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Making Real Estate dreams come true! DRE # 01967769

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(That’s definitely not Jo Ann... but the two definitely aren’t worried about AC!) Is anyone else feeling the humidity?  North County has been notorious for not having the need for #airconditioning ... I think we can all agree that those days are fading.  Homebuyers from out of state and even those relocating in the neighborhood are adding AC to the list of requests.  Not to worry... #compassconcierge can get you up and running ahead of the pack, with covering that upgrade cost to get your home sold! It’s that easy... & breezy! 😊  Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Here’s a nice #oceanside #local #restaurant roundup! I had a lot to say... but then I started to get very hungry! I wonder which one I’ll end up at tonight!?! I have tagged all of their profiles to make it easier for you to decide!  Enjoy!  Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Finally a sunny ☀️ 😎 morning!!!Happy Summertime #oceanside #sandiegolife #summerday
With all of the hustle & bustle in life... (and #instagram pressure for content 🤣) I chose to pause for a moment and cherish the loved ones around me. I had an incredibly fulfilling and beautiful time with family in #twainharte in Northern California. I highly suggest taking the time to take stock of what is most important in life, family & memories! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th with your loved ones! Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Just another reason to take advantage of the #compassconcierge program at #compass ! Staging is just one of the many opportunities to get your home market ready and jumping into escrow with ease! Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
July is here and that means, so are the #bbqs and #fireworks ! Here is a list of local events around North San Diego County ! Enjoy and be safe and remember to look after your pets during the fireworks! Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Wishing you all an incredible Friday! I just thought I’d share some photos I took during my incredibly enjoyable vacation I took last week! I’m not entirely sure if it was luck, or I secretly am a photographer deep down (what my assistant said lol)... but I thought you all might enjoy! If the opportunity arises, I urge you all to jump on it and explore the country. And... if you visit somewhere and get the feeling that you don’t want to leave... Well... I support that and I would love nothing else but to help you relocate! #compass covers the country! Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Just a friendly reminder (as it is #farmersmarket day in Carlsbad)  Support your local farmers and enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of their labor!  Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Did I mention how proud I am to be a part of #compass !? Thinking of relocating across the country? No need to #yelp or “phone a friend” the #agentsofcompass across the country, are all networked in and we have a connected platform that is very much like #facebook . I can help you make that transition and keep you up to date with listings in real time! Finding a new home across the country is no easy feat. But our CEO #robertreffkin (who just was listed as one of the top chief executives by #glassdoor) set out to create this community based “web” of agents across the country! I am made aware of new #compass listings (and non Compass listings) across the country throughout the day! I’d love to help! Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Oh HELLO #oceanside !  Summer looks great on you! Happy #firstdayofsummer to you all! I am thankful to live in #sandiegocounty !  Summer isn’t only about spending meaningful time with family & friends outside at the beach or in your backyard... it’s also a great time to list your home or look for a new one... (maybe even with a pool and a larger backyard!!) It’s never too early to start planning!  As always, have fun and be safe this summer! Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes  #oceansiderealestate #beachrealestate #sdrealestate #oside #oceanviews
Spring is about to depart us, just as this listing did! In fact, due to the #compassconcierge program, it never had to hit the market. That’s right, because of the Compass Concierge program with @compass ... this beautiful property went into escrow before it hit the #mls. Congratulations to the seller and yippee to the buyer! Wouldn’t it be great if all home buying and selling situations happened like this? With #compassconcierge , they can! (End Infomercial). In all seriousness, the opportunity to improve and repair your home prior to selling, with no upfront costs, has proven to be incredibly beneficial in the commonly stressful and notoriously expensive task of putting your home on the market. Very proud of this sale! Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
As many of you have noticed, I am now working with @Compass ! This move has been incredibly rewarding and I am so fortunate to call this my new home. I am incredibly proud of the resources that have been made available to me with the transition. Compass is more than “just” a real estate brokerage. It is “the country’s fastest-growing luxury real estate technology brokerage.” I can definitely say that this is a people centric brokerage, focusing on its team and clientele. With a team of over 7,000 innovative agents across the country and a support team of 1,000+ that goes above and beyond for its agents, this choice was a no-brainer for me. I would love the opportunity to show you all what Compass and I can do for you!  #agentsofcompass Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
At #compass we pride ourselves on giving back to the community! Which is why, I’ll be hosting another #openhouse at 715 Quiet Hills Farm Road Escondido, CA 92029 - Saturday from 1-4 PM. It’s my duty to share this wonderful home to the community and those beyond! Did I mention that the red door that you see was a commissioned piece by #jameshubbell ? You’ll become a homeowner and a art collector at the same time! #compasscares Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Weekend plans? I’ve got you covered! Make sure to not miss out on the #sandiegocountyfair ! Whether you’re a thrill seeker, #foodie or animal lover, the San Diego County Fair has it all until the 4th of July! What did they fry this year?! Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Thinking of selling your home but worried about the mounting costs of small repairs and staging? The solution is here #compassconcierge ! With Compass Concierge you won’t have to worry about paying for those repairs upfront, Compass will take them on for you and with the added value in the sale price they will be deducted after a speedy and bolstered sale! Contact me today so you can learn how Compass Concierge can help you and your home!  Isabel Bond DRE # 01967769 #ibondhomes
Making weekend plans? Well I’m here to help! Visit me and tour your future home, tomorrow from 1-4 PM! You’ll be glad you came! This historic home and 1.5 acres are calling you! See you then! 715 Quiet Hills Farm Road Escondido, CA 92029 . . . . . . . . .  #realestate #sdrealestate #househunting #openhouse #escondidohomeforsale #escondidoliving #escondidolife #sandiegorealestate #sandiegolife #viewsfordays #escondidorealty #historichome #sdopenhouse #openhouse #compass #compassagents
At @compass , celebrating diversity and inclusion is a huge part of who we are. We believe that everyone deserves to feel at home!
I wasn’t sure before, but peonies are my absolute favorite bloom.