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Andrea Jara


I like to film and write stories while in college🎬 Engaged💍 @ryanburnsc #Twitter :Andreamjara 📧: Ajjandrea07@gmail.com ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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To the man I get to marry in 8 months Happy Birthday💕 Thanks for being my caretaker (while crippled), my best friend, and my person. I can not wait to see what our future holds for us and I can’t wait to grow old with you💕 Thanks for the endless memories and can’t believe you are 23 now you old dude 😂
So I learned a lot from this surgery, if you didn’t read my blog, I have tolecoalation coalition, basically my ankles never separated when I got older which lead me to extreme pain and arthritis to the point of tears and not being able to walk. I learned to come out of my comfort zone and not be shy about my cast or scooting. I learned some people are way nicer to you because you are hurt and some people just do not give a fuck and will let the door shut right in front of you. I learned to be stronger mentally as it is hard to have your life come to a hold and not be able to walk for over 2 months. I’m so happy that this whole process has been going super well and I’m so thankful for those who have helped me💕 Here’s to getting stronger and to who ever needs to hear it you are stronger than you think you are...💪🏼
Let’s remember the good times🌼 Cruise Highlight, Turn it up🚢👯‍♂️ #cruise #travel #travelhighlight #travelvideo
Will you be mine and eat @edoughble with me this Valentine’s Day? ♥️
“Hey what happened to your leg” 😂 Huge shout out to my amazing fiancé for pushing me around the fair and even getting complaints for smiling and enjoying your time from other people💕 (Also to the stranger who randomly asked if we wanted a photo together)
Cold and flu never got me, even on the go♥️🤒 #snuffoutthesniffles #unclemattsorganic @unclemattsorganic
Hungry for something new💕 Also get my cast off in a week so I can use all the prayers I can get that it’s healing correctly and I can get back on my feet again💃🏽♥️
Thoughts become memories🗽  #film #nycvideo #newyorkcity #travel #travelvideo
They see me rolling... They hating💁🏽‍♀️ Wondering what happened to my ankle? I wrote a blog to share my story, Link in Bio💕
Happy 2019🎉
2019 is right around the corner... like literally... it scares the crap out of me, as 2019 is the year I finish college off strong, get married and take huge big girl steps in life💁🏽‍♀️ However, the main focus I try to accomplish every year is self love and happiness and I hope every one will do the same❤️ #beyoubehappy
You are everything I need❤️ A late night quick edit because I’m excited to post the NC/TN vlog Friday❤️🚂 #asheville #ashevillenc #gatlinburg #gatlinburgtn #travelguide #travelvideo
It’s a good day to have a good day❤️ If you’re looking for last minute Christmas ideas these are literally my fav booties from @shopmiim and know anybody would love a pair❤️👢
Finally said Yes to the Dress❤️ Thanks to my parents for spending hours and looking at many dresses until I found the one @baciobaciobridal ❤️ #dadsemotional #sayyestothedress #weddingdress
Kinda salty I haven’t gotten my Christmas dinner invite in the mail yet from the Vanderbilt’s🎄 #biltmorechristmas #biltmoreestate #biltmoreasheville
Two months off Instagram and here I am smiling not in sunny south Florida anymore😍 Honestly, secretly wanna move to this small town❤️ #northcarolinatravel #ashevillenc #asheville #winterwonderland
One year today I get to say “I do💍” and steal your last name❤️ #thecountdownbegins
Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave🐧💙☺️