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🎬 Videomaker Photographer Producer ☕ Cappuccino addicted 📍 Chiang Mai, Thailand ⬇️ Watch videos / listen to podcast

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I can feel you. Wherever I am.
My hands + iPhone XS = gimbal killer 🎥
Do you really want to realize your dreams? ##  Often what we say and what we do, does not match at all! ##  We would like to achieve big projects, but too often we self-sabotage ourselves, finding a thousand justifications or simply not moving in the right direction. ##  How can our desires match our greatest ambitions?  ##  Simple: following our words is the best strategy to be consistent with our vocations.
Chinese numerology say that since I've four 7 in my birthday, I can't stop moving. ##  That's why I love so much traveling. That's why I can't stay in the same place for too much time. ##  But this week I had to stop, cause my body told me to do it. Nothing important, just fever. ##  This just means that we all should listen more to our bodies and emotions.  ##  Because they don't care what you wanna do. If you don't listen, they will play it louder until you do it.
Seoul street food is so good. But Thai street food is still unbeatable 🇹🇭 ##  Anyway a few considerations about the GoPro Hero 7 Black, which I take with me everywhere I go. ##  Who said that is it just an action camera? If you believe it is, you're completely wrong my friend. ##  In the last 6 months we used it for vlogging, short films, youtube, fashion photo shoot: in any environment or weather situation, above or below water. ##  Also these street food shots are entirely made on gopro. ##  Limit is not the sky my friend, but just the lack of skills or creativity 🐥
Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a huge metropolis whose modern skyscrapers, technologically advanced metros and pop culture alternate with Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets.  ##  Major attractions include the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a convention center with sinuous architecture and a rooftop park, Gyeongbokgung Palace, which once had more than 7,000 rooms, the Jogyesa temple, where there are robinias and century-old pine trees. ##  Have you ever been to South Korea? If not yet, is it in your next traveling schedule? Write down below your thoughts about it
Words make the difference. Not theoretically, but in practical life. ##  Our vocabulary represents our emotions, which lead us to actions, which reflect in our daily life. ##  When you are irate, try to use different words to describe your emotional state such as annoyed. Or if you feel depressed, try to use melancholic. This will break your pattern, which immediately will take you to a different inner state. ##  It's ok to feel frustration, sadness or anger but wouldn't be better if you could lead your states just by changing your vocabulary?
Happy to be part of @Apple challenge #thedisruptingseries  ##  Especially because it perfectly fits my new how to video #shotoniphone  ##  YouTube link in bio ## 🙋🏻‍♀️ @ptorpanya
The more time I spend far from home, the more I understand, we really need a little to be able to have a good life quality. ##  Minimalism is a concept lot of people talked about. But I can say I really applied it. In the last 6 months I lived with literally just a couple of dresses, a laptop and no personal belongings, except for documents. ##  What this does teach us?  1. We normally have lot more than we really need.  2. Consumism is not a concept, but the only alternative we've been tought about. ##  That's why you should start questioning today what you really need, give away what you don't use, and start using that money for something more important. Like experiencing or contributing to what you believe in.
Perché si dice che la vita é binaria? Perché di fondo hai semplicemente due opzioni: ##  1 Lamentarti e rimanere statico nella stessa posizione, sperando che le cose cambino da sole. ##  2 Agire con consapevolezza e realizzare che qualsiasi risultato ottieni nella vita (buono o cattivo che sia), dipende unicamente da te; nessun altro, nessuna scusa, nessuna colpa. ##  Se alcuni hanno una qualità migliore di vita é perché realizzano questa semplice, ma sostanziale differenza.
Follow us during our trip to Bali and discover some hidden gems and must do in this province. We will cover Kuta (Pantai Tegal Wangi, Uluwatu Temple), Ubud (Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Bali Swing, Campuhan Ridge Walk, Kanto Lampo, Banyumala Twin Waterfall), Nusa Penida (Kelingking Beach) and Nusa Lembongan (Devil's Tears).
Over the last week I worked really hard on my Bali vlog (link in bio to watch it). ##  I was thinking about the price of being a content creator. ##  Travelling can make you lose connections with family and friends. Spending lot of hours on a mac editing, can be hard at times. Not having a specific routine can be unhealthy, if you don't know how to deal with it. ##  But at the end, each one of us has a specific vocation and talent, which we can't ignore.  ##  What's your talent? What you wanna do in life? Feel free to comment down below. ## 🙋🏻‍♀️ @ptorpanya
"... keep on cultivating your dreams, who knows one day ..." ##  This is the most frequent error transmitted to us by popular culture. Believing that the dream is a wish that comes true by chance or by recommendations. ##  No. The dream must be lived day by day. With a long-term vision, but with a constant research and a daily practice of its objectives. ##  When the essence of dream loses its importance, you finally get a new meaning.
