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Psychometry :Monochromatic Synchronization  #blue #streetphotography  #car #bluesky
Psychometry : Monochromatic Synchronization (Mario Edition)  #streetphotography  #blue #mario  #bus  #billboard  #bridge  #cars
So according to Quantum Superposition and the Many-worlds Theory - Hugh Everett's, the man who gave us and The Science Fiction industry, The Multiverse-  There are Xerox Replicas of you at omnifarious states , in approximately 10-11 other dimensional realms.  The article is long-winded, however it oversimplified the transmundane and elysian basics of Quantum Mechanics.  Hence, destigmatizing the baselessness of its ill-reputed holographics. (the worded green tap, succinctly provides 5-6 sentenced layouts, from Superposition, photons, atoms to even light - neighboring the word, not astride new directed tabs). LINK IN THE BIO.  Also rhetorically expounding/pondering upon the ontology of Quantum Mechanics : what sort of physical reality is represented by the quantum state, and whether a quantum state could in principle give an exhaustive account of physical reality?  On another side note : A hypothetical Quantum Computer would put hackers out of the malfeasant practices of lawless boundary-bullying, identity thefts and subjugative extortion .  #quantumphysics #article  #physics  #theory  #superposition #einstein  #multiverse  #dimension  #science #link #knowledge  #places #replica
Wolverine's Adamantium Claws  #bnw  #bnwphotography  #bnwmood  #bnw_captures  #bnw_greatshots #bnwphoto  #blackandwhite #streetphotography
All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy  #abandonedhouse  #abandonedfurniture  #nofilter  #abandoned
Contemporary Humanity disease-ridden, self-glorified mainstay : Pop culture and benumbing intellectual atavism . '' Plato sets down the fundamental criticism of the claims of Parmenides and Zeno when he has Socrates say'' ''If a person could prove the absolute like to become unlike, or the absolute unlike to become like, that, in my opinion, would indeed be a wonder; but there is nothing extraordinary, Zeno, in showing that the things which only partake of likeness and unlikeness experience both. Nor, again, if a person were to show that all is one by partaking of one, and at the same time many by partaking of many, would that be very astonishing. But if he were to show me that the absolute one was many, or the absolute many one, I should be truly amazed. And so of all the rest: I should be surprised to hear that the natures or ideas themselves had these opposite qualities; but not if a person wanted to prove of me that I was many and also one. When he wanted to show that I was many he would say that I have a right and a left side, and a front and a back, and an upper and a lower half, for I cannot deny that I partake of multitude; when, on the other hand, he wants to prove that I am one, he will say, that we who are here assembled are seven, and that I am one and partake of the one. In both instances he proves his case. So again, if a person shows that such things as wood, stones, and the like, being many are also one, we admit that he shows the coexistence the one and many, but he does not show that the many are one or the one many; he is uttering not a paradox but a truism. If however, as I just now suggested, some one were to abstract simple notions of like, unlike, one, many, rest, motion, and similar ideas, and then to show that these admit of admixture and separation in themselves, I should be very much astonished.'' If you've made it up until here, link in the bio.  #socrates #plato #philosophy #article #zeno  #debates #criticism  #critique #philosophers
Seiche of emotions that renders you captionless  #dogsofinstagram  #streetphotography  #puppies
Psychometry : Monochromatic Synchronization  #blue  #architecture #unity #bluesky
Theater Of Operations  #womenempowerment  #feminism  #war  #soldiers  #femalesoldier
Food sharing and fatherly provendering  #cat  #streetphotography  #food
Psychometry : Monochromatic Synchronization  #red  #vscofilter
Drum-kit no hi hat  #streetphotography #drum #haze #nofilter
Part 2  The School Of Life, acquainted me with Philosophical Medidation anabasis Stoic Melancholy.  And a differently instituted exposé, of Stoic Melancholy : That of Russian Literature.  It was my introductory crash course to Western and Eastern Philosophy ; Which philosophers to start with and consistently read for.  As well as, Political Philosophy and George Orwell (even though I used to run from any political tenets like the plague). And all of which, i would like to believe partly transmuted my two/three-dimensional framework viewing to all-seeing critical thinking...etc Since its content, always entertains and sidespins ubiquitous standpoints.  Addiction for instance ; The video on addiction, replaced an ill-disposed opaque focal with a more transculent looking-glass ;  Refocusing on the psychological winnows through addiction.  When we hear the word addiction, drug addendum comes foremost to mind.  Addiction is giving a whirl around a negative escapism (no matter of which kind) - and the urging evasion is nothing but an ill-treated manifestation ; An ill-treated manifestation of subdued-dismay (out of conscious or subconscious avoidance). Some of which are of a recent upheaval, others of a dejected stockpiles headway the timely-sojourn .  Addictive negative escapisms could be maladaptive behavioral copings (exclusively) - withal a handheld stimulus - ( the kind of a settled in light-filled void, with a transient benumbing effect). In studious understanding comes overcomig.  And in Psychological probing comes answerable piecing and understandable empathy.  All of which, could be the yielded bear fruit of suchlike Educative YouTube Channels.  And this is in no way a slothful dismissive attitude towards books. YouTube Channels are the equivalent of pedagogic online courses, however more diverse and cost-free.  For Alain De Botton , the founder of the School Of Life I'm forever grateful His Hale-versed pedantic diction and mellifluent-sounding dialect , will