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Grace Siobhan Morrissey


DeeGee ⚓️

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the weather this weekend>>>>
yesterday the Siobhan in Grace Siobhan Morrissey really popped off
Thinking of sunny days and #tinderu matches. @tinder #tinder_ambassador
like SpaceX but with my under eye concealer giving me flashback
huge thumbs up for all the women before me.  The ones who fought hard so I would be able to vote, the ones who fought hard so I could get an education, the ones who fought hard so that I have ownership over my body, the minority women who constantly amaze and empower me to be better and to do better, the women who taught me that I matter, the women in stem that showed me I have a place here, the women in office who represent me, the women who march so that our voices will not be suppressed, the women with vaginas and all the women without, the women that are mothers and the women who never want to be, the boss women that show me we do not need to be in a kitchen unless we want to, the women who fought to marry other women, the women who are breaking glass ceilings everyday, the women that speak out on sexual violence and assault teaching me how to be brave, the women who choose to stay home with their kids and the women who work all day to provide for their families, the women who are educating our tomorrow and the women in some parts of the world who are fighting for their right to education, the women who are fighting for body positivity, the women who are wearing what they want whenever they want, the women that are friends and lift other women up, and all the women who are constantly redefining gender norms and what it means to BE a women.  To all the women in the world that do and have done, thank you for paving the way for me.
me and mom had a day in Napa
I got 3 things the other day  1) a match on #tinderu 2) a new pair of sneakers  3) a 30% on my math exam still thriving tho! #tinder_ambassador @tinder
Do you remember?
I mean love was really in the air last night
thinking about summer and #tinderu during all this Berkeley rain @tinder #tinder_ambassador
your shark could never. #sorrytoflex #diy #babysharkdoodoo
What’s up, I’m grace, I’m 19, and I never fucking learned how to read
Soooo backkkkk at berk
Ready for second semester and another semester with #tinderu #tinder_ambassador @tinder
Dw guys me and pelin are still friends
today I finally reached my full potential of basic white girl
go bears!
came to California for school stayed for pelin