Walking through  the streets of Seoul or Busan is like standing in front of an outstanding show of of culinary goodies. ##  Korean street food is often reserved for things that can be eaten standing up, considering that most of the people are always rushing from one spot to another, most of the times by metro. ##  The most common food you can find is: Gimbap, Jjinmandu, Twigim, Korean French Fry Hot Dog, and Deep Fried Dumplings, among others. ##  My favourite street food is Thai: absolutely cheap and crazy good. But I have to admit that the Korean street food is really interesting, maybe with less variety then the Thai one, but still tasty! ##  Do you love street food? Which is your favourite one? Let me know commenting below. Curious about it.
Are you sure you're willing to complain for the rest for your life or even worse you're accepting whatever you get, even if you're not happy? ##  When you become fearless, no one is gonna stop you. And please accept the fact that these are not just words. ##  In the last 6 months traveling around Asia, I met lot of people who didn't accept the life they had. That's why they prefer to lose everything they achieved and start a new journey, in every sense! ##  A couple from US, a father traveling solo with his daughter from UK, a Canadian man of 65, another guy from England of 26. And the list goes on. ##  Are you sure you can't change your life or maybe are you just too scared to do it? ##  There's nothing wrong in being scared. But please be conscious that you and only you can change your situation and no one else!
1. In Japan, researchers have shown that caffeine increases memory. Johns Hopkins University showed that a 200 mg caffeine pill helped boost memory consolidation. ##  2. Caffeine mixed with carbs replenishes muscle glycogen concentrations faster after exercise. ##  3. Caffeine detoxes the liver and cleanses the colon when taken as a caffeine enema. ##  4. Caffeine helps keep you alert while driving during periods of sleep restriction.  5. Caffeine can stimulate hair growth on balding men and women. ##  The list goes on and on. Now that you know it, should you stop your addiction to caffeine?  ##  Me certainly not ☕️
First time I got a drone, I said to myself: this is completely useless! I mean how many times can you use drone?! ##  I was completely wrong. Drones and especially @djiglobal Mavic Air (the one I use) definitely change the quality and output of the works I do for myself and the clients I work with. ##  This has teached me one important thing: never have prejudices on anything you didn't experience by yourself. ##  Gear doesn't make a photographer or videomaker better, drones do!
Don't manage your time, manage your energy. ##  Everyone talks about getting more time: to be more productive, to spend it with people they love, to learn more, to have more fun. ##  But the reality is that everyone has a 24h day. Nothing more. So how can you get more out of it? ##  First, instead of selling your time working for someone else, start working for you, start being your own boss. So that you can use time as you prefer. ##  Second learn how to have more energy. Having more energy means getting out the most from your time. ##  Stop bullshitting yourself with weird entertainment, and start focusing on what's really important for you: business, health, relationships, experiencing.  ##  The sooner you will do it, the sooner you'll stop complaining about not having enough time.
Over a million tourists a year pass through Siem Reap, making it the fastest growing place in Cambodia. Discover with us the must sees of this country.
A lot of photographers or professionals I know are obsessed with gear. ##  At the end creativity is a matter of inspiration, being present in the right spot, and use whatever you have to catch the moment. ##  Of course having expensive lenses or cameras can give you better results. Sometimes. But must of the times not. ##  Instead of complaining because you don't have enough money to buy what what you need, use what you have. ##  Either an action cam or your iPhone can give you stunning results, if you know how to use it!
Your identity is your worst limitation. ##  Forget about what they tought you, and start the journey of discover everything again. ##  Only then you'll realize that almost everything you know is a lie. ##  The truth is what you can understand without any memories or filters.
You never thought you were a failure. But sometimes a little voice inside you suggested that. And who was creating these insinuations?  ##  Maybe family, institutions, school, loved ones, friends or anyone around you. That's why they doubted of failing too! ##  These insinuations are caused by the fact that you refuse to believe that an institutional path (school, university, work, marriage) is for you!  ##  Perhaps because you also believe that dreaming is not a waste of time; if you have the skills, the resources, and the desire to pay the price to realize your ambitions.
