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Rhona Natasha Mitra


I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from the things that are not meant for me.

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Ok....whoever goes and gets this boy out and gives him a good home I will personally send something very special to....Please see full video on  @friendsofeastvalley  #adoptlove  @dhizzle23 😬 can we huh huh? 😬 ・・・ ZEUS 🖤 #a1865652 2yo neutered male 135lbs! Gentle Giant. Huuuuge beautiful, quiet sweet boy. Hangs out in the Gentle & Dainty play yard with other dogs. Low energy, greeted all the dogs. Shared the yard, did not engage in play the whole time, did bounce around with a few dogs. Good with people too. please share, comment & tag this post so he’s SEEN. He’s available  for adoption now at the @eastvalleyshelter shelter phone (818)856-9323 if you need more info or update please call the shelter directly and have his A# handy. LOS ANGELES, CA
‘Splanking’.....Where S&M meets Glamping  Finally made it into ‘House and Home’ Mag...✊🏽 #notburningman #nofannyweaving #notateaceremony  Anyone for crumpets?
Lucky little me.. #bravehearts  #winkandawiggle
Does not bake cakes
Anyone know of anyone breeding these fluff-nuggets in Uruguay or Argentina lmk! #highlandheifer👅
If I never see you again... Blame @kakees ... 🇺🇦 😑 ✈️
Humans are so Passé
When ones garment is made from Crystal Meth and ones community can share and smoke it does that count as ‘stacking-functions’? #upcycling #permaculture? #stackingfunctions WhoTheFookIsThat?! #iwokeuplikethis @highheelprncess
Urban “Entertainment”  When David Attenborough, Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall aren’t enough.... #dobetter #halftermbreak #raisethemwild #boycottzoos #animalexploitation
Mother/Daughter  Honey badger/Pig Hippo  Tree/Apple (..of my eye)
Off to build Life Boats.......anyone? ‘When the Titanic is about to sink, there are three types of people. Deer in headlights- I don't know what to do" "We get that the ship will sink, how do we make a lifeboat" "This is the Titanic, it won't sink. Im going back to the bar"’ -Michael Ruppert-Collapse  Which one are you...? #thelastark  #laracroft