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Hierophant Meadery


Mead made in historic metheglin styles, with the bees in mind. Located in Mead, WA.

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#repost @michaelfranti with @get_repost ・・・ Dr Martin Luther King Jr. means a lot of things to a lot of people. Warrior for justice, peacemaker, civil rights leader, pastor, orator, father, husband. A man of great words and actions who was not without his shortcomings or mistakes. When I think of MLK three things come to mind COURAGE, TENACITY and the fact that WORDS really do MATTER.  Courage to stand up and speak truth to power in his talk and with his body. Speaking up always in support of love and mutual respect between human beings during a time (similar to today) when those values were in question.  Tenacity to keep speaking, organizing and marching one step after another, in service of something greater than himself - Equality and Social and Economic JustIce for all. Even when he fell he got back up and encouraged others to do the same despite the hate that was being thrown at him and his own inner questioning of will.  Finally MLK showed us that all any of us have, are the emotions we feel and the words through which we speak those feelings and ideas into the world. Through them we speak into being nations, wars, buildings, economies, inventions, beauty, hatred, love, music, tenderness, fear, hope, optimism and virtually any other creation or feeling that we can conjure. Our words have the ability to hurt, heal and move the hearts of millions or connect deeply with those whom we are most intimate with. We’ve also seen in the speeches of MLK, how our words have the power to live on through the hearts and minds of generations.  Like Dr. King all of us get knocked down or make mistakes along the way, but he showed us that each of us have the power to inspire good during the most challenging of times. Times like right now. For each person who chooses to work in support of love and equality, may the spirit of Dr. King fill you with bravery, endurance and the words that breathe your passions into life.  #mlkday #stayhuman #soulrocker
Good morning ❤️from Thessaly and her Rama Llama Ding Dong. ❤️ #stberdoodlesofinstagram
#repost @rameszc with @get_repost ・・・ The football scene was intense today.  @bigbarnbrewing @hierophantmeadery
GB in the house!
APOTHECARY FLASH SALE! 20% off Elderberry Syrup, Golden Milk & Nasya oil. If you’ve been waiting to try, now’s the time! Send us a message with your order, or order online hierophantmeadery.com/shop. We ship these products nationwide.  May not be combined with any other discount. Offer ends Jan 31st.  #goldenmilk #turmeric #turmericbenefits #benefitsofturmeric #elderberrysyrup #elderberry #cold #flu #honey #nasya #ayurveda #sinus
This is the one. That mead you curl up with on the sofa, favorite book in hand. 📖 📚 A mead to inspire! 🍐 Ginger Pear is better than ever, and we are releasing it now (early)! Open today and all weekend 11-4. Come on up to Green Bluff! #mead #greenbluff #hierophantmeadery #hierophant #pear #ginger #gingerpear #sessionmead #draftmead
Girls make mead, too. Okay? I don’t own rights to this song. I really like bottling to it. Thanks Damian Marley, Stony Hill album is my bottling jam! #femaleentrepreneurs #craftbeverage #fromgrindingtogrooving #workingforthedollarbill #womenofcraftbeverage #womenofmead #womenempowerment #getit #doyou #damianmarley #jrgong @damianmarley
The decision has been made! Hierophant will be sampling Cacao Damiana Sparkling Mead & Ginger Pear Session Mead Feb 10th at Pike Chocofest 2019
“Yo can a guy get a drink around here?” Come back Saturday Jan 19 for our Ginger Pear Session Mead 🍐 Release, Gesi! You might be drinking age in cow years by then! #gesimondo #gesithecalf #highergroundanimalsanctuary @highergroundanimalsanctuary333
Good holy lord that is some voluptuous Devil’s Club!!!! Thank you thank you Lauren and David! 🙏 #sequim #devilsclub #herbalism #hierophant #hierophantmeadery @lofindiemo
Wishing you a blissful Sunday. We are open 11-4 Fri-Sun. Wander up to Green Bluff for some mead, Kombucha, Elderberry Syrup. ❤️ This amazing photo is by Pen3.de, Frank Rückert @pen3.de @ruckertfrank 🙏🙏🙏🙌 #bee #pollination #love #greenbluff #hierophant #hierophantmeadery
Save the date: GINGER PEAR RELEASE JAN 19 @ the Meadery! 🍐 Open 11-4pm. See you on Green Bluff! Retailers, breweries & wine bars, get your Ginger Pear Keg orders in now! Contact@hierophantmeadery.com  #mead #sessionmead #draftmead #greenbluff #hierophant #hierophantmeadery #gingerpear #ginger #pear
Hey Fairbanks, Alaska! Find Hierophant Elderberry Syrup at Dr. May, ND’s Practice. Cheers! @doctormaynd  #repost @gitfit2day with @get_repost ・・・ Just got in our first shipment of Hierophant ELDERBERRY syrup! Be ready for flu season. Come and get it!
Bruno dreams of an infinity beyond the classical universe. An idea for which he was imprisoned, tortured, and led to his martyrdom. It was after his death that we learned he was right all along. (image)  2018 Hawthorn Tulsi is going into bottles, and will be released Feb 8 along with Cacao Damiana.  Black Hawthorn Berries locally harvested by @nathen_peck, infused with a touch of clove notes from Holy Basil. Award winning honey from Washington channeled scablands. Find this highly anticipated mead at the tasting room ahead of Valentine’s Day.  #mead #wildcraft #hawthorn #tulsi #greenbluff
They say the story of Pyramus & Thisbe inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Whether that’s true or not, we don't know. We just really hope you’ll spew sonnets after you drink this. 🥂  The seductive woody incense of Damiana leaf and in house roasted Haitian Cacao Nibs from Creole, Inc. are infused into an off-dry mead, then sweetened back with a touch of maple syrup. A perfectly lovey-dovey alternative to champagne. Releases February 8.  #cacao #mead #damiana #herbalism #greenbluff #metheglyn #not #champagne
#dryjanuary #biasedtho
Whiskey & hotrods. Pinkies out!  @vaughnstucker