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Jan Foltz


CSCS, NSCA-CPT, RRCA Certified Running Coach.

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Tumalo Mountain on a gorgeous day!  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #cardio
Here’s another workout idea for you. Dust off that Bosu for a few of these.  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #getstrongtolivebetter  #runners
Mobility.  Self care.  #getstrongpersonaltraining
Please stop snowing. I am running out of places to pile it up. Pretty sure it will be a long time before the Jeep gets out of that single garage.  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #functionaltraining #workout
After 6 hours and 15 minutes  of shoveling the driveway, sidewalks, deck and porch yesterday, today it is the roof!  Life in Bend.  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #armday #coretraining PSA: cover your gas meter prior to dumping all the snow or you run the risk of cracking it. 💥
A squat rack is like a pair of shoes. A woman can never have too many.  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #yesireadinstructions #getstrongtolivebetter  #womenrunners
February is all about the hard work. Pick up those heavy weights, and do 5-6 reps (each side of applicable) and the hover plank hold for 1 minute.  Video 1: RFE SPLIT SQUAT JUMPS-this will challenge your strength and balance.  PAUSE SQUATS-whether you use a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebell, or body weight only, the concept is the same. Pause in that lowest position.  DEADLIFT-keep that back flat.  RENEGADE ROW- keep your body still as you row!  I need some practice, as you can see from my Shakira hips.  Video 2-BOTTOMS UP KB PRESS. Start with a dumbbell if the kb is too challenging.  Video 3-STABILITY BALL SIDE PLANK PULSES. The best part of this exercise is getting in the start position.  Video 4 KNEELING KB LIFT. Use straight arms on the way up, bent arms on the way down. Keep hips facing forward.  Video 5 HOVER PLANK. Keep that back flat and hold for 1 minute.  Picture 6-TRUTH.  We all hit some low points. My resting heart rate is usually 54-57 bpm. In January it spiked up because I caught the crud going around. For 2 1/2 weeks my sniffles, coughing, and lack of sleep in addition to my slower running, and reduced mileage put me squarely in this position.  What do you do when you find yourself in a pity party?  It happens to all of us. Maybe it is an injury, illness, or even an overload of work demands.  I signed up for a 5k in two weeks even though I am running the slowest I ever have. A half marathon is coming up in April. I will definitely not be posting the times that I would have hoped, but this will get me training again and out of this pity party.  How is your training going?  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #getstrongtolivebetter  #nomorepityparty #womenrunners
Walking around Bend tonight, saw this sign.  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #findyourtribe #findyourjoy #lovethis  A new workout is coming tomorrow. Get ready to work hard.
Hey all my Tigard/Portland cycling and triathalon friends, need to up your game?  Meet Jason, a friend of mine who is holding indoor cycling sessions on Wednesday evenings at Watts Up Racing in Portland.  Set some cycling goals, and he will help you crush them!  You bring your road bike, they provide the trainers.  All levels welcome.  What are you waiting for?  The summer competitive season will be here before you know it! Find someone who pushes you.
Hey y’all, I got your back!  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #recertified #cpr #aed #firstaid
Long post alert. At least view and read the 7th picture.  A new year, a new month, and a new workout.  This is all about the basic movement patterns, nothing fancy.  1-squat. You can also try this version with one weight front loaded and one weight overhead. Lifting overhead is difficult for me, as you can see my struggle. Hoping to see improvement in a few weeks with continued work.  2-deadlift. You can use dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell. Just do them. They are good for you. 😉  3-pushups. Do a modified version on your knees if necessary.  4-Bent over row. Pretty easy, right?  5-V sit.  Do this without weight if necessary, or with a weight for added challenge.  6-Side plank with reach through. Do this on each side, with or without weights.  7-The last picture is a nod to Henry S. Lodge, MD. He has coauthored books that I have mentioned previously.  These are the things he says you must do to live well into your 80’s. Notice I included “well” and not just live.  So all of you out there, do you want to just live or do you want to live well?  These are things to do every damn week, all year long. No “resolutions” about it, it is a lifestyle. Who else is in?  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #getstrongtolivebetter
Good morning! #getstrongpersonaltraining  #weightliftingpuns
Happy New Year’s Eve!  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #fitnessfirst #tumalofalls
Another super fast workout.  Every minute do 5 squats, followed by 10 deadlifts, and finish with 15 kettlebell swings. Repeat for 20 minutes.  It takes me about 45 -50 seconds to complete these exercises so I get about 10-15 seconds rest between sets.  #getstrongpersonaltraining
Feeling the time crunch?  Don’t skip your workouts, make them efficient.  Shorten them up!  Try doing 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest, repeat 8 times. Take an additional 30 seconds of rest and repeat 2 more times.  Something is always better than nothing.  #getstrongpersonaltraining  #christmassocks 🇬🇧 #makeworkoutsfun
When in wine country . . .  #getstrongpersonaltraining #mcminnville  #restisasimportantasyourwork
What do you do on a rainy Sunday?  Head to McMinnville for a great lunch @grainstation.  #getstrongpersonaltraining #restday