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🏈 | Best Football Posts On IG 🚫 | No Copyright Intended

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Tag someone you’d truck 😳 - Follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
Tag someone that’d catch this 😱 - Follow @holyreturns for more!
He got popped 😳 - Follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
Rate this catch 1 - 10 😯 @Tjvasher - Follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
Turn up the volume 😳 (via @yardmark )
Tag someone that throws dimes πŸ‘‡ #football #likewho #explorepage  Follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
@theaaf is insane! 😳 #football #likewho #explorepage  Follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
Tag someone you’d rock 😳 #football #likewho #explorepage  Follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
Who remembers this? 😳 #football #likewho #explorepage  follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
Tag someone you’d hit like this πŸ‘‡  Follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
One handed snag 🀩
Made him fall 😳  follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
Greatest catch of all time? πŸ‘€  follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
Who’s going to win the superbowl?  follow @holyreturns for more!🏈
@alvinkamara with a clean hurdle πŸ‘€ follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
bruh 😱  follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
that sound though 😧  follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈
sauced πŸ‘€πŸ”₯ follow @holyreturns for more! 🏈