Stop telling people you're perfect the way you are. ##  Everyone should improve something in their own life or habits. Maybe you're not so good with money, business, relationships, friends, family, health or whatever. ##  Instead of boring people saying that they should accept you, the way you are, start understanding how can you improve yourself. ##  Each one has some weak points. But the real strength is to realize it and work to fix it.
Everyone wants everything right away.  Everyone wants to achieve huge results, in a micro time frame.  ##  Rush is a monster, which will take away your dreams, if you're not aware. ##  Whatever you want to achieve requires years of hard work and sacrifice. ##  It's ok to have the right perception about becoming a professional, it's ok to have the strategies and tools to create a strong personal brand. ##  But you have to develop the only weapon that will allow you to succeed, beyond strategy and skills: patience!
Instagram is planning to remove the total number of likes from photos and videos that show up on photos. ##  Only the account user will be able to see the number of likes a post receives, not the followers. ##  Everyone will be affected in some way. Cause even if everyone says that doesn't care about likes or engagement, at the end our psychology is always searching for social proofs!
The best part of living abroad? ##  Getting yourself out of your comfort zone, learning to deal with things you didn't have to face in your country. ##  Pushing yourself further, to go beyond your limitations and beliefs. ##  Meeting some wonderful people along the journey, which can teach you how do they live, and that your choices are not so different from theirs. ##  Understanding that cultures and customs are made by men to make us feel different, when we are exactly the same. ##  Feeling weird sometimes and accepting that everyone has to deal with uncertainty, even if they are always stuck in the same path. ##  Getting new opportunities and most of all a new perspective: because when you experience, you grow.
Our school is not ready for the professions of the future (which are already present). It is based on an antiquated model, structured on a framework that no longer exists. ##  This is the reason why most family members see the internet just as entertainment, pushing us towards traditional corporate careers, believing it to be a safer prospect!  ##  Unluckily they ignore that more than 70% of the jobs we know today,  will be replaced by algorithms, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, in less than 10 years! ##  So fuxx others opinion, move towards your ambition now: not to regret this golden era in the future!
Happiness is a journey.  ##  You must fall in love with the path that leads you in this direction. Learning to become aware of who you are, your emotions, your actions.  ##  There is no school about this, but you can learn by observing yourself more deeply. Then you'll start to understand others even better. ##  Start questioning everything: only then you will make the most exciting discoveries.
What is out there that you could do, that would make yourself so excited waking up every day, for the next 10 to 20 years?  What's something that could also make you earn enough money to cover expenses and giving you a good quality life?  When you know what it is, study and practise so much, that people will pay you to do what you became so good at. Get at this point and you won't work any day more in your life!
No one ever remembers you, but you were born free!  Over time this concept thins to the point of believing that you are just your duties and nothing else.  What to do though? Query about everything you know so far, to give yourself new possibilities.  To live according to your perspective, you need to clear the fear first. Then you can start the journey.
What do you expect from the future? Getting popoular, money, healthy, in love, in shape or whatever?  I wanna share with you a really simple truth: whatever you're today is a direct reflections of your past habits!  Don't complain about what you didn't achieve yet, instead focus your efforts on getting better in whatever you're weak.  If you will spend half of the time you use for annoying other complainers like you, in building what's important for your life, your perspective would change so quickly!
Songkran is an annual festival which takes place over three days during the traditional Thai New Year, April 13th-15th. Wild scenes of exuberance can be seen throughout the Kingdom with music, dancing, drinking and people drenched from head to toe. Water guns, hose pipes, buckets, in fact, anything you can get your hands on can be used to splash people, and one thing is for certain: you will get wet!  Shot on @gopro hero 7 black
Songkran is an annual festival which takes place over three days during the traditional Thai New Year, April 13th-15th.  Wild scenes of exuberance can be seen throughout the Kingdom with music, dancing, drinking and people drenched from head to toe.  Water guns, hose pipes, buckets, anything you can get your hands on can be used to splash people. One thing is guaranteed: you will get wet!  Fun fact: it was not easy at all to shoot videos or take photos on the street, because every 2 metres, there was someone throwing you water on the face. But at the end we got it, thanks also to my @gopro hero 7 black. New video on my YouTube (link in bio), and in the next days also on IGTV!
One of the most attractive and trafficked cities in the world
The more I shoot, the more I understand that creativity comes out when you amaze yourself.  Being creative is exactly the opposite of what we've been tought about work: the more joy and fun you have, the better results you can achieve.  Of course even this could have its downsides, but I wouldn't change being a content creator with any other job on the planet!  What's your dream's work?