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ARMS ARMS ARMSSS‼️ guys know you I do my very best to help you as muchhhh as I possibly can.. so it means the worls if you would leave me a lil 💜 for support back! THANK YOU xxx  the 2 ponytail gurrrrl is challenging y’all with a lil gun showwww this Sunday. I don’t have to remember you gals to train them bic & tric, right?!!! 💪🏼 you know I got you with a killer circuit!!! just to let y’all know.. my arms was more then soooore after this one puhhhh! TRY IT OUT and lemme know!!! . METHOD; 1️⃣ Rotation bic curls wowwwzaa how this one burns INTO Single arm OH triceps extensions looks easier then it is trust me 3set x 12-15reps each exercise | 60s rest between sets  2️⃣ Static hold hammer curls 5/5/5/5 each arm favvvve always adding this one INTO Leaning paws up tricep pushbacks this one is pure death lolll 3set x 10reps | 60s rest between sets  3️⃣ Single arm bic curls great isolation keep elbow forward INTO tric diamond pushups ALL TIME KILLER 3set x 12-15reps each exercise | 60s rest between sets  TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE the video‼️ and guys, plzzz don’t forget to like 🙏🏼💜 . 🎶make a living - philthy rich  Wearing @gymshark geo mesh collection size xs 🎥 ALSO!!!! NEW YOUTUBE LIIIVE - 15min AB workout omggg yeyy
BACK BACK BACKKK‼️ guys you know I do my very BEST to help you as muchhh as I can, so I would be so happy if you would leave me a lil 💚 for support! THANK YOU xxx  4 faves x cable machine 🔥 yooooou know I ALWAYS got your back with a BABY BACK attackkk hehehe 😂😏 honestly I cant wait for my back days. hitting it 2 times a week, cus lemme tell you, WE TRAIN THE WHOLE BODY! try it and lemme know!!! sipping my BCAA from @womensbest . METHOD; 1️⃣ Lat wide pull down 3set x 12-15reps ughhh this one is leaving my lats screaming every damn time... lol. keep tension and squeeze at the bottom trust me!! . 2️⃣ Face pull 3set x 15reps booooiii all the fave fave hitting back shoulders and squeezing together that mid back  3️⃣ Single arm rows 3set x 12-15reps each arm tried this one a couple of weeks ago and fell in love!! THE STRETCH is fiiiire for that baby back  4️⃣ Standing narrow rows 3set x 10-12reps great type of cable row keep shoulders down and squeeeeze that back at the toppppp  TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE SAVE SAVE‼️ if you try it, lemme know how it was 🔥 and plzzz don’t forget that like 🙏🏼💚 . 🎶 chi chi - trey songs ft. chris brown  Wearing @gymshark geo mesh collection
tbh he already brought me flowers this week cus I was feeling down.. it doesn’t matter what day it is, you are my everyday valentine and I’m blessed to call myself your girl 💗  also last chance for the valentine sale at @womensbest Buy 1 get 1 for free XX
BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY‼️ spread some LOVE with me and leave a like 🧡 to support your girl!!! you know how much it means guys xxx  I mean.. there’s aaaaalways time for a little booty isolation 💁🏻‍♀️💅🏼 here’s a good and again GOOD finisher!! I got you with ALL THEM ANGLES 🔥 perfect if your gym is crowded, we can always get some werkkk done, right?! I know you get me guys 😌 try it and lemme know!!! . METHOD; 1️⃣ Banded DB Rumanian deadlift 4set x 12reps | rest 60s inspired by @bretcontreras1 WOW OH WOW that contact oughhh. JUST TRY!!! . 2️⃣ Single leg revered frog pumps 4set x 15-20res each leg | rest 45s funny looking exercise we know, but dudeee the isolation is fierceeee  3️⃣ DB front Side Lunges 3set x 10-12reps each leg | rest 45s pushing from your heel and this one will do wonder  4️⃣ DB Side raises 1 & 1/4reps 3set x 15reps each leg | rest 60s those double reps.. love that burn  TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE SAVE SAVE‼️ if you try it, lemme know how it was 🔥 . 🎶 iamsu - yeezy solar Wearing @gymshark flawless knit leggings & tee 🎥 ALSO.. NEW YOUTUBE IS LIVE! - 🍑 Target your flutes using machines 7 TOP EXERCISES
tbh I’ve been walking around in sweatpants and a big hoodie all daaaay long. took a well needed rest day from eeeverything and you know what I did instead!?... me and robin booked a VACATION to Sri Lanka!!!!!! omg I’m so so soooo excited!! this bod is gonna get tannnnneddddd YASSS!! 💅🏼😂 alsoooo how the heck did Ari get so big????
