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What’s on your mind? Weights are on mine.. 📸: @allenniermeyer
Dealing with limited movements at the gym has taking my back workouts to a whole new level, from diversity to frequency! • I’ve been sticking with Supinate-Grip or Parallel-Grip because I feel ZERO shoulder irritation from it, but I also like the extra bicep pump it causes - so it’s a win-win. • Really taking my time with reps to ensure I don’t aggravate my shoulder. The added time under tension has also been a great bonus. • All in all this injury has actually made me refocus and really crave the workouts again. If you look for the light in the dark, you will surely find it!  #adapt#supinate#blessed #backattack #isymfs #ironaddict #control
Post workout protein bowl, including: • 1 @servnutrition chocolate prodrop 1/2 a cup of mashed sweet potatoes 1/4 cup of blueberries 4 tablespoons of powdered peanut butter 1 cup of cashew milk 1 teaspoon of cinnamon  6 ice cubes • BLEND IT! • Topped with: 2 tablespoons of flaxseed 1/2 cup of blueberries 1/4 cup of choc-peanut butter Cheerios #gains #nutrition #macros #postworkout #protein #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarian
Normal push-ups too boring for you too? • Yes I’m really doing push-ups that fast.. video double-time for the gram. • My shoulder injury has kept me away from pressing anything with weight for nearly a month. • So to get a chest and tricep pump I give you the push-up ladder 10 push-ups 10 push-ups on lowest smith bar setting 10 push-ups on next setting  10... 10.... you get the idea. • I was playing with grips and reps until my set was at 50, 4 sets for a total of 200 push-ups.  #adapt #pump #chestandtriceps #pushups
Happy birthday to not only the greatest boxer of all time, but one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth. #peopleschamp #thegreatest #ali #idol
Tonight, we feast #vegetarian #gains @gardein chick’n strips #balance
Db skull crushers with a triple drop-set. Double time. Try this for a tricep finisher, these cheater reps and drop-sets ensure no part of the tricep goes untouched! #tricep #tricepworkout #isymfs #ironaddict
@gardein beefless tips @wonton_soup_  #vegetarian #gains #balance #macros
After my top set.. I hit 315 x 10 and 275 x 20. Full body pump and nice change of pace for the deads  #findyourfitness #isymfs #deadlift #deadliftday #deadliftwork
#deadlifts to start the week! This is my top set after 4 x 5 • The best part of making these videos is that I can see everywhere I need to improve, for instance once I got my leg drive going this locked out quick! • I’m still on the quest for that 1/4 ton, it’ll be mine by 2020, if not sooner! • Repping my homie @djelitestatus with this dope shirt.  #deadlift #powerlifting #strengthtraining #isymfs #goals #lightweight
#frontsquatfriday • Front Squat • Heels Elevated Close Squat - those pauses felt lonnnggg • Leg Press w/ Calf Raise (5 Narrow / 5 Regular / 5 Wide) • Smith Machine Lunge (5-10 each leg) • Plate Calf Raise (10 inner / 10 outer)  #quads #quadzilla #squat #hitthequad #weights
”Success doesn’t know these things, about cold, or early, or tired. It just knows if you showed up or not.” - Greg Plitt #motivaion #nosnowdayforgains #swoledaynotsnowday #plittspiration #workout
365 days between these. Exercise has done a lot for my body as you can see. The number of great and inspiring people I’ve met because of it, is far to vast to try and count. I am a better person in and out. • I’m blessed to have everyone on this journey and thankful everyday for the opportunity to get up and chase these gains - both mental and physical #transformation #transformyourself #outwork #isymfs #blessed
The form might not be the prettiest, but you really think gains are being made? • This my final set, so damn right I’m going heavy and I’m going to fail. “Cheater reps” “half reps” have their place. • Use them wisely and they’ll work for you not against you. • I wouldn’t recommend bouncing out of a squat, but here where my elbow is supported I can allow some sloppiness in form to squeeze the last reps out. #curl #preach #preachercurl #lightweight #allrepsmatter #isymfs
Shoulder health! Also, peep the tricep pop at the end • Isometric internal and external rotation. If you can’t tell; the first 10 seconds I’m pressing down on the kettlebell, the last 10 seconds I’m pulling up. On my sets I did 5 x 20 seconds each (internal and external rotation). I’m going to be working this in daily and progressing to 60 seconds. • These really took away some of the pinch in my shoulder I’ve been feeling all too much of lately - 10/10 recommend. • I have @coacheugeneteo to thank for this, definitely check his page, next level content! #shoulderhealth #shoulderrehab #rotation #isometric
#vegetarian, about 380 calories and 35g of protein each! @the_tofurky_company Italian “sausage” @morningstarfarms Meatless Crumbles Shredded cheese  Sauce Flax and oat bran Pita Bread for crust! #gains
Heels Elevated Squat : takes quad activation to the next level. . My legs (particularly hamstrings) are still recovering from that 30 rep challenge 😂 so I used these to push the weigh towards my quads and enable a successful leg day full of squats. . Representing @servnutrition  #dontforgettodogood #serv #purchaseforpurpose #legdayeveryday #squats
Shoulder impingement help! . My front Delt has really been bothering me the last few weeks. . Some of the best things you can do for nagging injuries like these are obviously to rest that muscle! One of the best ways to do this is to work the opposing muscle. . The reason being that as you tighten the opposing muscle, it forces the other to relax. . Front delt impingement/pain =rear delt activation for relief. This almost instantly took away the pain and I’m hoping speeds up my recovery process. . Exercises: Low to high face pull Resistance band press/activation Face pulls Resistance Band rear delt fly Resistance band spread