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interdimensional aquarian, dj, digital construct @ssense, healer of self πŸ’Œ dre@gothshakira.com

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And I will await your highness I'm so high I cannot walk And I will await You cripple You take away my time My peace, my empathy No babies sleep on atrophy Your unborn love and fetal stress Hard bitter candy, legless caress  What was she for Halloween? The ugliest girl you've ever seen Someday she will die alone  What was she for Valentine's? An old forgotten concubine Someday she will die for no one  She seems to me to know All that glitters is sour All the lies in her place Jesus saves Old age Old age Old age
not built for closeness to anything but God
@ssense let me do weird things in a beautiful dress and i wrote about breakups, wearing black for a year straight, and building a sacred spaceship for my ultimate forever love—myself. link where the link is πŸ›Έ visuals by @camillelmurray πŸ§ͺ
mujer saliendo del psicoanalista, remedios varo, 1960
brought to you by the eleventh constellation of aquarius is CUNTINI™ a @trademark.tm / data trash production featuring experimental DJ sets and performances by @raynenadurata @tati_au_miel @no.sigilo @g_.i._a @bloodclutch @isabellalovestory UÑAS and myself february second two thousand and nineteen twelve to six AM DM @trademark.tm for address link in bio website by @self_driving_cowboy ~ πŸ›Έ ~ "the essence of the number 11 is intuition, independence, and teamwork. imagine an aloneness, yet coexisting. an independence while being part of a team. intuition being innate. a dynamism existing within."
things i have learned in 2018 πŸ•― the self-respect that comes from actively taking responsibility for your own healing is a gift better than any human relationship 🍯 intently pursuing the integration and nurturing of your masculine and feminine energies is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself πŸ“€ loss is just space
co-conceptualized this photo project with @lindsayrhee for @ssense social featuring the exquisite portraiture of @liaclay. thanks to models @abamufasa, @diaz.devan, @miles.beguiles, and @she_already_done_had_heriiss for sharing their thoughts with me in interviews, @lletramderaj for dressing everyone beautifully, @makeupbyslater for  preparing faces to perfection, and @ericmestman for lovely set design. ~ model imma is currently crowdsourcing funding for aftercare following an urgent health concern. you can donate at the link in my bio, or by paypaling her directly at whereisimma@gmail.com. ~ & if you’re wondering why i hardly post anymore it’s because i’m busy doing things like this πŸ¦‹
playing reggaetón this FRIDAY at queer latinx party CRZN @alexandraplatzbar ♥️ my bio link is currently taken by something v important (go see!) but check out the FB event link in @cuartababy’s bio πŸ–€ wepa!!!!!! (also whom remembers prima j’s inspirational peer-support anthem corazón 😭)
calling all angels and aliens with good intentions. sounds by @yesyesninobrown, @tati_au_miel, and i wednesday at @bardatcha 🍯 NO HOUSE, NO TECHNO
made a playlist for @noisey and @ysl featuring my friends and the reggaetón bangers that hold a special place in my heart. listen at soundcloud.com/gothshakira and read the full story at the link in my bio πŸ§›πŸ»‍♀️ 🎞 by @maikorodrig
yesterday was absolutely beautiful 🌈 thanks to the incredible team that came together to make this unforgettable @fiertemontreal experience possible ~ DJ @bellaellaeheheh and dancers @rjjohnsonbrown, @roderunners, @shanie_blais, and @eric_olivier for blessing the crowd with sound and movement, visual artist @blackpowerbarbie for making our float gorgeous, and @aurora_mmj and @youngoffenders for getting the whole thing going. happy #pride everyone ☁️ moment captured by @maikorodrig as always
tomorrow i’m DJing at the @fiertemontreal parade on top of the @aurora_mmj float starting at 1 PM ☁️ see you there #pride 🌈 beauteous visuals by @maikorodrig πŸ’Ώ