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Living one dream to another in effortless chaos. I use affiliate links. Home account @clairechanellehome Claire@CHOUQUETTE.co.uk

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NEW VLOG! It’s not a shopping vlog, it’s ORGANISING MY BEAUTY/MAKE UP & KNITWEAR ROOM. Make sure you subscribe because the shopping vlog will be this Sunday and then I will reveal everything in these bags. Link in bio.  #iamchouquette
Let yourself be enchanted in small ways 💫 Ad @debeersofficial #enchantedlotus #debeers (swipe left)
Wearing some of the new pieces I shared in today’s vlog, have you seen it? My walk in wardrobe is so organised, I am so pleased that I dedicated some days to organising my entire house. I hope today’s vlog inspires you to organise and you find my tips useful. It’s the best reminder to stop shopping and you will feel so amazing after. Next vlog will be organising my beauty room, so make sure you are subscribed!  Ad #iamchouquette #alessandrarich #seahorseearrings #alessandrarichearrings #alessandrarichblazer
NEW VIDEO | ORGANISING MY WALK IN WARDROBE | THE WORST (MYSELF &) MY WARDROBE HAVE EVER LOOKED | NEW PLANS & NEW SHOES.  These are my new shoes that I unbox. I also unbox this new blazer, you can see more in the video.  Ad #balenciagashoes #chaneltrendy
Zara style haul with luxury accessories.
Spring. Feels like summer in the sun and feels like winter in the shade! It’s actually my favourite season to dress. 🌸 Do you liked carousel photos like this so I can’t show you different (full and half length) photos of one look? Or would you prefer me to just pick one photo?  #iamchouquette #clairechanelle  Advertising. Bag @netaporter gift.  Blazer, jeans and necklace I bought. All brands tagged.
See the full video on my channel. Some of my favourite pieces from this collection are from a place that sell unique vintage pieces with a twist and for around £200! Perfect place to start your vintage collection. You can also see the first gift Paris ever bought me. Link in bio!  #vintagechanel #iamchouquette
Have you seen yesterday’s video on YouTube? I styled all of my vintage CHANEL jewellery and showed you the best pieces to invest in, like this belt. I love belts because if you choose the right one, you can wear it as a choker (like this) a long necklace, a waist belt, a hip belt, a bracelet  and even in your hair. I also share a great shopping hack. Link in bio.  Ad PR products: cardigan - @netaporter  Shoes - @luisaviaroma  Everything else I bought.  #iamchouquette #chaneltrendy #vintagechanel
I make shoe contact before eye contact.  Which shoe would you choose?  Ad #dressfromthefeetup #thenetset #netaporter
When you absolutely look like you’ve got your life together in a big way but really you went out with your t-shirt inside out.... zoom in.  NEW VIDEO! MY VINTAGE CHANEL JEWELLERY COLLECTION & HOW I STYLE MY PIECES WITH SO MANY DIFFERENT LOOKS, FROM CASUAL TO EVENING. I even share the best vintage hack ever!!! You need to watch this one.  #vintagechanel #chaneltrendy #iamchouquette  Ad Cardigan gifted from @netaporter All the other outfit details can be found in the description box under the video.
Paris thinks that carrying two bags at the same time is a trend because that’s what I told him when he questioned me 😆 The truth is, I just didn’t want to leave my Trendy in the car whilst I popped into Harrods! I love hearing your husband/bf stories. Share some in the comments below.  Ad trainers gifted @netaporter  #iamchouquette #harrodsmoments #pearchanelbag