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👟shoe game is as strong as my glutes👟
🥜Soaked Cashews🥜 . . 🌰Soaked Cashews are used as a thickening agent or binding agent in a variety of vegan dishes. Such as, sauces for pastas, dips, etc. Soaking them gives you the best results with whatever you are trying to make. I usually I’ll soak mine for 4-5 hours. There isn’t an outer shell so they’ll absorb purified water pretty quickly. You don’t want to over soaked these nuts because they will turn bitter on you. No more than 12 hours is recommended. I usually add them to my homemade vegan cheese sauces. If you’ve never tried them, give them a shot!! Happy Monday, y’all!
✨Caudalíe✨ . . I recently added the radiance serum into my daily routine. I and seriously in love. It makes my skin so soft. I also introduced the overnight serum for well, my overnight routine . Ha! I have a lot of steps included in my night routine and will eventually share them! But these are a gem and fit perfectly. I currently use a different essence treatment. So, I have not given theirs a try. It’s the perfect travel size, so maybe on my next trip . . ✨I currently am obsessed with their beauty elixir. It is in my morning and night rotation. It smells so fresh and makes my skin look so hydrated. I’m absolutely obsessed. I have 2 back up bottles always in reach. And plenty of minis for vacation trips. Their foaming cleanser also works really well. I haven’t found a product from this company that I haven’t enjoyed her, so I definitely would recommend them to all! . . ✨Happy Thursday, y’all! The weekend is right around the corner, I am so ready!
☁️Sky blue for them blue skies ☁️ . . Well, I wish we had blue skies. But, all we have are cloudy gray ones that are sprinkling snow. It’s very cold and windy up here in Nodak. It’s bearable today because the wind is soft. Yesterday, was pure hell. But, this cold weather makes my mornings to the gym at 330am even colder with sharper air. Today was a glute day for me. Forgot my phone at home and just listened to gym music. Honestly, I get the best workouts with no headphones and no distractions. Just me and the weights. So the pump was nice. Did you get your workout in? Here are today’s kicks!
🥤Smooth Move🥤 . . 🍓I am an avid smoothie drinker. I have always loved cold, frozen beverage. I crave them in the hottest of summer and the coldest of winter. I used to love extra sweet drinks but, my tolerance for excessive sugar is at an all time low. If it isn’t natural, my body rejects.. quickly. So, over the years I’ve moved on to better things. I love perfecting my own bev and having nutritional ingredients to help give my body what it needs to get it going. This smoothie is so delish and is a great kick start to the day. . . 🍌To make this delicious smoothie you’ll need: • a handful of frozen spinach •1 whole frozen banana • 6 frozen strawberries • 4 dried figs • 1/2 c blueberries • 1/2 an avocado • 2 c Cashew Milk • 1 scoop of vegan protein powder ( or whichever for your choosing) •& BLEND BABAYYY . . 🥤 Drink up! If you try the recipe, let me know in the comments if it suited your tastebuds like it does mine!!
🌱FUEL YOUR BAWD 🌱 . . ☀️Gewd Mornin!! The way we start our mornings are crucial. You set the tone for your day, your attitude on any issues that come forth, and so on. Are you making sure it’s stocked with nutritious foods? Ones that will benefit your mood in a positive way? Ones that will properly fuel your body? . . 😩If you’re waking up feeling groggy, sad, lethargic, or like a slug, you most likely aren’t fueling your body properly. In order for you to feel your best, you have to feed yourself the best. Even with the tightest of budgets, it is still very possible.  Skip the junk and go the fresher route. This is the quickest way to change your mood. . . 🤗 The benefits to a healthier diet are obvious. You’ve heard them from all the gurus, experts, and what not. They always stress feeling better but, fail to emphasis your mental state. You will gain more mental clarity from eating properly. Feeding your muscles, nervous system, and immune system correctly all tie into each other. Look at it as the domino effect. When eating your next meal or snack, ask yourself how it will benefit your body and your mentality. Then see if you stick with your meal choice. Life is so much more fun when your mind is happy and healthy! . . 💪🏽Happy Monday, Y’all!!
👟 BRIGHT AF 👟 . . These #nmds are so bright! I love them. But, somehow I feel daring when I wear them because I’m not usually in bright colors. They’re super cute. I just ordered another pair in black and I’m just waiting on those gorgeous babies to show up on my door step. Hope y’all are having a wonderful Sunday!
