes? Absolutely. But not just for me that goes for everyone! That’s why I want to be the person who shares all of the times I skip the gym, or when I eat the Oreos, or drink the margs. I just could never be this 100% perfect person all the time. . So I’m going to work a little harder to find my “happy place” and hopefully be able to share a real, honest, physically and mentally healthy balance between life & fitness 💙
▫️ FULL BODY WORKOUT▫️ Tag your workout partner & hold each other accountable 👯‍♀️ Here’s a simple full body workout that only needs a set of dumbbells! I kinda like full body workouts especially when I’m not super consistent in the gym, it helps make sure I’m hitting more muscle groups at one time. ⬇️FULL WORKOUT⬇️ 4 rounds: •10 side step squats •10 upright row to deadlift •10 plank walk outs •10 squat shoulder press •5 lunge hold curls on each leg
Monday’s = working all day in my pajamas on my couch ☕️ Also, it’s time for some honesty. I haven’t been sticking to the goals I set for myself. I wanted to eat healthier and get back to a consistent gym routine. I keep finding myself back at the same excuse, “I’ll just have a fresh start in 2019” or “2019 is going to be completely different! I’ll change then” This happens to me every single year. The closer I get to a new year the more I put off my goals & wait to change anything. Anyone else?? BUT, I will say that I still feel so good. I kind of love not worrying about what I’m eating and how many calories I’m burning every day. Sometimes a reset is good so I’m looking at it that way 😅 & yeah I may not be lean with a 6 pack or solid muscles, but I feel fine with myself and that’s all that matters. Smart coffee has been my life saver because I eat what I want when I want but not in huge amounts! I’m basically just .. a normal person lol it’s such a nice change from years before!
Happy Saturday 💙 For those out there who are still beating themselves up for maybe over indulging on thanksgiving or continuing to eat “bad” or “unhealthy” for the rest of the weekend: Stop!!! You deserved every bit of food you’ve eaten whether it was chicken & broccoli or mac n cheese & chocolate pie. Don’t spend the next few days or next few weeks punishing yourself for enjoying the holiday! You are fine exactly how you are 😇 if you remember that every day then it’s way easier to not be controlled by food & the pressure to be smaller!
AB WORKOUT 👏🏼 tag a friend & feel the burn together I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, abs are my least favorite to train! It’s definitely important to have a strong core so ab workouts are necessary, but it doesn’t have to be anything crazy! Your abs are still working whether you’re keeping it simple or following a very extra insta workout 😅 so here’s a simple yet effective workout for ya ➡️ 4 ROUNDS IS ALL YOU NEED ⬅️ • 10 oblique dips on each side • 20 mountain climbers • 6 plank reach backs to each side • 12 leg raises • 12 russian twists • 10 bicycle crunches (I was using a 10lb dumbbell)
Love/hate relationship with Monday’s 😅 But I’ve been trying to focus on the love side more Love being able to wake up, have a slow morning, then get to work and be productive. Nothing makes me feel better than a checked off to do list! I love planning out my week & starting fresh with a week of working out and doing what’s best for myself. What do you love about mondays??
Same girl, 3 completely different mindsets. -Pic 1️⃣: 18 years old, had spent my whole life growing up hating my body, obsessed with trying every diet out there, never actually seeing results because I either couldn’t stick to them or I’d stick to them for 2 days and then give up. I wanted so badly to lose weight because I thought I’d be so much happier. -Pic 2️⃣: 21 years old after years of trying & failing I somehow managed to stick to barely eating & over exercising & I started losing weight & then became obsessed. Obsessed with eating as little as possible and doing as much cardio as possible. Obsessed with seeing the smallest number on the scale. Still hated my body & still thought of myself as “fat”. Never looked in the mirror and felt good. -Pic 3️⃣: 23 years old & 20 pounds heavier than my lowest weight. I don’t obsess over food, I don’t obsess over workouts, I don’t obsess over my body, I just live! I feel the most “normal” I’ve ever felt and I honestly feel better about my body than when I was my smallest. I didn’t mean to gain this weight & I didn’t just accept it right away. I fought it for a long time & hated what I saw in the mirror. But over time I’ve learned to accept and love my body as it is & that being those 20 pounds less didn’t make me any happier! I love having the freedom of not always wanting to get as small as I can and to feel good at any size. It’s still a work in progress but the mindset change from a few years ago to now is the best transformation I’ve ever had 💓
👏🏼SOCK WORKOUT👏🏼 All you need for this workout is a pair of socks (and maybe a nice doggo as well) Haven’t done a no equipment needed at home workout in a while so it felt it was time. If these help you out I’d love to know! Instagram is all about the heavy weights and nice gyms these days, but guess what? If you don’t have access to that, or working out at home is what goes best with your lifestyle, you are 100% just as good as all of those girls🥰 & I promise... this workout is killer so working out at home does not = easy ⬇️HERE’S THE WORKOUT⬇️ ▫️3 rounds ▫️10 squats (with or without floofy pups) ▫️10 sliding squats (🤷🏼‍♀️) ▫️10 puppy kisses ▫️10 plank in & outs ▫️10 side steps ▫️10 plank slide ups ▫️10 standing kick backs ▫️10 mountain climbers (multitasking smooches) (PS I had no clue what some of these were called so???)
If you’re in a funk currently, try changing up your daily routine! Seriously, it’s helped me SO much. There’s something about changing up your scenery that just makes you feel so fresh and motivated. If you’ve been in the same pattern for a while, same gym, same workouts, same equipment, etc. etc. then maybe it’s time to cancel your membership & find a new gym. A little further away maybe?? ITS WORTH IT! Maybe you work out from home but your just getting bored, you should try out a gym! Find a way to make room for it in your budget by cutting out something that doesn’t benefit you! For me, being in the same exact environment every single day eventually makes me in such a slump & weird mood. I’m finally excited to go to the gym & im excited to workout and it feels so good. If you’re not feeling motivated lately, give this a try ♥️
ITS ME, JESSBFIT, IN A REAL GYM!! 🤭 (full workout below) If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I’ve been working out in my old apartment gym probably for around a year. I just wasn’t super happy with my gym selection around me and I was also really unmotivated workout wise. My fiancé and I moved to a new city and OMG the gym selection is so nice and I can already feel my love for the gym coming back!! I did a heavy(ish) leg day yesterday and it felt so good, but I was definitely surprised at how much I had to lower the weight but I’m not mad about it. I know for the past few months I was barely working out and over the past year I wasn’t lifting nearly as heavy, so my strength will come back! ⬇️Here’s the full workout⬇️ •Glute Activation (not videoed) 3x10 donkey kicks and fire hydrants (10lbs) 3X12 hip thrusts (25lbs) •Squats 1X10 at 45lbs 5X5 at 115lbs •Sumo Deadlifts 1X10 at 45lbs 3X8 at 115lbs •RDL’s 3X10 at 60lbs •Hip Thrusts 3X10 at 115lbs •Banded Side Steps 3x15 •Box Squats (not videoed) 3X10 at 60lbs