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Dear hka, it has been my absolute pleasure being of service to you all these past two years and I dearly wish time and circumstance had kept us together many more. I will miss you and cherish the memories. I will be following from afar as the school and hkaEATS continue to evolve. You may also follow me at my personal website www.achefatlarge.com if you do choose. Until we meet again. Chef Chris out. @chefcrsh
It is always worth remembering our heroes. The house-made soups full of vegetables, flavour and warmth, like this minted pea soup, made with fresh mint,  peas, vegetable broth, aromatics, seasoning and nothing else, is a favourite of many faculty hero’s like Ms. Needham. Our hero soups are included with every student meal. Yum!
Mmm mmm summer. The garden is warm, the danish chicken burgers, sustainable fish or Vegan jalfrezi are tasty and wholesome, everything is a-ok.
Pizza is a hkaEATS catch 22. Many adults and older students get bored of it and some parents worry about nutrition even though we use imported cheese, flour, EVO oil, and five veg sauce. If we didn’t have it GK through G9 would riot. So, we try to liven up the other items on Friday with all our skill and passion. Example: today’s delicious, gluten free, salmon fried rice and today’s snack of vegetable sticks and hummus. We ❤️hka.
My first ⭐️ Michelin can’t touch this.
Not only does the hkaEATS team provide wholesome cafe and canteen meals every day, they also provide catering for hundreds of field trips, parents evenings,  visiting school events, faculty gatherings and training every year. That’s one of the many added benefits of having school catering in-house, part of the community.
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall stay these salmon burgers, pork or tofu larb (Thai food) from being part of a wholesome hkaEATS lunch. Get some!
Spring is in full force and the school garden is in bloom. Today’s crumbed (sustainable) fish, as well as the Shanghai chicken or vegetable rice all incorporate fresh vegetables and herbs grown right here in school. #farmtofork #hkagarden #yum!
at hkaEATS we invest a lot of thought, time, energy and passion into preparing and photographing the canteen meals. But we also provide the same levels of attention to our UG Cafe serving a large variety (a small sample in the photo) of wholesome sandwiches, pastries, salads, snacks and drinks to secondary students and adults. Stop by sometime and say hello to Wendy if you get the hankering.
Take some lean US minced beef, seasonings, beans, whole grain crispy tortillas, cheese and salsa. Bake in a casserole and you have chilaquiles - Nachos you eat with a fork. They also come in vegetarian style. Or if you prefer a delicious steamed chicken with wood-ear mushrooms and wolf berry. In any case, sure win.
Someone said to me they think Wednesday faculty menu is more fancy. I beg to differ. From top to bottom on the left is this and last Tuesday student menu and on the right this and last Wednesday faculty menu. We use the same exact 👨‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳, products, methods, standard, recipes, 👐 and ❤️, for better or worse. We also taste every dish 🐷and eat the lunch, every day.
Our snack, is almost entirely made in-house like today’s “trail-mix” with whole grain rolled oats, floral honey, zesty cranberries, chewy sultanas, bright mangos, and dark chocolate chips. Not just tasty, wholesome too. We could buy packaged trail mix, but we believe this is better.
Even during PTSC we serve the same tasty, wholesome, school meals we do every other day. Today we have vegetarian or chorizo 🇪🇸 tortillas (baked omelette) or 🇯🇵 style bbq sustainable fish fillet. This along with complete salad bar, daily soup, and juice or tea. All of course with unlimited refills. Get some!
Ravioli, or as we say in HK “I-da-lei won ton” - delicious parcels of pork or spinach wrapped in semolina pasta with our veggie filled tomato sauce. Or oven baked sustainable fish with (veggie filled)sweet and sour sauce and glass noodles. Welcome back to school. We missed you.
Some people ask why the photo looks better than their plate. Some people eschew the vegetables both on the side dish and from the salad bar. Food doesn’t just look better with some colour it tastes and is better too. Beef and bean chilli, vegan many bean chilli, or HK tradition, chicken congee (rice porridge) yum!
Our Szechuan beef, served as a counter point to popular pizza Friday is USDA Angus beef, lovingly marinated, slowly cooked and allowed to rest in the chill step and develop authentic flavour. The pizza is sneakily topped with house-made 5 veg sauce, and in the case of today’s Tuna pizza those capers we mentioned earlier. 😉
We take banana cake icing security seriously. 👮‍♀️
The unopened bud of the caper bush is grown on the arid, rocky hills of Sicily is picked and pickled in the early morning. They burst with flavour as well as polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanins. Delicious and nutritious gems atop our tuna or vegan pasta puttanesca. The Mongolian lamb has leeks- also good.