💥Some of my beauty faves. 💥 . . 🍯The honey salve from @farmacybeauty is my go to right before bed. It’s so moisturizing and isn’t too thick. Lips, hands, feet, and more. This little bugger does the trick. . . ☀️The D-Bronzi anti pollution sunshine serum by @drunkelephant is a great topper for your skincare if you work around toxic environments, like myself. And, what’s not to love when it adds a little bronze action to your beauty game. . . ✨The new @summerfridays Overtime Mask is fun. I love how my skin feels after each use. Leave it on for about 10-15 min and that does the trick. If you can snag it during the #sephoravibsale I would! Give it a shot! . . ❄️It’s finally started snowing up here in the Midwest. I think winter is finally showing up. I wish she would’ve held off a little longer. But, I’ll just keep up with my skincare and make sure it doesn’t take a hit from the cold weather we are about to get! Happy Saturday!! 🤩
💥🎶sippin on gym & juice... Got my mind on my celery & my celery on my mind. 🎶 REMIX! 💥 . . 🌱The benefits of this herb are insane. I usually start with 20oz for breaky and have 20oz at dinner. Celery helps alkalize your body. Helps with hormonal balance (the main reason I started drinking, no I’m not crazy!) , helps rid your body of toxins, and so much more. I drink this within 30 min of waking up. To help jump start my system. I usually go to them as soon as I rise as well and make sure to give my body adequate time to digest the juice then take my gym supplements.. because HEALTH. . . 🌱Everyone has been on the celery juice craze from what I’ve seen on social media. Consistency is key. I’ve been on and off with it since Jan of 2017 when I learned it could help balance my hormones. I’ve been way more consistent the last few months and it has definitely been paying off. I didn’t realize how much it was truly working until this last weekend when my juicer broke and I had to go on the hunt to find a new one. (Target didn’t even have one. Very disappointing!) A 2 day break was miserable but my mood wasn’t that great either. Felt every ounce I WASN’T drinking. Juicing celery is incredible. And if you want to learn more benefits of doing so, check out @medicalmedium !
💥👟Kicks from this AMs gym sesh! 👟💥 . . It was #glutefriday for me. I usually lift glutes Friday because then you can see the pump on Saturday. And as a newly single woman, I need the pump to show on the weekend... if you catch my drift..🍑 I love lifting lower body. I usually do around 4 lower body and 3 upper body sessions a week. My upper body is my weak point due to pinched nerves, but my lower body is definitely my powerhouse. Gotta work with what I work best. 🍑🦍
I receive my Liver book from the @medicalmedium in the mail later today and I am so excited. If you haven’t read these yet, I would highly recommend. They are informative and life changing. Making sure that your health is top notch is the best way to make sure you’re ticker won’t quit on ya. I love holistic health and I’ve gained so much more knowledge from just his other books alone. 40/10. Def recommend!!!
💦💦 This picture basically sums up my daily water intake. A little over 2 gallons to keep my system as flushed as possible. The benefits of a high water intake are insane. I truly don’t understand the people who claim they “hate water”. I really don’t. Like, do they suffer from constant dehydration headaches? Because those are no joke and hurt worse than a hangover. Yes, the food you eat may contain water as well to help your daily ounce count, but I like liquid form. The feeling of being adequately hydrated is one I thrive on. Who else is with me? . . . . . . #water #hydration #hydrated #hydratedskin #flushsystem #detox #dailyintake #h20  #drinkingwater #alkalinewater #phbalance #drinkwater #stayhydrated
Today’s gym kicks. Being 5’11” I used to hate buying shoes because I felt my feet always looked too big. Then one magical day, I got over it because i accepted the hard truth: I’M TALL. I know, silly thing to succumb to. It is what it is. I love my height and my feet that go with it. Never stop loving yourself, y’all. 👟👟
Literally, one of the biggest apples I’ve ever had. It took me 30 minutes to consume. A tiring snack.. but, apples are so beneficial. I eat around 4-5 daily. Try eating 3 apples a day and watch what it does to your health, as recommended by the Medical Medium author, Anthony William. As impossible as it sounds, it’s very possible. I usually add some PB but, as of late I’ve skipped it. (Read a not so interesting fact about it.) an apple a day.... isn’t enough. Have 3. Happy Monday!
The future is female. Feminist all the way! 👭👯‍♀️ the best way to start my morning is with done female inspo. How do you start your morning? . . . . . . . #coffee #futureisfemale #girlpower #girlpowa #female #fem #pumpkinbread #proteinpumpkin #1up #mornings #pasta #breakfast #love #morningperson #instalove #igfem #penispasta
Banded eccentric deadlifts leave me DED💀. They’re also my fav, give them a try if you haven’t yet for a nice pump 🍑 #10x10 #100repsaturdays .(do all movements for the day for 100 reps & go for your light weight or you’ll die) . . . . . .  #girlswholift #lift #babeswholift #fitfam #gymlife #deadlift #eccentricdeadlifts #gymfam #eattrainsleeprepeat #fitness #gobigorgohome #selfcare #weightloss #healthymind #healthylife #activelifestyle
Dropping lbs means losing the booty. It’s okay, she’ll be back in no time. 🍑🍑 . . . . . #chickswholift #gymtime #gymflow #belfie #gloots #quads #totalbodythursday #metime #workout #lift #fitness #fitfam #bro #chucks #mondetta  #weightloss #sassmixedwithalotofass
Supp restock. My favorite brand of supplements. I’ve used them for over 2 years now. What’s your favorite company? . . . . . #1up #1upnutrition #1upsupplements #veganbcaas #purerebuild #creatine #protein #proteinpowder #health #healthybody #guthealfh #nutrition #supplements #fitforlife