SHOULDERS SHOULDERS SHOULDERS‼️ spread LOVE and leave a like 💛 to support your girl & so I know you’re seeing my posts! means sooo muchhh xxx  lemme just put it like this... WOW OH WOWWWW my shoulders was screamingggg, as my face is telling you the full story and this is a HAVE TO circuit ‼️🔥🙌🏼 let’s TARGETTT those shoulderssss!!! I know you love to feel them burn!!!! . METHOD; 3-4 rounds  1️⃣ FRONT SHOULDER HEAD: DB static hold front raises 5reps each arm + 5reps together nearly DIED❗️ over here wowwzaaaa insane exercise lol  2️⃣ LATERAL SHOULDER HEAD: DB static hold upright rows 5reps each arm + 5reps together this one will make it all worse 😂🤚🏼 . 3️⃣ FRONT & LATERAL HEAD: DB front raises into lateral raises 10reps heavyyy one and so effective  4️⃣ REAR DELT SHOULDER HEAD: Lying overhead front raises 10reps if you haven’t tried this one before and are unsure, TRY and you know what the fuzz is all about RESTTIME BETWEEN SETS; 60s  TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE SAVE SAVE‼️ if you try it, lemme know how it was 🔥 . 🎶do me wrong - kid ink 🎥 ALSO.. have you seen my NEWEST LOWER BODY session by @coachmarkcarroll on my YouTube channel? 😏🔥
BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES‼️ PLZZ don’t forget to leave a like 💛 to support your girl!! honestly means sooo muchhh xxx  TELL ME, are you training chest? If not.. tell me WHY?  WHY is it hard to find good CHEST VIDEOS for girls on social media’s? 🤔🤔 Imma tell you guys, it’s juuuuust as important to train your chest as any other muscles. Im not saying you have to train them 2-3 times /week.. but I’m saying, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THEM LADIES‼️ OVERALL STRENGTH is what I’m working towards, EVERYDAY !! 🔥 And I think we can leave the saying: ‘you’re gonna look like a man if you train chest’ 😏🤚🏼 okey agreeeeee  here’s a pretttyyy good (and by that I mean killer 😏👊🏼) circuit for you to try out my gals! categorized to make it as simple as possible to TARGET. Lemme know let’s hit itttt!!! . METHOD; 1️⃣ UPPER CHEST: DB upper side raises 3set x 12 reps  2️⃣ INNER CHEST: Plate narrow presses 3set x 15reps  3️⃣ OUTER CHEST: DB flyes one arm at a time + both 3set x 12-15reps  4️⃣ UNDER CHEST: Incline pushups 3set x 15reps  TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE SAVE SAVE‼️ if you try it, lemme know how it was 🔥 🎶Cana - kid ink Wearing @gymshark dreamy collection
BURN THOSE CALORIES‼️ don’t forget to leave a like 💕 to support your girl!! you knooow how much it means guys thank u xxx  giiirls I got your WEEKEND CARDIO all covered!! 💦 let’s just say, this will have you after sweating until Monday LOL 😂🔥 hope you find it helpful!! ALSO.. imma share my grrrrrind this playlist with y’all on my story, so you’re moooooore then covered for both weight lifting & some sweat sweat after YASS! happy friyeyyy!  don’t forget that @womensbest is having a VALENTINE SALE 💕 going on as we speak.. buy 1 get 1 free!!! amino & energy is my faaave  METHOD;  1️⃣ Sprints - 30s ON 30s OFF x 5 rounds 2️⃣ Side jumps - 30s ON each side x 5 rounds (no rest) 3️⃣ Uphill sprints - 30s ON 30s OFF x 5 rounds (level 10) ↘️ IF U want add 5 min walk to cool down after this.. that’s actually kinda nice ✌🏼 . TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE THE SESSION‼️ if you try it, lemme know how it was 🔥 🎶return - justin stone @justinstonemusic  Wearing new @gymshark collection coming soon!!!
