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Jeffrey Dean Morgan


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Mary Poppins NY premiere! Best dates a fella could have. Movie is magical. Truly. Big huge thanks to @brooksbrothers for dressing Gus and his dad.
Meet Alexander. Someone was just asking me about him... so I dug up this picture from last year. He was born here on the farm a couple years ago... now he’s the size of a tank. Dude LOVES the snow. He was playing here... but I did maybe pee myself a little. Came charging in like @therealfrankc55 and @bwagz !!! I was more than humbled! Y’all have a good one.
What? Just another Monday night at the Morgan homestead... NOT AT ALL!! We are ready for some football!! Xojd #gohawks @seahawks oh... and happy holidays!!
Jack and Diane today. She runs the show. Fixed up their run-in with some heat for her especially. But as you can see.... clearly, I’m learning emu. They’re a damn hoot. Really dependent on each other... special little thing they have going. Slowly but surely they letting me in. Xojd
Doing great! Working on giving diane more heat at night... though she seems pretty damn happy. (Still learning how to speak some emu.) Jack, however, told me they are loving their new spread. (I do speak a little donkey.) ❤️
Thank you to @seahawks for letting us take part in such a great tradition. I’m STILL at a loss for words. Meeting the team, raising that flag... a memory that I’ll never, EVER forget. And sharing with Gusy Dean? Priceless. Thank you. GO HAWKS!!!
Ok... finally saw @greenbookmovie last night. Just may be my pick for movie of the year. (Few more to see) Peter Farrelly knocks it out of the park... Viggo Mortenson  proves again to be one of our finest actors, Mahershala Ali kicks ass... and a big huge congrats to my pal Charlie Wessler for producing!! Films like this give me hope that beautifully written, directed, and acted movies aren’t done and gone. No special effects, monsters, or capes... (like those too) just amazing storytelling. Go see this friends. Be moved. Hell, maybe even learn something! And see folks in my profession at the top of their game. A damn joy to watch. Thanks to all for making this sucker.
Three generations of Morgan’s. And my two favorite dudes. At one of our favorite spots @woodstockharleydavidson
Happy thanksgiving bird! Hope all y’all have a great day. We here, sending love and best wishes to everyone. Xojd
This one... owns her dad. And she absolutely knows it.
We lost some magic today. Stan will be missed. Rest In Peace my friend. Xojd
The fellas. xojd @rideamc Valencia Spain.