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She can beat me but not my outfit - Robyn Fenty ♡

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I might drag Rihanna every now and then but god I can’t stress this enough PLEASE STOPP PHOTOSHOPPING HER BODY
I’m back to posting normal on here again just needed a break
Honestly if I was a celebrity all you would see is my skin dresses are starting to become my thing now
Something about short hair just gives me my jush
One of my fav white girls she stays in her lane , mind hers , & she seems so humble oh and for the most part dresses herself
Sex and the city needs to be added to Netflix I wanna watch it sooo bad
The crimps bitch ! Let’s bring that back period
Bitch it’s almost time
Happy birthday to the original SELENA the only one we acknowledge ♈️💙
Quick bey appreciation
Black pin up girls, the flavor
Y’all don’t understand how badly I hated aubrih everyone shipped them and i feel like I’m the only one who saw his manipulative ways
I’ve been on my other account but I hope you whores are doing ok 💖
Posting it on here as well so beautiful even wit her Felicia braids
Just coming from a work out and I see this ???? oh bitch
When are we going to talk about @common being sexy ugh So intellectual and he loves & appreciate dark skin women (hence him dating Serena )  lord can I have him please
If Kim Kardashian becomes a lawyer I’ll give her my respect after some people make money that’s enough for them they start to get comfortable you eventually stop hearing about them and they lose their money not her she’s a hustler and still remain very relevant I have to give her my props
Kelis has more bops than “my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard” get into her !