FOOT PLACEMENT x LEG PRESS‼️ don’t forget to leave a like 💛 to support your girl! it truly is really important to me and I get really really really happy THANK U  HOW can we get the MOST out of this machine? Well.. swipe and you have yourself a FULL GUIDE 🔥🤚🏼😍 how good?! COMMENT if you find this one helpful guys!! . METHOD; 1️⃣ DUCK STANCE - targets your QUADS mostly personal FAVE and a littttt exercise  2️⃣ HIGH & WIDE STANCE - targets mostly your glutes and hamstringsssss gurl have to try  3️⃣ BASIC STANCE - best way for overall targeting your legs perfectttt to begin your lower bod session with  4️⃣ WIDE STANCE - inner thighhh burnout yassss 🔥 and also a lot of glute activation  5️⃣ BASIC LOW STANCE - work those calves girlfriend looks easy.. it’s nottt . ⚠️ ONCE AGAIN!!! when working in the press machine - DON’T LOCK OUT YOUR KNEES!! Keep the legs steady and strong! ⚠️ TIPS for short people (like me ✌🏼) Use a yoga mat in the back to get more range of motion! . TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE THE SESSION‼️ IF YOU TRY 🔥 TAG ME YASSS 🎶bossup - Marko penn Wearing @gymshark dreamy shorts, vital seamless sports bra & Gymshark cap
it’s just me really happy bout my new hair!!! AM I A SHORT HAIR GAL PAL FROM NOW ON?!!! guys I kept the short hair and even cut it off a bit moooore 🙈 I LOVE LOVE LOVE ITTT!!! best thing I’ve everrrr done is to cut off the love hair! a bit lighter, a bit shorter, much more freshhhh oughhh  thanks to my amazing girl at @otiumhair for making my hair super flyyyy!!! AND THANK U @hairtalkextensions for the best looking hair on the planettttt XXXX #hairtalk #hairtalkextensions
BOOTY BOOTY BOOTYYYY‼️ don’t forget to leave a like 💚 to support your girl!! and COMMENT if you haven’t tried any of these exercises before 🤚🏼 means a lot guys thank u xxx  TARGET LE GLUTES 🍑 using machines yassss my gurlsss let’s mix it up a bit! these are my 5 ABSOLUTE FAVES and you know what, they NEVER disappoint me 🔥 WORKS EVERY TIME and I’m walking from the gym with a sore sore bum❗️Trussst me!! TRY THESE! CHEEKY BCAA shake always with me @womensbest  METHOD 🎯  1️⃣ Leg curl machine Reversed pumps 4set x 15-20reps ugh when you get this one, fire bum fiiiire SO underestimated WOW. pay attention to how I am placing my legs  2️⃣ Leg extension Hip Thrusts 4set x 15-20reps lllllove so much love for this one take a lil pause at the top and your glutes will burn WOW 🔥 also if you are new at hip thrusts, this is a perfecccct way to start  3️⃣ Smitch machine kicks 4set x 10-12reps tricky one in the beginning but aaabsolutely worth a try it’s littttt promise don’t over do the kick tho 🤚🏼 stop when u have the tension  4️⃣ Smith machine step-up 3set x 10reps each leg both glutes and quads burnout love it so muchhh  5️⃣ Back extension ROUNDED back (toes out) 4set x 15-20reps iiiiiiiish this one is pure death!! 😂 not even kidding. JUST TRY!! don’t forget the squeeze at the top girl  TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE THE SESSION‼️ IF YOU TRY 🔥 TAG ME YASSS 🎶same ones - marko penn
ABS ABS ABSSS‼️ don’t forget to leave a like 💛 to support your gurrrrrl!! I know I say it all the time but this honestly means everythingggg SPREAD LOVE xxx  okey okeyyyy what’s better then sore abs?? tbh, best feeling everrr 😅🔥 and even better when it’s an effective and killer session (FULL CORE) that you can do at the same place am I right!!?!! 💁🏻‍♀️ YASSS. these movements might look easy.. GURL I WAS STRUGGLING!! 💪🏼 lemme know what u think! LETS TARGET THEM ABZZZZ  sippin the new sassy Amino & Energy from @womensbest  METHOD 🎯  1️⃣ V-ups into leg extensions 3set x 15reps okeyyy starting off strooonggg burnnn keep tension at all time Rest time: 45-60s rest between sets  2️⃣ Elbow to knee crunch 3set x 12-15reps each side FAVE FAVE FAVE breathe through the reps Rest time: 45-60s rest between sets  3️⃣ Knee crunches 3 set x 10reps each leg ouuughhhhh no words needed 🔥  Rest time: 45-60s rest between sets  4️⃣ Standing Obliques side to side crunch 3set x 12-15reps each side pause for 1s each side Rest time: 45-60s rest between sets . ⚠️ REMEMBER TO BREATHE!! Promise you’ll feel the exercises so much better  TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SAVE THE SESSION‼️ IF YOU TRY 🔥 TAGGGG MEEE 🎶yosemite - Travis Scott 🎥 ALSO.. NEW YOUTUBE LIVE! - Build upper back using ONLY DUMBBELLS